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Jun 16, 2014

Just Say No!!

Back in the Eighties, US President Reagan's wife, Nancy, had a easy to remember expression when it came to turning down illegal drugs. Just Say No.

And now, the question is whether or nor the city council, led by council president Ken Sanchez, has the fortitude to Just Say No to Taser International. As we and other have reported since April, Berry's new negotiation experts are nothing more than disgraced chief Ray Schultz's cronies and emissaries from Taser.

So now our Cincinnati d' Taser boys, Greenwood and Streicher are asking, through RJ Berry, city council to allow them to charge us $220,000 for just three months of work!
Funny how the the Albuquerque Journal fails to mention that Greenwood / Streicher also work for Taser.  Isn’t that important?  (Gee, not that Walz and Walz would ever omit information...) The DoJ pointed out many incidents of Taser abuse, but the Journal fails to point out that Greenwood refuses to acknowledge that he and Streicher are both on the Taser payroll.
We at the Eye pray the city council sends Greenwood and Streicher packing and demands that Tourek do his job as city attorney.  Not only do we not need these two, the process to hire them was closed to the public.  No other company was allowed to bid.  This stinks of insider deals and it needs to stop. In fact everything Schultz has his hands in smells!
If Berry wants an outside firm to handle the DOJ then open that process up to competitive bidding.  Let’s allow other law firms around the nation to bid on this job.  Fully investigate the background of the law firms.  If Greenwood and Streicher refuse to disclose that they are on the Taser payroll then they should be dismissed from the process.  But again I ask, why can’t Tourek office handle this?  What is so special that we have to cough up what will be millions in the coming months and years for an outside law firm that none of us know anything about and that refuses to disclose their work connections?
While we know Albuquerque City Council has been quick to respond to the protestors by limiting their signs & props, limiting what they can say, limiting what they can't say, and limiting how long they can say it...but isn't it time City Council is equally quick to STEP UP for what's right????
JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!

Councilor Ken Sanchez:
Telephone: (505) 768-3183
Councilor Klarissa J. Peña:
Telephone: (505) 768-3127
Councilor Brad Winter:
Telephone: (505) 768-3101

Councilor Isaac Benton:
Telephone: (505) 768-3186
Councilor Rey Garduño:
Telephone: (505) 768-3152
Councilor Dan Lewis:
Telephone: (505) 768-3189
Councilor Diane G. Gibson:
Telephone: (505) 768-3136
Councilor Trudy Jones:
Telephone: (505) 768-3106
Councilor Don Harris:
Telephone: (505) 768-3123
Mayor Richard J.
Telephone: (505) 768-3000
Fax: (505) 768-3019 


Anonymous said...

$220,000 to attend a few council meetings and fewer hours of "work" and a couple of press conferences to hold Berry's hand? Negotiations have not even started and this clown Scott Greenwood wants to charge $220,000? What the hell is he charging an hour and are we going to be paying for food, lodging and travel seeing that he does not even live in New Mexico! What is most offensive is how Berry holds these clowns out as some sort of experts in civil rights and Constitutional law that can deal with the DoJ as if New Mexico does not have any such experts. Adding insult to injury, Berry awards a contract without even bothering to look for Albuquerque counsel.

New Mexico has some of the finest Civil Rights trial attorneys and Constitutional Lawyers in the country, including people like Nancy Hollander. We also have retired New Mexico Federal Judges that could do the work such as Bruce Black. But no, what we have are two clowns the Mayor wants to hire from out of state to come and save us from ourselves.
The City Council will go along with this seeing as they have allowed Berry a free hand and do not have the stomach do deal with the APD crisis.

Anonymous said...

1. DOJ report was issued 4/10/14; not even ten weeks ago;
2. Greenwood & Streicher are asking for compensation of $220,000 for their time since their entry here;
3. At this rate they are being paid $24,444/week or $305.55/per hour for each of them.

Per city's rules and regs, any law firm's services in excess of $100,000 in a given matter require involvement of the city council and significant scrutiny. City Council is burdened with the duty to scrutinize the actual work performed by these contractors and simply not cut a check.

I call Bullshit!

Anonymous said...

If city council has an ounce of common sense and wants things to change for the better, they will send Greenwood and Streicher packing before the Tazergate investigation ends and indictments come. People are outraged enough. These two Tazer reps are plants put in place through Schultz's contacts in Tazer. He greased this like he greased the Tazer deal. They got this contract because someone "had the mayor's ear." This is another kickback. When the evidence comes out after the inspector general's investigation, everyone will know that city council is all full of shit and can't be trusted just like the mayor and his liar CAO. This whole thing is being orchestrated to provide cover for all of the corrupt criminals in city government.

