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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 6, 2017


Back in February, we did a writing about our reasons why Brian Colon Should not be mayor. You can see it here:
Eye Vote no for Brian Colon article link
Since then, many have come out with the same feelings about this, and now Brian Colon supporters are putting their feet in their collective mouths by trying to distance Colon from the law firm he works for and is proud of, by playing word semantics. This is another form of horse shitting the voters. Essentially, Colon supporters are trying to fit their square peg into a round hole, and they are insulting your intelligence in doing so, so we again reiterate DO NOT VOTE FOR BRIAN COLON FOR MAYOR OF ALBUQUERQUE.

We advise our readers to check out Joe Monahan’s blog where the conflict is pointed out perfectly. See it here:
Joe Monahan Colon Article
In the “Clashing over Colon” section of Monahan’s article posted on 9/6/17, you can see the video link of Colon schmoozing the APOA at their meet and greet with mayoral candidates.

Contained in Monahan’s blog entry is the quote below, and it came directly from the mouth of Colon himself while addressing the Albuquerque Police Officer’s Association. What we have a problem with is the corporate white collar contracts his associates and employers are involved in which is the same old same old ala Schultz, Perry, Berry style of enrichment through public office connections. As the saying goes… you can't pick your family, but you can pick your friends and Colon picked his friends.

“Those of you who know me know that I have built a career at Robles, Rael and Anaya. That name is familiar to you because that’s the law firm that stands besides officers when they are in their deepest and darkest days. When they are involved in use of force cases, our law firm has stood tall by them. I’ve got some competitors that like to use that against me and say that my firm has stood with law enforcement when they’ve shot innocent Albuquerque citizens. I wear this as a badge of honor."

Some people will say anything to get what they want. What is amusing here is that Colon’s own people see his connections as a liability and problem, so much so that they are trying to distance him from something he sees as a badge of honor. We wonder what he will be saying to the citizens who disagree with his affiliations and his dealings with Luis Robles, who defends Ray Schultz, and benefits from lucrative contracts from this administration to keep the status quo.

Back in March we did a writing about Colon’s flip flopping over firing or keeping Gorden Eden. You can see it here:

There is no doubt that this guy is a horse shit artist, who will say anything to get what he wants. Here we have another self server connected with the same people responsible for wrecking the place. This house needs to be cleaned, and that means denying access to the people responsible, and the ones behind the scenes pulling the strings. This can be accomplished by giving a snowball’s chance in hell to these fakes.
If Colon has such pride in New Mexico, ask him why his kid goes to college in another state. Other candidates are raising, or have raised their children here.


Below are current Albuquerque Mayoral candidate standings as per the KRQE poll.

We are not having the lies, double talk and broken promises this time around folks. Either be strait up, or get strait out!


Anonymous said...

Colon is a flip flopped and this nails it. Holy shit, what a bullshitter.

Anonymous said...

Colon and Lewis are both Berry clones. They are saying anything to get support and will deliver on none of it.
I am voting for Keller.

David Gilmore said...

For disclosure I support Wayne a Johnson as do other former and current APD officers. Why? He unlike most of the other candidates to include Lewis will not give the CPOA more power and money. It was difficult to watch the other candidates bow to them at a recent CPOA meeting. He has assured me the new chief will be allowed to run the Department and that he would personally publicly support the officers.
He is the only one that is willing to challenge the DOJ and the consent decree while all the others want to continue paying Dr. Ginger his never ending $4000 a day. He knows that the officers need to be allowed to do their jobs and that the use of force policy is a big reason for the lack of proactive policing. I admire those former and current officers supporting Wayne because they and I are of like mind when it comes to policing, they are not politically indebted, there is a strong desire to put bad people in jail and support the officers. My opinion the other candidates have not stepped up?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... So Balderas supports Colon his BFF, and intentionally does not charge Schultz after Keller recommends action be taken because this would lend huge credibility to Keller for cleaning up the corruption but trash Colon's campaign because Colon's firm represents Schultz or would have to become active in protecting or representing Schultz if action is taken against Schultz?!? That sounds about right. Both Colon and Balderas need to go. This would be conspiracy, fraud and malfeasance.

