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Feb 24, 2014

Self Destruction: How We got to Where We Are. Part I


The Disintegration and Decay of The Albuquerque Police Department since 2000

Where, when, why and who is to blame for the meltdown that we now call the Albuquerque Police Department?

In this short article I hope to explore what I believe started the decay and why it continues today.  I would hope this critique creates a debate within the city of Albuquerque, its’ citizens and police force as to what has happened in the past and what the future holds for Albuquerque.  This article will be short and concise.  If the reader wishes to dig deeper into certain events I (or the Eye) will direct them to the specific reporting from local & national media and direct sources of information.


Jerry Galvin is named Albuquerque Police Chief by Mayor Jim Baca.  During his tenure, Albuquerque has a staffing of 849 sworn police officers.  A college requirement of 60 college credit hours was implemented which caused APD to have a severe reduction in force because APD could not recruit enough qualified candidates. 


Mayor Martin Chavez wins the mayoral election and promptly dismisses Jerry Galvin and names retired national FOP President (and retired Albuquerque Police officer) Gilbert Gallegos his new chief of police.  The college requirement is removed but APD continues to struggle to hire and retain enough officers. 

Rumblings over major corruption and scandal in the Albuquerque Police Department Evidence Room begin to surface.


APD Deputy Chief Ray Schultz retires in December and in January 2004 takes a position with Scottsdale, Arizona police.  It appears he gets out just in time as the Evidence Room Scandal is being exposed by APD officers who are trying to do right.  Schultz is an APD Deputy Chief in direct oversight of the evidence room and crime lab when in August 2003 APD Detective Cindy Orr attempts to notify the APD command staff of the Evidence Room corruption only to be targeted by that same command staff. 

What did Schultz know and what did he do?  No one ever asks, but he was deputy chief.


APOA officers led by President Jeff Remington stage a sit in protest on Albuquerque Civic Plaza for several days.  After threats by Mayor Chavez the protest is ended but it leads to better wages and working conditions for APD officers.  APD begins to increase sworn officer staffing after this protest.

Also in 2004 the first signs of a major breakdown in the leadership and command staff of APD are exposed as the Evidence Room Scandal unfolds in the media.  During this time the media reports of APD Command Staff retiring from the city with large, six figure cash-outs.  The first real documented signs of upper level corruption because the Command Staff remains silent to Evidence Room Corruption, so they can retire with their large bonuses.  Scandal involving APD Command Staff and Mayor Marty Chavez is also exposed, but nothing happens.  With no one in command (past or present) at APD being held accountable for what is at best gross misconduct, and at worst major federal crimes, APD begins a headlong spiral into the abyss.


The Evidence Room Scandal explodes on the APD Command Staff.  APD Captain Sisi Miranda motions the APOA for a vote of no confidence in DCOP Ed Sauer for his current running of the Evidence Room.  This action takes an issue that the Command Staff at APD had ignored since 2001 (and before) into the spotlight.  The exposure of corruption that this APOA vote exposes causes Mayor Chavez to fire Gil Gallegos.  For a brief period of time it is hoped that those in command at APD who knew but did nothing and those who took an active role in covering up the Evidence Room Scandal would be held accountable for their actions. Yet no other member of the APD Command Staff, past or present, is held accountable.  

Gallegos is offered up as a sacrificial lamb, which is correct he is the chief, yet not one member of his current or past command staff (remember who retired in December 2003) is held accountable.  Chavez brings in former BCSO Sheriff Jim Bowdich to run APD in the interim while they figure out who to put in place as APD’s new chief.

April 2005 Ray Schultz is wooed back from Scottsdale and hired as Chief of Police by Mayor Chavez.  This compounds the problems in the command staff at APD as it shows the elected mayor did not know that he should have held all members of the command staff since 2000 accountable for the Evidence Room Scandal.  It sends a message that the command staff can be inept leaders and still receive six figure salaries and cash-outs.  At the time of Schultz’s return, the Deputy Chiefs of Police included: Paul Chavez, Ed Sauer, and Fowler Johnson. The first non-APD officer also becomes the president of the APOA: Lawrence Torres when APD officer Jeff Remington resigns. Torres is later given a high paying job by mayor Chavez where he is now representing the city against the very union he “led.”