The mayor vetoed city council's proposal to have DOJ come in. They justified all of these shootings to keep DOJ away. Schultz lied and had his people lie every single day. They did all of this so they did not get caught filling their pockets and so that they could continue to give their friends lucrative contracts. In turn for lucrative contracts, these people did illegal favors for the administration to beep the wheels turning and to keep the wheels turning Schultz the mayor and CAO kept the contracts flowing. This is a corrupt machine that needs to be turned off. Just ask who got raises. Who retired with a big fat pension and now works for Tazer and who got very large no bid rigged contracts with this city.

If city council keeps the two lawyers, they deserved to all be indicted too.

This administration has done nothing to show they are genuinely interested in fixing the problems and corruption, but they have done everything to show us they will hide, conceal, lie and pretty much obstruct a federal investigation to protect their illegal interests. Just look at the emails Eden sent out. That is a felony.

Anonymous said...

Yes, New Mexico does, and they will be suing the living shit out of all of the criminals responsible for this mess.
It is all in the works. Just sit back and watch it unfold. It is going to be amazing. They are already giving each other up and pointing fingers and the real show hasn't even started yet.

Anonymous said...

This is an example of how Schultz is still "greasing" the city. He brought these two guys in. They all work together at Taser. Schultz is the puppet master trying to make sure he doesn't get indicted for pay to play.

Fire Greenwood and Streicher.

Anonymous said...

Is the corruption at APD beginning to crack? I don’t know, but I think the incident that happened as reported at this link:

is worth an investigation as to what really happened.

Why did no officer come out for a shooting? Did they refuse and finally stand up to this administration because they didn’t want to potentially be ordered to kill someone?

Why did the sergeant say he came out and knocked on a door but not call the number that was reported on the 911 call? Who is telling the truth about whether he even came out?

There may be some revelation in this incident to what is happening inside APD now that they have had a 24 hour, 7 day week spotlight on them.

I hope that the officers are standing up to this administration and refusing to go on calls that may jeopardize their careers realizing they are just pawns in a larger game plan and will be thrown under the bus if necessary to protect the upper echelon.

And sincerely thanks APD for not killing anyone for over three weeks! If you make it to June 23, it will be a one month celebration.

Anonymous said...

Schultz better save some grease for his fucking ass.

And not to change the topic, but I heard that they found a fossil of one of TJ's ancestors down at Elephant Butte and they took it to the Albuquerque museum of natural science.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a piece on KOB ref : city council meeting tonite by Dyson. Made no mention of Taser conflict, no bid process, etc. He made it about the $220,000 & nothing else . Does the media even know what's going down ref : this conflict of interest? Get on the phone to the councillors & let's educate them about what is NOT being said.

Anonymous said...

Noticed that slurring, inarticulate mush mouth and dim wit Sherman McCorkle was sitting on the sidelines during Berry's press conference with Greenwood and Streicker and gentleman City Council President "I'm really running for Mayor this time" Sanchez. Dim wit McCorkle was Berry's transition team chairman 5 years ago, went to Berry's defense saying that there was nothing wrong with APD and also defended Gordon Eden as an outstanding choice for Chief begging Joe Monahan to give Eden a chance. McCorkle is also a big promoter of Darren White and has been a Republican operative and donor for years. McCorkle has no law enforcement background but has Berry's ear on law enforcement matters. Berry consulted McCorkle on the hiring Greewood and Streicker and may very well be the "private business man" who recommended these two fools to negotiate with DoJ. You can only wonder how much Tazer stock McCorkle owns.

field cop said...

Will somebody please press Greenwood exactly HOW he thinks he can help CABQ and Apd? I'm sick of this "were not alone" shit from a guy who hasn't gotten laid in 25 years. If that!

And where the fuck did Perry go tonite?!?! Paul Heh goes to call him out for antics at Arvada NW a few weeks ago and poof.....motherfucker runs!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We're doomed. Berry 's operatives will stay in place, pulling his puppet strings. Martinez will be re-elected, our Unions will be made unessential, cops on the streets trying to do their job will continue to be demonized by the clueless media. The city council will continue to be spoon fed by administration. So the State of New Mexico & now Albuquerque will continue to spiral downward ...for example the 28%vacancy rate of businesses in downtown is the highest in the COUNTRY ..not COUNTY...that's correct. Highest rate in the COUNTRY for childhood HUNGER,...There was s very small window of opportunity that opened around 2007 financially for city workers, things were looking up then it all went South . BTW I noticed Berry's face looking bloated, bags under eyes, cuts on face like a shaky hand trying to shave . He is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

Greenwood says he and Streicher have never received compensation from Taser.

