The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 25, 2017




Over many years we have been honored to have had many contacts close to many situations, government entities, and organizations, citizens, and employees who have laid it out to us about the truth of what is going on behind the scenes, when you were lied to. Many of these times information was put out there, causing the phones of those responsible to ring in the middle of the night, so they can get their (LIES) stories strait. Many of this lead to settled lawsuits, resignations, and stories getting out before the mainstream media even knowing anything. Heck, we even posted evidence of this administration attempting to intimidate employees out of cooperating with the Federal   Department of Justice investigation into APD. All of this is done to shine light on evil, so those responsible get exposed. We have never taken issue with anyone using our material, because we put it there to be disseminated.

Over the years we have posted stories telling you that someone was going to lie. We told you what the lies would be, and we outlined the motives, then told you what the truth was. We do not mince words, or play the shell game. We call a lie a lie. When you say something that is not true, or purposefully leave things out to protect yourself, it is a lie by omission. When those we are outspoken against are confronted on their dishonesty, they claim to have been misunderstood, they cry foul, they say they misspoke, and sometimes deny the lie, but one thing is consistent; they never have any proof to say it was not a lie. As a matter of fact, their excuse never holds any water. When slight pressure comes they lash out with finger pointing, and counter accusations. When the overwhelming Thor’s Hammer Of pressure then arrives, they “REMAIN SILENT.”

Sometimes there are things in human behavior that are worse, or just as bad as a lie. One of these things is Hypocrisy. We all know what that is, because we see it every day in the behavior of this administration, and how they operate with a do as I say, not as I do mentality. Another thing that may be worse than both, is targeting a person who has done nothing but good, who has pure intentions, with the willful motive of destroying that person, negating their hard work, and causing further damage to something that that person could improve, for your own benefit. It gets compounded, when this is done through outright lies fabricated to trick people, denying a fair process to selection. It is made worse when you get others to do these things for you, or you know about these acts, but do not speak out about it, or condemn them.

Here in our city, we have seen people from all walks and vocations chewed up, and spit out for doing the right thing, or just being in the way. Citizens are being slaughtered, and our officers are scapegoated for doing their jobs, or speaking out, while the bad, dishonest, corrupt, and malfeasant are protected, promoted, and rewarded. This behavior has created a treacherous, cutthroat culture that Albuquerque is becoming known for. You see, we want to attract solid businesses, long term jobs, and families to our state, but who wants to come to a place that will ruin your every fiber, the minute you do something that threatens someone’s bottom line? Who wants to live in a place where you can do everything right, until someone with a cowardly dishonorable self serving motive comes along, who wants what you have, has connections to others with the same motives, and just wants to take it by framing you, cutting your throat, or out of plain old jealousy? This is what our city is becoming famous for, and it is becoming a vicious cycle, because nobody looks into motive.

Today, we are breaking down and explaining motive for some of the most notorious liars hypocrites, and posers involved in twisting the truth, lying, and trying to manipulate the public’s opinion, for their own benefit. If successful, they will destroy the City of Albuquerque.

This election is about reversing the destruction done by a bunch of self interest, malfeasants in city government who, while we address one fiasco, just consider it a distraction, so they can undertake another self enriching malevolent task. This can only be done by choosing the one person who has no ties to those responsible, has the most experience, and tools for the task at hand to execute the best plan for doing this.

We are going to kick this off by putting the cowards and filth over at the Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal Newspaper Editorial Board on the rug over their Hypocrisy, and slanted horse shit they try to feed the people, by their constant meddling in city politics.

The cruds, and paid for political manipulators at the Urinal did exactly as expected, considering the sociopathic cowards they truly are. They endorsed two candidates from two different parties, and two different extremes in political thinking, but with one common ground that is now plaguing this election like it did the BernCo. County election, and is now also attacking District 1 city council candidate Javier Benevidez….. THE SANTOLINA DEVELOPMENT PLAN. This is not a coincidence, because Barclay bank, which owns Western Albuquerque Land Holdings, the developer that wants to build Santolina, recommended increasing taxes, and a public relations campaign be
undertaken to support their agenda. You can read all about it, and the memo that the Albuquerque Free Press obtained in reference to this below… It is on pages 10 and 11 where you can observe where we clipped the below paragraph from.


After reading the above articles, you can see where the motives are. We have done many articles calling out the Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal over their collusion, and one sided reporting as they have given constant cover to former Police Chief Ray Schultz and failed Mayor Richard Berry. Over the years they have constantly given Berry a free pass, omitted opposing facts, and opinion and ignored substantial evidence showing collusion with these liars. Well they sold their asses again. Yesterday these clowns made fools out of themselves by not only not having the spine to pick one candidate, but they made sure they picked candidates that back their agenda, and the agendas of their money sources. The Journal not only backed Lewis, who is exhibiting behavior that Berry pulled before being elected, like promising outlandish salaries to get the police union endorsement, being involved in a deal with a city contractor where he became VP of that company who landed a huge contract with the city ala kickback, pay to play style… and Colon, who works at the law firm that represented Ray Schultz in the Tazer pay to play “greased” deal scheme, and that will no doubt represent him if he is charged. This same candidate flip flopped on firing Eden, and can be seen in the
below video refusing to take a stance on Santolina. We know he supports it, and will approve what he needs to be approved to make sure this plan comes to fruition. He won’t say he is pro Santolina, because he knows he will lose the votes, and he won't say he is anti Santolina because those supporting him will withdraw that support, and the money paying for the attacks on Keller will end, and he knows if he lies then approves of Santolina afterwards, he is done, just like Berry but we all know what he will do, especially when it is his friends Lobbying for Santolina and backing the attacks on Keller. This newspaper claims Colon’s track record backs his claim that he will be the hardest working mayor, and they attempt to preempt criticism of his work as democratic committee chair, in 2008 when the place was a mess, saying he took his lumps. He had to take his lumps, because nobody else was the boss. They failed to mention though that Brian Colon raised over $56,000 for Governor Bill Richardson’s campaign, and was Chair of the Democratic committee during all of that pay to play shit that went down, but stood by, and did not call for any investigation. Instead he brags about how he was never called in for an interview. It is not funny anymore how these jackholes fabricate shit to attack people they deem a threat to their criminal enterprise, but look the other way, and omit the nonsense their dirt doers, and cronies blatantly do.

