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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 23, 2018

Why this state is a Dickhouse? MURDERQUERQUE; the overview

In the last few months here we have gotten a glimpse of the insanity and lunacy that is plaguing our state. From excuse after excuse... to being lied right to our faces, these city and state so-called leaders would tell you the sky is polka dotted, and dare you not to believe it.

If you think justice is blind or balanced here in New Mexico, you must be on hallucinogenic mushrooms, or someone must have damaged your brain with a blunt instrument. That, or you are one of the low life cowards getting away with raping the place. There is rarely justice here. Because it is so far slanted in favor of the filthy, we can not attract anything to our state. This is because the proper avenues are not being taken to address the problems. 

This recent case where a pair of bloody children’s underwear were found, and not tagged into evidence is really disturbing, because if you look at it, it looks like it was a late call, and the officer wanted to fade it, and be done with it. We will reserve opinion until the final word comes out, but this trend is getting really old. The below situation caused Mayor Keller to admit that shitheads within the Albuquerque Police Department are still perpetuating the culture that got us here. We have a solution. Fire the residue clinging on, then hunt down those like the former Chief and assistant city attorney, along with the former Mayor CAO and all of their co-conspirators, and prosecute them for public corruption racketeering, and about a dozen other charges that could put them away for a decade, (MORE IF THEY LIE TO FEDERAL AGENTS, AND THEY WILL) and 
destroy every fabric of their lives like they did to this city. 


Do you ask yourself just why is this constantly happening? Why are the same things happening over and over?

Well here is your answer...

We live in a city where assholes can post a picture of a giant dick in their front window... a block away from a school, and God forbid the police be sent there to remove it, because someone’s feelings would be hurt. God forbid a professional shit stirring cretin is made to remove a dick picture from his home in a residential neighborhood, but a war veteran in a community, governed by a home owner’s association can be sanctioned, and his life made intolerable for flying an American flag on his front lawn.

Read the story below about the group of assholes disrespecting an Albuquerque neighborhood. Years ago, three or four fathers with daughters on that block would have had the clowns responsible for that remove it and apologize. Better yet, the beat cop would have developed the necessary information needed to take legal action to have it removed. Not today folks because nobody has any balls whatsoever.


This city will be cleaned up when someone reaches down, grabs a pair of balls, and starts fucking with the people who deserve to be fucked with, instead of the low hanging, non threatening, non-politically connected people. There has been a culture in this state of protecting the connected, back stabbing filth, who are derelict in their duties as a human beings, whilst lying or framing the innocent out of personal animus, the need for a distraction, or to just plain justify the existence of a board or two that does nothing but violate civil rights for the aforementioned reasons, and justify their existence.

This city and state will also be cleaned up when those who’s daddy is politically connected, or those who are elected fuck up and are held to the level of accountability they are supposed to be held to, and punished for their wrongdoing, while those who are innocent are proven innocent, instead of being crucified, to protect the guilty by those who are remiss, and malfeasant in their duties.

From the friend of the governor who was intentionally covered for by those in the Albuquerque District Attorney’s office, to the recent clown over at BCSO who can’t seem to keep his blood alcohol level below point one six, the same people are protected, covered for and given dozens of chances, after committing criminal acts, while good people make a clerical error, slight error in judgement, or no error at all, and they are fired, and soon find themselves facing an attack on all fronts. All of this has been going on to promote the disgraceful behavior behind the scenes that is the culture of our state, and it is what has destroyed the place.

You want to know why you can’t hire officers? This is why. They are sick of two faced, lying coward politicians. They are sick of the double standards, and they are sick of wasting their time. They are sick of the excuses that are made, and they are even more sick of the high road some real miscreants try to take after they game the fucking system, get caught and lose. They are sick of watching connected people get away with things that put the ordinary citizen in jail. They are tired of nothing being done about the corruption, and they are truly tired of the disparity in discipline and promotional process. The fucking inmates are running the asylum, and the proof is in the department when you promote little punks with a Napoleon complex who have more investigations done on them than some criminals. It is over and the war begins. The war begins on every creep that should be sweeping floors instead of banking a paycheck from the COA.

You have cases like the one below where a politician says she regrets not taking the breathalyzer, which is total horse shit, because she intentionally did not take the breathalyzer, and knows that if there was any alcohol in her system it is not in her system now. All of these politicians are told to refuse the breathalyzer. Of course she regrets it. It is all horse shit people. Nobody owns their fuckups. They just call in a favor. A while back an officer was fired for removing someone from the bat mobile, but these cretins have just devised better ways involving the process to manipulate the
system to get out from under what they did.... timelines, and not taking breathalyzers.