So I guess KOAT and Regina Ruiz got it wrong? I guess Greenwood and Streicher do interviews for Taser products, appear at conferences for Taser products and do videos for Taser products all out of their own pocket.

The sad thing is the city council did not confront them with the proof that has been posted repeatedly at the Eye. Ask Greenwood to explain his powerpoint. Ask Streicher to explain his video.

It is one thing to like the type of product, but Greenwood and Streicher go further by endorsing only one brand, Taser. And you expect us to believe you are not compensated?

Why didn't the council hold up the specifics and ask Greenwood direct questions?

Anonymous said...

Gentleman City Council President Ken "I am Running For Mayor For Sure This Time" Sanchez and Fiona Shrek look alike City Councilor Dianne Gibson really showed that they have absolutely no back bone by voting for a $220,000 contract to negotiate with the DOJ. The very least they could have done was to demand that the contract be placed out to bid. But no, they chose once again to be lead by the nose by Berry and Perry. Even Republican Dan Lewis voted against the contract, which means had the Dems stood up to the Mayor, the vote would have been 6-3 and veto proof. The council has no stomach ore desire to show any leadership by opposing Berry.

There is nothing to negotiate. If what happened in Seattle and New Orleans is any indication, the DoJ will be presenting a consent decree and if the City Of Albuquerque does not want to do what the DoJ demands, the DoJ files suite. There is no negotiating or reasoning and the City will end up spending $8 to $10 a year to implement the required reforms. And Striecher can continue to increase his size and look like a TJ Wilham wannabe.

Anonymous said...

Perry, you pussy!
Run motherfucker. run.
Every one of you motherfuckers will be running soon.,

S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh (RET.) said...

My thanks to City Councilor Ray Garduno , Dan Lewis , Klarissa Pena for voting against the Taser boys contract with the city. For the rest of the City Council how much grease has to be spread before you see corruption at its finest. In all of New Mexico we cant find a firm to deal with the D.O.J.. In all of The United States there is no firm that is not connected to Taser to work with the D.O.J. on a city NO BID CONTRACT !!!!!!!! This is my opinion what is yours ?

Anonymous said...

Gentleman City Council President Ken "I'm Running For Mayor For Sure This Time" Sanchez announced that the City Council is hiring public relations firm the Garrity Group to the tune of $25,000 to help the City Council deal with all the bad press and APD. Sanchez says its a lot cheaper than the $90,000 the Mayor pays Janet Blair, who is suppose to be representing the City as a whole and not just the Mayor. It would be a lot cheaper if Sanchez and the rest of the City Council would just grow a pair, show some real leadership and deal with the APD crisis as oppose to spending money on a spin doctor. But hey, when you look like and dress like a mortician I guess you got to do something to improve your image. Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...


So right on with what you said!

For those of you who missed the council meeting yesterday where they clearly railroaded the citizens again to allow the Taser consultants to get approval for ultimately $500,000 to defend Berry and APD in the DOJ investigations. And they made it clear it's not stopping at 1/2 a mil. Once the negotiations are over, you can expect another million or two, maybe more, to pay them the $350/hour to implement the plan since our bonehead city lawyers aren't capable and they won't bring someone from the community in to represent instead.

Thank you Mr. Garduno, Ms. Pena and Mr. Lewis for doing the right thing and truly caring about doing what's best for the community.

And to the rest of you, it's time for you to go, especially the radicals who cater to the elite, Don Harris and Trudy Jones who didn't participate in the conversation about divulging the corruption by asking the right questions.





Anonymous said...

RE: 8:40 post, $8 to $10 MILLION a year not $8 to $10

Anonymous said...

Sleazy, sinister Sherman McCorkle. Always in the background, in the shadows, maneuvering for position and influence, holding himself out as a Republican Power Broker but being nothing more than a self centered opportunist and classic "good old boy", right wing ass.

If Sherman McCorkle has the ear of Berry as it appears, he no doubt wants and gets something in return for himself and his Economic Forum buddies and Hispano Chamber of Commerce buddies. McCorkle has a nack for inserting himself into major issues and then takes credit for ever one else's work.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA..! Hey, you're giving Greenwood too much credit ..I'd say his gettin ' laid odds match that of T.J.'s....

Anonymous said...