Anonymous said...

Don't take too much sock in the KRQE poll. The poll is registered voters, not likely voters; with turnout likely between 15%-20%, that makes a big difference. Keller has the lead, but that may just be on name recognition alone by people who aren't paying attention to the race. In reality, we may be a lot closer to a tight 4 way race for the runoff.

S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh (RET.) said...

So now that State Attorney General Hector Balderas has come out in support of Colon , I can see why the complaint I filed against Schultz never went anywhere. I invite you Mr. Balderas to contact me and explain why I am wrong. I know that Tim Keller also contacted you after speaking to me about my complaint and really didn't get an answer either. Politics at its best . In my opinion in New Mexico if you have power and are connected you can get away with anything . If you are one of us nobody they will drop the jail right on top of your head. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Johnson is being managed by McCleksy and company. Don't be a fool, he'll be more of the same and EDEN will remain. Not once has Johnson said Eden is gone on day 1, or even at all for that matter.

Colon is also a suck up to Susana's crew. Ask him about all those state risk management contracts his law firm has.

Anonymous said...

Nailed it! Colon will say or do anything to get elected. Robles, Rael will be swimming in dough if Colon is elected. Colon is just hoping he squeaks through the race without people figuring out the big scam that's making him and his friends richer than they ever could have imagined. The gravy train of suck-asses and leaches is a mile long behind Colon. But you have to admire the masterful work Colon has done to try to cover this up, wearing that eternal smile, attending every funeral/baptism/pig roast/fun run he can find, and pretending he's a "philanthropist." It's easy pose as a philanthropist when you barely work all day and you spend your time kissing asses. He gets paid to screw around and find more government agencies to throw around our tax dollars like slop in the trough for him and the other pigs to feed on. Snort Snort

Anonymous said...

I also support Wayne Johnson and will talk to family and friends in hopes that they will also support him. WE do not need Colon or Lewis on the 11th floor. They will be another Berry minus the cheesy mustache.

Anonymous said...

If the KOB poll is accurate, Colon is gaining on Keller fast... and his business buddies haven't even released their round of negative ads yet...

Anonymous said...

To David Gilmore - Nice try on the plug for Wayne Johnson. Don't think we don't know that Wayne is first and foremost a politician. Likely anti-union as well. As a County Commissioner he positioned himself in all the "right" places, even disasters, as his handlers instructed him to do-such as being at the Los Vecinos Community Center where residents were evacuated and living during the Dog Head Fire. I expressed my concern to him that the Red Cross volunteers were turning away donations of food and drinks (crates and crates of water!) made by our own community members and local restaurants both in the east mountains and the Albuquerque area. Pretty much all of the evacuees wanted to know why, not just myself. When I asked him why we couldn't have food from these sources he said the Red Cross can make their own rules as a faith-based entity and the Southern Baptist cooks were the choice of the Red Cross. I called BS on this as they weren't local folks, the food they prepared wasn't what we normally eat and we have no pallet for mushy white Southern Baptist food every day. Creamed corn, mashed potatoes and corn bread gets old. So Johnson didn't care what we wanted was the outcome. He didn't try to fight for what we peons from Upper South Tijeras, Escabosa, Chilili or Estancia cared about. Besides these "religious" cooks were bigots and obviously had a problem with brown folks. Dirty looks, being rude to us even to the anglos. Wayne acted like he really didn't want to be amongst us anyway. probably thought we don't vote. Thank God he pulled up tent and moved to Albuquerque where he belongs. He never was a true east mountaineer anyway. Fake through and through.

Anonymous said...

Listening to every asshole with some stupid bullshit to say about how they are supporting this or that candidate is riot. You stupid motherfuckers will fuck this election up like the morons you are by voting for someone who does not have a chance and splitting votes because you think you are going to get something or you believe their bullshit. Listening to anyone make up every asinine excuse in the world to back a 22 year old child is a prime example of this. Here are clowns that put a personal ax to grind and envy in front of shutting the fuck up and backing the best of the ones who has a chance to win. If you get another Berry in there or someone who shoves it up your asses you have idiots like this to blame AGAIN! There are three candidates that have no chance in hell of being elected and Pedrotty is one of them. The standup thing to do if the polls show them to have no chance before the election would be to step down and throw their support behind a person who is the best candidate for repairing this city and join his administration for the good of this city. This is too much to ask from the crybaby me me I I mentality going on though. You will get exactly what you deserve in this election if you stupid motherfuckers don't smarten up.