Take the time to read this agenda based article from our favorite yellow stained rag by clicking on this.

Yes folks! The Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal has been the twisted public relations wing of a structured enterprise, that has destroyed this city, while filling their pockets, and leaving it in shambles…. No doubt part of the Western Albuquerque Land Holding’s Santolina public relations campaign we discussed above. All we have to do is just reread the below article to reinforce this truth as the Journal has covered for these fools, lied for them, and insulted your intelligence. Just reading the below article, where the Albuquerque Journal Newspaper sold their asses, made fools out of themselves, and contradicted themselves by writing the article APD Needs One Chief; Schultz Right for The Job where they disgustingly shove their noses up his dirty ass with praise. If you want to
vomit in your mouth, just read the below article, it removes any illusion the Journal thought they had as a reliable source for any truthful guidance. As a matter of fact, it is a guide as to proceed in whatever direction is the opposite of what they advise. As a matter of fact, the Journal’s editorial board is about as useless as that blog run by that bloviated failed Mayoral candidate that Berry smashed the living shit out of back in 2013, which we will be addressing further down this post.


As a matter of fact, the Journal is a guide as to proceed in whatever direction is the opposite of what they advise. As a matter of fact, the Journal’s editorial board is about as useless as that blog run by that bloviated failed Mayoral candidate that Berry smashed the living shit out of back in 2013, which we will be addressing further down this post along with tits on a bull.

The Journal recently gave Jeff Garrett, CEO of Garrett Development Corporation, and Asset Manager for Western Albuquerque Land Holdings the floor to run his arrogant, coward, out of state, mouth about what he thinks is good for Albuquerque Government. You can read it in the below article, where this clown says…

“When we learned that Tim Keller had voted yes for Senate Bill 184 (SB184) which would eliminate the city’s ability to restrict the locations in which sex offenders and child molesters could live — we were shocked, Tim Keller’s inexcusable support for pro-sex offender legislation and failure to stand up for protecting families, for any reason, directly conflicts with what is best for Albuquerque.”

Now this punk flat out lied. Keller’s vote for this was to protect the way things were done so legal case law issues, and challenges would not arise that would jeopardize sex offender registration, in essence, possibly giving sex offenders more freedom, or ways to skirt it. This is how disgusting these cowards are. Not only that, but we were already investigating these guys, and observed Mr. Garretts Facebook, complete with his fly fishing photos, showing him enjoying the good life a far cry away from Albuquerque’s, stifling crime and violence, but the yellow belly spineless gutless worm of a coward pulled down his Facebook as soon as it got out that he was behind this Political Action Committee (PAC) as he was the last ones. One more thing Garrett, you self righteous punk, do not take the high ground when the treasurer of your PAC has to use a different name to conceal her identity and connections every time she opens an attack on opposers of your Scheme. Is deception and draining valuable water resources for your benefit what’s valuable for Albuquerque? We think not.

The glaring thing here is that a certain blogger who fancies himself an attorney who should know all of this legal jargon, and be using his soapbox to explain all of this to you, purposefully skips over explaining the ramifications of the bill Keller voted for, and how Garrett's babble is total horse shit. because it does not fit his agenda. He does this while leveling ridiculously bloviated scrutiny on meaningless crap that is irrelevant, because he knows explaining what we are willing to will only help someone he does not want to see succeed.

Jeffrey Garrett’s statement that Keller is soft on crime legislation is more horse shit too, because in the senate Keller has introduced legislation, and had that legislation signed into law. Ask Colon or Lewis if they know how to introduce legislation or if they have made any laws. Neither of them have run a government, and neither of them have run an office that holds public officials accountable for corruption. They sure do defend them though.

Here is a list of some of Kellers background:
2008 State Senate Rep. District 17 (Just before this, Brian Colon was fund raising for Bill Richardson)

December 2012, Keller was elected to the New Mexico State Senate leadership as Majority Whip and served two years until resigning after his election to State Auditor.

After 2 years as Majority Whip, he resigned to take the NM State Auditor position he was elected to.

As State Auditor, Keller focuses on helping government work better by providing transparency and accountability for government spending; informing policy choices; and tackling fraud, waste and abuse.
Special Investigations -
As State Auditor, Keller has worked to safeguard New Mexican’s tax dollars and shine a light on cases of fraud, waste and abuse across the state. These Special Investigations include:
• Statewide Law Enforcement – a special audit of New Mexico’s backlog of untested Sexual Assault Evidence Kits, commonly known as rape kits
• Superintendent of Insurance - $200 million uncollected premiums tax
• Charter schools/APS/PED – lack of oversight, doctored receipts
• City of Santa Fe – misappropriation of a $40 million Park Bond
• Public Education Department –special education underfunded by millions
• City of Albuquerque/Taser – procurement violations, “greased” contracts to TASER
• Developmental Disabilities Planning Council – embezzlement of funds meant for people with disabilities
• Alamogordo – water billing fraud
• Cibola County Commission – government credit cards used for personal purchases including a semi-automatic weapon, baseball tickets
• Hatch – city land purchase in Las Cruces
• McKinley County sheriff – misuse of DWI Funds
• Taxation and Revenue Department – preferential tax treatment, abuse of power
As State Auditor, Keller created the first Government Accountability Office in New Mexico. The GAO is focused on bringing transparency and accountability to the agencies that receive and spend public money. The GAO aims to make the important information buried in the 900+ audits and financial reports that New Mexico state and local agencies produce each year accessible and understandable to the public.
The GAO has compiled reports including:
• The Findings Report: A Summary of New Mexico’s Governmental Financial Audits
• Money on the Sidelines: Report on Unspent Fund Balances
• Risk Advisory: School Personnel Act Compliance
Trickle Out Economics -
Keller conducted a study on "trickle out economics", a tally of how much of New Mexico's government spending is flowing to out of state companies. Local business is losing out on more than $500 million due to government agencies contracting with out of state companies. The largest percentage of money leaves the state from the IT, health and medical and food services industries. On the other hand, architecture and engineering sectors in state received 91% of the tax dollars spent last year.
After discovering that the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance (OSI) had failed to collect hundreds of millions of dollars in premium taxes from insurance companies, Keller initiated a special audit to get to the bottom of how much is owed and how to ensure it is collected.
State CAFR-
Following an over year late release, New Mexico’s FY 13 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), troublingly, reported millions of unaccounted for funds. Auditor Keller immediately launched an audit of the CAFR to ensure all New Mexican’s tax dollars are utilized to their fullest extent.
Money on the Sidelines Report-
Auditor Keller announced the “Money on the Sidelines” report which found 4.5 billion unused state funds. This report, the first of its kind from the Auditor’s office, is meant as a tool to help the Governor’s office and the legislature to identify these funds and how to best appropriate them.

