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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 5, 2017


It is September 5th 2017, and today we get news that the Albuquerque Free Press is struggling to survive. Do you know what this is? It is a disgrace. 

Would be sponsors and advertisers would like this hard hitting newspaper, that tells it like it is to tone it down, and be less confrontational. Well, we say fuck that shit. This administration would love nothing more than to see it go away. No! This administration needs to go away. 

Here we have had a news outlet, that over the last few years has exposed more lies and corruption within this administration, while the Albuquerque Urinal (Journal) has given them free pass after free pass. The Albuquerque Free Press has leveled the playing field, despite being cutoff by this lying filthy administration at all costs. If just half of the work, dedication, and truth had been put into this city by those in charge, as has been by the writers and editor of the Free Press in how they do their jobs, we would not have a city in shambles. The reward for that is the mealymouth response of oh, you are too confrontational. Give us a fucking break. This is the problem here folks. You do not fight someone swinging a baseball bat with a feather duster, and the problem plaguing our city is the pussy responses, or lack of any response to the actions of those responsible for ruining the place, and lack of a spine in backing those willing to stand up and crush them. This is exemplified by the backing of a candidate who works for the law firm representing Raymond D. Schultz in a criminal investigation against him, by our Attorney General, who is supposed to be conducting that investigation, and yes we are talking about Balderas and Colon. The political pattycake punk games are getting old. Again, we urge everyone to walk away from Colon in this election, because there is no room for the “we are going to run this state” creep mentality for the future of things here. A vote for Colon is another vote for a Poindexter, who will take care of Schultz’s people, and continue this mess. 

As this city has been destroyed, and fed shit by a bought and owned newspaper like the Urinal, everyone has complimented the Free Press on their work and bluntness. Well it is time to step up. Anyone who holds contempt for bluntness is a coward, and lacks a spine. That is the way we see it. If you can not take the truth, you are either the problem, the one lying about it, or BOTH, like Celina Espinosa, Fred Duran and Gorden Eden. Everyone reading this can thank The Free Press over there, along with others, who stayed on the asses of the lizards within this administration for the truth coming out for Victoria Martens. You didn't think a kiss could take down a police department did ya?! We apologize to lizards for the insult. 

There is no way in hell a media outlet like the Albuquerque Free Press should be starving in such a target rich environment. The other reason for the mess in our city (besides this administration) is the same reason for the situation the Free Press is in. Everyone wants to enjoy the show, but nobody wants to get their hands dirty while drinking their big fat cup of New Mexico apathy. 

Just think of all of the stories reported on by the Free Press that would not have gotten out with the level of facts that they did, from the grandson of Dennis Maes who was wrongfully charged by Detective Gonterman, to the Victoria Martens case, to the Jackassery of Jessica Tyler. 

For the Albuquerque Free Press, we have this to say to you. Hang in there. We have no recommendations for a better publication, because you are taking care of business quite appropriately. The problem lies with the lack of a spine in people that need to get off the fence, and stand for what is right. The other problem lies within a criminal enterprise of an administration that makes businesses feel intimidated to buy advertisement space in a newspaper critical of criminal activity within a corrupted, cowardly, and vindictive administration, that would without a doubt retaliate against them, like Berry did to Joy Junction homeless shelter founder, Jeremy Reynolds. The citizens, and homeless of Albuquerque have the Free Press to thank for this travesty being righted, because the Free Press broke the story outting Berry and his liars once again. You can read the articles below, and see for yourself where Berry is once again called out, and caught lying and retaliating, then calling it all a misunderstanding, and miscommunication as usual. And as usual Berry was “out of town” AGAIN when the decision was made to screw Jeremy Reynolds, and our homeless population this Thanksgiving. Even though that is a lie too, it shows what brazen nutless sacks, and filth these cowards really are. Again, if you focus on the problem, this is an administration famous for it’s extortion tactics and this is the root issue here. We would ask the Free Press to hang on till after this election because if the right person gets in everything changes and that means the attitude of fear of reprisals for backing the truth. IPRA ANY AND ALL COMMUNICATIONS CONCERNING THE DECISION TO FUND THE JOY JUNCTION THANKSGIVING DAY HOMELESS DINNER. 



The Eye on Albuquerque would like to thank and commend Albuquerque Gentleman Doug Peterson for being an outstanding, compassionate, standup person. We would like to thank this man for doing the right thing, without blinking an Eye. It is people like Doug that make a difference in this city, with bold, selfless behavior like this. These are the kind of business people that Albuquerque needs. Thank You Mr. Peterson. This man should be running the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Peterson’s spot on quote as taken from the Free Press:
“When there is political payback you never see it overtly. I wish this was a coincidence. Hopefully this will end in December [when a new mayor takes office].”

Does anyone see Tim Keller acting like this? No, Not in a million years. Let's remember, Keller is the only candidate who officially recommended action be taken against Raymond D Schultz, for his misconduct in regards to the Taser rigged city contract bid, and his reward of employment with that company for that bid. Remember, Schultz is where all of this started.

It is no coincidence that the Albuquerque Urinal (Journal) Newspaper has not done their story on Keller yet, because they are waiting till the election comes closer to put up their dog shit smear campaign, about nothing that matters, in support of their agenda candidate, or to divide the vote, while attacking someone they deem a threat to their parasitic way of life. Get ready folks, because these scum bags will be splitting hairs, playing semantics, and crying about horse shit that is not relevant to fixing Albuquerque. Watch for their slant, bias, and exponentially more in depth flotsam and finger pointing on one candidate as opposed to the others. Stay focused, because those the Journal support can all be either directly tied to the past and present administration, or it’s own interests. Stay focused, and vote for the person who will do the right thing.

So, to you Albuquerque Free Press… Thank you for everything, and it is about time Albuquerque gets behind a newspaper that is behind Albuquerque’s people.

If you fellas need anything, feel free to call on us. You will always have a home here.

The Eye

What we will suggest is that certain businesses quit bootlicking Mayor Berry with bullshit awards and instead back a newspaper that makes a difference with the truth.

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