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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 9, 2016


A lot of attention has been lavished on our well deserving chief liar Gordon Eden lately.
There is no dismissing the fact that this Eden character was put in place as a muppet.

Muppet definition:
A person who defies explanation with regard to common sense and logic, emitting an air of confidence that is mutually exclusive to that of their accomplishments or ability.

"Well, it's not quite a mop, it's not quite a puppet, but man... " - Homer Simpson

"In Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, the word muppet has come to be used as a mild term of abuse, meaning a stupid, incompetent, or idiotic person, or the obvious interpretation of someone who is inanimate, or somehow not there."

Gordon was not the first choice for chief, and he definitely was not the the most qualified.
When a bumbling clown, who gets caught in lie after lie needs guidance, what better place to look than a good old buddy like Eden's, Bob Huntsman; good old two faced Bob, as we call him here at the Eye. You see, Bob was always the kind of guy who had to stand out from the crowd, with his 6" wheel gun, like some kind of John Wayne, and he enjoyed the worship of his swat pups, as he called them. Bob was brought back to hold Gordon's hand, so Bob can now share in the attention he deserves for what he decided to buy into, and support. Good old Bob portrayed himself as the gunslinging tough guy, who was the cop's cop, but we have seen quite the opposite, since he was called back for babysitting, and diaper changing duty, and we can be sure that he has really been a two face all this time. Good old Bobby has been our grassy knoll man, the guy calling the shots from the shade, a "Mini Berry Me" shall we say, hiding out, avoiding scrutiny. We here at the Eye think it is about time he answers for the choices made, and the danger our officers, and citizens are put in concerning the lies put out by the Albuquerque police department command staff. Officers being told to change reports concerning being equipped properly during riots...lies about being prepared...lies about staffing levels...and lies that ruin lives, committed by criminals in the city administration.

There are the usual suspects, but the Eye knows there are the ones in the wings. Those cowards who do things undetected. We promise to keep our EYES ON THE PRIZE, but we are going to widen our scope to include those who are professionals at avoiding scrutiny. More is coming.

We here at the Eye have received a quote. Not just any quote, but a quote that will be part of the beginning of the end of this corruption. It has only just begun people. We added it to give everyone a sense of the climate we are in these days.

"I should be dead now. I will pursue this right to a wrong. They get away because people tire. I'm just getting my second f*****g wind. They will regret when they started this dance. I will not falter nor fail, one way, or the other." ~victim of a corrupt administration~

Below are Albuquerque Police Department computer (CADS) for last night, 6/8/16 at approximately 22:30, from swing shift, Southeast Area Command. They are the radio calls for service holding during that time. Our Eyes tell us that there were over thirty calls holding. This means that people that needed help had to wait, when seconds could mean a life. Ask the city administration if there is a problem, and they will lie, and say no. They will tell you to wait for their official lie to be released. They will tell you their version is better.

This is all being done to delay the inevitable, so the guilty can flee. The mayor, police chief, CAO, and their minions....

These CADS Do not lie. Look for yourself:

Maybe Bob has the answers we are looking for. Maybe Bob can tell us these CADS are all a figment of our wild imaginations. He sure had a lot of disinformation to talk about concerning the Dear case. More to come on that and the secret IA the city is criminally concealing, and terrified about getting out.

This just in:

On a lighter note, the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board convened today, and the board unanimously voted to overturn corrupted hearing officer David Linthicum's recommendation that Tyler's case be tossed out. That means that the board sees something is afoot here! Our resident queen may be getting what is coming to her. This was initially exposed here when it was first listed with the NMLEA. THEY PULLED IT FROM THEIR AGENDA!

Could it be that Mister Linthicum covered for Tyler, because of his previous history with BCSO and Tyler?  Could it be that Mister Linthicum, Darren White's business partner sees a little of himself in Tyler, as he himself left the Bernalillo County Sheriff's office under some shady circumstances? Maybe Mister Linthicum should be made to answer for why he took that BCSO chopper on a joyride with his buddies.

That is right Mister Linthicum, you are front, and center on our radar here at the Eye. We are onto you, and the strings you have pulled for your friends. It is going to get really uncomfortable for corrupt people. This is only the beginning. No longer are cowards going to be permitted to snipe from the shadows, then flee off into the land of unaccountability.


Anonymous said...

I heard Huntsman has a pacemaker. Is this true Bob? And while you talked endless shit about Schultz and your high paying post APD gig, is it true you burned all your bridges and were a broke ass bitch before Eden came a calling for your worthless ass?

Anonymous said...

It looks like the NMLEA board knows there was a lot of dirty shit going on under Schultz, and Korn and they are tyring to clean up their shit.
Any buzz on the rumor of the hearing officer collaborating with the board lawyer to change and edit hearing findings? WORD is they have been doing this for years.

Black Berets President. said...

Ha ha ha.....
Fuck you little Adam Ant Casaus.
Your shit got revoked today too.
Good riddents you little coward and liar.

Anonymous said...

Great job Eye. Now that you've exposed David Linthicum, how bout digging into the other Hearing Officers at the NMLEA. You know, the retired cops doing the job of a lawyer without possessing a law degree. Cover ups, political favors, abusing discretion, etc. Pete Camacho, Louie Medina, Paul Feist... who else is up there rigging hearings?

Anonymous said...

APD was unloading new riot gear last week at the main. Hope its for the rank & file officers not the brass who stand a block away.

Stealth said...

June 9, 2016 at 9:05:00 PM MDT, June 10, 2016 at 8:53:00 AM MDT,

Thank you for reading our humble Eye. As you may have noticed, our "blog" as the enemy calls it is almost at full throttle. We have been provided many details concerning past, and current events, and we are still in the process of confirming that there has been tampering with the NMLEA board to the levels that should trigger indictments in a proper world. The evidence is so damning on so many levels that we have to comb through the details, and confirm what we are going to post. We will say that there has been behavior that is unexplainable, in the very least, that will possibly open up cases going back for years, as it was controlled by those you have mentioned. Directors and assistant NMAGs should have known better. It does seem like the board is trying to clean things up. We here at the Eye agree that all of the hearing officers, like the upper command staff of APD, need to be removed, and replaced. The same goes for COA personnel board hearing officers, especially those making illegal decisions for the mayor's office. The conspiracy to violate civil rights is a crime. Tampering with cases and witnesses is a crime. In upcoming stories, we will be showing evidence of perjury by all we expose. We will also be showing evidence of abuse of office. We believe what we have is undeniable. Be thankful of the liberal recording laws in the state of New Mexico. It is the downfall of these liars. You can not lie under oath and just claim you were misunderstood. A lie is a lie. It is perjury. Enough is enough. The gloves are coming off very soon.

We would also like to thank those who have reached out to the Eye, trusting us as a source to get the truth out there. We are not only here for the mess within APD. We will address any corruption concerns statewide, whether it be DPS, The Courts, BCSO, civilian personnel board hearings, Library workers, Solid waste, water, zoo....... Anything anywhere when it comes to public corruption and the cowards guilty of it. We want everyone to feel comfortable contacting us with their concerns. The more light shined on these problems, the better. Those under the light are fleeing and moving out of state. The guilty run. The just, stand their ground and fight. If things go ignored by those in positions to prosecute, we will call them out too, but in the meanwhile, the people will know the treachery that lurks around them and the guilty will be put in a position where they will no longer be fooling anyone nor will they be able to look anyone in the EYE.