With Notre Dame and Harvard degrees, and the creating of jobs in disadvantaged countries under Keller’s belt, Mister Garrett and his band of carpet bagging out of state dirt merchants should probably shut their dishonorable mouths, and quit while they are ahead before their horse shit buys them a federal RICO investigation. Political opportunists only interested in their own political careers do not create 1000 jobs in third world countries for disadvantaged people.
You see, Mister Garrett, who does not live here, along with those we are discussing, and about to discuss are the problem here, because their conduct is what makes people feel unsafe about moving here due to their behavior that promotes corruption, which lead to the situation where officers can not do their jobs, and crime gets out of control. That, and risking your life and reputation by just happening to be in the way, or trying to do the right thing, and getting attacked is another factor that repulsed people thinking of bringing businesses or their families here. Think about it. Who wants to get steamrolled because they have a constitution and refuse to compromise their integrity. No one in their right mind.

We here at the Eye know what the problem is here. Keller is in the way.
He is in the way of pay to play.
He is in the way of corruption.
He is in the way of piss poor ethics.
He is in the way of a criminal enterprise.
He is in the way of cowards who would continue to ruin the city so they can fill their pockets.
He is in the way of Nature at Play.
He is in the way of cronyism.
He is in the way of unfairness.
He is in the way of untruthfulness.
He is in the way of fraud.
He is in the way of no bid contracts.
He is in the way of waste.
He is in the way of crime.

The disturbing fact is that all of the above examples trump the last example, because those against Mister Keller are for them. They benefit from them. Crime and the victimization of our friends and family is acceptable, if the preceding gets in the way of self enriching business interests, and that is a fact.

All prior to this election we were fighting a lying police chief and a malfeasant mayor. As we were all preoccupied by this distraction technique, the engineers of this Santolina fiasco were operating, engineering and insuring their elaborate scheme. Damn us for not seeing the big picture, because now we are dealing with it, and if you people do not get your heads out of your asses, the next administration will make Berry look like a Saint. What we are saying is the joke is on everyone. What you thought was the big picture was only the distraction.

And of course while we are busting our asses for you, infants in the world of blogs are chucking pebbles from the sidelines, and this is where we address the final aspect in this whole smoke and mirrors game going on in this election. Do we need to, not really, but we are going to.

Recently, we addressed a very opinionated, egotistical ex-city official who decided to be a sideline commentator in this election, but decided to pull the very same spineless shit the Journal newspaper pulled in their recent shilling of this process. All through out this election campaign this failed ex-mayoral candidate provided biases slant with content that was inflated more than the other candidates, and inflected in an almost contemptuous manner towards Tim Keller. We watched this go on for a while as we were still looking at all of the candidates and gathering information. We continued to watch as we started to see things in Mr. Keller that we liked. We continued to watch as this writer then made points that were silly and not able to be substantiated against Mr. Keller’s qualifications. What's more, being that we believe in putting in your time and walking before you crawled, we then criticized this commentary over the hypocrisy being exhibited, but the further we looked the more we saw what was really going on… We expressed our opinion and feelings, then in poured the comments all matching the same rhetoric. This individual we will not name because we don't want to bring attention to promote his negativity or bring attention to a blog that nobody reads written by someone’s opinion who has only caused drama, because attention is just what this person wants.

After criticizing this person, followers of this wet blanket decided to come into our house and proceed to tell us how insignificant we were. Although we got a good laugh at this, it is serious because it contributes to the disinformation flooding social media. Not only that, but we here at the Eye can not stand two faced back stabbers. These very same people, and bloggers who have supported this site over the years decided that because they did not get their way it is okay to dishonorably run their mouths and call this blog a hate group. It is funny how one day people are sending in stories to be posted, commenting on our writings, and liking our links, then over one disagreement they decide to go to that extreme like a vengeful child. That is very poor behavior, but that is their choice. We really didn't let it bother us, and let it go.

After we had moved on we were noticing references to our article with chopped up excerpts from our posting when we posted the entire thread. This conveniently gave the perception that someone was insulted without showing the whole story, kind of like how the Journal Editorial Board reports. As a matter of fact, this bozo wrote an article for the Journal, then in a groveling way thanked them for publishing it when they didn't even endorse him for his run for mayor which for everyone's information he lost that election to the worse mayor in the history of our city. Hmmmm. Can you say pathetic? How's that for two biased salty peas in a pod?

After all of this, we posted up a story breaking Santolina’s connection to the election campaign attacks on Keller and others. While everyone else was speculating on who was behind it. The connection between the Treasurer and the law firm and the lobbyist for the Santolina Plan were all outlined and the lobbyist is friends with Colon.

The same person who had a wet the pants hissy fit, and called us a hate group decided to use our above information to promote himself as someone in the know about what was going on, giving his readers the illusion he had some confidential informants sending him the above information. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….
OH BOY! Imitation is the best form of flattery they say. We say this is a shameless perfect example of what we are dealing with here… a never ending self promoter, and we will say it again… one with an agenda who is salty as shit that he was kicked to the curb, and made to sit on the sidelines. Why would you source something from an entity you say is a hate group? Is that not validation or acceptance? If that is not bad enough, this jackass had the audacity to claim the Eye betrayed the current mayor. Fact is, the current mayor betrayed everyone, and we have been lambasting him for it since he went rogue. This little twerp has chimed in on many an occasion about it.

