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Jun 12, 2007

Spin Mode

The Mayor's got his troops out defending the scam-era system... right now on 770 KKOB AM. According to host Jim Villanucci, John Walsh contacted him at 2:15 pm this afternoon offering to send over a few guests to talk about the system. Could this be in reaction to the Rising Tide? We think so.

This is no doubt damage control and the troops from the city are doing their level best to spin this. So far, when pressed on issues like rear-end collisions these "heavy hitters" from downtown are doing a less than credible job of making their case. Take a listen at If nothing else it's entertaining listening.

----- Update 4:00 pm -----
Who knew this would turn into a live blog? It's hard to tell who's saying what, but one thing is clear... these guys are tasked with supporting this policy and defending it is difficult for them. Remember, they all work for Marty and their job is to salute and carry out his honor's orders. One example in particular is Captain Hetes. APD SOP requires him to support any ordinance regardless of his personal feelings on the matter when he represents the department. He is literally prohibited from speaking out against established policy.

----- Update 4:30 pm -----
This is what happens when the discussion doesn't include anyone who has the authority to make policy. The city crew can't admit that there could be a problem. Meanwhile, the public picks up on their defensiveness and the perception is that they are being spun. It stops mattering whether the "heavy-hitters" from the city are telling the truth or not... trust is already lost.

----- Update 5:00 pm -----
We're surprised that these guys made it through two whole hours without a call from the 11th floor. Antagonistic, defensive, unresponsive... all describe the city's performance. No surprise that they're not staying for a third. They've done very little to reassure the public that the scam-eras are function properly, that they save lives, or that they're NOT ABOUT THE MONEY.

----- Update 5:20 pm -----
Need we say more. Jim Villanucci was offended by the "heavy-hitters" from the city Kevin Broderick, John Castillo, Joe Bowdich, Ron Hetes, and John Walsh. He's gone so far as to call them liars. What's more important, callers weren't fooled by their performance either. Note to the 11th floor... leave spinning to the professionals and thanks for sending them out!

----- Update 6:00 pm -----
An interesting factoid has come out of today's Villanucci show... the time for a yellow light across the city seems to be close to or right about 3 seconds. Host Jim Villanucci timed the lights today himself, finding the lights up and down Montgomery were set to 3 seconds for a yellow light on through traffic. Anecdotal evidence from callers seems to support Mr. Villanucci's timing.

Now people are becoming suspicious that the city will alter the timing long enough to prove that they're 4 seconds (as maintained by traffic engineer Kevin Broderick) to the media and then switch them back. Who knows what they'll try... after all today's attempt to spin sure hasn't worked for them.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the interesting thing about blogs is that the writer does not need to adhere to journalistic principles of objectivity. "Less than credible" is a great phrase that applies to this blog writer.

Anonymous said...

Shut up. This is nothing short of the Roman soldiers rousting the people and slaying anyone who speaks up or out against the emperor. Eventually those who followed this blind obedience in Rome, perished at the hands of the people.

James said...

LOL... the double talk and evasion is unbelievable! Here's a sample:

Jim: "Let's talk about this study that says that increasing yellow lights by 1 second saves lives"

Cop: "No. Let's talk about the families that lost a loved one because somebody ran a red light"

Caller: "I just timed a yellow and it's only 3 seconds"

Traffic Engineer Guy: "You're using an orange stop watch, and we use apple stop watches."

Bush: "9-11! 9-11! 9-11!"

What a farce.

Anonymous said...

Marty is a maaster of spinning good press---I am sure hhe and his staff are hard at work coming upo with a good publicity BS story like pandas or something to deflect the heat from this topic.

Anonymous said...

The boys chief marty sent to spin his scam got spun. Did one of the spinsters say that they were doing this scam while obeying the US constitution? Was I hearing something?

Time to pull the plug on the scam and send the taxpayer back every cent that was bilked out of them. I wonder if chief marty is on the take from redlex? The whole scam needs to be shut down and audited. Marty needs to be recalled. All of the spinsters should resign or be fired.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it when they start to panic...

ched macquigg said...

As I listened, it became apparent that they were not telling the truth; not through outright lies; it was more like legal weaselry, splitting hairs and such.

regardless of the ultimate truth, the city, by and through its spokespersons, at this point, has zero credibility on this issue.

Anonymous said...

ched macquigg; you are so right on.
YOU NAILED IT. I say a 'Rally' is in order at Civic Plaza.
Italy knew how to handle their dictator after WWII. Musollini got what was coming to him. Nuermburg took care of the rest of them, just like those clowns on the radio today.
Enough is enough. It's time..

Anonymous said...

Yep - let's March on downtown. Grab yer guns and vests, cause we'll be facing 900 of Lord Marty's Orks and Trolls!!!

Anonymous said...

a truth in government rally?

could work; but it would take a whole bunch of people who would actually show up.

A proposition which is at best, iffy.

ched macquigg said...

Bob Clark had a scamera show today.

I thought APD's Walsh was probably one of the best spin doctors that I have ever heard.

There is a test for honest politicians and public servants:

will they sit still and answer questions until there are no legitimate questions unasked?

any answer except yes; is no.

Anonymous said...

Orks and Trolls ? Wow! It really is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. People back in Washington DC are reading this. This 'Goose Stepping' attitude of Marty's and the fifth floor is starting to give a very bad impression to the citizens of this community and to those who represent them in Washington.
For God's sake, save us. Send in Federal troops, liberate us from these thugs.

Anonymous said...

I guessing that Orks are female and Trolls are male?

Anonymous said...

It was pretty odvious that Walsh was lieing. Same old shit out all of there flapping lips.

Anonymous said...

Their Flapping lips,not there.
Ok we know who the trolls are. So who are the Orks?
Can't wait to read what follows next.

Anonymous said...

The "blind citizen followers" of the trolls. They are kind of like "yes men" only way more disgusting!

Anonymous said...

So the Trolls are 'yes men' and the Orks are... his bitches?

Anonymous said...

Something like that.