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May 11, 2009

Big Bill's Choice

It looks like The Guv is ready to make his choice. Our Eyes down at the county have it that Governor Richardson's staff is pushing to make sure that all of the remaining Bernalillo County Commissioners are present at today's 2:30pm MRCOG meeting. Rumor has it that Richardson is ready to announce his choice to replace the departing Deanna Archuletta.

The meeting of the Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments was scheduled so that Big Bill could tell various governmental entities in the Middle Rio Grande Valley how much of Obama's spending, uh... "stimulus," uh... recovery cash that they would have to play with. Apparently he's got something more in mind, because his is pushing hard to make sure that Commissioners Armijo, De La Cruz, Wiener, and Brasher attend the meeting personally.

Last week no fewer than nine commission aspirants interviewed for the position vacated by Archuleta. You can bet that there wasn't a single one with an R next to their name as the district (District 3) would be considered a safe Democrat seat.

----- Update -----
We got word this afternoon that we have some readers up in Santa Fe that weren't too pleased that the cat got let out of the bag before the big announcement today. As a result, the Guv and his staff decided to move the official announcement of Commissioner Archuleta's replacement to Wednesday.

The grapevine has it (not surprisingly) that the winner of the Commissioner 500 will be a Hispanic woman. If you were on the Guv's interview list and you don't fit that demographic, you're probably not the name that's going to be read come Wednesday. But who knows? That may change too... now.


Anonymous said...

And how much is it going to cost the winner. Pay to Play the New Mexico Way.

Anonymous said...

Gary Bland should step down or be removed immediatley from the State Investment Board.

Richardson should be impeached for all the millions of dollars in New Mexico government money that he has squandered by his pay to play investment scheme.

New Mexicans need to start getting mad and demanding answers. Thank God the FEDs and US Attorney are investigating, the NM Attorney General office is a joke and is just a corrupt as everyone else in Richardson's administration.

Hopefully this investigation will be as successful as Manny Aragon.

Anonymous said...

How much pay to play money did Richardson take in to make this decision?

Anonymous said...

We do not need him in control of the County Commission. Do not vote for a person leaving a seat only to be filled by Richardson.

Anonymous said...

0% Approval rating for Pay to Play Bill.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Is there anything else to talk about?

Anonymous said...

Not at the moment.