Later in 2005 the New Mexico Attorney General and Bernalillo County District Attorney do nothing regarding corruption at APD’s Evidence Room even with the facts that money, guns, and drugs have been stolen.  This starts a very cozy relationship between the new chief of APD and those law enforcement agencies that the public depend upon to be checks and balances.  APD command staff begins to act without any concern that the NMAG or Bernalillo District Attorney will investigate their practices.  It is clear there is no longer a local or state check and balance of the command staff at APD. 

I want to pause one moment and let this sink in for the reader.  The elected highest law enforcement officers in the state and in the county refused to act regarding the corruption at the highest level of the Albuquerque Police Department.  This lack of action sets in motion the current Department of Justice Investigation that we have today.  Had the NM AG or the Bernalillo County DA opened an investigation things today would be dramatically different at APD.  These two agencies failed in their duty to be a check and balance.  For APD to reach the low point it is in today this perfect storm of corruption at the highest level of APD and inaction by the two law enforcement agencies that could have stopped it, was necessary.  Where APD is today did not happen just upon the election of RJ Berry, it started before then. RJ Berry just helped confirm the department’s destruction by continuing a path of NOT holding his chief administrators accountable, if not simply providing them cover.

August 2005, five Albuquerque residents are murdered including two APD officers by a mentally ill suspect.  This sad day gets revisited in the upcoming years as numerous mentally ill individuals are killed by APD officers.  In most of these shooting cases the blame is placed at the feet of the frontline APD officer who did the shooting but this is incorrect.  The blame for these shootings falls squarely on the politicians of Albuquerque and New Mexico who then and now continue to provide little or no assistance for the mentally ill.  Police officers come into most of these situations at the traumatic end of the crisis where violence is occurring.  The lawmakers in Albuquerque and New Mexico could intervene early by enacting policies for helping the mentally ill like other states have.  The lawmakers do nothing, leaving it up to a young police officer to act in defense of their life or someone else’s at a moment that took years for everyone to arrive at.  The lawmakers bear huge responsibility but it is the low level APD officer who is blamed.  Don’t get me wrong there does appear to be some shootings that should be questioned, but the majority of shootings would never have occurred had our state and city done more to intervene early with the mentally ill.  This also points to questionable activity between the Bernalillo County DA and APD as not one police shooting is deemed inappropriate.

2006 to 2009

Under Mayor Chavez and Chief Ray Schultz APD staffing goes over 1,100 sworn officers.  There is scandal as the Albuquerque Journal exposes that some retired rehires were not vetted in the rush to hire them back.  One was found to have a criminal history (and was terminated) and another was hired before a drug test, which he failed (again terminated).  Also hired were many lateral officers with questionable backgrounds, yet the Command Staff at APD approved their hiring even when lower level APD officers brought it to their attention.  Several of these lateral officers have been a black eye on APD (Levi Chavez for example), yet the command staff does not order a review to the practice of hiring laterals.  It appears that Schultz / Chavez want numbers; Albuquerque will pay for this in the years to come. 

Pete Dwyer takes a brief tenure as APOA president but he too resigns because of allegations of corruption. APD fails again to order an investigation and Ron Olivas takes over as APOA president. Dwyer is later fired for comments on his Facebook page and his name comes up in the Levi Chavez case because of suspicious circumstances surrounding Levi’s stolen truck. Nothing is followed up of course.

During this time period several suicides of women who are associated with APD officers, supervisors and command staff occur.  Yet even when affairs are exposed nothing happens to those involved.  In one example the offending sergeant is promoted to lieutenant after the female APD officer he was having an affair with committed suicide.  The command staff turns a blind eye, why?  One speculation is because the command staff is having their own affairs and to discipline someone for this would open a can of worms. 

Also in 2009 the West Mesa murders mass burial ground are discovered.  No one has ever been named as the murderer.  This killing field is presented as a “surprise” to community by Schultz and crime lab chief Paul Feist when in reality scores of officers had been reporting and documenting the disappearance of prostitutes since as early as 2006. I should know, I wrote one of the memos expressing concern that there was a killer preying on street girls.

