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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jan 30, 2017


The name Celina comes from the Latin and Greek languages meaning from the heavens, or moon. This is very befitting, because The statements that come out of the mouth of the Albuquerque Police Department's Public information Officer Celina Espinosa sound like they come  directly from the moon and outer space. Case in point, is the issue below, where Eden claims staffing is not the issue with the out of control crime rate, and Celina Espinosa swears to it.

In Albuquerque, almost a car an hour is stolen, because it is the victim or the court's fault according to APD Police Chief Gorden Eden. Gorden blames the courts, the jails and victims. Just listen to the below interview to see the arrogance coming from a Punk in uniform... a non cop. By the way, where are your sleeve hashes Eden! Ha ha ha!  Eden could not effect a solo arrest on an armed, and capable felon if his life depended on it, yet he sees fit to put forth an opinion, no legitimate street cop worth his badge would agree with. Chief Eden is a soft, weak, pathetic, lying, crybaby. As this punk who dodges anticipated, heated city council meetings when controversial topics come up lies to Caleb James from KOB News, look at how he tries to posture up. Listen to his defensive and evasive replies. Look at his hands in his pockets like an unprofessional. It is pretty pathetic, but so are all of Governor Martinez's political appointees, whether direct or indirect. 

Looking at Gorden, we can understand why the crime rate is so high. Would you respect a police department with that bleach blonde, lying weakling as the leader? Would you stop for an officer who was chasing you for robbery, when you know the self serving leaders of his corrupted  police department would scape goat him, frame him or fabricate a media fireworks display out of his justified actions in order to either cover their public corruption or paint themselves the solution to a problem they created and perpetuate? No! No, you would not, and that is the problem. It is two fold. 

Because of the actions of this administration in all facets, officers have shut down. Criminals were emboldened by seeing a department that eats their own to protect the criminal upper echelon, and the good officers do not want to be the next target of a desperate, lying administration under investigation. We all know what a rat can do when cornered. Most jumped ship when the DoJ came, but the rest are the ones still lashing out to protect their investments. The lack of response times, coupled with the manpower added to this morale issue completes the equation. Everyone wants to dance around the FACT that officers are terrified of the cowards running the show here. 

Real officers take the job to do what needs to be done, in order to protect those who can not protect themselves. They do the most with the least, regardless of resources available to them, because being a cop is something they want to do. They deserve an administration that provides a fair work environment, not one full of top heavy, self serving cowards, criminals and perverts who only care about their agendas, and who will betray them at the blink of an eye. 

Maybe Eden forgets about the Message he sent out, latently threatening employees about cooperating with the Federal Department of Justice? We did not. That is tampering with a federal investigation. Eden blamed an employee for it like a coward, but we will not lose track of his lies.

In keeping with their practice of controlling information flow in or out from the line officers, or anyone for that matter concerning this administration, who would probably be candid, and blatantly honest to college newspaper students, Celina Espinosa wants to unburden officers, or "take the load" ( Ha Ha Ha ) from them, of fielding lengthy interviews. She wants to do this because she has all the time to do so and because it's her job to make their job easier. What a crock of shit! Funny, are not the records division and PIO extremely busy too? Haven't they claimed they were sooooooo busy, they could not comply with many IPRA requests? Pretty interesting, but it sounds to us that this was just another shut your mouth, and let us lie email. More rhetoric from a space cadet. 

"Take the load......." Now that's funny..... We wonder who's next up on the APD PIO wheel to take the load for this corrupt administration. Because.... after all, it's everyone else's fault. 


Anonymous said...

How does the blonde bimbo answer Caleb? "" what would you do"? Now that's how to solve a car theft problem, ask the reporter how he would solve if. Damn we are getting a real bargain for the Chiefs salary. The irony is Caleb probably could solve the problem and Celinas problems too!

Anonymous said...

Hey remember Victoria Martens. APD Command Staff says an adult male can force themselves on any ten year old girl, trying to kiss her. APD Command says it's not a crime. I guess they never heard of Assault. Victoria Martens is dead in a horrible way, and we find out that 5 months earlier APD got this "kiss" referrall. APD says they went but there was no crime. APD SOP says all calls involving kids must be documented on an offense report. APD Command says there is no report. APD Command cannot name the officers who went. APD Command cannot produce a CAD dispatch for this call. Clearly APD never went and APD Command (Eden / Huntsman) are trying to cover this up. Does anyone in Albuquerque care? Five months later Victoria Martens, who cried for help 150 days earlier, was dead. Raped and murdered. And APD Command tells that an attempted kiss is not a crime. You know what a crime is? The cover up of Victoria Martens cry for help by APD Command and the non-caring fools that make up the citizens of Albuquerque. Where is the outrage?

Anonymous said...

Hey when Caleb put Gordy on the spot and told him "you blame the courts, you blame the jail, you blame the district attorney and now you are blaming the victims, what have you done to stop car theft chief?"

Gordy's only answer was (as his fat neck shook) "we do vin etching".

Eden is worthless. Berry should fire him.

Anonymous said...

Shaunna Arredondo-Boling her blood is on the shit hole department that can't keep it self safe, bunch of pussies that just want to wait for the 20 plus payout, no worries, Karma gets you, just look at Rio's ex chief, his poor wife is dying......KARMA!!!!

Anonymous said...

January 31, 2017 at 7:52:00 AM MST,
Real nice, you bitch. You prove everyone's perception of APD right. This department is a life ruiner. It's the fucking Bermuda triangle for careers if you are one of the honest cops who just want to do their job and go home. Officers like you make me sick. All mouth behind a computer huh? Anna Nuñez?!? Fucking Really? Lmmfao. There is an idiot who should not be allowed to handle a frying pan, let alone a gun or have a badge. Your whole squad's schedule consists of hanging out at the 7/11 @ san antonio and san pedro, or the taco cabana at montgomery and all fucking night!
What is more pathetic is that you pussies are so quick to run like a bitch to rat a former sister officer while you stay silent on the corruption going on. You are all the biggest bunch of cunts to ever put on a uniform.
APD promotes idiots.

Anonymous said...

Celina's husband should be arrested for giving her a welcomed kiss.

Anonymous said...

Caleb James WOULD be a better police chief!

Anonymous said...

Oh so now the 5th floor is concerned with the officers being overloaded and busy. What a crock of shit. Celina aka SKELATOR is stepping in so they will know what questions are being asked and be able to SPIN their answers. Don't fall for it, give those interviewers what they are looking for THE TRUTH................

Anonymous said...

Brass keeps asking the public for help to apprehend fugitives. Who and eff in their right mind would talk to anyone connected with APD while the likes of Jodi Gonterman isn't behind bars? UN-EFFING-BELIEVABLE!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe those students aspiring to be reporters can drop this load on Celina's head.