Just after using information we here at the Eye broke, this clown decided to write an article condemning the police union (APOA) for endorsing a candidate, then making sure he lashed out like he always does against this candidate to passively aggressively, and negatively shine a light on him by saying he should have declined the union’s endorsement. We ask where was this self righteous know it all when all candidates, including the one he has been incubating went to the union to present for that endorsement they were all looking for? We will tell you. He was wishing they dropped their endorsement on his candidate, or someone else because he can not stand the fact that people got behind Keller unlike him. His reaction to this endorsement equates to the employee who gets discipline, but wants to counter with accusations about some bullshit they say happened weeks prior, but failed to report. It carries no weight, because it is agenda based, and it reeks. Nice try anyway Mister pissy pants. Enjoy your sour grapes.

In the above mentioned article it is amusing how this writer condescendingly states how the other candidates do not understand the DOJ consent decree, and acts as if only he does, but that is his M.O. This character then states how the police union should have let the officers pick who they wanted the union to endorse. What is epic here folks is that that is exactly what was done. The rank and file chose Keller. This clown did not have access to that intel so he assumed. We all know what they say about assuming ya ass.

The union’s endorsement makes Keller no more beholden to them then Lewis’s and Colon’s statement of having their backs but this petite little blogger would have you believe Keller’s acceptance of the endorsement will no doubt be brought up during union negotiations as a reflection that Keller wants to fully support the demands of the police union, which is complete horse shit. The union is not a corporation who paid him money.

In another ME ME I I moment, this delusional narcissist stated how he interviewed with the union, and asked them not to endorse a candidate. He then brought up his running opponent who was a cop, stating that they didn't even endorse him either, but failed to tell you the dynamics behind what was going on in that election, and that it was that retired officer and him running against Berry, and crooked criminal Joey Sigala was the union president the first time around, and There is a whole lot more behind all of it, because Sigala was in cahoots with Schultz, and we all know Schultz was in cahoots with Berry. It didn't matter anyway, because the worst mayor in history stomped a mud hole in this guy’s ass.

We file the last bit of this under the pathetic category in our negative campaign influences category.

The final issue we will address in the pathetic category in regards to this blogger is about another recently written article by the same blogger. It’s about former city councilor Eric Griego, who wrote a letter defending Keller’s campaign, sarcastically likening Griego to Keller’s protective father, when that is all this blogger has done for his little angel.

When you look at all of the motives for the attacks and criticism, those attacking Keller are doing so for greed, political agenda, sour grapes, or because of some form of corrupted agenda. None of it holds up to rebuttals. They are doing it because they perceive a threat to what is going on, and what is going on is no good. This means the bad is threatened. Only good can threaten bad. The choice is logical here, and the ones trying to bend logic to fit their purpose are only making it worse on themselves, because we are all sick and tired of the bad. Let's root out the bad and anything connected to it.

We are recommending that you open your eyes. Educate yourself on what is transpiring, and vote for the guy who is going to clean house… the one who has been cleaning house…. Tim Keller. Ask anyone talking trash on him why, and demand they back it up with articulable corroborative facts. They can't.

We ask that you vote for Tim Keller for Mayor, and Javier Benevidez for District 1 City Council seat. They will do the best for our city.

Next, we will be connecting the dots on what is going on with Javier Benavidez.

Remember… take nothing you read or hear for face value, and that goes for what we say also. Feel free to research it, and do so.

Do not let our solutions be sabotaged by those with self serving agendas. This is what got us here people.

Calling it what it is… A good man is being baselessly attacked by people with fractions of the qualifications he has, all of the connections he does not have to the causes of the situation this city is facing and problems we are having while a same political party member stands by and watches, knowing his friends are behind it as he claims he is running a clean campaign.

Enough is enough. VOTE KELLER ON OCTOBER 3RD!!!


Endorsements for Keller

New Mexico State Auditor and candidate for mayor of Albuquerque, Tim Keller, continues to earn significant endorsements from current and former public officials, neighborhood leaders, labor unions, and community advocacy organizations.

This week, Keller was endorsed by the Albuquerque Police Officers Association, a major boost to his efforts with crime and public safety trumping all other issues in this election.

A selection of statements and quotes are included below as well as a full list.

“I am so grateful to share a vision for our future with so many in our community from across the city and of every political stripe. It is truly humbling to have the support of so many in this campaign to create a safe, inclusive, and innovative Albuquerque,” said Tim Keller.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about a candidate as I am for my former colleague, Tim Keller. Tim is a progressive who gets things done, with intelligence, energy, and heart. I saw him pass legislation to bring jobs to New Mexico by getting government agencies to buy local; to reform a pay-to-play State Investment Council; and enact greater transparency measures. He usually did it with bipartisan support. Tim comes at problems with angles no one has thought about.” - Former State Senator Dede Feldman

“I’m proud to support Tim Keller for mayor of Albuquerque. As long as I’ve known Tim as State Senator and State Auditor, he’s fought for women, children, and working families. He’s fought for pay equity, for women’s health choices, and for the opportunity to lift up families through early childhood education. I believe in Tim.” - Former Lt Governor Diane Denish

“Tim will fight relentlessly to attack the challenges the city faces head-on and be a champion for every Albuquerque family.” - Former State Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez

“We endorse Tim Keller because we believe he is the candidate best suited to address issues impacting Westside families. He has a clear vision for making real investments in our small businesses, tackling our unacceptable crime crisis, and standing up for kids with specific ideas for after and summer school programs.” - Alan Armijo, President and Board Chair of ABQWest Chamber of Commerce

“I trust Tim to tackle our serious crime problems and focus on local businesses to create more jobs and real career paths for our kids.” - Tim Eichenberg, State Treasurer

“Jobs, jobs, and public safety -- doing something about those things is the key to Albuquerque’s future and the future of New Mexico. The key to doing something about jobs and public safety in Albuquerque is Tim Keller. He has a plan and the qualifications to make a difference.” - Former U.S. Senator Fred Harris

