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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jan 14, 2017

Mayor Berry, a fake... Gorden Eden, a liar... Ray Schultz, still under investigation... Albuquerque, in the toilet!

On 8/11/16 the Washington Post did an article on our Albuquerque fraud quasi mayor Richard J Berry, lauding him as some kind of great guy, and innovative thinker, for his Homeless work program. On 12/29/16, the same newspaper named this joker one of their top eleven most inspirational people for 2016, in reference to the same program. We somehow think the list stood at 10, until someone called in a favor. Most lists are top ten lists. As if it is not obvious, Berry, and his band of asshats were starting their ramp up for Berry's run for the Governor's race, and we all know how politics goes.

When it comes to propaganda, we all know that the fools who think they are running this city think they are the ones fooling everyone. They are only able to fool the gullible.

Everyone knows how heinous of a mayor Berry has Been for Albuquerque, when you look at what he has done to this city. Bodies are being found on the streets just laying there dead. Old ladies in wheelchairs are being run over. A man was found behind a shopping center with his head and genitals chopped off. Valiant Printing, a family owned business for almost a century is closing. Macy's is closing. 65 year old Beauchamp Jewelers is closing. Morning side Antiques is closed. The Desert Sands Motel is demolished. El Vado motel is sitting there. Dozens and dozens of other businesses have gone out of business, or moved away. Several ATM machines have their computer screens shot full of bullet holes. A nut goes on a fire bug spree, throwing bombs, and burning Starbucks, Old Navy, and Barnes and Nobles stores across the city for days, before being caught. The city just had a ridiculous amount of accidents two weeks ago, because city officials neglected their duties to the public, and stayed in bed, rather than salt the roads, then they lied about it. Children are being slaughtered by the twos and threes at a time. The schools are falling apart. Employees get shot at in the parking lots of their own employers when checking on their vehicles. Houses are being burglarized like it is a free for all. Auto thefts are through the roof. Shootings are multiple, and every day, along with stabbings, as are SWAT callouts. Babies are shot to death in road rage incidents. The homeless are on every street corner. Stray dogs run through the streets like it is Mogadishu. We have a police department under consent decree. We have a former police chief under investigation for corruption. The police chief, his deputies and a good portion of commanders fled when the DOJ came. The current police chief has had a perjury complaint filed on him. Gun shops are ransacked at will, and dozens of stolen weapons are on the streets. Driving on I40 and I25 can get you run off the road, or shot at, never mind being held up by reckless marauders doing donuts, stunts and burnouts on the highway, like Albuquerque has no police department. How many more animals are going to die out of neglect at the Albuquerque zoo, only to be callously thrown into a trashcan? The Paseo Road project looks like a bunch of drunk crackheads, suffering from vertigo poured the concrete. They should have painted the retaining wall in a snake skin pattern. It would have worked!

A true leader takes responsibility for what happens under their watch. A nutless coward, blames others, makes excuses, allows his minions to blame others, and allows others to face the music for his piss poor management. This is RJ Berry. YOU VETOED THE DOJ RJ? If Berry were a soldier he would be hiding behind women children and hamsters.

Throughout his pathetic two terms Berry has been a liar, and a coward. That is the best we can say he is. He gets no better than that. When the Boyd shooting happened, he made sure he was out of Dodge. He went MIA. He must be the only mayor without a work cell phone. Oh, that is right, his phone didn't work in Brasil. How many times was Mister Inspirational conveniently not here when the heat was on? Every time! He shows up at no court appearances. He never shows up at city council meetings. He runs for cover every time there is a controversy, until his group of liars can cobble up a story to put in his mouth. This idiot is always talking about moving forward with progress, but is never anywhere to be found, unless he is in front of a captive, supportive, controlled audience, that symbiotically benefits from his malfeasance. The Washington Post was half right. Berry is inspirational... inspirational for how not to be as a man. Certainly not as a Governor!