Several lawsuits against APD for false arrest are filed and even more stunning, APD officers are suing their own department.  The Gonzales case (2006) costs taxpayers $1,300,000 for the 2 year false incarceration of a mentally ill adult for a murder / rape he did not commit.  Court documents state that months after Gonzales arrest and confession DNA evidence cleared him.  Yet APD did not disclose this to the court or defense and Gonzales, a mentally ill man, remained in solitary confinement at MDC for almost 2 years.  Two years, a million dollars for false arrest and Schultz does not order an internal investigation.  The Bernalillo DA does not order any investigation. 

In 2009 the Clifton Bloomfield murders cause many lawsuits against APD.  Some filed by Bloomfield’s victims who stated shoddy police work caused their loved ones to be murdered.  Two other lawsuits filed by two men who were falsely accused of some of the murders.  They were held at MDC for over 15 months even after DNA evidence excluded them.  Again this evidence was withheld and once the defense and judge found out they released these two men immediately.  Again Ray Schultz does nothing.  Again the Bernalillo County DA does nothing.  So far these lawsuits have cost us over a million dollars

In October of 2009 in Federal Court in Santa Fe the city of Albuquerque, after trial, reaches an agreement with retired APD officer Samson Costales regarding allegations of civil rights violations directly against APD Chief Ray Schultz.  This is the beginning of officers and citizens seeking recourse for actions by APD Command Staff through court filings.  Since officers and citizens can no longer depend upon the NM AG and the Bernalillo County DA to monitor APD actions they start suing……… and winning.  Costales was awarded almost $1,000,000 for civil rights violations filed against Schultz. 

Richard Berry is elected Mayor of Albuquerque during this time in the Fall of 2009.  A chance for the elected mayor of Albuquerque to do his job and hold city employees at all levels accountable.  Yet Berry decides to keep Schultz as chief of police and he names Darren White as Public Safety Director.  This is another example of an elected official who is there as a check and balance who fails to do his duty for the citizens.  In any other public or private sector job Schultz would have been fired for costing the taxpayer $1,000,000 but not in Albuquerque.  The elected officials keep failing to do their jobs.

Former APOA president Ron Olivas “leaks” information to APD officer Brad Ahrensfield.  And while there has been rampant corruption and misconduct by high ranking APD officials since the evidence room scandal with little or no scrutiny, Ahrensfield endures the full pressure of the FBI and US Attorney’s office because of allegations made by a convicted felon. APD detective Ryan Buckner and Schultz’s directing spearheads and investigation which ultimately leads to Ahrensfield’s conviction and incarceration. APOA President Joey Sigala is accused of stealing APOA funds. Schultz tries to keep the investigation internal but is forced to refer the matter to the NMSP when APD detectives try to intimidate retired APD sergeant Paul Heh.  NMSP finds that while money was inappropriately spent it did not rise to the level of a criminal offense. Sigala becomes the first APOA executive board member who is investigated for criminal conduct. He later resigns and then is arrested for DV charges and is subsequently fired. Sigala is not sentenced to any prison time or ordered to pay any restitution....

Part II to come later this week.


Anonymous said...

Thank You God !!! You have presented a comprehensive, insightful view of this mess. So sad other local media have failed their duty and community. BLESS YOU!

Anonymous said...

One important issue I believe is missed is the number of times a Judge has ruled an Officer is not credible. I can recall several, Officers Sandy, and Montgomery; although I know there are more. Where are they now, doing criminal investigations. Sandy can't testify in Federal Court and he is part of a team that goes after bank robbers. That brings me to Lampris-Tremba. Bret had some issues in keeping his statement consistent throughout his ordel. But Bret sits in SID as a Sgt with nothing to do but why is Sandy in same building free to do what he wants.

Anonymous said...

Like Cincinnatus, from the Governor to the AG, to the LEA, to every DA, to every NM city administer, to every Mayor, to every sitting Sheriff, and lastly every LEO above the rank of Sgt. in every PD in this state... they all should immediate resign and kiss their ill-gotten retirement benefits goodbye. Unlike Cincinatus they will never be able to claim outstanding leadership, service to the greater good, civic virtue, or lack of personal ambition and modesty.

Anonymous said...

