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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Feb 12, 2008

1,100 At Any Cost

Monday the Almighty One held a meeting in his office with the APD academy staff and APD's top brass. The subject was APD's seemingly impossible dream - 1,100 officers. The meeting was supposed to take place sometime last week but due to some mayoral obligation or the other it was moved to this week.

As you can imagine this wasn't a pleasant meeting for the contingent from the 5th floor. As we've told you right here, it doesn't seem to matter how much money they spend or how much time they spend turning over rocks APD can't recruit, rehire, or retain enough officers to meet Marty's mandate.

According to our well placed Eyes, His Honor pulled rank on the assembled crew and ordered them to reach 1,100 no matter how they have to do it or who they have to hire. At one point our Eyes tell us that the maddened mayor told his Chief of Police that he had ordered him to reach 1,100 officers and if the Chief couldn't obey his orders he'd find someone who could.

There's a lot to be concerned with here. If the mayor has truly mandated that APD will have 1,100 officers at any cost then he's sacrificing our safety on the altar of political expediency. APD should not be hiring just anyone to enforce our laws (even if it's some silly cell phone ban) as the integrity of the entire department rides behind the shield of each and every officer.

When even one officer engages in some kind of unscrupulous behavior, the whole department gets a black eye. (Can anyone say Matt Griffin?) It's impossible for the public to tell the good from the bad, especially since they both wear the same uniform. The result is a public that doesn't trust the police charged with protecting them.

We cannot afford to have anything less than the best qualified, best trained, hard-working, honest officers on our streets - and for the most part they are all of those things and often much more. Lowering standards and hiring just about anyone in order to reach some arbitrary number for the sole purpose of making the mayor look good at a press conference is dangerous and foolish.
Marty would be sure to miss that next news conference where the Chief is having to explain to the media and to the citizens of Albuquerque that one of these substandard officers just got caught doing some of the things they are hired to catch others doing.
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Yesterday's meeting exposes the very real problem that we have with our current city police structure - the Chief of Police is an at-will employee of the mayor. As a result, the Chief is and must be as political as the mayor's Chief of Staff or any of his directors. This type of political involvement would place just about anyone who is unfortunate enough to be chief in an untenable position - do they answer first to the law or to the mayor.

In light of Albuquerque's property crime problem, there's little doubt that we need 1,100 or more officers on the street. But, you can't get there by counting PSAs, officers on leave (often to sunny Iraq), civilian support staff, and reserve officers, which our Eyes tell us APD is doing now. More importantly, you shouldn't try to get to 1,100 by lowering APDs standards and allowing just anyone to become an officer.

We'd rather have 500 good officers than even 3,000 questionable ones. For a police department to be effective it must earn and maintain the trust of the public. APD is on the verge of losing that trust and achieving 1,100 at any cost would certainly push the department beyond the very fine line of public trust and tolerance.


Anonymous said...

I wonder in they count red light cameras in their total number of officers as well? (that’s sarcasm by the way). We shouldn’t put up with BS politics when it comes to public safety...

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is a complete idiot. He is either to ignorant or incompetent to know the simple reasoning of supply and demand. We need to pay officers a decent wage in order to attract officers and retain officers. The demand is high, and high everywhere. Look at AZ, CO and TX just to name a few states with major wage increases compared to APD.

Now that the mayor has pissed this city's finances away he is now in a crisis. This budget crisis is even prior to his tax cut. ( a joke in itself as the red light camera system is a tax. A tax is a revenue maker).

If ALL not just some APD officers get a raise in this next contract then he will have major, and I mean major retention problems. The buzz is officers with more than 10 years on WILL leave to other departments that show respect and pay a better wage. They don't have to look far, Bernalillo County Sheriffs, Farmington PD, Rio Rancho PD, Hobbs PD all pay more, way more.

In fact just in the last week two of the APD Public Service Aides have left the department to go to BCSO. Unheard of 7 years ago, or even last year. This is a sign.

Hire sub-par officers, I DARE YOU MR. MAYOR. You think the city is in financial peril now? Wait till all of the lawsuits come flying in and the judgements have to be paid out. I know there are citizens that say some of the department already gets sued a lot, all I can say is , buckle your seatbelt it WILL be a bumpy ride.

Glad Marty hired a puppet because this Chief will not have the integrity to do what's right. He has proved this time and time again. What good is a leader when no one had the trust to follow?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting how hard it is to bring in quality officers when you pay near the bottom in the region. Less work and more pay. I wonder why people go else where.

Anonymous said...

The only person to blame is the mayor, if he put half the effort into building public safety that he has into the red light scamera program there yould be less crime. I bet it is because the red light program makes millions, have a decent police force costs million.