And to the APOA, Berry promised you guys the Bank and to get rid of Schultz. Instead, he shoved it up your collective asses and fucked you guys worse than any mayor in history. Lewis will do the same shit. That clown is bribing the APOA with promises of money he can not deliver on because he needs approval to do it. At least other candidates admitted they are favorable to raises and incentives that will be negotiated.

I will be honest and forthright too. I will be voting for Keller as will almost everyone I have talked to in the past three weeks. He has nothing to do with any of the idiots from this administration. He is not some cheesie ass fk who goes around flip flopping on issues, shading what he says, or promising outlandish bullshit. He keeps it strait and simple and those that try to attack him are doing so because they see him as a threat... the same shit this administration does.

Fuck Colon and his bullshit. He gets paid by Robles and Anaya law firm and Robles is Ray Schultz s attorney regardless of what that two faced word mincer says. He admitted working for the firm. He is employed there and that means he is a part of what goes on there. You do not get to have it both ways. And Robles does not stand behind officers. He is all about money. Just Ask the two officers Schultz hired him to fuck. Ask him about how he got caught lying on the stand for Schultz in order to defraud the DOJ into not coming here so that they would never find out about the taser shit that was going on. All of these motherfuckers are involved in all of this! From trying to keep the DOJ out to concealing everything from them when they got here, to burning officers in the process in doing so, to ruining morale, to protecting Schultz Perry and Berry at all costs, and all of the evidence is out there to prove it. Every single one of them.

And that bald primped manicured motherfucker up there in Santa Fe wants to sit on his bitch hands like some sanctimonious fucking cunt. Well it is about time we discuss a young pregnant nanny who was moved to another fucking state to keep her mouth shut.

Thank God I am retired and I will be moving within six months if we get another scum bag in office.

Anonymous said...

Colon is fucked because his firm shit is the least he need be worrying about. Just wait till the negative campaign comes out on that guy. His campaign will be over.

Anonymous said...

Remember that scene in Sicarrio? guillermo...... guillermo......

It's like that with Brian Colon....... brian...... brian....... the dude is doomed.....just a matter of time.

David Gilmore said...

To 3:30 PM

Yes it was a plug and for a purpose.

Put your name on it and get rid of the anonymity if you feel that strongly.

By the way you completely failed to address any of the issues/concerns that were discussed. All of which will better APD and reduce our crime.

Anonymous said...

Colon thought that he grew some testicles tonight, but he is still a little bitch. You and your balding buddy probably want to bring Schultz back to trash this city a little more and hand out more contracts to your firm. I'm sick of the corruption in this city, whether it's Berry, Eden, Little Suzy, or Colon, JUST VOTE NO!!!

Anonymous said...

The city charter defines an in-kind donation as “a good or service other than money.”


"This is a broad grass roots campaign, and those in-kind contributions go to support the broad grassroots campaign," said Jessie Lane Hunt, Keller's campaign manager and a partner at Rio Strategies. "From volunteers, water, clipboards, stamps to mail to voters, the communication we do to communicate Tim's vision."- Source KOB News

Hey Eye, Tim Keller IS the exact same piece of shit you rail against. He's playing the squeky clean candidate bullshit persona all the while he has been illegally coordinating his efforts behind the scenes with MFC's, PACS, and private in-kind contributions and so forth. Tim is a milqtoast sociopath who cares only about his political ambitions. He's never accomplished a damn thing in his brief stints in political office. The sociopath always has his eye looking straight up at the next rung of his career. The most dangerous place in New Mexico is between Tim and a media camera, UNLESS, you get caught illegaly accepting monetary gain to support your public financed campaign then you do the Mayor Berry hide-and-seek game and rollout your campaign manager to speak on your behalf. Albuquerque is going to make the same mistake... Albuquerque meet the new Boss same as the old boss!

