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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

May 8, 2018


Once upon a time, in the city of Albuquerque, the land of workplace crime, conspiracy, fraud, fratricide, sexual promiscuity, sex in the work place, threatened wife killings, no bid pay to play contracts, railroadings, civil rights violations, cronyism, public corruption, failed leadership, wanton and willful misconduct, intentional obstruction of justice, fraud on the courts, wrongful shootings, murders, malfeasance of office, selfish self promotion at the cost of a city and its people, perjury, out of control murders, rapes and sexual offenses against children, there was a lawsuit filed, and that lawsuit was kept very quiet, because of it’s impact on things.

The lawsuit we are going to talk about is very important, because it impacts two major issues in our city that create a ripple effect, as everyone is getting very fed up of the situation at hand.

In a time of prosperity there should be no place for fractions of the examples of poor conduct that has plagued our city for over ten years. Considering we are in a precarious time where small mistakes can cause harm, we know big ones can cause irreparable harm, or even reverse any progress that may have been made. Intentional actions of wrongdoing is far worse. Ignoring intentional and willful misconduct, or the punishment of it, out of political favor by ANYONE, amounts to enabling it. That includes the media.

We all know about the horrendous crime scene backlog at the Albuquerque Police Department. No doubt, the disgusting behavior we are about to tell you about did not help it. And of course, as with all of our stories there are a few filth bag miscreants who got to retire, and walk away like the rest of the cowards and COCKroaches.

Back in 2016 Judge Malot, of Albuquerque District, court was assigned civil case number D-202-CV-201605356. The case was filed by Furman G Sizemore PhD, a black man. Mr. Sizemore was the senior Forensic Scientist at the Albuquerque Police Crime Lab.

The above lawsuit was filed based on racial discrimination, when two of the three scientists who work at the APD CRIME LAB were given raises, increasing their pay to $42.00 per hour. Sizemore continued to make $10.00 per hour less, because he was not given one. During all of this, John Krebsbach was the Crime Lab Director. He is no longer there of course. He retired.

During the trial last week, it came out that John Krebsbach testified that he called Sizemore an idiot, and that he was the worst supervisor ever, although he had gotten good reviews for 12 years. Krebsbach would not accept any of Sizemore’s credentials backing his deserving of a raise, but did accept Mike Haag’s and Bill Watson’s. Haag and Watson were the other two Scientists who did get their raises.

Our Eyes told us that the case testimony revealed that Bill Watson is not qualified for the job he was hired for, but is a friend of Krebsbach. He is paid $87,000 annually. Our Eyes said that there was proof he did not pass proficiency exams in a timely manner, but the department lied and qualified him. Testimony further revealed that Krebsbach did not want to hire Sizemore when he was on Sizemore’s interview panel, and Sizemore was refused advancement three times. It sure looks like there was some bad feelings over Krebsbach having to hire Sizemore, and Sizemore being more qualified and educated than Krebsbach’s cronies!

Our Eyes told us that an email from former APD Crime Lab Analyst Donna Monogue was shown in the courtroom in which she called the Plaintiff in this matter a nigger. That right there should result in a lifetime career change to toilet cleaner forever. Of course Monogue retired.

Jay Stewart is the current Crime Lab Director. Our Eyes told us that during testimony in this case, he downplayed all of Dr. Sizemore’s credentials, training and education, stating that he doesn’t think he is qualified, or should be a supervisor, but when asked about what Sizemore does, Jay did not know.

Our Eyes told us that ironically the year before his raise, Mike Haag got a “does not meet expectations” on his eval. Our Eyes also told us that information about Haag running a private business in which he charges $250 per hour during work at the APD Crime Lab.

Who will APD blame the DNA and latent backlog on now that they can’t blame it on a black man? We wonder if Dr. Sizemore had lost because of the city attorney defrauding the courts, like they have done so many times before, if the city would have dumped the entire blame of backlogged rape cases on this man. We all know how they like to find a scapegoat to lie on to save themselves from scrutiny.

We here at the Eye wonder how many more educated and qualified people will come here bringing expertise and experience, only to have their lives ruined, or to be tortured by those who are less qualified than them, or threatened by their accomplishments, simply because they are not on the inside circle. Does this sound familiar? It should, because it has been going on for years and dozens of innocent employees have suffered because of it. No wonder why we can not attract anyone to come here, and most employees are leaving.

