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Jul 24, 2009

Shrewd Move

Wednesday night's "Heart of the Heights" mayoral forum ended in a two-fer for The Almighty Alcalde - he dodged questions from a hundred constituents and managed to get a little payback from former loyalist Councilor Sally Mayer.

The story in a nutshell is that The Mayer invited the mayor and his challengers R.J. Berry and Richard Romero to her semi or sometimes monthly constituents meeting. The meeting is routinely promoted by the city using email and postcards paid for by, well... all of us. Of course the two challengers agreed to attend, but the candidate, who wasn't a candidate, but is a candidate now didn't respond until late Wednesday evening.

Predictably, The Almighty didn't descend from his perch on the 11th floor to communicate directly with the councilor, but sent a message through PR flack Joanie Griffin. According to our Eyes, the mayor (through Griffin) asserted that the use of taxpayer funds to promote a political event was an ethics violation and that one would be forthcoming. As of this morning, no complaint had been filed.

As many readers may know, we've been critical of Councilor Mayer on a number of occasions for a number of reasons. If Wednesday's event is a violation, then any appearance by any elected official promoted using city resources is an ethics violation because a politician cannot be separated from politics.

Actually, the whole non-affair is pretty funny. Think of it. Martin Chavez, the man whose face graces every city billboard, every city television commercial, every ribbon cutting, and park opening, is worried about a few hundred bucks used to promote an event where some of his constituents would have a chance to question him and his competitors.

Marty certainly didn't worry about spending HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on the city's Tri-Centennial Celebration - which he conveniently turned into campaign events by starting the celebrations a year early. As every city logo proudly declares, Albuquerque was founded in 1706. A majority of Marty's Tri-Centennial Campaign, uh... Celebration events took place in 2005 - coincidentally, an election year.

The truth is, attending a forum where an incumbent is on stage with their opponents carries with it a significant risk - a risk that most campaigns will want to minimize. That's because the only way for an incumbent to go is down.

At the same time, The Almighty Alcalde was able to damage Councilor Mayer by generating the specter of an ethics violation. That move benefits his choice for District 7 - challenger Michael Cook.

Two years ago, Marty got heavily involved in the council elections. All of his Martycrat candidates - Katherine Martinez, Paulette de Pascal, and yes... Joan Griffin - were soundly defeated. This year the mayoral hand has been a bit more subtle, but that doesn't mean that he isn't trying to influence a couple council elections.

Our Eyes tell us that this time around the mayor is working through attorney and political strategist Doug Antoon. Mr. Antoon is running two candidates - District 5's Dan Lewis and District 7's Michael Cook, and is associated with Marty's Fundraiser-in-Chief and ABQPAC Bagwoman Terri Baird.

Mr. Antoon first cut his teeth in Republican circles back in 2007 when he ran the successful recall defense of Councilor Don Harris. He also served on the Executive Committee of the Bernalillo County Republican Party in 2008. Oddly enough, according to Antoon contributed $200 to the Martin Heinrich campaign while ostensibly promoting Republican candidates in the 2008 election. Our memory may be a little fuzzy here... but we're pretty sure that Heinrich wasn't a Republican and we're damn sure he wasn't the Republican nominee last year.

Antoon's duplicity concerns us. Even though $200 is a piddlin' amount - particularly in a Congressional race - his responsibility while serving on the Bernalillo County Republican Party Executive Board was to support Republican candidates.

The District 5 race and the District 7 race feature either a filed ethics complaint or a threatened ethics complaint. We don't believe that it's a coincidence that Mr. Antoon is involved in both of those races.

Ironically, Antoon had to deal with an ethics complaint against his client two years ago when he represented Councilor Harris. Apparently, he's learned that an ethics complaint generates a fair amount of earned media. Earned media is the name of the game when you're tied to a fixed amount of taxpayer provided money.

All in all, Marty's refusal to attend Mayer's Wednesday forum was a shrewd move. It protected him from uncomfortable questions and from himself, while advancing the campaign of one of his confederates. It looks like The Almighty Alcalde was campaigning Wednesday after all...

----- Another Thought -----
Just like any citizen, Mr. Antoon has the right to support what ever candidate he chooses, in what ever way he chooses. Our criticism is about his choice to support a Democrat in an important race over a well qualified Republican at a time when he held a partisan position in the Republican party.