Let’s conduct a further analysis shall we. Watch the below video, and read the story.


Notice... after state representative Youngblood is taken out of her vehicle to perform Standard Field Sobriety Tests, she tries to play the coy cute chick card. Notice the reference to not being fully clothed, the prancing and posing, and wannabe cute flirtatious behavior. Notice the denial when she was told she was being arrested. Notice how quickly it then goes from denial, to pulling the sympathy card out, complete with the tears and attempts to influence the officer to let her go, by bring up what she does. When all charades finally fail, what we have is the typical New Mexico response to the reality that is now upon her. After the officer reads Mrs. Youngblood the implied consent act, she refuses to cooperate, and consent to a breath test. She then gets testy.

Looking at the video of Mrs Youngblood being processed, you can see officer Trajan looking on with a weird look on his face. We found that pretty ironic, considering Mister Trajan had a little alcohol induced domestic violence investigation of his own where he was covered for pretty good. You can read about that right here.... please read it. As a matter of fact, we advise any defense attorney defending a defendant arrested for an alcohol related or domestic related offense to read it.


How the fuck is that for Hypocrisy? This place truly is an incestuous, twisted, shit pit.

All horse shit aside, this legislator is cronies with Governor Susana Martinez. Let’s see how this shit plays out. We here at the Eye wonder if Mrs. Youngblood was one of the rooftop bottle chucking, pizzahhhh and coke party friends, the night of the Santa Fe debacle we all remember a couple years back. We will see! One thing we do know is that the Governor’s personal “cleaner” and mob attorney, Paul Kennedy is representing the representative. As if we didn’t know that was coming.

Watch the story video link below where prominent Albuquerque defense attorney Ahmed Assed obliterates Mrs. Youngblood’s defense.


Now just look at all of the clowns who’s cases mysteriously ran out of time, or case discovery was miraculously fouled up, and it didn’t get where it “coincidentally” needed to be in time. Pat Davis, and Ryan Flynn are just two of them...




Is it a coincidence that our District Attorney got his millions approved for his budget from Martinez after misleading the public about his office’s handling of one of Martinez’s cronie’s cases? We do not think so at all.

Pat Davis wants to continue to get what he wants by jumping the bandwagon on guns and bashing the NRA. He lied. Pat Davis lied about the cyclic rate of an AR15. A semi automatic AR-15 can not fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds. That is a lie, but these politicians are nothing but pandering liars anyway.

Watch below as Pat Davis gets owned on Fox. Pat Davis was a Capitol police officer, for a couple years but glosses over just how long because he wants everyone to think he was an actual street cop out there chasing wanted felons down the street. He wasn’t. Watch below as he claims his slurring is an East Coast accent. What the fuck is that? You know what that is. It is another pathetic desperate attempt to bullshit his way out of accountability just like the Senator tried to pull with all of her attempts to unprofessionally convincer the officer to let her go. Throwing around your title and saying the things she said is the epitome of not being morally fit for office.



And speaking of morally unfit....

As the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy becomes famous for using the blanket umbrella charge of being morally unfit to be a police officer to revoke politically targeted scapegoats, targets of personal animus, or vendettas against officers who didn’t lay down for bogus criminally contrived allegations, here we have another clown act of hypocrisy.

We wonder if getting separated from your wife, then moving into the dorms of the NEW MEXICO LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMY is being morally unfit to be a police officer. Maybe being sued for the same #metoo shit that has taken down dozens of Hollywood stars, and politicians is being morally unfit? Probably not here in the State of New Mexico. No... in our state, only the active, upstanding officers, interested in doing their jobs, fighting crime, while not wanting to deal with immature, pathetic, incompetent, vindictive, liars with multiple complexes over their inadequacies have to worry about being targeted, just because they stand up for what is right, do not take garbage from corrupt command staff, or just happen to be the flavor of the day, when some coward police command staffer needs a body to throw under the bus, to deflect away from his own corruption, or get a shot in on someone who he doesn’t like, or whom spoke out about him. This is what is plaguing the state in regards to law enforcement and “it” alone is the reason for the decline of the vocation in our state.

