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May 12, 2009

Swearing In

Ok... this thing's been all over the board. First Monday, then Wednesday, now today! For now, it appears that the new District 3 County Commissioner will be sworn in at 3:00 pm. Apparently, the new commissioner will be... (drum roll please) Maggie Hart Stebbins.

We don't know the soon-to-be commissioner and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of information on her aside from the fact she's a 1985 Harvard graduate. Who knows the way the Guv has been jumping around on this one it could be someone else. But it seems that most of the D blogs are reporting that Dan McKay is reporting (yeah, we know) that Ms. Stebbins is the winner. If not, we won't be the only ones swearing... this time.


Anonymous said...

I bet the governor is hoping to appoint at least one more commissioner. For some reason one union is pushing for another appointment. The local fire union put their support behind Armijo.

I do not think we want the County Commission to end up like UNM. Bill’s political cronies running roughshod over the people did not work at UNM and it will not work with the Commission.

Vote against Bill Richardson

Anonymous said...

It takes time to tranfer all that money. Give him time, he'll tell us who the winner is once the money hits the account.

Anonymous said...

Maggie HART Stebbins

Daughter of Fredrick M. Hart former dean of Law School who wrote editorial on how Manny was such a great guy and got a raw deal.

Sister of F. Michael Hart III "Mike Hart" someone should look at all his connections in the city and state. Good friend of Nick Bakas (anyone know who he is....)

Sister of Andrew Hart- Hart construction friend of Marc Schiff (more city and state connections)built police stations and other city contracts. Maybe a Court house too. Hasn't his name come up before?

Oh and by the way didn't Maggie work for Lawrence Rael at MRCOG...

Too many questions here WOW Thanks again Big BILL

Anonymous said...

HaHa....just like Madoff

Anonymous said...

Just like Made-Off!