We would have the same criticism if a member of the Democratic party chose to support a Republican candidate. At issue is the job they volunteered to do and the appearance of giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Working for either county party carries with it the obligation to support the slate of candidates selected by the party. If nothing else, it looks bad to have an executive committee member supporting a candidate from the other side.

Just this week, Democrats removed Robert Aragon from his position as a ward chairman after he endorsed Republican Jon Barela in next year's 1st Congressional District race. If you hold a partisan position of leadership, expect the troops to be a little put out when you support a high profile member of the other team.

The same goes for elected officials. Everything is partisan at one point or another and a partisan challenger may make an issue out donations that cross the isle. However, elected officials represent constituents from both parties while party executive committee members are elected to serve the members of their own party exclusively.

The whole thing is more than a little annoying. Republicans are not going to have substantive gains in New Mexico until they can figure out what team they're on. We've heard more than one Republican say that they'd support Cadigan over Lewis, or Chavez over Berry. Frankly, we would prefer Lewis and Berry to win. But if Chavez wins, we don't want Lewis to be another councilor in Marty's pocket.

The Almighty Alcalde owes his 12 year occupation of city hall to Republicans. He has masterfully manipulated the Rs on the council and in the public. At this point, all indications are that the man behind the D5 and D7 curtain is no Doug Antoon but Marty Chavez by way of Doug Antoon.


Anonymous said...

Albuquerque was incorporated as a city in the 1890's not 1706.

Old Town was founded in 1706 but wasn't annexed into the city until the late 1940's.


Anonymous said...

When a political strategist becomes an issue in a campaign, the candidate making the strategist an issue is in trouble.

People care about issues, not Antoon or Griffin. The success of Harris in 07 and this whiny post demonstrates Antoon can effectively manage a campaign.

The District 5 and District 7 incumbents need to focus on issues, or Antoon will be batting a 1000 in his first three attempts in municiple races.

Anonymous said...

Party loyalty is a trait the author of this blog should not question. The eye still never pass up the opportunity to praise the one Councilor that donated to one of the most liberal elected officials in Albuquerque. Cadigan was put into office by Lee, he has voted with Lee for 7 years, and the Winter clan donated more than $600 to Cadigan’s campaign. There is still time to max out at $1060 ($530 for Nan and $530 for Brad)

Feldman also gave Cadigan money. She was the person pushing Obamacare in Santa Fe. $200 is not much in a Congressional race but $1060 is substantial in a Council race.

With a win in District 5, the Republicans will control the Council for the first time in years. But the eye will ignore this as they give Winter a pass.

I am willing to be the eye will turn its back on the only Republican in District 5. The eye should not toss stones if it does not have the stones to report the truth about its favorite son.

Anonymous said...

The Board of Ethics dismissed the Antoon/Lewis ethics complaint against Cadigan, ruling that it did not even properly allege a violation of the ethics code.

Anonymous said...

Dan Lewis is a rock solid, conservative Republican. I can't believe The Eye would attack him simply because of your hatred for Chavez. Cadigan is a control freak scumbag and needs to go.

Anonymous said...

How about the amounts donated to Cadigan by Nan Winter's law partners?

Wendy York: $300; Louis Stelzner: $500; Tim Sheehan: $250.

Brad Winter, Nan Winter, or Nan Winter's business has pumped $1700, over ten percent of what he raised, into Cadigan's campaign.

Personally, I don't care, but if this Blog is supposed to uncover relevant inside information, it should do so in an even-handed manner. The Eye is being continually exposed as tight little circle of gossipers who support a few of their buddies.

Anonymous said...

I live in Cadigan's neighborhood. Someone needs to look at how he lowered the city fence requirement for that swimming pool he put in his backyard. If that isn't an abuse of power, what is?

Anyone in District 5 who has encountered the real Michael Cadigan, needs to vote for Dan Lewis.

Lewis isn't an arrogant tantrum throwing prick who violates city law whenever it suits his purposes. He's the kind of guy you'd actually like to have as a city councilor and as a neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything illegal about Nan Winter's partners contributions to Cadigan? What is your point?

Anonymous said...

"At this point, all indications are that the man behind the D5 and D7 curtain is no Doug Antoon but Marty Chavez by way of Doug Antoon." (Eye)

"Mr. Antoon first cut his teeth in Republican circles back in 2007 when he ran the successful recall defense of Councilor Don Harris." (Eye)

Everyone knows Chavez was behind the Harris' recall. How is it possible for anyone to believe Antoon is a Marty puppet. The puppet would have screwed Harris during the recall so Chavez could APPOINT a Councilor in 07.