Dennis Maez said...

I posted this on the Eye on Albuquerque Facebook page yesterday because I got pretty incensed after I read the article in the Journal, I put the link at the bottom. Since the previous comments are about the Mayors race I thought I'd add my two cents. As for retired Capt. Gillmore's post he's a man of integrity and good friend. We disagree on Johnson, big time, but his points are well made and should be considered.

An APD officer responds to an armed robbery, the offender is identified and observed by the officer, the officer chases the offender on foot and uses his taser, which is less than lethal force, to take the offender into custody. Unfortunately because the offender has cocaine and meth in his system he dies, but only after the officer administers CPR. Bad situation, a person dies and an officer has to live with that for the rest of his life. Then a reporter asks one of the most prominent civil rights lawyers in the country, Shannon Kennedy, what she thinks, she replies "Gallegos’ death is a tragedy but not a constitutional violation on the part of police.“The officer probably did not intend to hit the decedent in the head with the Taser prong, nor did he know the decedent was high on meth and cocaine,” she goes on, “thus his intended use of force was non-lethal and thereby constitutional.” Then the reporter asks Civilian Police Oversight Agency Director Ed Harness for his thoughts,
Journal quote: "Ed Harness, executive director of the Civilian Police Oversight Agency, said he couldn’t comment because there is an open investigation. “We’re aware of the case,” he said. “It will be investigated on a criminal level.” Harness said the results of the CPOA investigation will be sent the District Attorney’s Office for review." When you say you can't comment it's probably a time to stop there and not comment.
A few things really bother me about this: One, why is the Director of the CPOA commenting at all on a case like this, period. Two, his comment leaves the impression that the CPOA will be conducting a "criminal investigation" and it will be sent to the DA's office for review, (what?) that's not what the CPOA does, and three, a prominent civil rights attorney states that the officer did everything correctly and did not violate any of the decedents constitutional rights, so again, what criminal investigation is Ed Harness referring to? Who decided it's a criminal investigation, Ed Harness?
Is there any wonder in anyone's mind why the police officers in this city have a moral problem? How ironic, a civil rights attorney states "it's a tragedy" but there were no constitutional violations, and then the Director of the "Civilian", yes Civilian, not law enforcement or prosecution, states it's a "criminal investigation." Jeez,,,,,,,,,,

Dennis Maez

Anonymous said...

Gilmore, you live in the county so who cares who you support or what you think.

Ricardo Saavedra said...

September 8, 2017 at 6:38:00 AM MDT

I just sent the Eye a story on this. Nice try asshole.
In-kind donations can pay for the goods or services rendered that give those goods and services. Your boy Huffman or is it Ramirez has a history of doing favors for political reasons. It is funny how how Ramirez says he can't say wether or not what is being done is right or wrong but he sure stirs the pot like a kitchen bitch. It is funny how you filth come out really quick with the knives for $30,000 in legal documented donations with names attached to them, but keep your hypocrite coward mouths shut about millions in falsely awarded contracts, defend criminals who grease no bid contracts and look the other way the whole time until it's time to point fingers because your never won an election ass is running for mayor. If that is all you got, pack a lunch punk because you and Lewis are filthier than a state fair portable toilet bowl. It will be amusing when that comes out.

Anonymous said...

At the post: September 8, 2017 at 10:35:00 AM MDT

Your moral equivalency argument is hypocritical, laughable and very weak. They did 'A' so we should be allowed to do 'B' regardless of rules and regulations...? Stop with the tough guy talk and name calling, your avoidance and deflection of the "end around game," played by your fake squeaky clean candidate is blatantly obvious. Lastly, anything donated by the scumbag Denish screams of pay-to-play. She learned from the best, Richardson.

Michelle Garcia Holmes for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

It's almost too easy to see through your posts 10:56. You are nothing but a poor soul stirring the pot and forget about the "end around game" you are talking about and focus more on the "reach around game" you clowns are putting out there to hand grenade the election. You are a novice and a scum bag posing as a Holmes supporter. You jackasses have no idea of the waters you are in. Lewis Colon and Pedrotty are piss poor choices for multi reasons for this city. Sorry if that hurts your feelings but swallow it, because it can be backed by facts as to why. You sound like you failed in life.