The reduction in the police force and it's managerial decline start long before 1998.
It started when Interim Chief Padilla cancelled two scheduled police academies. He wanted to look good for the incoming new mayor elect, saying he was watching the budget. He never got the job as Chief. Thank God for that. Recruits waiting for the starts had to scramble to find new jobs. Most never came back the later academies. This resulted in playing catch up to the retirements of classes of 40+ members two years later.
The other thing that Padilla did was appoint 'dirtbag' DCOPs. Those self deluded uneducated *!&%#, harassed women (three confirmed EEOC complaints on one DCOP alone) got free pistols from manufacturers and other freebies. The roots of today's decay started then. The APOA was strong and its finances were off the charts. It's assets were approaching $400,000, all under then Pres. Billy Pounders. The demise of the APOA started with the election of Marie Saenz and Buddy Whitson. Saenz sold out the officers on the lunch time lawsuit because she wanted a deal so her current husband at the time would not get fired for excessive use of force. And 'Buddy' just used the APOA for buying all his drinks at the bar.
Is it any wonder when senior officers and managers set this kind of example to in-coming 34s that something is going to go wrong in the future?

Anonymous said...

Can't waigt to see the follow up to this expose.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the scam of taking folks houses in the Kirk, Gibson University area. Involved were COA Risk Mgmt, Marty Chavez, Pete Dinelli, APD, and Realtors.

Anonymous said...

Ray threatened to suspend Detective Lopez because she took time on the clock to canvas the State Fair with missing women flyers. Later the girl's bodies were found on the West Mesa.

Anonymous said...

Ray Schultz is the common filthy lying pocket filling denominator here.

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is that this shit has been going on even longer then that.

No one can stop this vicious cycle as long as money keeps going into greedy pockets.

Anonymous said...

Figures it’s a woman to reveal the corruption. Way to go Cynthia for having the balls to stand up to the corruption at the risk of destroying your career and breaking the “man code of silence” that still exists in our culture. Thank God for EEOC for bringing some balance to power and truth.

Anonymous said...

Re: 11:12 You are in error. Padilla the man with the Napolean complex was in reality an ACTING chief who let the position go to his head. He was/is one of the most hated members of APD.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the memories. And I agree 100%

Anonymous said...

The following link is to a very old web address that is no longer active. It was started by a group of families that was feed up with being ill-treated by the Albuquerque Police Department. If you have never seen this, you are in for quite a shock. The chronology of APD officer misconduct and the failures of those elected to keep this type of corruption in check goes all the way back to the 1980's.


"When the supervisor of the Albuquerque Police Department’s Cold Case Squad criticized the grieving mother of a homicide victim for questioning the actions of “an impeccable police department,” the families of over a dozen New Mexico murder victims decided to take a long look at that “impeccable” department, as well as other investigative agencies in the Albuquerque area. What that group has uncovered underscores the headline in the Albuquerque Journal, “THE CITIZENS OF ALBUQUERQUE ARE AFRAID OF THEIR COPS.” Honest police officers are almost as intimidated as the public -- afraid to speak out against their colleagues and supervisors for fear of retaliation against themselves or their loved ones."

Anonymous said...

@ February 25, 2014 at 5:57:00 PM MST

That's because Schultz was afraid that her efforts would corroborate the theory previously presented to him by VICE/Homicide Detectives that there "might" be a serial killer active in ABQ. In time and against Schultz's opinion on the missing prostitutes, that is exactly what played out... But in Schultz's eyes he can always say that he responded appropriately and proactively by "assigning" Gary Barboa to Homicide so that at the very least there was "continuity of the investigation" as Barboa was working in VICE when all these victims initially disappeared and as a Sergeant he would be best suited to continue the investigation if/when any evidence or suspects were to become apparent. Talk about a BULLSHIT SAFETY NET... Corrupt motherfuckers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The APOA Corruption started under Billy Pounders, he used union dues to take out high profile government officials, paid out huge donations to mostly Republican candidates, like $5,000.00 dollars at a pop, and he was as close to being an Arian brother as they come. The lunch time law suit was settled by the committee Pounders put in place four years prior, with David Heshley as the Chair. It was Saenz' bad timing that the committee settled the lunch time law suit just two weeks after she won the election; poor bitch had to high tail it out of the Presidency since she really did not expect to win in the first place. Then Marentes took over and Pacheco really catered to the Republicans, do you see a theme here? So The union is just as corrupt as the City officials----sad thing is, they are all mostly Republican's and the Republican's don't even like unions, what a bunch of dumb asses! Gave all our union dues away to Mayor's and other elected officials who shit on us. Those are the facts, I was on the Board at the time all this crap went down with all three lame ass Presidents! And it went down hill from there.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:22
What was Shultz's opinion on the missing prostitutes?