Anonymous said...

Let's follow the logic of the eye's argument

Antoon is a tool of the Mayor
Antoon saved Harris
If Antoon is a tool of the Mayor
Then the Mayor saved Harris

That is one hell of an argument.

Anonymous said...

Sally is 59 years old and will be 63 in four years. If Sally continues to make 10,000 a year as City Councilor, then Sally will ony have Social Security fixed income to live on after retirement. It is clear from the Target scandel with Mayer that Mayer has no investments and used up all her retirement savings. Sally Mayer voted against increasing the minimum wage which Sally Mayer herself could not afford to live on while working at Kmart! Sally also voted against
raising City Councilor's amount of reimbursement, too.

Sally could easily use her status of former City Councilor (for eight years) and get out of the race and go earn a decent living
in the private sector and putting herself first as a priority!

Anonymous said...

An elected official crossing party lines is much more important than a member on a member of the party. Lieberman was paraded across the cointry by McCain. When elected officials defect, the party needs to clean house.

Anonymous said...

My point about Nan Winter, her business partners, and Brad Winter donating to the campaign of the MOST regulation-happy councilor there is was not to criticize the Winters. It was to argue for perspective, and point out, once again, if it relates to Brad Winter, the Eye has an official "Saint Brad" policy. If the issue relates to someone not in the little club, rip em apart over $200. I assume Winter and Cadigan are friends. Somewhere along the way, Antoon might have become friends with Heinrich. Just guessing.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Cadigan puts up with the crap he gets as a city councilor. He is way smart, honest, ethical, nice, and has a great career and a beautiful family. It must be because he cares about the city and is a real public servant. He would have been a great mayor.

Anonymous said...

Cadigan . . . . nice?


Maybe, in the way Al Sharpton or John Dendahl, that kind of nice; in the way that anyone who does does not engage in rape or murder is by definition "nice."

The other comments, sure, although honest is questionable if hypocrisy is contrary to honesty. He is smart, does not self-deal, has a great career and a beautiful family. But he has a well deserved reputation for being personally nasty, which is made worse by a shameless "do as I say not as I do" track record. This race will either humble him or make him worse. If he works hard, he will probably win.

Anonymous said...

Last post about Cadigan. Nice to see his mommy weighing in.

Reader said...

Maybe I can clear up the Eye's lense a bit on this posting.

I was friends with Martin and Julie Heinrich before I was on the County GOP executive committee. I contributed to his exploratory committee early on, well before anyone on the GOP side had decided to run for representative.

When I was invited to join the executive committee I immediately disclosed that I had contributed to Martin's exploratory committee. There was no issue because I was not a member of the exec committee at the time.

Since "duplicity" is defined as "speaking or acting at the same time in two different ways concerning the same matter with intent to deceive," I respectfully submit that is exactly what I was not doinhg and carefully avoided doing at any time.

As for Mike Cook, he is good man who will make a good and honest city councilor. His family and Scott and Teri Baird's family grew up together. Their children have been in each other's wedding parties and have known each other for decades.

Mike told me has wanted for years to run for council and he went to his Pastor, Steve Smothermann, of Legacy Church and the Baird family and they encouraged him to do so. Pastor Steve then introduced me to Mike and we went from there.

The mayor, as hard as it is for conspiracy theorist to believe, did not conjure this one up. Since all of Sally Mayer's 2005 support came from the Mayor, and she chose to ditch the Mayor in 2007, she has not been able to rely on her old support, so she cries "Mike is the Mayor's candidate."

The more accurate way of describing the bed that she has made for herself is that Sally IS NOT the Mayor's candidate by her own choosing. His supporters resent what she did to the Mayor and now don't support her and support her opponent. She did it to herself, and now she tries to paint Mike Cook into the same position with the Mayor she herself enjoyed in 2005 when she won re-election.

If that trends hold, she will lose and Mike will win for the same reason Sally won in 2005. No conspiracy here--just the rough and tumble of the politics that she carved out for herself.

As for Dan Lewis. Dan was in the race for West Side City Councilor when Mike Cadigan was running for Mayor and had repeatedly said that he would not--would definitely not--run for re-election. Dan and I had been involved in the local GOP and he asked me if I would help him with his campaign. If you meet Dan it's clear that he is a geat guy and would make an equally great councilor.