Anonymous said...

This lame duck, Mayor Chavez does not care who he hires. He is just trying to reestablish his very tarnished image.

Well, Marty, your done in politics. Stop screwing up the police dept.

Ever since you and Bakas took over the APD, it has just gone down hill. You hire bad chief after bad chief, as they have no intergrity or back bone. They are all crooks and you try to hide that fact, because you buy them with high salaries, but screw the troops with no raises. That is the reason that the APD now has the worst morale problem in its history.

You and Chiefs Gallegos and Schultz have seen to that!

When it comes to management, you and your staff are total idiots. why do you think people hate you so much!!!!!!!! You're dirty! That's why you were blown out of the senate race!

To think, you will hire anyone just so you can look good. Well, that's what we expect from a slezze ball like you. We won't forget you when you're gone.

I hope the media blows this up in you little face.

Schultz, you weak stick, Try and stand up for your officers and dept for once in your life. The little tyrant won't fire you! He's a lame duck!!!!!

We, the public will be watching you hire all these losers, like former APOA President, TRAITOR,and Political Hack Lawerence Torres who sold his soul to Marty Chavez, as well as the futures of all APD Officers.

Lawerence Torres is one of many who was too dumb and dirty to get into APD the proper way. Is this the type of officer you want on the streets. Torres bargined and paid his way onto APD, then Marty hired him on your staff after Torres screwed the APD rank and file.

We will be waiting for him when you leave and your deal won't save him!

Schultz, stop worrying about your six figure paycheck and do what's right. Put that little troll, Marty in his place! Stand up for once in your life and stop worring about how much money you can make by F@*king up APD!

I am going to make sure as many people as possible and the media follow this story!

Anonymous said...

The best people to recruit are the officers themselves. With morale so down in the gutter, with the river water, no wonder no one wants to come to APD.

The city can blow their money on the run-a-way bride billboards and $5000 signing bonus, but it's not going to work when the department is so corupt. And that starts from the top down, Mr. Marty. When citizens and employees constantly see the Mayor and his cronies on the take who would want to recommend their friends and family, except of course those that give the campaign bucks. Now that's hiring qualified people, hee hee. Then, Jason can just walk away from another way over the limit speeding ticket, because of his last name?

The good cops are disgusted and can't wait to leave. And a large raise would certainly help retain, but when leadership doesn't back their officers, when they're in the right, then all bets are off.

Some advice Mr. Mayor clean up YOUR act! Get rid of your many at-will friends taking advantage of city money and there might be enough for raises. You're so arrogant and narcissistic you don't realize that you're sooo transparent. And you all were quick to give yourselves big raises, recently. Start by getting rid of Nick, Ray, Lucy, Carlos, Charlie, Ed, Chris, Robert, Debra, Ralph the many DC's, the "3" at animal control, etc, etc and maybe the citizens and employees would have more trust in city leadership!

Anonymous said...

Yet another play to manipulate numbers... and I can hardly wait for the propsed budget for the next FY. I hope the council can cut Animal Welfare budget and give more to APD.

Joseph Lopez said...

I used to be a school cop. I found out some crimes about my principal boss, and I ended up taking an ass kicking over my whistleblowing.

I was pretty messed up, all head injured and still have PTSD, the military won't take me. But maybe APD will. I will drive a desk if they want me to, try to prove I am ok to work outside. But until then, I would be glad to take phone reports and do emergency plans or whatever I am qualified to do.

But every citizen who saw the news reports about me getting arrested for yelling at my former boss would not trust APD, even if I did a good job and got over my head injury and PTSD somehow.

So, no, don't lower standards even if it means I can't work for the best police department in the State. Even if I can't even get an interview as an FET, don't let people get in who are not fit to do that job either.

I hate to admit it: my arrest (even with the charges being dropped with prejudice) and my injuries make me unqualified to do law enforcement work ANYWHERE - APD needs to make sure they keep the quality up.

Anonymous said...

Guess Im showing my age but do you remember when APD had a 2 years of college minmum and was looking at making it 4? DO you remember when 700 plus people owuld put in for a class of 45?
It seems to me that Ray actually is doing a good job considering what he has to deal with, however let me say to you old guys (incl. Ray); what do you think Stover would have done given that order at a meeting? Damn straight, he'd have lit a smoke and laughed in the mayor's face and dared Marty to fire him. Not everyone is cut out to have the stones Bob had, but he created the top notch dept. you all joined by standing up on his hind legs.
All you guys think on this, you don't have to stand tall but you have to stand up.
City hall-you, are about to put the final nail in the coffin of what was once the best Dept. between the Mississippi and the coast, and for what? All of us that stood behind that shield over the past 30 years look on this govt. as the biggest bunch of weak sister to ever hold that office (and that's saying a lot when you followed Baca!)