Great point. Perhaps the council does not want to give the Eye any more street 'cred than it already has. We all know they read it ..every city employee with the slightest interest in what's going on politically in Albuquerque reads the Eye. I wish just one question was asked by just one councillor ...don't care who ..Are you in any way connected with Taser Inc. Of course they would lie, but the fact that someone is onto them gets put out there on the record is what matters.

Anonymous said...

Something very big and nasty is coming, and many people are facing prison. What I am hearing might be the beginning of the end of ALL of this nonsense. What I heard last week is the abyss opening up to swallow these criminals. God help them if it is true.

Anonymous said...

This is a bunch of bullshit. They're going to pay those worthless ass hats $220,000 plus, Gordon and Perry get raisies and they continue to waste money on stupid projects and people.

APD clerical had a pay cut taken away from them a few years back and they were never compensated for that lose nor have they had raises in four years.

Clerical employees work hard every day. Housing, food, gas and medical expenses are constantly on the rise. How do you expect them to make a living. It's disgusting.

Berry, what the hell do you have against unions? Why are you against giving clerical employees raises? Are we just pieces of shit to you. We're the ones that get the work done. Management doesn't do anything except belittle, harass, intimidate and bully their employees. Have some fucken compassion and give clerical the raises that they deserve. And none of this 1% bullshit.

If something doesn't happen soon then you're going to have a lot more blood on your hands. We are sure that the media, DoJ, city counsel, protesters and the public would love to hear what we have to say.

Show us some respect and do the right thing for once.

Anonymous said...

Are impact units permitted to use anabolic steroids?

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks for a minute that fat little cuckold bitch of a kunt little coward Darren isn't behind all of the bullshit going on in this state, all they need to do is read the little bitches twitter. The posts the last couple days say it all. Maybe someone's embarrassing little indiscretions need to come out to humble someone the fuck up. Hmmmmm.
How does everyone else's wieners taste big man?

Anonymous said...

Darren should stop sullying the MMA world with his shameless licking of asshole. Hashtag shitstain.

Anonymous said...


How quickly this asshat clown forgets just how many skeletons he has in his closet.?

Anonymous said...

Ray Schultz - Bill Clinton
Kathryn Levy - Hillary Clinton
Rob Perry - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Richard Berry - Balless Mike Bloomberg
Janet Blair - Anthony Weiner
Suzanna Martinez - Gollum
Trudy Jones - Paula Deen
Don Harris - Willie Wonka
Brad Winter - John Kerry / Herman Munster
Streicher - Bud Abbott
Greenwood - Lou Costello

Can we at least get a movie made out of this comedy of tragedies?

Anonymous said...


Did you notice when the green guy, hey it's ok to call him green since he just started his business a year ago, was asked about Taser he said he had no affiliation and then Tourek whispered in his ear to tell the public that his partner, strikeitrich!, also had no affiliation with Taser. Nice prompting green guy to lie on camera, Tourek!

BTW, has anyone noticed that the LLC owned by green guy and strikeitrich! is no longer getting funded by the City? They restructured, due to the Eye’s exposing them, and changed it to green guy’s firm of which strikeitrich! is now an employee. And don’t forget that in addition to the $350/hour they are getting, we are also paying for the airfares to fly them home, hotels and meals. Nice bang job to the citizens Berry, Perry and city council!

Anonymous said...


God is helping them and us too! Once they get swallowed, they will have plenty of time to think about the abuse they have caused on the citizens and REPENT.

Anonymous said...


God is helping them and us too! Once they get swallowed, they will have plenty of time to think about the abuse they have done to the citizens and REPENT.

Anonymous said...

@June 17, 2014 at 9:52:00 PM MDT

You will never get respect from this administration. They have established that over and over again. If you are not part of the elite that controls the money in this city and state, you will be subservient to them. Stop acting like an abused spouse who thinks this is just the way it is. Be fearless in standing up for your rights and unite for justice. I, as a citizen, have personally seen over and over again how the front line people are abused and controlled. They not only abuse you financially, it affects your health and your self-esteem and that affects your children. Stop letting them abuse you. Unite and stand up for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I am the only clerical at my worksite. My 3 other co -workers are M Levels who just started working for city. I have 15 yrs. experience and they have,well, none. So I've got 3 people telling mewhat to do. Why? Because theDirector of the Library has decided to eliminate the clerical position. As the clericals retire or resign due to horrible treatment, library management hires all the youngsters from bookstores that went out officers business . Hmmm ..great decision. I am watched. followed around, made to feel uncomfortable, if i talk to a customer a manager comes over and tries the intimidation tactic because they don't like me to build customer support for me. The customers I serve I adore them! They tell me not to retire because the other 3 M levels are cold, business like and unfriendly. That library is my own neighborhood library and it used to be so warm & friendly and it had a real sense of what a community is all about. Now I have coworkers who lie & bully & and the branch manager has me do work that she takes credit for because she says i have contacts in the community that she doesn't. Used to love my job. Now Ihate it. The administration at the library have told lies, hired people who are married working in the same worksite, hiring friends and treating clericals like dirt, altho we do all the physical labor. In fact the more the manager dislikes somone the more labor you have to do.