“Tim has a proven record as someone who is willing to confront our deepest challenges head-on.” - Patricia Madrid, former New Mexico Attorney General

“I support Tim because of his realistic vision and comprehensive plan to restore safety to our citizens.” - Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III

“Tim Keller has a proven track record. He absolutely has done everything he set out and said that he would do, on behalf of this community, and he's done so by demonstrating what progressive values and principles really mean when a job has to be done. And he not only exemplifies what it means to not just carry a label, but to actually work and truly be committed to what he says and is going to do. I wholeheartedly support Tim's approach to public safety.” - State Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero

“I believe Tim’s bold initiative and uncompromising values prove he has the ability to make Albuquerque the thriving city we all know it can be.” - Former City Councilor Rey Garduño

“Tim is the right choice for Albuquerque’s mayor. All he’s ever done in his hometown is to work for a better and brighter future for New Mexicans, and we all know Albuquerque needs it right now.” - State Representative Nathan Small

“Tim is an excellent leader who has demonstrated the ability to truly bring people together. He has a clear understanding of the connection between our economy and local government, and that’s what it will take to get Albuquerque working again.” - Former NM Director of Economic Development and Chief Deputy CAO of Albuquerque Fred Mondragon

"LIUNA is endorsing Tim Keller for Mayor of Albuquerque because he is the only candidate who has the skills, qualifications, and work ethic to improve this city's economy. With all the problems we are facing, we need someone like Tim who will get in the foxhole with local businesses and help us create new jobs. That is exactly what we expect Tim to do as our next mayor.” - LIUNA Local 16 President Darrell Deaguero

“Tim Keller has a track record of supporting policies that benefit Albuquerque's local businesses and their workers. We are proud to be endorsing Tim to be our city's next mayor, and we look forward to working side-by-side with him in that role to make Albuquerque’s economy a model that the rest of the nation can follow.” - Robert Aubert, Business Representative of IUPAT Local 823

“Tim Keller is exactly what Albuquerque needs. Throughout his career as an elected official, he has shown a commitment to working people and their families. He is going to take that commitment with him to City Hall and put our local businesses and their workers ahead of outside interests. Teamsters are happy to be endorsing Tim for Mayor of Albuquerque.” - Walter Maestas, Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 492

“Tim Keller has done an excellent job representing not only himself but all the citizens of Albuquerque and New Mexico in his roles working with us as a state senator and a state auditor. He has shown support for the issues facing working families and has a good relationship working with both business and labor.” - Mike Archuleta, Vice President and Union Representative of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 412

"We are endorsing Tim Keller to be the next Mayor of Albuquerque because of the leadership he has shown in his current position as State Auditor and before as a State Senator. Tim understands the challenges facing working families and will do everything he can to meet those head-on. Albuquerque will be a better place with him at City Hall." - Brian Condit, President of NMBCTC

“Tim Keller is willing to stand on the front lines and protect the rights of all workers in Albuquerque, and that is why we think he should be our next mayor. He has a history of doing what it takes for New Mexico’s working families, and will carry that commitment with him to City Hall.” - Earl Reed, Business Manager of BCTGM Local 351

“No one in this mayoral race has demonstrated more commitment to everyday people over time than Tim Keller, which is why we are proud to endorse him. Tim's vision for Albuquerque's future is aligned with our values, and we are confident his policies will move our city in the right direction.” - Rick Meyer, Business Manager for IWLU 495

"Tim understands that public safety is our priority, with his accountability and proven leadership he will ensure a safe future for the city of Albuquerque. He knows we must invest in fire and police staffing, operations, and infrastructure to protect our community; taking direction from the voters to provide the necessary revenue to get the job done!” - Diego Arencon, President of IAFF Local 244

“Tim Keller has always fought on behalf of families like mine, and we’re standing with Tim because of his plans that will raise the quality of life and make investments in our neglected neighborhoods.” - David Ortiz, Carpenters 1505

"Tim understands that now, more than ever, it is important to do what we can to fight climate change at the local level. He is a strong supporter of conversion to renewable energy sources, both to limit warming and as an economic driver for the city. Tim understands the importance of nature and outdoor spaces to Albuquerque citizens and is a strong supporter our the City's wonderful Open Space program, including protecting and restoring the bosque." - The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club

“Tim Keller is the best candidate to represent Albuquerque voters who care about the humane treatment of companion animals and urban wildlife. Keller has a proven track record of supporting public policies that help animals, particularly where they intersect with important issues like crime, public health and safety, and transparent governance.” - Jessica Johnson, Chief Legislative Officer for Animal Protection Voters

“Blue Collar workers ensure that our city parks are clean and safe for our children, that our city busses are running on time, and that our streets are clean. Our members work hard every single day to make our city beautiful and improve the quality of life for all of us. We are honored to endorse Tim Keller for mayor because he shares that same vision and will work hard to make all of us proud to live here." - Casey Padilla, President of AFSCME Council 18 and Local 624.

“Tim Keller is only candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque who had the small-donor support to qualify for a publicly funded campaign. In office he'll be accountable to the people, not just big business.” - Our Revolution

Current and Former Public Officials:

Fmr. US Senator/Fmr. DNC Chair Fred Harris
Fmr. Ambassador James Sweeney, Special Representative of the President for Arms Control, Nonproliferation and Disarmament matters and Chief Science Advisor to the Director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
Fmr. Lt. Governor of New Mexico Diane Denish
Fmr. New Mexico Attorney General Patricia Madrid
Fmr. New Mexico Director of Economic Development/Fmr. Chief Deputy CAO of Albuquerque Fred Mondragon
New Mexico State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg
Fmr. New Mexico Public Relation Commissioner Karen Montoya
New Mexico State Senator Jacob Candelaria
New Mexico State Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto
New Mexico State Senator Linda Lopez
New Mexico State Senator Cisco McSorley
New Mexico State Senator Mimi Stewart
New Mexico State Senator Bill Tallman
Fmr. New Mexico State Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez
Fmr. New Mexico State Senator Dede Feldman
New Mexico State Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero
New Mexico State Representative Eleanor Chavez
New Mexico State Representative Miguel Garcia
New Mexico State Representative Nathan Small
New Mexico State Representative Elizabeth Thomson
Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales
Bernalillo County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins
Fmr. Bernalillo County Commissioner & ABQ City Councilor Alan Armijo
Fmr. Albuquerque Mayor Jim Baca
Albuquerque City Councilor Isaac Benton
Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis
Albuquerque City Councilor Diane Gibson
Fmr. Albuquerque City Councilor Rey Garduño
APS Board Member Elizabeth Armijo
APS Board Member Lorenzo Garcia
APS Board Member Candy Patterson
APS Board Member Dave Peercy
APS Board Member Barbara Petersen