Anonymous said...

Its all about leadership! BCSO academy starts in two weeks with 45 cadets. Only two captains on this department have the respect of us. The rest have sold their souls (golf buddy) to the 5th floor. I have 2 years to go and will buy one and early out for the other one. Not a whiner, just not corrupt!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so now I know: Marty's a Cpt. Acevada wanna-bee. Benito Martinez (Cpt. Acevada on The Shield)is from Albuquerque, and Marty is about as stupid & crooked as Acevada is...they even sound alike.
The problem: where are the stand-up cops? Or are they all like Vic Mackey?

Anonymous said...

Good job Greg, I mean 'Eye'

Anonymous said...

Will someone, somewhere, somehow,from the Federal level come in and declare 'Marshall Law' and take over this city and put all of these bums in a prisoner camp like in Nam and feed the little rat to his commrades.

Anonymous said...

I hope one of those captains you so respect isn't the same one who got caught shredding Marty's parking tickets from a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Somebody please enlighten me. How can that low-life Torres come back to this department? Did'nt he give up his cert when he left?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's have the Feds come in and solve our problems...that'll make things much better. Please help us because obviously we can't help ourselves.

Such bullshit. Will somebody please tell me where the POLICE DEPARTMENT is? A few posts up had it right on. We don't need to stand tall but we do need to stand up. And that means quit blaming Marty, blaming Ray, and looking to others for help. Some of you sound like worthless victims.

Anonymous said...

who do you call when those commiting the crimes are those in power? No one - ask any holocaust survivor.

Anonymous said...

I can't see how this
Chief schultz is still in charge of the APD. Since he took over the APD has even sank lower in morale issues, worse than Gallegos.

To think that they have told their coomand staff at the academy to hire anyone is just so crazy.

Don't they know what this will do to the APD in a few years time.

Mayor Chavez is drowning and is hoping that if he can get 1100 officers that it will clear his dirty name, but it won't....

Torrez is the one person that started the down fall of APD by bringing in all those worthless open space cops who could never get accepted into APD under the old standards.

The mayor had the old standards changed so Lawerence Torrez and his now APD Lt friend, Ruben(pull a shotgun on your family and cops)Griego could get into APD.

Currently, APD has two cops that have used shotguns to either hold their families hostage or threaten to kill themselves with it. Mark Aragon is one and Lt Ruben Griego is the other. The academy staff told the Chief and deputy chiefs not to hire these officers, but the chief needed the numbers and now both work the streets. One as an APD Lt.

This place has sure become a hell hole.

What ever happened to honesty, intergity and pride. There is no such thing with APD's administration.

Morale sucks for the 870 officers on the APD. The administration is even bashed in briefing, that's how bad it is. To think, now they plan to make it worse.

Anonymous said...

I want to have a lot of respect for the police in this city, really I do. Considering how rampant property crimes have become in this town, more cops would be advantageous. But again with all the property crimes (not to mention crimes of a more violent variety), why is it that at least several times a month, some APD Guardian of Public Safety (cop) is running RADAR on Wyoming a block north of San Antonio at 5:00am?? Why is it that last year, some Super-sleuth from this same command made Officer of the Month for writing several hundred citations for license-plate covers (documented on this very blog). Why is it that with all the serious crime that happens in this city, some cops are allowed the luxury of sitting their fat asses in one of the RedFlex vans for several hours to issue Photo -RADAR tickets to folks, on the freeway trying to get to work so that they can pay the taxes that pay for the salaries of said cops.

Wait a minute, having just read the above, I remember why I have a hard time respecting the cops.

Joseph Lopez said...

"Such bullshit. Will somebody please tell me where the POLICE DEPARTMENT is? A few posts up had it right on. We don't need to stand tall but we do need to stand up. And that means quit blaming Marty, blaming Ray, and looking to others for help. Some of you sound like worthless victims. "

I tried to stand up, really, I took all the evidence that Danny Moon was stealing money from APS, over a million dollars a year, to Gil Lovato (former APD Capt, then a school police) and he and AV Romero did nothing with it. I had to take the information to the APS accountants and show them "see, he is stealing you blind" before anyone would do anything. Thank God for APS Internal Audit.

Dude, I swear I could not get anyone to take a report on Lovato's crimes running the Illegal Tripple Is either, I tried to whistleblow but was just retaliated against. I am living proof that head injuries and PTSD await those who try to whistleblow even as certified cop school guards in Albuquerque.