Why can’t we get officers? Because nobody wants to work for a complete scum bag who has mental issues, can’t control themselves, and treats people awfully. THE BIGGEST COWARD IS THE ONE WHO USES POWER FOR EVIL INSTEAD OF GOOD. At the heart of every municipality that is having problems with staffing and crime is a Ray Schultz... a Gorden Eden... a Bob Huntsman... a Harold Medina... and a pushed up the ladder clown like Art Sanchez with a Napoleon Complex and ax to grind with anyone who punks them up for their pathetic behavior. a Mayor Berry. This administration should learn this.

So...Why don’t people want to be cops here? It is because the cops get railroaded. The corruption runs to the top. The politicians are liars, and there is a double standard for justice here. There is no accountability for filth bags, guilty of crimes and corruption, while the innocent are targeted, because they are seen as expendable. You don’t have to do a thing to have them target you. That’s how dangerous it is here and it has nothing to do with the criminal out there on the streets.

The police union can have all the faith they want in recruitment, but the fact of the matter is that being a police officer was made unpopular by the very same types of individuals who betrayed and continue to betray the rank and file in our state, coupled by some very ugly, and high profile blunders to the point that it will take decades to normalize. The fact that it is out nationwide about the fratricidal and Patrone culture within New Mexico, you can double the recovery time.

One of our Eyes has told us that the very state police chief who presides over NMLEAB certification hearings, where officers are railroaded continuously, in what has been described in a kangaroo court, where the officer has no chance, if it has been politically decided that they will lose their cert, has been acting like a squatter. Maybe this is why there is nothing but shambles left of New Mexico law enforcement. NO. This is the reason!

Below is a story that KRQE uncovered weeks ago about a BCSO deputy who was caught illegally hunting. What is disturbing here is that this guy was fired from APD for a drunken downtown incident while he was in the police academy, but the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office hired him. While working there he got popped with a DUI arrest, got fired, but only got a suspension on his NMLEA cert. Someone at BCSO hired him back. Now he is under investigation for this game commission issue. There is also another investigation involving stolen guns.


We here at the Eye wonder what the outcome will be on this. It seems if there is a wrongdoing uncovered, there would be a pattern of conduct calling for a LEA90 to question if this deputy’s cert should be revoked for being morally unfit to be a police officer. After all, dozens of officers have been revoked for one incident, where their infraction was non terminable, or for nothing at all, while in the process of actually doing their job, while many of the actions of others were done in contravention to doing what a police officer is supposed to do.

These actions and non-actions of the NMLEA call into question their credibility when you look at the disparity in filings and action taken. One can make a good case for the NMLEA being used as a
political tool or worse yet, an arm of extortion for the upper command staff club within LE statewide. Many officers should start gathering their eggs for another sort of #metoo class action filing if this continues.

You want to know who is at fault for this? It is the person giving out all the second, third, fourth, and fifth chances to those who do not deserve one, while walking on the good ones. It is the criminal in city office who lies to you about tampering with a case, to intentionally cause it’s prosecutorial failure for a political favor. Does anyone think it was a coincidence that the district attorney got millions for his office as a Democrat from a Republican Governor after lying about his office’ involvement in the case involving her crony’s arrest?

Does anyone think it is just the way it works when people fuck up so bad, so many times, yet never see a day of accountability or punishment yet the person doing their job gets railroaded for nothing or better yet, bring light to those above?

This is not a fluke. It is intentional. It is called Patrón government, and it is the reason for why it is so twisted here.

WE have just begun OUR accountability war, and OUR scope is broadening. We should have an answer any day now on the direction we will be going with this, and is isn’t pretty. We enjoyed the summer break and wish you a fun and safe summer but there is much work to do.

Standby for another court ruling that we have that was recently mitigated, and made as if it didn’t exist, in order to promote another protected pay to play crony.

We here at the Eye would like to thank Officer Joshua Montaño for having the balls, and integrity to hold these motherfuckers accountable. Officer Montaño deserves an award for his fine work, and The Eye on Albuquerque has his back, if anyone decides to fuck with him for doing his job. Good job Officer. You handle yourself very professionally, and you are a credit to the Albuquerque Police Department.

Until the enablers and excuse makers who cover for their friends are held accountable, nothing will change. We will continue to shine the light on those behind the scenes making phone calls and protecting criminals disguised as public servants.

There are the actual doers, and there are the ones covering for them. Both are in our sights. To the rest of the posers who think nobody sees what you are doing when you cover for filth. We know it all and the war is coming.

A word to you little motherfuckers who spent years on APD payroll, and kept your mouth shut like a good company boy, but now want to act like you are the solution... keep it up, because you will be outted for the frauds you are. It is all coming. Stand the fuck by, because the more shit you stack on the sandwich will be the more shit you have to take a bite out of. You were the problem. You caused
this directly and indirectly. You will publicly be held accountable to the truth.

