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Jul 17, 2009

Brasher Withdraws

The wait is over for District 9 Councilor Don Harris. The former councilor and current county commissioner Michael Brasher, has officially withdrawn from the district 9 race. In an email sent to your humble Eye, the commissioner states his intention to stay in his current position (read it here). Brasher's letter doesn't give a reason for his withdrawal only an indication that he would like to serve in the future.
July 16, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have decided to remain in my position as Bernalillo County Commissioner for District 5, ending in December 2010. Accordingly, I will not be a candidate for the office of City Councilor for District 9 this fall. I look forward to running for another public office in the future after completing my service on the Bernalillo County Commission.

As always, I would like to take this opportunity to give my sincerest thanks to so many of you for your support of me.

Very truly yours,
Michael Brasher
Brasher's exit leaves incumbent Republican Don Harris facing Democrat David Barbour in the "non-partisan" race. We're sure that Councilor Harris welcomes today's development as it removes a formidable barrier to his re-election.

While the move may seem somewhat shocking, there have been indications that the commissioner might decide not to run for his old seat on the council for some time. First of all, Brasher never formally announced his intention to run. It's true that he had collected enough signatures to qualify him for a ballot position but, at some point a candidate has to step up and tell the public that they're really in the race.

More importantly, our Eyes tell us that a member of the commissioner's family is having some health problems and that he feels this just isn't the right time to be out campaigning.

It looks like the District 9 race has become a whole lot less interesting. A competitive race has become Don Harris' to lose - which could happen, but is highly unlikely. Unless Councilor Harris does something to shoot himself in the, uh... campaign, he'll be taking his second oath of office this December.


Anonymous said...

check out this stunning news story on chavez:

Anonymous said...

First Palin, then Zanetti, then Brasher (Brasher, do you think you will revert back to your Democratic roots now that your party is falling apart)! Republicans can't finish ANYTHING these days.

Your pathetic attacks on Justice Sotomayor have cost you the votes of not only Hispanics but Women too! Good luck winning ANY election at ANY level.

Get it together GOP or get used to a blue New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Not all Republicans are racists but all racists are Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to read one commissioner has seen fit to honor a commitment with the voters. The only quitter left must be knocked into a political nightmare. When he wakes up on 10/7, we need to be sure he never crawls out of the grave he designed.

Say no to Armijo.

Anonymous said...

One of the previous commenters seems to be confusing the Bernalillo County Commission with the Judiciary Committee of the Senate of the United States of America.

Further, Michael Brasher is Hispanic. His family is in the New Mexico archives as far back as records are kept. There is a pretty good chance that if you have one of the historic New Mexico Hispanic surnames, Michael is related to you.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed to learn that Brasher is not running for City Council. I am glad he will remain on the Commission, though. Unfortunately he can not serve in both positions simultaneously. We need him.

Like most of us in this recession, I am extra careful about how I spend the money I have available to meet my family's needs. Yet, for every dollar I try to earn, save or spend wisely, our government "leaders" seem determined to take it away and waste it. Government taxes and spending are out of control and it is choking us, and government officials seem totally insensitive to this.

Anonymous said...

Does the Eye support the person who wants to build streetcars on multiple streets in Alb? Does the eye support the guy wants single payer health care? Will the eye work toward streetcars and socialized medicine?

The following are quotes from two blogs. I wonder why the eye slams Obama over his health care plans but publishes words that seem to support the San Francisco Democrat who wants to implement the same plan in Albuquerque.

"A competitive race has become Don Harris' to lose - which could happen, but is highly unlikely. Unless Councilor Harris does something to shoot himself in the, uh... campaign,"(Eye)

"David Barbour, a computer programmer who moved here two years ago from the San Francisco area, is on the October 6 ballot. But he is much more liberal than Harris. His campaign platform includes universal health care." (Monahan)

I guess the eye cares more about personalities than policy. This is about the future of our city, it is not a high school election.

Support the Republican or get out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Michael on an important decision. While it apparently is the norm and widely accepted (i.e. the former Senator Barack Obama and Governor Sarah Palin), I am happy to finally see an elected official committed to completing the term of the office to which he was elected, rather than abandoning it for personal career gains or other reasons. Asking for votes comes with a commitment to stick it out on the job. Thank you Michael for honoring that commitment.

Anonymous said...

I hate to see you not run, Mike. But this was the right decision.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Mr Brasher may have an illness in his family, maybe his Mom. Shame on the idiots in this column who are running Mr Brasher down for not runniong for office. If someone wants to pull out of an office or not run, that is their decision. Brasher is a smart man and he does not deserve to be run down.