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Jun 3, 2007

Eye Poll Results: Heinrich Scores Poorly

The results of our first Eye Poll are in and the numbers won't be good news for District 6 Councilor and Congressional hopeful Martin Heinrich. Granted this poll is not by any means scientific but Eye On Albuquerque readers gave the Councilor poor marks with only a 30% approval rating and a 43% disapproval rating - 10% of those polled said they didn't know and 16% indicated they didn't care.

If this poll is any indication, Councilor Heinrich faces an uphill battle if he wishes to unseat incumbent Heather Wilson in next year's 1st Congressional District race. Not only has Congresswoman Wilson shown herself to be a formidable campaigner, but she managed to hold on to a seat in the last election cycle despite what turned out to be a Democratic "wave" that unseated numerous Republicans and gave control of the House to the Democrats. Disapproval and apathy... not a way to start a campaign.

This week we're talking budget and more specifically the $9 MILLION gift to Bernalillo County.

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