And to you fraudulent pretentious little punks who had years to do the right thing but only worried about your bottom line, your side piece’s bottom line and chose to do the wrong thing but want to act like you are the answer to the problem that is you, we know who all of you are and you are not going to get to fool anyone.

Read the blogs, and make your own mind up about the truth. Do not let political promises of money from self promoters cloud your perception. It’s a patrón state we live in. Not for long.

We have purposely given this administration a reprieve, to see how things pan out. Some very promising solutions have been reached to some very diabolical situations, that very good folks were put in. We will address this in the future, but it has not gone unnoticed. Contrary to what many may think, this administration is trying to make things right. It will take a few more issues to be addressed that may be unpopular to them, but this is the price of peace. We will not stop until wrongs are righted. We will not stop until the filth is denied what has been taken from the righteous.

Remember, we are here and there... and we may not be here or there, but we see right through you. If we don’t see it. Someone else does, and they tell us. We are looking when you are not looking at us, and we see you. We see the looks you give those you do not like, when you act like you do like them. We know what you are. We know more than you. Pretentiousness is not a cloak that we can not see through. We have been at this longer than you. DO THE RIGHT THING, NO MATTER HOW UNPOPULAR IT IS, OR WE WILL MAKE YOU DO IT! Trust us, the first way is easier.

One last thing... Give Mike Geier a chance, despite the search. Let’s see what he does.

Till our next one...

The Eye


One... because the situation here emboldened our own home grown scum bags to bring their horseshit to Las Vegas, where they got a good old fashioned stinging and bruising taste of “OH SHIT, WE AINT IN ALBUQUERQUE ANYMORE.”
Kudos to Las Vegas PD for taking our our fermented trash!

And two... it’s way too early for this staged, pretentious, horse shit to be going on. Remember ALBUQUERQUE IS BECOMING MURDERQUERQUE, that is no attempt to be funny.


And by the way... two of these assholes have previous run ins with law enforcement, with one having charges for battery on a peace officer, and disarming a peace officer. Not bothering anyone huh? Nobody looked into this though. Good job officers!

Our officers would still be sitting around doing use of force reports for just putting their hands on their guns while in their holsters.

Sorry you had to deal with our assholes.


We are back...

Adios Amigos!


Anonymous said...

Get a clue. Dicks in the window is a fee speech issue. You and your dumbass beat cop would have their assess in a federal suit.

Anonymous said...

Hello Eye, you have a great blog but too much info at one time. I do realize you have other duties but maybe more frequent posts with fewer subject matter? Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... if you put that in your window on my street, it wouldn’t be a cop showing up, it would more than likely be four people with ski masks and baseball bats. Of course you would have been warned before hand, and given the chance to choose your own fate, then you would be probably be getting every one of your teeth knocked the fuck out, and your pants kicked up into your assshole when you decided to get stupid. After that, every window on your shit hole welfare roach motel would probably be smashed the fuck, out so you don’t have any more billboards. How’s that for your lawsuit? Try suing a bunch of unknown suspects. Society is getting tired of you liberal fucking cunts who think you can do whatever you want, just because you can fall back on crying victim, when you get what you ask for, and have your face smashed in. So go ahead, and put that dick in your window asshole. Hopefully it will be down the street from me. You dickheads just keep pushing the envelope, because when the pendulum swings the other way, your ass will be shit out of luck. When your freedom of speech crosses the line, and causes problems for people that are not bothering anyone, it is no longer freedom of speech. It is shit stirring, and being a fucking asshole. By the way, that lawsuit is after the fact. Now go fuck your self and your stirring shit for no reason disguised as freedom of speech. Oh yea, and good luck getting a cop to take your report with the response times. You will be a flat piece of dried leather on the sidewalk before they get there. My family will not be subject to your kind of freedom of speech, and they come before your rights. You dumbass coward motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

If you think putting a vulgar photo on a window in a neighborhood where families with children reside is freedom of speech, you need a smack in your mouth, and no, I am not a cop. I’m a city resident fed up with assholes like you interpreting the laws to fit your needs in total disregard to what is right and good for anyone else. The above poster is right. Your right to be an ignorant asshole can be met with the greater response of someone fed up with your spoiled ways. When you keep pushing people, eventually the law of averages catches up with you and you meet that one that doesn’t give a shit. As they say. Keep poking the bear.


Check this out....