So I sent an email to my friend Mike Cadigan months ago explaining that Dan Lewis asked me to help him and I said that I would when it was clear Mike was running for mayor and was not running for re-election. Then later Mike flipped and got back in the city council race and I didn’t think it was proper to go back on my word to Dan. Sorry it hurt Mike's feelings.

I have been able to provide campaign strategy assistance to both Mr. Lewis' and Mr. Cook's campaign without being puppeteered by anyone, thank you very much. It may make for mysterious blog postings, but no one is controlling me except a commitment to two good guys and a belief that they can get elected with a well-planned and executed campaign. In addition to practicing law, that is what I do, and I don't need the mayor--who I really do not know that well--or anyone else to do my work for me.

If others see these two candidates as winning possibilities, welcome aboard. But thise possibilities come more from hard work and not from any political anointing from on high. Both are out knocking on their 4th or 5th thousandeth door right now, and that, along with a decent campaign plan, will win most elections.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Doug Antoon

Anonymous said...

A few of you are stumbling into the truth.

Nan Winter's law firm gets $100s of thousands in legal work from the Water Authority.

Who has been a member and past chair of the Water Authority?

None other than that paragon of ethics and accountability Michael Cadigan.

Cadigan makes sure Winter's law firm keeps getting those cushy, no-bid contracts and the Winter's return the favor with campaign contributions.

There's lot of focus on the Governor and the Mayor for potential "pay to play" issues but this connection should not be overlooked.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chief Shultz, I saw your comments in the Sunday Albuquerque Journal regarding the Community Custody Program.

You expressed great concern that you haven't been notified when CCP prisoners escape.

You have also been very critical of the Richard Sanchez incident. (Sanchez's body and those of his three sons were found at the bottom of Cochiti Lake.)

You must know the City of Albuquerque and Mayor Marty managed and operated the jail at the time of the Richard Sanchez escape. (The Journal article missed this point.)

Also, how many "on the run CCP prisoners" pictured in the Journal escaped when your boss, Mayor Marty ran the Jail?

At the very least, in the Richard Sanchez case, why didn't the mayor or city administration give proper notification to APD?

Anonymous said...

Does Lewis oppose the transportation tax?

Cadigan has opposed the tax.

Your good friend Don Harris helped to make the tax possible and is a flaming liberal. Not to mention sleeze.

And stop with the abuse of the ethics board with your specious complaints. This campaign tactic IS an ethics problem.

Doug, we have read your last 15 posts. Relax.

Brad is just fine. At least he will stand up to the mayor.

Anonymous said...

re: Cadigan ... He would have been a great mayor?

That's all we need ... another gay Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Chavez, Antoon and Don Harris do, indeed, make strange bedfellows. But strange bedfellows are commonplace in city politics. Chavez backed Tina Cummins in District 9 when she ran for reelection against ultra-conservative (R) Don Harris and liberal (D) Chris Catechis. Now Harris is running for reelection against moderate (D) David Barbour. So who does Mayor Marty back? The ultra-conservative Republican.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the Democratic Party ward chair who was just last week stripped of his credentials as a ward chair and County Central Committee member for publicly endorsing a Republican for Congress is none other than Marty's former brother-in-law and former law partner?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Doug's post and thank him for clearing up that issue. I am a Republican and I live on the west side. I have always like the fact that Brad Winter will do the right thing and stand up to the Mayor when necessary. Having said that, I am currently represented by Mike Cadigan and even though he is not in my party I will support him. He has always been very responsive to the needs of our neighborhood. I have talked to him several times and have been called in a timely matter with good results. He is very intelligent and this city is very lucky to have such an individual in office. He is the first Democrat that I have ever voted for in my 67 years, and I will be supporting him again.

Anonymous said...

Where are the republicans? They used to oppose bigger government/higher taxes.

David Barbour is the only candidate in council District 9 speaking in opposition to the transportation tax, money grab.

All the republicans, including all elected officials are supporting the tax.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because we all know gay people aren't qualified to be mayor. *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

David Barbour a moderate?

That's funny. If the term "moderate" includes those who rush barricades at World Trade Organization conferences, then the term moderate sweeps in Abbi Hoffman as a moderate also.