Anonymous said...

What we have here in NM and especially with the Albuquerque Police Department is a multi-state crime spree that started in the 1970's and has continued on to this date.

The crimes include drugs, prostitution, money laundering, robberies, burglaries, auto thefts, and murder. In most cases APD officers and their cohorts get away with their crimes because of missing and/or lost evidence, evidence tampering, dismissal of criminal charges, no follow-up on investigations or settlements of lawsuits against the city.

1981 - Four ex-cops admitted to a 6-year multi-state crime spree of drugs, robberies, auto-thefts and homicides.

1984 - With the involvement of the Sex Club of Albuquerque, a list of people involved in the party/prostitutions club included officers, state legislators and judges.

1989 - Peter Klunck and Kaitlyn Arquette are murdered due to them preparing to blow the whistle on APD and the interstate crimes.

1994 - Four APD narcotics detectives were involved in drug-trafficking, rape, planting evidence and murder of a drug trafficker and prostitutes.

1995 - APD Lt supervisor of IA indicated on commercial burglary, evidence tampering and larceny.

1997 - The City Council commissioned an independent study to be undertaken “in the context of a serious and ongoing community crisis regarding the performance of the APD, particularly with reference to the fatal shootings of citizens.” The report confirmed that "The City of Albuquerque suffers from serious problems related to fatal shootings by APD officers and extremely high tort claims involving police officers.” The study also disclosed that the city set aside $4 million a year to settle claims against APD, “which is way out of line with larger cities with larger forces.”

1998 - ID Tech booked on possession of heroin.

For full stories and information see link

Doesn't seem like much has changed. The games are the same, however there are different players. Governor Susana Martinez, Retired Chief Schultz, Interim Chief Banks, Chief Gordan Eden, Attorney Kathryn Levy, Rob Perry, Paul Kennedy, etc. The list goes on and on and on and on.

Current - The never solved case of the west side murders (prostitutes). Maybe prostitutes were murdered to keep their mouths shut about police officers and political officials involved in the crime rings.

Mary Han was moving forward on a prostitute ring case involving APD officers and officials, however she was murdered and her computer, important documents and cell phone were stolen.

The City suffers from serious problems related to fatal shoots by APD officers.

Ex APD officer, Levi Chavez murders his wife because she was blowing the whistle on him for a false auto theft claim.

Doesn't seem like this nightmare will ever end.

Is there any assurance that anyone that comes forward would be protected because it seems that anyone that wants to come forward or attempts to blow the whistle is murdered.

Anonymous said...

APD has always been corrupt and it always will be. In the good ol' days it was sort of a soft low key corruption, but it became corruption on crack when Marty had to save his ass over the 911 call Margaret made. Polisar buried the report and the tape. Marty handed out raises and promotions like APD had won WWII. The message the department got was play politics with the politicos and you get ahead. APD hasn't been the same since.

Anonymous said...

APOA President Paul Pacheco gave Marty Chavez 40k for his campaign for mayor and Marty let Pacheco pick his best friend, Gil Gallegos, as chief for the money donation, what a disaster that was for APD!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so here's the real question Eye: What's it gonna take? What are we gonna do to put a lid on this endless criminal filthy behavior? If enough is enough, why do we keep saying it's ok? Its really not ok. It's very far from ok.

Anonymous said...

Don’t forget the other shady vehicle title laundering dealings (possible auto thefts from Mexican Nationals traveling past Bernalillo on I-25) that now SCS head man Doug Wood, NMSP head man Pete Kassetas, M.V.D. Specialists, and Santa Fe Tow were all heavily involved with just a few years ago.

That investigation seems to have died with the death of the FBI agent and his wife in a seemingly innocent motorcycle accident.

This thing went as far as a raid on state offices up in Santa Fe to protect the destruction of incriminating documents!!!!!

Someone needs to go ring, then, State PRC Insurance Fraud Bureau’s Investigator Xavier Tapia’s door bell up in Rio Rancho and ask him how he feels about all the hard work he put into Case #2003-105 only to see it tossed into the circular file.