Here is an analysis for you. I am glad to be out of that cess pool department. I would not return for $50 an hour. You could not pay me enough to work with the likes of what has been promoted over the last 5 years. It is a disgrace. 80% of the supervisors have their heads up their asses and don’t know the first thing about being a person, let alone being a cop. It was horrible before I left, and I am hearing it is worse now with the stupidity. Good luck with this, because it is not about the money. For greedy pond scum like Willoughby, it is about the money, because he only has as many years left as this administration has. He will show his true colors as soon as he is eligible to roll. Besides, running his catering business out of the APOA hall, and the extra pay he gets as president it can’t be beat. It’s all about racketeering, and the jokers ruining the place are all about it. They can all have themselves. Getting out of there was the best move I ever made, and it had nothing to do with the money and everything to do with not wanting to work with scum bags. Any officer leaving a department where they are doing ok to go to APD for the money is foolish and will find out the minute they butt heads with someone like the morons mentioned in these posts.

Anonymous said...

What’s the name of the APoA’s catering business??

Anonymous said...

Love the TOTAL bULLSHIT photo op in today's paper of worthless grinning Mayor Keller. All he does is show up for stupid shit and get in the paper. Crime is out of control and he is wasting tax payer money going to a border town and leaving a stuffed animal. That's right ONE stuffed animal. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH poor kids... Give us a break....

Anonymous said...

1:33 am your right everyone going back is going to regret it. The sgt they hired in the last 5 years how about the last few months. To get promoted now is very simple this is post war promotions and shouldn't be that way. Keller is a one term mayor he has better ideas. Unfortunately this is a stepping stone for him he probably didn't realize it was this bad. Let me tell you folks it is bad and bad all shifts. Those lazy fuckers wont come out and help us in FSB so we just keep being buried with 42s and 42s.

Anonymous said...


poke poke poke, penis, poke poke poke.

Anonymous said...

Jaramillo dick sucker extraordinaire. Running all over the place looking for the most political and important dick to rub all over his newly promoted Sargent face. It’s funny, this self promotional shit started as soon as his boy colon ran for Mayor. What a pretentious hollow bag of puss. This fraud can’t stop talking about himself being such the cop when he is a nothing punk bitch who killed an innocent mental patient he had no reason kicking off of a bicycle. Dozens of officers were scapegoated while this coward got protected. Anyone else would just shut the fuck up and feel luck they were not indicted fir 1983 violations and murder. Not this idiot. He can’t stop producing commercials about himself on the internet. It must suck when you have to tell yourself every single day that you matter in some way because you know you are a worthless fraud who got promoted by a political back door deal for swallowing a dick when you should be indicted for murder. It must really suck knowing you are a pussy that killed an innocent man. That must be what all the god is good bullshit is about. Keep telling yourself that because when judgement day comes god is going to put his foot in your weak ass and send you where you belong. Read your Bible about having mercy on the weak asshole. Hypocrite.

Hey Keller the tampon you promoted talked more trash on you before his boy lost that it was conduct unbecoming an officer and now we have to deal with this fraud on the street because of the same old back door political deals going on. All the way up until the election you were called the fair haired fraud by this puto cholla wannabe jito and the next day he is riding your knob like the jockey he is. You are all a bunch of bottom of the barrel slime.

Nothing will get better here and all you will get is more trash from other departments like the drunk female officer who was fired from APD years ago for firing her gun into the air until it was empty. She laterals back to APD from Rio Rancho. Lmmfao. Why she was ever hired again by anyone shows how bad it is in this state, but the fact that APD took her back shows just how bad APD is.

When it gets out about what Gonterman did at the Martens crime scene and at the interrogation of the suspects AGAIN there will be no denying that she should have been fired the first time she pulled that shit when she did it to the grandson of that retired Secret Service Agent’s grandchild who was innocent.

Anonymous said...

Paul Kennedy will get the DA to offer a plea deal for the Youngblood chick. Kennedy is a seister. He's right up there with Bregman and Mitchell. Disgusting the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

What an unhinged bunch of crybaby bullshit. This site and APD are one in the same, you sorry fuckers will never lose the pampers and change your panties. FACT: There are no cops at APD worth their salt. No one with any sense of decency or self respect would work for that clusterfuck of an organization filled with criminals and cowards. What's left is losers and liars.

And yet, this rag STILL continues to act as if management is the issue. People of true integrity don't need leaders to tell them what to do and not to do, yet, that is always the excuse around where when cops fail.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Pathetic! New Mexico, the land where Manana never comes.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where Jody Gonterman came from??? She didn't graduate from an APD Academy, she was at UNM. UNM don't send peeps to Academy. She do a CBW??? Please someone answer if you know.