Anonymous said...


I think you’ve got it wrong.

To say that Ray Schultz is the most popular police chief in the last 25 years is a BIG stretch!

To think that Kathryn Levy is going to take Berry’s place would be a disaster!

And you’ll find Bloomberg’s balls at:

I wish Harris was Willie Wonka. He had compassion. Harris has none. I think naked and red faced would be more appropriate.

I actually thought of Abbot and Costello too.

Nice try Republican operative!
Thanks for the opportunity to educate the public.

Anonymous said...

The Eye or someone needs to IPRA all communications from Berry, Perry, and Eden to Sherman McCorkle during the last 6 months and rep[ort on just how much influence this guy has over Berry and Perry. McCorkle is like a real cancer on City Government that needs to be excised or at least discredited. McCorkle also has the ear of the Journal Editors, which is not surprising. McCorkle likes to take credit in private for saving Kirkland Air Force base from Federal cuts and base closure.

Anonymous said...

Schultz the most popular chief are you kidding me. He is well know though for running a great department into the waiting arms of DOJ. He will never find another police chief job.

Anonymous said...

McCorkle is a fat disgusting curmudgeon .

Anonymous said...

City Council hires a PR firm, it will be interesting to see how they spin silence and inaction.

I think the Eye needs to add all the councilor's faces to the project's 'intentional lies by ommission' quadrant.!0TPfm

Anonymous said...

@ June 18, 2014 at 7:01:00 am MDT

Clerical use to get respect until the Berry administration came along and Schultz let management run around like a buch of dogs in heat.

You don't think that clerical hasn't stood up for themselves or fought back? Every time they do management retaliates against them or has them disciplined. And as June 18, 2014 at 7:10:00 am MDT stated, management also watches them follows them around, lies about them and takes credit for their ideas. And the fifth floor dicks always back management up.
Clerical is fed up with management treating them like cockroaches and Berry not signing their contract with a decent raise included.
That's why it's time for clerical to step it up and let the DoJ, city counsel and the public know what's really going on in the inside.

Don't respond back with comments about if their not happy or not liking their jobs than why don't they leave. A lot of clerical do like the work they do and have been vested for several years. Why should they have to leave? Get rid of the twisted fucks in Berry's administration.

Anonymous said...

Where can clericals go to report illegal behavior from administration at the library. the assistant director Burns does not want us to sit. Ever. We must be on our feet. She told a manager to force a woman with a severe knee injury to shovel the library parking lot during a winter storm. Cindy Burns and Dean Smith agreed that the disabled worker should do all the shoveling alone. No one was allowed to help her.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Before you go "legal" you might want to record these situations. You can even get a cheap Tracfone cell phone for about $20 at Walmart. Make sure it has the voice record app on it or download a voice recording app from the internet. No phone contract necessary. Then you just hit the record button while this is going on. Then you address it with your supervisor, cell phone recorder on. Be prepared with good questions. Then you download it to several places including your computer, cloud storage and another offsite, safe location like a safe deposit box in case they try to do a "Han" on you. Make sure another person has access to this documentation whom you trust.

If they demand you not have the cell phone with you, you remember the conversation that is said and you document it, as verbatim as possible, including the date and who was there including witnesses.

In no time with this incompetent leadership, you will have a bag full of truth which shows the pattern of abuse, lies and deception. Then you carefully calculate what you are going to do with this evidence to make sure you accomplish your mission, one of which should be to educate the public about the pervasive corruption in this city AND STATE government in all departments. It’s a culture of corruption and the local media is in bed with them condoning the behavior.

Good luck! Be fearless! The Force is with you! And you'll be able to sleep better at night knowing that you aren't submitting to their bullying tactics.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Keep telling the story. Let the facts dribble out. It empowers others that are being abused to start standing up for themselves. Contact Regina Ruiz for the story. See if she will pick it up. She is very aggressive in her reporting.