One of the first things Berry claimed he would do if elected would be to get rid of Ray Schultz, but after getting in, and seeing that THAT liar was the glue holding the corruption together, and keeping the malfeasant machine rolling, he realized that removing him wouldn't be profitable. Berry kept Schultz, and bought into everything that was going on here by doing so.
As we go forward, we are going to outline why certain people are mainly responsible for what has happened to our city. You have seen through our postings how many of the crimes committed by this administration were perpetrated, and we have named names, and provided evidence. A long time ago, we told you that they would attack anyone who brings scrutiny upon them, and we have a letter written to the federal monitor, calling out the city, and predicting this. We called it when the federal monitor released his first scathing report. This past week we have seen the city fulfill this prophecy. Individuals who have met with the Department of Justice a long time before their findings had outlined just how the Administration of the City of Albuquerque is a Criminal Enterprise, with an extensive network, and infrastructure in place to support, and promote their mission, complete with an arm of propaganda.

One of the big issues that sticks out is how not one person in this administration will admit when they are wrong. They will lie. If that does not work, they make up their own version of what happened, governed by rules set by them. They tell you the sky is red until you either forget to keep asking them, or you just go away. Over the years they have always counted on wearing people out when it comes to the truth. You can tell a lie, but when nobody hears it, it does not matter. This is where their propaganda infrastructure comes in at.

Amazon owns the servers that were used by Taser AXON up until the end of 2015.

Do you want to know why this is important?

Jeff Bezos is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of He is worth 70.3 billion dollars. He was initially from Albuquerque New Mexico. Nash Holdings LLC owns the Washington Post. Nash Holdings is owned personally by Jeffrey Bezos. When you are scratching your head wondering "just why would a Washington newspaper write two articles out of the blue praising a failure of a mayor a thousand miles away in Albuquerque," it is because none of these clowns can get positive biased coverage, without a 1 degree separation from the person willing to print their horse shit propaganda." Everything is a favor, a payback, or favor being called in on. Favors are not free.

Berry, you are a fraud and failure. You will not be the next New Mexico Governor. Under your administration there has been nothing but enrichment of corrupt, selfish public officials, both now, and invested as kickbacks down the line. Taser and Schultz are in the middle of it. You have used officers as a smoke screen to cover for corrupt, illicit activities, in order to deflect attention, and fool the DOJ. Your retaining of Schultz cost the city everything, and almost every fiscal issue can be linked back to the illegal "greased" contract with Taser, that Schultz facilitated through the abuse of his position, with legal cover provided to him by former city attorney Kathryn Levy; all using our tax dollars. If this is not a racketeering, RICO based criminal enterprise, nothing is!

The attrition rate of officers, and morale issues that plague the place are a result of what Schultz started to cover his tracks with former city attorney Kathryn Levy. Gorden Eden carries on the tradition with Jessica Hernandez. The results of these cowardly actions put us in a place where crime is out of control, because many officers retired or quit. Because there are no officers, response times are through the roof, and the criminals are emboldened, and out of control because of a direct lack of proactive policing. Police are not proactive, because they are understaffed, there is no backup, and they are terrified of being the next flavor of the month for an administration that will scapegoat, and use them the first minute they need to distract attention away from their public corruption.

As a result of Schultz putting all of the city's eggs into the Taser basket, the department became "stuck" with a system, and equipment that requires such embedded dedication, that it would be cheaper to stay with the devil you know, rather than re-equip, and outfit with a source that may be better. So we either choose to spend 5 million dollars to stay with a company that set the snare, or cut the umbilical from the same company who's contract reeks of pay to play, and is under criminal investigation. Because of things set into motion by Ray Schultz, and this administration, under a mayor who plays stupid, and hides from scrutiny, we can not afford to have salt trucks out on our streets. There is a tens of millions of dollars shortfall for Berry's silly ass Rapid Transit Fiasco that is suffocating small businesses in this city. Millions of dollars are getting paid out in lawsuits. The city is breaking IPRA request laws like they do not exist, and the city attorney pulls the biggest horse shit excuses out of her dirty ass to cover for a circus that it defies logic, assaults your common sense, insults your intelligence, and makes a mockery out of the truth. As all of this transpires, we have another worthless failure, Susana Martinez, in Santa Fe calling for everyone to tighten their belts because of their screw ups. Funny.... We have never seen her wear a belt. Maybe she can't wear one after all of that pizza and coke. Someone should buy her a new pair of Spanx. Looks like she wore her old ones out.