Honestly, had I had some 82, I would just be guarding kids until it was time to retire, APS PD has 25 year retirement. But instead, I tried reporting a felony fraud and became the target of retaliation instead.

I would SO work for APD or BCSD today, but I would NOT join up with any turkey outfit that would accept anyone as messed up as me!

Air Force rejected me. I don't want to be in the Navy or Army, but even the Marines rejected me. I am too fucked up to go get blown up by an IED and end my misery. Like I said, any turkey outfit that will take me is not worth joining up with.

Anonymous said...

I work at the academy and we have been told to hire as many as we can ,even to the point of turning a blind eye toward past illegal activity or anything that might keep a person out of the APD Academy.

Can you believe that! Boy, the 5th floor just about wants to hire everybody now, even individuals with bad background histories.

I can't believe we are lowering our standards this much. This is going to kill APD in a few years.

However, we have been threaten, and told to look the other way while recruiting cadets.

I also was told that we will not fire anyone out of the academy, no matter what. Everyone must graduate until we reach 1100!

I would love to go to the media with this, but I need my job!

This place is scary/crazy. Everyone, especially the brass is worried about getting fired by Mayor Marty and Chief Schultz.

Our poor Capt, now at will commander, is terrified to lose his job. The poor guy walks around like a zombie stressed out.

I have news, even if we hire everyone, we will not reach 1100 officers by Dec 2008. Way too many officers are jumping ship as fast as they can! The morale in this place is horrible and just became significantly worse!

Anonymous said...

The APD officers need a big raise in order to attract new recruits. The Mayor is going to wait until it's close to the end of his term and he will give you one.

The money that the City Council set aaside and wanted to give you will finally be given to you as well as a good raise. They Mayor will try to take credit for all of it.

He will do this in an attemp to gain favor amoung the officers. He did the same thing the first time he was here. He held off our rasies for 3 years then added them up and gave them to us the last year. Well, when you look at what we didn't get and when he gave us the raise at the end, we lost money, while he earned interest on our money,

Mayor Chavez is playing that shell game once more.

So, expect a raise close to the end of his term.

Take the money when it comes, then flip the Mayor the bird on his way out. Never forget what Mayor Chavez has done to you and APD. Don't let the door hit him on the ass on his way out!

Anonymous said...

I for one want to thank that slimball Lawerence Torrez for F@*king up my position and making it at will. Now, everything we do is political.

When Marty leaves, Lawerence, you won't be able to hide far enough up Marty's skirt for protection.

I know what deal you made with the devil Lawerence, and I'll still be here waiting for Marty to leave and you to come back over.

You piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

I just heard the new PIO is none other than the deputy chief's (wingnuts) girlfriend, Nadine.

Well, we all saw that coming. John Walsh and Ray Schultz are also hoping to get lucky.

To think, Ray mouthed her so much for her activity, as she lives down his block. He however, hired her. Castro made sure she got the position.

Let's see how they control her and make her spin the numbers. The good thing she is not a very smart one and the media will see right through her.

Anonymous said...

I wish to clarify much of the misinformation that is appearing in relation to this particular entry. First, APD has not, nor will it reduce or minimize any entry standards for cadets. The truth of the matter is that APD standards are higher than any other LE agency in the state of NM. For example, the NM LEA standard regarding DWI incidents states that a LE agency may hire an individual as long as any DWI conviction occurred more than 3 years from the date of application. APD on the other hand holds their applicants to a 5 year time limit. This standard was actually introduced by Mayor Chavez last April. More important, APD counts arrests as well as convictions.
Second, I have heard Mayor Chavez, the Chief of Police as well as others in the organization state on numerous occasions, "We will not compromise the quality of our officers to meet any number goal." I believe them. Case in point, last year APD tested more than 3,000 applicants all of whom expressed an interest in becoming a LE officer. Out of that 3,000, only 179 were given the opportunity to begin the police academy. Of course, not all 179 made it because APD has one of the best academies in the nation. This is a further testament to the high standards that APD employs.
Last, instead of conjecture, innuendo and complete falsehood, I personally challenge the webmaster of this blog to verify this information, as I did. All I had to do was ask the Chief and he opened the books for me. The department is more than willing to show the proof that their standards are and will always remain high.

Anonymous said...

