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Jun 10, 2007

Eye Poll: Tax Cut Before Jail

It was close all week with most Eye on Albuquerque readers voting to fork over $9 Million to the county for the Metropolitan Detention Center. Starting Friday, the numbers started to swing towards the January tax cut. When it was all over the nays outnumbered the yeas. With 111 votes in our unscientific poll, 50% of participants felt that the city should not give $9 Million to the county, 42% thought that the city should, 5% didn't know and 4% didn't care.

Frankly, we were surprised at how close this one was considering the tax increase already imposed by the county to pay for the jail. It does indicate that the public is always concerned with public safety and law enforcement in particular.

This week we've set our Eye Poll on the 11th floor. Let us know your opinion on how Mayor Martin Chavez is doing by voting in this week's Eye Poll.

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Anonymous said...

Heck - find alternatives to jail for non-violent "offenders". We have lots of trash to be picked up, lots of pot-holes to be plugged, red-light cameras to be taken down, etc. Bring back the chain gangs!!!