Maybe, then, PRC chief investigator John Tapia, head prosecutor Alan Rackshaw, or perhaps NMDPS Cabinet Secretary John Denko would like to chime in….

Hell, lets invite all the players from back then… Dick Newman, Rick Magg, Eric Serna, John Sides, Linda Riley Warren, Belinda Garland, Barbara Alarid, Cecelia Medrano, Curtis Sanchez, Edward Griego... We will have to rent out the biggest room in the state to fit them all in, the list goes on and on….

Wait a minute, I think I hear the sound of crickets coming from Gordo's office..someone call an exterminator!!!!

A Reckoning said...

How long will this continue? When you read and listen to what is being said here, you can compare it to the Omaree case, and this is how. You see, when you let something fester in a way like this in light of everything that has been exposed there has to be relief. It really sounds like a lot of people are at their wits end. When you let something like we have here go out due to politics, you have incidents like what is happening in the Ukraine. Those may be extreme, but it had to get to that point from some origin.

Ray Schultz has used the APD as his personal bank, whorehouse, intimidation and retaliation mechanism, and point of cover since pinning on a badge. He is the definition of manipulator and coward. Some say he knows how to play the game. Well, those that know how to play the game are rarely even known to be in the stadium if they are that good. This is just a history of getting away with things until it got so out of control no political favor could put the kabash on it.

Mary Han was an excellent lawyer. She was a real person. Like it or not. She was also an inspiration to some very competent and impressive folks. There is no doubt that she uncovered the filth holding the corruption machine together. Good officers, and true honorable leaders would admire a person like Mary.
If you went up against a lawyer like her and won, it meant you had your shit together. If you lost, you learned, and respected her for her fight. After all, wouldn't you want a lawyer to do the same if they were representing you. Any less would be malpractice.
This mentality goes back thousands of years. It is a shame the honor stopped in Albuquerque, NM.
Maybe the Mayans were off by two years. By the looks of things, 2014 is looking to be the Waterloo of the corrupt here in Albuquerque. By the uncanny chain of events and karma, you would swear this city was built over an ancient Mayan burial ground.

The conduct of every individual at the Mary Han crime scene shows in detail why not only should these low lives never have been sworn in as officers, but it defies understanding how they attained the level of authority they did. Their actions and words were contrary to those of every successful and honorable leader. These people exhibited spite, hate, deception, outright dishonesty, cowardice, and satisfaction at the misfortune of a person who had attained a level in life, and accomplished more than their lazy PERA collecting hides ever could. Actions do speak louder than words.

Any smart man knows when you take one down, another arises. The sun sets only to rise again, and the Phoenix must burn to emerge.

Together, they would watch everything that was so carefully planned collapse, and they would smile at the beauty of destruction.

They will never take the field.

Trained Observer said...

Now let's discuss Raymond Schultz.
This individual, for lack of a better word retired to avoid the evidence room fallout and let others thank the heat. Then he comes back. Now the DOJ comes in and what does he do? He repeats his behavior all over again. Ray Schultz has used the APD as his own personal whore house, bank, personal retaliation machine and point of cover for way too long. It doesn't take a scientist to see what has been going on here. The guy is a manipulator and liar who had used influence and enablers to accomplish his goals. If you look at his behavior, he rarely deviates from what has worked for him.

He controlled a portion of the media because of the city's relationship with Journal editor Ken Waltz's brother who is an attorney who has made in excess of $200,000 in contracts with the city of Albuquerque. This symbiotic relationship benefitted both in regards to getting unedited spin from Ray's office into the media and in return exclusive scoops on stories and continued contracts. No wonder the city attorney and Chief's offices would lie to other stations yet provide exclusive information to the journal and Channel 7. I wonder how much information was shared with the journal in regards to cases this attorney has worked on. Now, does anyone wonder why Schultz has gone to only one outlet for his spin and lies on the most controversial topics that he needs to maintain control of. Maybe there is some truth that the editors censor their writers for material that may be damaging to Schultz and the Mayor.