Well folks, it is obvious we have a network of individuals working hard to foul the place up for everyone else while their lives get better. We are glad that we at least have a team of federal attorneys willing to step up, and put a foot in the collective asses of the biggest bunch of ignorant, insolent, arrogant, lying, cowardly pieces of dog shit to ever hold office. We here at the Eye would like to thank those at the DoJ civil rights division for laying it out with class; namely Luis Saucido, Ruth Keegan, Elizabeth Martinez, Corey Sanders, and Patrick Kent. The city attorney does not deserve your patience or respect. And to Dr. Ginger, it is okay to say this is the worst place you have ever had to deal with. Take the fuckin gloves off. Many here stand with you. Next time we hope to mention the USDOJ Criminal Division. It is a long time coming.

Hopefully we have connected a few more dots, BUT before we go, we must address the disgusting comment that came out of Celina Espinosa's pie hole... How dare you call the accusation of "LIAR" leveled at Police Chief Gorden Eden not fair, because he was testifying from recollection? Look at the transcript of good old Gorden Eden's recent deposition, where he described his great memory. Hmmmm.... funny how you treacherous liars expect cover when you make up lies on others in order to call them liars. We here at the Eye think there has never been a more dishonorable bunch of simpletons in one Administration. Well... Celina... Gorden thinks he has a great memory!
You don't decieve, and fight so hard to keep an innocent honest mistake from coming to light unless the mistake isn't so honest or innocent! Dishonorable liars.


Anonymous said...

One article after another talking about the corruption in this city. We all know they are all corrupt but nothing will ever happen. Nothing will change. No one will do no time for what they have done. Just as grass is green nothing will happen. Just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Hey, heard Gordo got into work today and read this, and farted....
Heard they called in a plumber to look for a sewage leak on the 5th floor.

Anonymous said...

Eye, check your email. You were sent info on an IPRA the city is trying to hide from.

Anonymous said...

When are Jodi and Tim Gonterman going to jail getting fired resigning or all three???

Anonymous said...


S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh (RET.) said...

Just think about it. Berry could do for New Mexico what he has done for Albuquerque . WOW ! NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Berry, Eden, Martinez in cuffs.

Anonymous said...

First, lets examine some facts here...the comment about Taser being on the Amazon servers. That is correct, but the whole Bezos connection and Washington Post seems to be too much of a stretch. First of all, Bezos doesn't care about ABQ, regardless of the connection. The company is way too big and he is billionaire, with 1000s of clients on their servers. Second, the concern about Taser being the cloud should really be this - who owns the chain of custody on the videos uploaded to the cloud? Once loaded, what happens to the videos that are 'deleted' or archived? Are they stored on a separate server outside the control of APD and the City? Third - if you want to find a connection to the WP, then look at the reporters or owners from the Journal and the WP and then the connection to the Mayor and his staff. Let's make the connection a little closer to home.

Stealth said...

The next time you speak with Bezos, please ask him why he doesn't care about Albuquerque.

And second, the concern IS, inappropriate business dealings, no bid contracts, and favors being called in. To paraphrase it; public corruption. The chain of custody issues, administrative issues and incompetence are just parts of the bigger picture.

Third - is what was done to those wronged in order to keep the machine rolling and the lid on things.

Narrowing your sight, limits what you will find, and just like we said, the corruption is more widespread than the police issues, and the corruption here is more widespread than just here. When looking at corruption, you follow every veign to where it leads. We have plenty.

The problem here is that you have dozens of people with their own little pet agendas, egos and bank accounts, who are either short sighted, or deliberately can not put their dicks aside for the common good, because THEY are not in the limelight, being called the savior of Albuquerque, while having a crown slapped on their head, hoisted onto the shoulders of a cheering crowd and paraded around town. That's the problem. Throw politics into the mix along with a bunch of pussies who look the other war or refuse to make the unpopular or hard decisions, and here we are.

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