Anonymous said...

Colon is a nothing but a scum eating wretch, who thinks he can toilet train himself. How do you think a hand written letter to a donor ended up in the hands of KOB?

Anonymous said...

Dennis Maez for Mayor and David Gilmore for Chief..................

Anonymous said...

Colon is a slimy worm. He is allied with Hillary... Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Colon isn't even from here and he wants to come here slinging shit. Get the fk out of here man. All you are doing is looking to mine money out of a poor populace for you and your greedy creep friends. No to Colon in October and God for bid in November too. Fake ass.

Anonymous said...

To Cpt. Gilmore: As you requested, my name is Kate. The blog's robo detector would not open up for me to use my name when I chose that box. So I'm Anonymous Kate I guess.

I will agree to disagree with you about Wayne Johnson being the right choice for APD officers. And you asked what I would suggest to help APD? No politician is capable of helping APD. The help the department needs will only come when the COP is not a nepotostic, political appointee, quid pro quo, big bucks donater of the mayor's campaign. And Wayne Johnson saying he supports APD, well it's like Wayne Johnson saying he supports APD. And you need to ask Wayne Johnson, not me, what will he do SPECIFICALLY DO to fix APD. Look at Mr. Trump, for a political example. He said he would "support law enforcement" but hell so do a lot of us. And a few phone calls to widows of fallen officers is a nice gesture but it doesn't qualify as the plank the president ran on to support LE. It's all political hogwash.

When Johnson was appointed as a County Commissioner I thought this guy seems like a straight shooter and a fresh perspective was needed on the Commission. As I recall at that time there was a lot of drama and much controversy going on about a certain commissioner whose place or "party affiliation" Johnson was taking on the Commission. Johnson started out quietly as a newbie should. He went on to make very good arguments for his position on certain votes and more often than not I was on board with the way he voted and I voted for him when he ran. But at some point he couldn't hide his political and he became just another gum flapper. IMO.
So I guess Johnson was at the LVCC to help the fire officials explain stuff to us. He pulled out maps and talked like he knew how fires behaved. He even told some of us that PNM had NOT turned the power off on our road, but 2 weeks later when we finally returned to our houses the stench from the refrigerator said otherwise. We felt like he talked down to us evacuees and only seemed interested impressing the Red Cross big wig, BCSO deputies and Firefighters when they came into eat.

Ask Mr. Johnson this: What did he think when the Southern Baptists REFUSED TO PROVIDE FOOD TO THE MEN OF CHILILI THAT STAYED BEHIND TO HELP FIGHT THE DOG HEAD FIRE ALONG SIDE OF THE WILDLAND FIREFIGHTERS. EVEN THE FFs WANTED THEM TO EAT. Will Johnson deny he knew about it or will he man up and take responsibility for supporting the Southern Baptists (because after all they're a "Christian" bunch and the Red Cross can choose whomever they want to feed or not feed). Right?

After Johnson's failed ploy for political gain at the evacuation site I can say he's not about "the people" he's about himself.

I don't say this because my race was insulted. I am white and my friends, acquaintances and even people I don't care for, up there we are all familia when disaster strikes. We help gather each others pets and livestock for evacuation and help load suitcases and boxes for safekeeping into storage. If Mr.Johnson had helped any of us do this I'd say he walked the walk. But no he did not.

I wonder if the Red Cross has donated to Johnson's mayoral campaign.

D. Gilmore said...

9-8 @ 7:48
Obviously you don't.

D. Gilmore said...

To 9-9 @8:54

Kate you're still anonymous, that's ok, most won't Identify themselves fully for one reason or another.

For some reason you failed to discuss the issues I brought forth regarding Wayne's position on police related matters.

This race is not about Trump, the Southern Baptists or the Red Cross.

I believe I'm better positioned to know what APD needs as do other former APD officer who have their own opinions. Give me your local law enforcement experience and I might consider your stance on APD issues.

We simply disagree.

Anonymous said...

David your candidate last night said some dumb shit where were you?

Anonymous said...

They all say dumb shit. They are politicians.