Anonymous said...

You dumb vulgar fucks. No one, not even your most avid readerls want to go to your page and see a big dick drawn in a window of some shit hole. Your narrative comments are showing just what a bunch of sick bastardis you are with an inflated opinion of your relevancy.

Stealth said...

July 4, 2018 at 1:50:00 PM MDT,
If you don’t want to see a dick here, people definitely do not want to see a dick in their neighborhood; hence our point. You missed that. Since you did, we’ll explain. You may read our site, or you may not. It is your choice and discretion. All you have to do is not come here, if you do not like it. You may not think this matters, but actually YOUR opinion is irrelevant. So, speak for yourself. You are not the voice of our readers. We do not know what “readerls” or “bastardis” are and will not guess if it is another language, but you actually proved that you are the actual moron here. Either you can not spell, or you are mixing languages in your composition. Either way, you did make us giggle, so have a nice day.

From our bastardis to yours, we hope you had a great Independence Day. Our opinions and freedom to express them is what makes this place the land of freedom it is. Now you can go and do not let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

Anonymous said...

She came from Satan’s asshairs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Geier since you and Medina in a 15 maybe you should know he making promises to his old salts who I wouldn't even pay a dime to cuz they are to damn lazy. Wonder if he is getting the bonus for their sign on. I guarantee he is making promises to them and you know nothing about it. The rest of you wait till you see Medinas boys and you will notice cuz they like the ones now that keep throwing his name around trying to impress everyone since their work wont. Geier and Schultz no difference same ol things for us around here. Some of us are stuck with 10.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Eye, I've been reading your blog for a long time. In the recent past, the blog seems to have died out. By died out, I mean very infrequent posts and comments.
Don't know if this is relevant, but, I switched browsers from Google Chrome to a relative newcomer. Went from 6 comments available last night to 17 this morning. Last night was Google, this morning was the new browser.
I'm it Google putting the squeeze on, or just something happening on your end?

Anonymous said...

Dicks in a window a free speech issue, now that’s a new one. No doubt you dick wads think graffiti is free speech.. Looks like Steath shit in his panties being called a sick bastard and no longer being relevant. But you got that commenter for sure not being able to use spell check. The only giggles being heard are from the command staff over how stupid you clowns really are. Nothing has changed yet the Eye keeps pissing and moaning about things long forgotten trying to be relevant not admitting their chosen one is nothing more than an immature jock acting like a Mayor.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:42 now that was friggen funny. I am still laughing. That's exactly where Jodi " shake my ass on tv" Gonterman came from. She is only on APD because her asshat of a husband got her on. She is a poor excuse for a person let alone a homicide detective. She has fucked up more cases and it will continue as long as she is allowed to do whatever the fuck she wants. How many more families have to become victims a second time because of her and the so called Chain of command.

Anonymous said...

Sgt Liz Thomson and her texts about how bad the scene was involving those three pieces of shit. Buck up buttercup, thank goodness she is no longer on APD.

Anonymous said...

Who the he'll is Gilbert Gallegos. He is in plain clothes. What is his job and what does he get paid for exactly....??? Fing ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Geier and all you other so called leaders you can't find anyone qualified in APD to take Tyler's old spot so we hire Byrd from Bosque Farms. This is totally political and you all are preaching to us that things are going to change. This is exactly what Schultz did and a lot of us talk and this is the Schultz regime.

Geier better watch your back Medina wants your job, bro, yea, bro, let me hire you, bro, I'll get you in bro, just make sure you know your left from your right, bro.

Pathetic before you know it Mizel will be a DC, what am I saying of course he will right before Geier leaves.

Anonymous said...

I'm considered a rookie I know and accept that but I also finished APD academy and I was told that APD took great pride in their own academy and there was no way around the academy. What a great white lie my recruiter told me. There are laterals applying from smaller depts. and they went to who knows what type of academy. I though the point to increase APD was recruiting and putting classes through and we are doing the opposite.

Anonymous said...

I am not to involved in the APOA but if fat boy is running his catering business shouldn't we have access to utilities. Can we ask and compare the bills to last year at this time. If he is doing all his cooking and warming his food and not to mention the fridge that is taking advantage. I sure would like someone to run against Shawn.

Anonymous said...

One way to starve out Shawn from APOA is to stop paying dues since the US Supreme Court says fair share and/or compulsory dues are and have been illegal..

Anonymous said...