We would have been highly impressed by the city administration, along with the city attorney’s office had they stepped in, settled this, made it right, and punished the offenders properly. It is no surprise they didn’t because all of the suspects were in place during the shitty Schultz ride, and they were being defended by those in the city attorney’s office who were brought up by former city attorney and liar Levy. This did not happen, as the city attorney’s office seems hell bent on carrying the water for the past administration’s cases. This is why we believe in retroactively cutting out the cancers, and fixing the past. Until the past trespasses are addressed this place will continue down a dystopic path for employees and prospective employees. It truly is disgusting.

The verdict, as seen in the below documents was an overwhelming victory for Furman Sizemore, and for anyone who has been unfairly targeted by people like this. We here at the Eye are fed up of this, and would like to congratulate Doctor Sizemore in his win. We hope the punitive damages are seven digits.

Krebsbach retired, but is on a board that gets grants for the lab, our Eyes reported. We have all seen how things go down this path. We all know how money talks when it comes to this place and those who look the other way.

We here at the Eye find it interesting that such a severe case like this was ignored by the media here in Albuquerque. It would seem very weird if we were not educated, but we are educated in what is happening. Many on the other side of things wish we were not so educated but they can keep wishing.

A while back, we said that we appreciated fairness in reporting, and that we were not going to tolerate stacking the deck, or putting the thumb on the scale, in order to ignore relevant topics, or ignore doing the right thing, just because it may not be popular politically, or fit the agenda of a few.

Why has this not been reported on in the media? Maybe it is the department influence on media personnel.

It has been brought to our attention that a certain APD PIO likes to text Albuquerque reporters to give them shit for reporting on issues that do not shed a good light on the department. This PIO may have networked his way into not being dispensable by the new administration. That is all fine and dandy, but now we will post the below photos and ask you if this is the reason that certain things get reported on and certain things don’t?

We’ll let our readers be the judge. Maybe they’ll know who that car belongs to, where it’s parked, and who the two character are going in and out of a property with one of them going to it at all hours of the day and night is. Hint. One is male. One is female. One is a reporter. This is only a fraction of the intel and media we have concerning this issue right here and it is being posted to show why it may appear the media is bias or conflicted severely. We bet absolutely no APD CADS have one single log out here for all the dates and times we have.

We have one question. Where the fuck was the Chief Administrative Officer Serita Nair at when one of the only persons of color at the Crime Lab was being tormented, and why did this administration not step in, and fix it, instead of trying to defend it by letting it go to trial. We say walk the fucking walk. If you want to act like the shiny happy passive answer to the problems here you better roll your fucking sleeves up and get dirty. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You do not get to act like you have the answers when you do not have the fortitude to step the fuck up. And we surely are not going to let this pretentious dog shit persist.

To the targets of our articles addressing our writings with their excuses of time limitations and other nonsense for both past and present conduct concerning the disgusting behavior of employees and supervisors that went unaccounted for, unpunished, and covered up, you can shut the fuck up. How’s that? Is that clear enough for your cowardly arrogant incompetent asses?

Hmmmm. This ain’t Kansas anymore... is it?

Till the next time.
The Eye


Anonymous said...

Damn that cop car is parked in front of a nasty ass residence. It looks like one that law enforcement agencies do warrants on. Who resides there the reporter or the cop? Or is it a NATURE AT PLAY residence being paid for by APD?

Anonymous said...

Hope Terysa Welch is successful in her lawsuit. It's about time the past comes back to haunt the motherfuckers involved. Let's see what the Journal and news media will report. Thank you Jolene Gutierrez for letting us know what is going on. It's crickets with almost everything involving Schultz, Paiz, Fiest, Eden, Huntsman, Banks, Roseman etc... Would love to be able to attend the trial but have to work. Hope the names of everyone involved is reported on. Good luck Terysa

Anonymous said...