Labor Unions:

AFSCME - American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council 18
APOA - Albuquerque Police Officers Association
BCTWGM - Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers Local 351
CWA - Communication Workers of America Local 7076
IAFF - International Association of Firefighters Local 244
IATSE - International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 423
IATSE - International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 480
IBEW - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 611
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 492
IUPAT - International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Local 823
Iron Workers Local Union 495
LIUNA - Laborers’ International Union of North America Local 16
New Mexico Building and Construction Trades Council
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union 412
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

Community Organizations:

ABQWest Chamber of Commerce
Animal Protection Voters
Breaking Bread ABQ
EDo News
EQNM - Equality New Mexico
Ole New Mexico
Our Revolution
Nasty Women
NW ABQ Political Action Group
Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico
Sierra Club
New Mexico Working Families Party


Anonymous said...

Way too long of a column. Try breaking it up next time or ADD people like me will never read it. Hell my comments are almost too long.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You and Monahan's blog were on fire today. I
I noticed this little coincidence, but I don't think it is a coincidence.

Check this pathetic letter out. The guy is a manipulator who continues to lie, and try to play to people's emotions. But what really caught my EYE was the title to his fiction "SHOOT THE MESSENGER." Another shit stirrer who will remain unnamed so as not to give him the attention he craves wrote an article called "kill the messenger." Now we know who is behind all of this manipulation together. What a bunch of slimy motherfuckers.

This Garrett creep is nothing but a parasite. Eden went to his school to. Big deal. His entire letter is laced with bullshit to make you think he is on your side when in reality he could give a rats ass about Albuquerque. Where was he when the DOJ was holding meetings? He was fishing and living in Arizona living it up. This guy is a fraud and he is desperate. Him and his out of state parasites should be bankrupted by the efforts of everyone who sees through their cowardly behavior making sure Santolina takes a huge shit and gets disapproved. Next, we need to call for a federal investigation into all of this.

Anonymous said...

This election is outting all the low lives because they are desperate. The Journal's endorsement of two candidates was pure candyass as expected. The fact is that they are all terrified of Keller because he is clean, and will hold their feet to the fire and not be owned. They are losing their shit over it and I for one think it is about time these scum bags feel the pain they are causing when they lose their investments.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine if an HONEST person was elected to be the next Mayor of this City.. It might take a year or two but this City could be turned around. And if that happened we could be looking at a 3 term Mayor. Just like the great song says, What A Wonderful World This Would Be... Vote Keller

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up that Levi Anaya will be APD’s chief of police if there is a Colon administration.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap. That was about a 6 page run on sentence. Come on eye, take your meds, take a breath, and throw in a proof read. I get that you a pushing a specific candidate but if we cant understand what the hell you are saying then what is the point. And before anyone starts to support the APD Unions decision to support Keller, just remember, Willowbeast has a record of supporting people for his own self promotion. He and the board would support a patch of grass if it promised them a pay raise.

Anonymous said...

Check your facts and meds. Stephany Lopez was APOA president 4 years ago NOT Singala. Jason Alarid has employed Donna for some time and its is common knowledge that Vanessa is the lobbyist for Santolina and Mo's wife you idiots. Also Willoughby met with Keller got concessions and it was the board not the rank and file who voted.

Stealth said...

9/25 @ 2017,
Check your eyes, and shave your palms ya jackhole. We said first time around, and that there was more. It is clowns like you who do not comprehend when you read, or are just so focused on your way that you make a fool out of yourself. It was not common knowledge, nor was the tie-ins to the PAC that connected those two to Colon and to the paralegal, or there would have been news stories on it a long long time ago. Instead, some clown plagiarized, and claimed an anonymous source. Funny how if this was common knowledge that there is even a confidential source, or that it took this long to get out. No. That is because it was put together by someone with a brain, not some mealymouth poser with intel sources at all because everyone knows he is a slime bag. The board votes based on officer input, and officer input was pressure enough to do the right thing. That is a fact, you pompous little grease spot. You should meet with your shrink and get your head checked. Sucks always coming in last doesn't it? The fact is that officers wanted Keller. We know you have a hard time seeing that from the bench though. Oh, by the way, we deleted the first comment you posted which was almost the same because the misspellings and mouth on you made you look like more of an idiot than we just did. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Keller supporters are like a religious cult. Weird and cowardly. Opps did I just define the people at the Eye? I think I did. Weird and cowardly. When will you finally have the courage to post your names? Keller supporters = Scientology. You go Tom Cruise = Stealth

Anonymous said...

And it's Sigala not Singala, 9/25@6:27. You must be another one of "THEM" - and it will suck to be you aka "THEM" after 10/3/17.

Anonymous said...

Levi Anaya Holy Shit APD doesn't need a little boy running the department. If Anaya is Chief that means Mike Callaway is a DCOP. We are doomed

Anonymous said...

Well so what my ADD was challenged but I stuck with it and the bottom line, take-away from it is clear and concise. We cannot under any circumstances let this City continue to rot. And the Eye nailed it when they posed the scenario that if we think it's bad now, if one of these rotten apples is elected, Albuquerque, with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, will slip into oblivion. And I agree with that statement, (with my own dramatic edits thrown in lol) 110%. These outliers living large out of state do not give a rat's turd about Albuquerque. They care only about financial gain at our expense. I'll go one step further and say that they (Garett) already know how fucked up Albuquerque is and they justify their illegal, inhumane greed by thinking "oh who cares it's only Albuquerque and it's so messed up those idiots won't even blink when we pull the wool over their stupid eyes. Look how Berry fooled them"! And then trying to convince us that Keller is pro sex offender- really? How obvious is that desperate gaff at the very last minute in the most important mayoral race in Albuquerque history? Quite obvious.😂
But this article I can tell was written by the Eye with passion. This is OUR CITY and we need to bring it back from the hell it is now thanks to a criminal mayor and his rag tag band of thieves.