Another known fact is how Ray Schultz maintained control over the LEA board through his relationship with board vice chair Nate Korn. Nate Korn has profited to the tune of almost a million dollars over the last few years through equipment contracts with the COA to provide police equipment to the APD. Years ago, Schultz was caught and admonished for back dooring the bidding process, and awarding contracts for equipment directly to Korn's business; Kauffman's West Army Navy. Getting caught didn't stop that, because we all know that Schultz is the king of finding loopholes. You see, all he had to do was change the department SOPs in order to make the approved merchandise items that Korn was the sole regional distributor of. Anyone remember the Aimpoints, ballistic vests, and spiwak patrol jackets. Link the SOP change dates to the awarding of those contracts.
Is there any doubt why Nate Korn pushed and got through the ability to terminate officers for prima facia evidence at the LEA board level when such a ruling is contrary to case law everywhere else? This is the same rule that Schultz was working on Within APD and at the LEA board. Also, is there any doubt why Korn bullies the board into overriding decisions in favor of Schultz's wishes or outright recommends exactly what Schultz wants? Just read what Korn had to say about Schultz at Schultz's last board meeting. It was disgusting and proved his bias.

A 1 year street cop could put a federal case together against these liars.

Anonymous said...

Why is Chief Banks going away party not being held in the Chief's Office? At the Academy? At any City owned building? What is this museum costing the tax payers? If Berry was so proud of his Chief why won't he host at City Hall?

Anonymous said...

Perry when the honor guard is presenting the United States flag you button your God Damn jacket and stand firm you disrespectful slob!!!

Anonymous said...

somebody should do something!

Anonymous said...

Mary Han was working on a serious case, it is no secret that the case touched three other high profile cases, UNM President Gracia and APD officer Matt Kindel. Then we have Judge Murdock, wow ==who were the Vice Dicks in all of this, ask Sandy and Volmer. There was another computer that disappeared, on it was video of other high ranking officials engaged in sexual acts with these same whores. A CI stated that the Vice guys were allowing the girls to deal drugs and run their ops outside of hotels as long as they got some on the side (sex), and they gave them info for cases. The reports was written and investigated by none other than Sandy, and yes, Volmer. Why would Vice Dicks be investigating a larceny? The computer had video of Sandy and Volmer. So there is more to it than meets the eye. Go figure

Anonymous said...

To Reckoning

Well said! If people aren't up-to-date on the complaint for the violations of civil rights case in reference to Mary Han you must read the current third amended complaint. Click the following link There you'll be able to see what kind of dirty discusting pigs have/had been running APD. They can run, but they can't hide.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash. The Abq Museum is a City owned building.

Anonymous said...

The cops are not the enemy. You all are being played to tear down your own house from within while the defense bar of this state (which controls politics here) is laughing all the way to the bank.
In the past week you have given them ammo to last a life time. I get it that outsiders with an axe to grind post here-- but some if not most of this stuff smells of mid-schoolers with a badge. It sickens me that I spent so many years working hard in a department just to watch you all implode from the inside. We had shitty managers and mayors in the past (I give you Sam Baca and Mayor Schultz) but we hung together. I used to tell people all over the country how proud I was of my prior department- now I dont even name the place.

Anonymous said...

Well thought out and said. The darkside of human nature needs checks and balances, or it consumes like a plague.

Anonymous said...

Less than one day on the job and we already have an Officer shot!
Here's what the media is overlooking, at 130 in the morning an UNMARKED car gets shots fired at it. Where was the marked unit to respond? It is bait property which is supposed to get field units responding to cut down on investigative units milking ot waiting for something to happen. The bad guys did not have a right to fire and I do pray for the 34 shot. However did we learn nothing from the case that was thrown out last year? That was in the daytime. This will get tossed because one car cannot see into another car to know the car in the dead of night is cops vs their dealers there to kill them.

Anonymous said...

More on Murdoch-he was set up the day before he was going to have an unethical, ex-parte meeting with a murder suspect and prosecutor in the UNM engineering student Kerry Lewis murder, and the prosecutor quit the next day. Also, Murdoch had allowed Clifton Bloomfield (serial murderer) to run free based on Brandenburg's directive in 2005, which gave him the freedom to kill more (Korean couple Yi, Scott Pierce)
Dateline NBC aired a piece on this f-up). And AG King was not pleased with a negative ruling by Murdoch ither.

Anonymous said...

Thnx gor website; and pigs are intelligent, APD more like hyenas/vultures.

