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Aug 17, 2008

No To a New County Palace - McCain

Last week we ran an unprecedented two Eye Polls at once. One poll was a Presidential Poll, the other dealt with the now approved purchase of the County's new Castle at 500 Marquette. Not surprisingly Eye readers disapproved of the county's purchase by over two to one. In our unscientific poll 67% said "No Way" to the County Commission's Castle, 29% said buy it while 4% didn't know (see the results here).

It's interesting that readers so overwhelmingly rejected the idea of a new county government building when 4 commissioners (Alan Armijo, Theresa (my kid really didn't get an "F" did he?) Cordova, Tim Cummins, and Dina Archuleta) all decided to blow over $42 MILLION of our tax dollars on short notice and without a second thought. We're beginning to believe that the County Commission doesn't get the scrutiny that it deserves. It certainly seems that they believe they can act without fear of future consequences.

Meanwhile over at our presidential Eye Poll McCain beat the Anointed One by 18 points. It's true that this was an unscientific poll and that our readers probably tend toward the conservative/libertarian side, but we were kind of surprised that Obama lost by a solid double digit margin. Of course Obama has had a pretty bad couple of weeks with the Russians reminding voters how unstable the world can be and John Edwards sucking up all of the media oxygen with his, uhh... indiscretions.

We plan on running the same poll after the Democratic Convention and again after the Republican Convention. It will be interesting to see if there are bounces or shifts as a result of the media focus on both candidates generated during their respective conventions. So far, the fawning media coverage of the Anointed One seems to have done him more damage than good, to wit Obama's European Vacation.

We honestly don't believe that intense media coverage is particularly good for either candidate particularly the slanted human interest type coverage that is more appropriate for say... the Olympics. This week we take a look at the race in CD1 - Don't forget to vote!


Anonymous said...

"We're beginning to believe that the County Commission doesn't get the scrutiny that it deserves. It certainly seems that they believe they can act without fear of future consequences."

And therein lies the problem.

While I am not a fan of the elected officials for life scenario, term limits effectively remove accountability from elected officials once they are in their final "lame duck" term. Armijo & Cummins are in their 2nd and final term and Cordova's political career is effectively over after being ousted by her own party in the primary. Archuleta is running for her 2nd term this year but I don't believe has any opposition.

And Thaddeus Lucero has not been elected by ANYONE except the commissioners themselves.

Sadly, if there are no future elections to be considered there are no future consequences.

Unless you care to target Tim "Waterworld" Cummins running for the PRC and I expect that episode may only provide him with more name recognition come Election Day.

Anonymous said...

I was not able to vote on the last poll. Check one more for Obama. Anyone who is for Mccain should read the Heading of the next story. "History repeats itself". It seems the EYE took sides once again and cant remain netural. They took lessions from the Albuquerque Journal.

Anonymous said...

Its funny, when I saw the heading of this entry I thought it was about McCain deciding not to buy another mansion with his wife's money (he already has six.)

Anonymous said...

In a choice between a Jesse Ventura style psuedo Republican and a socialist who, based on his associations and friendships with people like Bill Ayers, couldn't get a security clearance if he was applying for any Govt. job that wasn't an elected position - I think Ill chalk one more up for the Libertarian candidate.