Anonymous said...

Better weird than some old never has been cunt with with a mouth who wears diapers because his vagina leaks. Stick to babysitting ya sack of puss. Name the place. I will come there and tell you I am the Eye just to see what you will do. Nothing. You are a penguin looking worthless sidelined kitchen bitch, and that is that. The coward is the disgruntled ex mayoral candidate who writes explanatory letters for Santolina officials. touché dick head.

Anonymous said...

Failed mayoral candidate...
How true. And a piss poor excuse for a man too.

Diaper Changer said...

Listen to the tiny little minuscule babyman cry cry cry. Stick your hands in your pockets and tuck your tail between your legs and kick rocks bitch. Maybe if you apologize for yourself you can have a job swabbing toilets in city buildings. Then you can read the skribble on the bathroom walls and claim that info is old news you already knew too.
Dude, you do realize that your political career ended with Berry's foot in your ass, but after this election your entire reputation is over.
You are the biggest sobbing attention whore I have ever seen. Keep your shit on your own page asshole. You are the internet crybaby. Go get your warm milk and geritol. You probably have to take stool softeners too. Lmfaoooooooo!

"pissy pants" ... classic!

Anonymous said...

Um... That's Mister Bootscraper to you pal!

Anonymous said...

Look at Colon's campaign contributor list where two old retired people donated $15,000 each. There names are Perez. I wonder if they are related to Dominique, and if that money was part of his back pay that was just given to him without a fight. Something to think about because they made it real easy, and that was Robles's pay. I wonder if that $30,000 was shuttled to those two and paid to colons campaign in increments. Talk about an easy way to get $30,000 for a campaign with an inside fix. Why would a retired couple on a fixed income contribute that kind of money and where did it come from?

Anonymous said...

Mo Maestas has been in a representative for a long time. His wife Vanessa is the daughter of A. Joseph Alarid, retired court of appeals judge.

She was hired to shill for the Downs of Santa Fe and her husband sent a letter of support.

Mo Maestas is the former roommate of Moe Chavez - former superintendent of insurance and current law partner of GOP favorite Chris Saucedo.

Vanessa reporting paying for Santolina - Garrett Development and Jeff Garrett:

12/21/2015 Don Tripp (client) $1,000.00
12/21/2015 John Ryan $500.00
12/21/2015 Michal Padilla $500.00
12/21/2015 Sarah Maestas Barnes $500.00
12/21/2015 John Sapien $500.00
12/21/2015 Craig Brandt $500.00
12/21/2015 Tim Lewis $500.00
12/21/2015 Monica Youngblood $500.00
12/21/2015 David Adkins $500.00
12/21/2015 Jason Harper $1,000.00
12/21/2015 Antonio Maestas $500.00
12/21/2015 Larry Larranaga $500.00

In 2016:

10/18/2016 David Atkins $1,000.00
10/18/2016 Nate Gentry $500.00
10/18/2016 Jason Harper $1,000.00
10/18/2016 Larry Larranaga $500.00
10/18/2016 Tim Lewis $1,000.00
10/18/2016 Antonio Maestas $1,000.00
10/18/2016 Sarah Maestas Barnes $1,000.00
10/18/2016 Paul $500.00
10/18/2016 Jane Powdrell Culbert $500.00
10/18/2016 Bill Rehm $500.00
10/18/2016 Don Trip $500.00
10/18/2016 Monica Youngblood $500.00
10/1/2016 Craig Brandt $1,000.00
10/18/2016 Jacob Candelaria $250.00
10/18/2016 Daniel Ivey- Soto $250.00
10/18/2016 Michael Padilla $1,000.00
10/18/2016 Sander Rue $1,000.00
10/18/2016 John Sapien $1,000.00

Anonymous said...

Under a Pedrotty lmao gasp hack cough Administration, the failed mayoral candidate fancies himself as CAO. I guess that idiot has as much success as Colon in getting elected. And it looks like Santa Lina ain’t no Santa Claus for Brian baby.

Anonymous said...

To September 26, 2017 at 9:10 am: You are an absolute asshole. That failed mayoral candidate you all keep speaking of has no intention of ever going back to the city hall sewer line no matter the position and no matter who is elected.

Anonymous said...

The failed mayoral candidate? You mean our own local Rocket Man?

Anonymous said...

Gee no wonder Colon is quiet about Santolina....all his buddies there giving money....sheeeesh!

Anonymous said...

Sept 26 @ 12:45,
Your boy is all butt hurt that he is on the sidelines spectating. He fucks up everything he touches and is known for being a complete wet diaper. This is too funny and watching him cry is funnier. Fuck you and your coward handler who attacks people personally and their families because he is a gutless worthless bigmouthed bitch. Cry some more bitches, it can be your training for 8 more years of it. Fucking punks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A Vote for anyone other than Keller is a Vote for Republican Dan Lewis!
Lewis is angry with unions. He has been burned by APOA, Fire and AFSCME!
Word to the wise. Keep Dan Lewis out of the run off!

Anonymous said...

Dinelli, how’s it feel to be WRONG again ya fucken idiot!?!?

Anonymous said...

Viva Colon!?!? Not so much.
Long Live Lewis!? Only if Desert Fuels is attached.
Dinelli the Downer!?! Not if he gets his double dipping gig he wants from the winning candidate who he’s bashed every day since February. And really Pete the suck up to PedrottI?! Sad man, Sad!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Colon lost now we just have to keep Lewis off the 11th floor.

Anonymous said...

Hey old prune sack where did you go? I need my daily dose of beat your ass to feel complete. You must be bumping bellies with your little boyfriend. You remember him right? Pedrotty the Protestor hahaha too bad he didn’t get any real numbers, it would’ve been fun seeing him explain his way out of his Boyd protests where he held a sign saying Fuck aPD.