Anonymous said...

11:12 You got Padilla dead on

Anonymous said...


And you sir / madam by your statement admit that you are the problem. You had bad managers in the past but you hung together? For what purpose? Are you not a police officer to serve the public? To protect the public? Or were you a police officer serving and protecting only yourself and your corrupt friends.

Let the light of day shine on corruption and unethical behavior, it is the only cleanising it requires.

"If there is anything that cannot bear free thought, let it crack"

Windell Phillips

Anonymous said...

@ 10:30

Part of the blame must be put on Ops Review for situations like this. I know for a fact that units utilizing unmarked cars have tried NUMEROUS times in the past to have their cars outfitted with emergency lights. They've been turned down every time. You can't always rely on a marked unit being available.

Anonymous said...

February 25, 2014 at 8:32:00 PM MST
Once again, you present rumor rather than fact. "Aryan brotherhood?," oh please why don't you just say the US Air Force is a Branch of the KKK, because W. Pounders was/is? an honorable officer, who provided NCO training to APD officers who wanted it.
As for Saenz, she didn't come to the Board or to the members to give facts of a meeting with the judge on the case, she, on her own, had the case dismissed. Soon after her husband's excessive use charges were gone and he got to transfer over to the airport police.

Anonymous said...

10:04, I wouldn't name the place either. Giant open gash full of sand this place is.

Anonymous said...

@10:41 a.m. yes Murdoch was crooked, very crooked. he has involvements with schultz. The truth will come out
@1:39 p.m. the day Schultz has to pay for all that he has done,I will have total relief. The truth will come out

Lois Duncan Arquette said...

I'm the mother of Kait Arquette, 18, chased down in her car & shot to death on Lomas Blvd. in 1989. Our family has struggled for 25 yrs. to break thru the Blue Wall to get to the truth of who killed our child, why, & why an APD cover-up started AT THE SCENE when the first det. to arrive called in a report of "accident with no injuries" while Kait lay there, blood gushing out of her head from 2 bullets in her brain. For details, go to For an in depth look at the case (& info about the multiple APD cases that appear to link to it) read, WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER? & (newly published) ONE TO THE WOLVES: ON THE TRAIL OF A KILLER. Our family is exhausted with so many yrs of struggling, not only to find the killers but by having to combat The System (APD) who, for reasons of their own, do NOT want the Kaitlyn Arquette murder solved. We've come to believe that if it WAS solved that might open up a huge can of worms that law enforcement wants to keep sealed.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lois,
I am so sorry that your daughter was killed and that you have had to suffer for so long. There are a lot of heartless people in the ABQ City Government and the police force, its the culture... One thing for sure, 2014 is going to be the year that the pendulum swings back to truth and honesty. Its unfortunate that it has taken so many innocent lives such as your daughters, but now with the murder of someone as prominent as Mary Han, Mother Nature must take her course. I am rather new to the area and reading all this history of APD is very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

To Feb 27 10:04

You're basically saying that you and your buddies knew there was corruption going on but decided to kept quiet. And by keeping quiet that tells the SOB's that you don't care what they're doing and that it's ok for them to continue their bad behavior and to break the law without any repercussions. Well thanks a lot for that! If it weren't for people speaking up and calling people out then the DOJ may not be here investigating and the SOB's might not be running away like the cockroaches that they are.

Anonymous said...

Ms Arquette if you would name that first Officer you will quickly hear if he was known for being crooked

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the cases against Murdoch? Sure the video was tossed but what did.the court use to convince him to step down?

Angelfire said...

To Lois Duncan Arquette:

I for one hope that that can of worms were to be opened. There have been too many senseless deaths and that includes your beautiful innocent child, Kaitlyn Arquette. Please keep in mind that weather or not justice is served here on earth to the individuals that were involved it will be served by the true judge, God. You and your family are not forgotten and are continually in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Duncan, the truth is no matter how bad you think APD was or has been, it's worse. Evidence of this statement is how they treat those that step up and say bullshit or the deafening silence of those that stand and let evil continue.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:24 APD officer Ronald Merriman

Anonymous said...

Now Steve Gallegos ..who screwed up the Arquette case is acting chief at APS Security..while another unethical APD retread Telles is under investigation both of these guys have no business leading