This lawsuit was filed in August of 2016. I recall Mr. Keller making waves in his run for Mayor over the rape kit backlog at the crime lab. Why did he not know of this lawsuit, or did he, and publicly question its possible affect on the efficiency of the lab? I seems he added and abetted the usual suspects of Mayor Berry's administration to slither away unscathed while leaving the tax payers holding the bag once again. Democrats and Republicans...two sides of the same coin...

Anonymous said...

The back log of untested rape kits is not only in New Mexico it is all over the country. Saw a very good documentary called "I am Evidence" I believe on HBO a few weeks ago. What is sad is some DA's may only have kits tested if the offender is not known to the victim. So husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends and acquaintances are never charged as a result. I recommend people watch it.

Anonymous said...

How dare everyone gang up on simon if he is fucking a bitch on his days off who cares half of apd is cheating on there partners and everyone knows it we all know what has been going on at SE field training and at Walmart loss prevention

Anonymous said...

Fuck Krebsbach, he always been a pussy!

Anonymous said...

We’ll just another example of how Geier is just bringing back the same only problems we had under previous chiefs. No discipline for officers who mishandle evidence. What a joke. Guess next time someone finds a blood covered knife or gun in the bushes near a crime scene they should just toss it. No need to call police because they can’t take it. Go away Geier, your no good

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the DA having a field day with evidence. Take it, find out if there is a serial child rapist DNA on it and let a judge decide if it gets thrown out. Geier, your a fuckin joke. Still too afraid to discipline officers I see.

Anonymous said...

Geier, stop letting those idiots Medina and Banez pull your strings and make a proper decision. We all know that officer was wrong. Now grow a pair and do the right thing. Not saying that officer needs to be fired but at least admit he screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Car jacking in the middle of the day off of Montgomery followed up by a drive by shooting murder and we’re talking about tossed evidence from November. Dumb fuck distractable idiots.

Anonymous said...

Looking for a new chief what a crock of shit. Wasting peoples time like they actually care.

Throwing away bio hazard in dumpster like they actually care.

Placing Elder in homicide like they actually care.

If they care maybe I can get Elder and Sasha on a homicide investigation. Life they actually care..

Anonymous said...

What is more serious in the APD Crime Lab is the mishandling of evidence and corruption. In May 2022 a lab whistle-blower presented serious concerns to the City Council ( during her presentation Schultz and 40 officers walked out) But nothing came of it.

Anonymous said...

They did a citywide briefing crying about recruiting and the blogs that expose what is really going on inside APD and this administration.
They offered up to $5000 for recruiting people. They also told everyone not to believe what is on the blogs. This administration is shit, just like the last one. They are liars, and want to cover up the truth.
I think it is garbage not to tell possible recruits the truth about conditions here. How screwed up is it that they do not want to let people make up their own minds? I know if I came here under a lie that was told to me by a recruiter I would break their neck, especially if I brought my wife and young child into this cess pool. Working for APD is life threatening and it is not the criminals. It is the back stabbing incompetent and vindictive command staff.
They should say what they think is not true on these blogs because from the way I see it, everything here is backed up with reports and copies of documents. The truth must really hurt and put a cramp on the hiring.
They should be sued for lying in their ads because their salary listing is a lie. The entire Albuquerque police department recruiting scam is a lie. On top of that, the contract is crap too. Nobody deserves to move their family here to have to deal with a trash command staff and a bunch of moron supervisors. The recruits are bottom of the barrel too. This city is in for it. It will not get better and there is nothing that can be done because those running the city don’t want to do what needs to be done. The officers are so sick of the politicians here that they are all leaving. SWAT is losing people because they put thst little creep Sanchez there. That is a prime example of what is wrong too. He goes to some outside training because he failed the SWAT qual., and now he is a SWAT commander. How does a turd who can barely shoot the paper get to be a SWAT commander? We also remember the accident he was in with the female civilian employee in his unit. He tried to not have her put on the crash report. She is now working with him I believe. The whole place is disturbing, and they want to drag more candidates into this by lying to them. They are hemorrhaging staff and I will be leaving in 6 months too.

Anonymous said...

The officer should have taken the underwear and tagged it in. Let the Detective and or DA and or Judge decide if it was taken properly. That's what arguments in the Grand Jury and Court are for. I was trained that when in doubt TAG IT IN. It's not that big of a deal to do so. Laziness at its FINEST.