Anonymous said...

The entire sworn population of New Mexico are saying that a bottle fed butt hurt bitchbaby APD officer is crying that his uncle fester lost. All sworn know this little bitch was a bitch from the academy days 9 or so years ago when he was in the police academy and his daddy would pick up his booties every day to get them spit shined for his soft little baby ass, because he didn't know how to shine them, and he was a little jito who was too lazy to do it himself. This little baby had two pairs of booties.... and daddy rotated them for him every day so little mijito had shiney black booties! Oh yes, his parents prepared his uniform him and dressed his bitch ass every day for the police academy. This little bitch was so spoiled that he had to have nature at play and could not control himself so he had a big drunken whorehouse party with other cadets during their last week in the academy and almost got fired. The responding officers reported this to the academy after they were called to the keg party for drunken disorderly behavior after they saw the bald heads. This mijito should have been fired but they gave him a free pass, so little mijito could graduate. This spoiled brat little mijito continues to cry just like this administration does and he is a prime example of what this administration is... piss poor liars spoiled brats, crybabies, stupid jackasses, holier than thou self centered, scum bags who have more dirt in their closet but want to point the finger at everyone else. Little Mijitos like this would have no job in the real world, because frauds who do not shut the fuck up usually wear out their welcome, especially when they are guilty of their own mouth running and lies.. Let's see what mijito has on his kdt. Mijitos partner is telling everyone about his big fat crybaby mouth and all sworn know that mijito is nothing but an overgrown diaper wearer and pillow biter who wants a free ride. Nobody likes mijito. Poor mijito! Stick to your big wheel mijito! Keep shaving your legs and tweeting your eyebrows mijito! The menses like your perfume mijito! You are buttery soft mijito! You had coffee and talked in front of people who are telling all mijito. Belt tapes mijito! Oh my jito! What goes one way goes the other way mijito! Cabin boy mijito will be splaining. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Heh "bumping bellies with your little boyfriend" saying the kid did not get any real numbers: 4 years ago your little man Paul "I call bullshit" Heh got 2,217 votes or 3% of the vote beating no one. Pedrotty the 22 year old got 6,638 votes or 7% of the vote beating out Chaves, Garcia Holmes and Wheeler Diechel and on election day got more votes than Johnson did. You're the one that can eat shit when you find out he will be earning alot more at his age than you could have ever have dreamed to earn so slither back into the roach nest.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Levi Anaya,,,You almost had it but I think the rank and file saw what was coming and you lost it for your boy. People remember your shitty work ethic and falsehood as a supervisor. Keller might not want to "ass"ociate with you Hahahaha


Hey nutless mijo bike 34, your bitch firms screwed with the wrong variable. Everyone knows who you are. You little cuckold. Your girlfriend will probably leave you when she gets tired of being with a sissy. Stick to shaving your legs tweeting your eyebrows and waxing your bikini line you absolute butt licking coward little self serving punk. Be careful what you wish for because you are guessing but everyone else knows. You want to know why? You will find out soon enough. You have a lot of lessons to learn little weak pretty punk boy. You should not have gone to the APOA slandering mayoral candidates. Your shit was recorded. Nice try though. Lying is something you can be fired for and what is on that tape is conduct unbecoming. Are you wondering what you said? Are you wondering which time? You will know soon enough when it is on YouTube and the link is sent to IA. You punk ass little coward. Now get to work. I know work is a hard concept for you mijo, but you are the one who wanted to lie to people. Get ready to eat shit little mijo. Develops a taste for feces little mijo. Keep your mouthwash handy little mijo. I'm telling all little mijo. I have that old belt tape and someone is giving me a copy of another one where you are very naughty. You should have stayed on the porch mijo. Enjoy the show mijo. Get your warm bottle of milk mijo. Now go to bed mijo. we hear the unemployment line is waiting for you mijo. Lots and lots of warm milk for you mijo. Many boxes of diapers for you too mijo. You can have some lotion for your chapped butt hurt ass too. Just ask. There is more than enough to go around. Tell that dried up old pedoprunsak who wanted to be public safety officer his bitchbaby ass is worse that an old lady with nobody in her life but two dozen cats. Tell him you two are welcome to H town. You and your buddy are like two bitches. Cackly old bitches. You showed your ass, now nighty night little mijo. It's past your beddie bye time... sleep tight, don't let the Santolina bugs bite. Oh yes, get some chapstick mijo.

Anonymous said...

2:28 Prune sack is back! The only thing slithering is your evening serving of medamucil followed by that cheap rotgot you drink to make the evening hours go away while you pin your hops on the future of a baby driver want to be.....

Anonymous said...

October 13 2017 2:28
You could not be further off mark with your insinuation. That is you though. You are not only the prunesack but you are truly a shoshiner. You are a dishonorable little snake also. You are exactly what the problem is here you two faced politician. Go back to your bottle of "whine!" Yea, "whine..." You probably drink Harvey's Bristol Cream too, because you are such a little weak soft little bitch who can't handle a beer. Lmmfao. I made over $75,000 a year when I was a year younger than your little pet. I was also out of my house on my own. My best friend was in his second year of serving our country in the Military when he was 4 years younger than your lap dog, but you nor him know nothing about that because serving in the military never came across any of your bitch minds. You were too busy living with mommy and daddy while going to frat parties and taking bong hits. So get your spoon and dig in because you will be eating shit and you are old so doesn't it suck to eat shit when you are supposed to be eating lobster? You poor old bitter no life having crybaby with an inadequacy complex... a narcissist too. Get some help buddy, and don't assume everyone is in the same boat as your pathetic weak old ass because you would be the one crossing the street, not me.

Have a nice life loser.

Anonymous said...

Damn who are we bashing so bad the bike 34 AM? He isn't allowed to endorse who he wants without all this backlash? Thought we were bigger than that....

Anonymous said...

Because he’s the biggest bootlicker crybaby in the world.

Anonymous said...

That bike 34 is just another guy looking out for himself. He knew if his BOY won that he would be out of the field where ALL THE REAL WORK IS DONE, and inside doing NOTHING....................... Go Keller.......