Here is Mr. Barbour in his own words:

. “I’ve been a liberal all my life,” he said. “But because of all the stupid things that Bush has done, I’ve become much more political.” He’s worked with California Peace Action and has helped introduce anti-Patriot Act resolutions in Northern California towns. He enjoys his job as a computer programmer, he said, but all is not right in his world.
“I find myself angry and afraid most of the time,” he said. “And the only way I can deal with that is to be politically active. They are creating a world in which I don’t want to live.”

He is a Berkley radical. Straight-up.

See for yourself:

And opposing the transportation tax?

This is the guy who on his own literature wants a "network" of "trams"?

This is our City we are talking about people. Those who hate Harris should not be so blinded as to try to immagine Mr. Barbour as something he is not for that reason.

Anonymous said...

The Barbour link is above. Paste together.

Anonymous said...

Below is the Barbor link that fits on one line:

Anonymous said...

For the person who doesn't think Cadigan is "nice," it's probably because he is very intelligent and doesn't suffer fools gladly - is that why you don't think he's nice, fool?

He is a responsive and accomplished elected leader.

Mike Blessing said...

Think of it. Martin Chavez, the man whose face graces every city billboard, every city television commercial, every ribbon cutting, and park opening,

Come to think of it, he sounds kinda like Kim Jong-Il in this respect.

Anonymous said...

David Barbour will be the best councillor the district has ever had. And he is not a sleeze guy like Don with ethics violations.

Red light Don Harris has supported several taxes and city fee increases. The result of his term will cost District 9 and everyone in Albuquerque real money.

David Barbour will oppose the Harris transportation tax. Don tell us why you voted for the tax.

Mr. ethics violations please respond.

Check out the eye on this ethically challanged candidate.

Anonymous said...

"he is very intelligent and doesn't suffer fools gladly"

Great, now we've got Cadigan's dad posting. No surprise. The whole clan lives in the same compound.

Anonymous said...

Notice how when the 5th or 1th floor feel a threat they start by throwing out lies like "affairs." You go Nan don't let these theives intimidate you.

Anonymous said...

REF: July 29 1:14:00 PM MDT

That was the 11th floor

Anonymous said...

Mr. Antoon, how did you pass the bar exam?

In reference to your response dated July 26th, please note the following:

1)doinhg is spelled doing
2)geat is spelled great
3)puppeteered is not a word in any language
4)thousandeth is a spelling error my five year old would not make
5)I’m not even mentioning all of the other appalling grammatical errors.

Having you on their opponent’s campaign teams is a godsend for Sally Mayer and Michael Cadigan. Additionally, you are a flat out embarrassment to Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Oooo -- struck a nerve! No one said anything about "affairs". No one said anything about baby daddies, either.

Not yet, anyway.

Be smart. Take your medicine and STFU. There's plenty more that can be posted.

Anonymous said...

The City Charter controversial amendments would give Councilors an increase in pay without voter approval. The Mayor doesn't want that, but City Councilors do. It just doesn't make sense to keep City Council pay at a ridiculously low amount of 10,000 a year because Councilors can't enter into contracts with potential deals that have conflicts of interest with the City. While I'm against Sally Mayer returning as City Councilor because she would easily make more money in the private sector with no worries over conflicts and using her status as former City Councilor for eight years to bring in lots of money for retirement, I'm not likely to want a City Charter that gives Councilors the green light to give pay raises for themselves.
I would like to see voters do that. It would be better for voters to make that decision. I'm in favor of increasing the pay from 10,000 to 30,000 a year. City Councilors do work hard and often have to turn down lucrative deals due to conflicts of interest. It's better to pay well that position and have Councilors avoid conflicts and get into messy ethics violations.

Anonymous said...

I found a couple of jobs for Sally Mayer who for the last what one year? two years? has been unemployed. Page One on Montogomery and Juan Tabo needs a full time Children Section Coordinator. Also, the Commission on the Status of Women has a giant book with loads of jobs that pay more than 7 bucks! Looking at Sally's predicament of being totally broke and will be retirement age in four years, I have really decided to keep focus and spend the next 30 years saving 250,000 for retirement.

If Sally utilized the Commission on the Status of Women on Central and San Mateo, then Sally would have a job by now. Tell women without jobs how to get a job even in a tough economy. Channel 7, 13, or 4 news could do a story with a job coach and take 5 unemployed people and walk those people into jobs with pointers on where to look, where are the resources out there and how to possibly even start your own business. Craig Loy started his own business and makes lots of money!