Jason Daskalos, now with the standards lowered to "piece of shit" status can join the ranks of APD. Only touble is that the maggot couldn't pass the physical rigors at the academy, especially since he has never done a days work in his life and has never even lifted a shovel. What a 'Biatch'.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Marty wants Mr. Shepherd ex APD officer will soon be taken over homeland secuirty. Look what he as done with City Secuirty and his going after some APD officers to pertect the Mayor. He has a private investigator looking at apd officers. I work at the LEC and see all the drama whats going on. whatch your back read below.

former Marty Body Guard and DMD Security Manager Mark Shepherd has been quietly promoted. We told you about Mr. Shepherd and the EEO investigation into allegations regarding his hiring. Among other things, the investigation found that Mr. Shepherd had been untruthful on his application and that there were irregularities in the hiring process (one of Shepherd's references Nick Bakus, served on the hiring committee
The report concluded:

1.) Mr. Shepherd "knowingly made false statements in his application," a violation of the City of Albuquerque Personnel Rules and Regulations which states that "applicants aare ineligible for City employment for reasons including, but not limited to... any fraudulent for false statement on an application."
2.) "City officials improperly accepted Mr. Shepherd's improbable representations of work experience and did not properly evaluate his work and supervisor experience."
3.) "An individual named as a reference improperly served as a member of the interview panel."
4.) "Interview benchmarks do not support the choice of Mr. Shepherd over [redacted]"

Further, the investigator found that they "must conclude that the irregularities in this hiring process support" the allegations made by the claimants.

The real question here is given this information, what did the city do? Our Eyes tell us that the city settled the claims with terms undisclosed and Mr. Shepherd is still serving as Security Manager. Looks an awful lot like a break to us... just not for the Mayor's mother.

Anonymous said...

You want the FEDS to take over?? You must be smoking crack. Talk about corrupt and never held accountable??? I agree APD needs something but the Feds are not the way to go...

Anonymous said...

I think there is some confusion on just what higher standards means. A higher standard would be to require more education for police officers. By not abiding by state statue standards, i e the DUI reference above, APD is not raising its standards but excluding some potentionally good officers who meet all state requirements for a BS feel good policy that doesn't make sense.

If three years has passed since a DUI arrest with no further incident why shouldn't APD be able to recruit this person? There have been a number of really good APD officers who have this in their background. Under Marty's BS rule they would not have been allowed to hire in with APD and they would have gone to other departments.

APD needs to strictly ahere to state certification standards so as not to exclude good applicants who might have made a mistake, but have paid for it. This crap about higher standards doesn't hold water until you start making all officers have an associate degree. Now that is a higher standard and by the way that is a requirement of the New Mexico State Police. So don't feed us this BS that APD has the highest standards in the state. All APD is doing is excluding good candidates who have made mistakes and paid for them. Under politcal spin guidelines like these APD will continue sliding in numbers.

Isn't there some commander at APD who is willing to stand up and stop the politically correct spin the mayor is putting out? Why is the mayor making these bull shit rules anyway? New Mexico has it's certification standards, APD should just try to abide by them and not try to exclude good candidates.

Anonymous said...

Three up; Bla, Bla, Bla.
Stop puking up such vomit.

Anonymous said...

to the person that posted "the Chief opened the books for me"

Did he show you the true number of commisioned officers are in APD? Something he & Marty don't want to give to the media!

So what are the true numbers, especially of patrol officers?? Not counting every ding-dong friends of Marty & Ray.

Anonymous said...

The person who claims the chief opened the books is none other than DC Castro. Do you really think we believe you DC Castro. You are so full of it, trying to save your job!

If you don't believe that APD is hiring bad officers, look at the APD reports on former open space officer Ruben Griego, 10-15 armed with a shotgun call and 10-15 armed with a shotgun call, Mark Aragon. Aragon was fired and told never to reapply. Both reports are in APD records under each officers name. The Griego report has his small child listed, so that one will be a little harder to get. However, any cop can pull the infomation up. It's all in black and white, APD print!

Many APD officer and open space officers responded to both calls.

So, DC Castro, don't tell me that our standards have'nt changed, BS, they have!

Pull the reports yourself and read!

Anonymous said...

The chief said absolutely no transfers until May or June of this year.

I wonder if that will apply to the new PIO.

Since Trish left, John Walsh is having to work for a change and he hates it.

I guess that 90k a year of John's will only carry you so far. He really didn't think he had to work fo it, after all, he's Chief Schultz' best friend.

Anonymous said...

Unless you live on the westside of town be prepared to see even less officers than you do now if your neighborhood(if you even see one at all).

Since the numbers are so low in the department the Chief had to get rid of all the proactive patrols, cut all the area command investigators by one person, and remove one person from all squads in the city.

All this to have a 6th area command. What's the point to pay peter while robbing Paul. Way to go Admin.

Anonymous said...

Notice the deputy chief did not respond about the lower standards when examples above are given.

A few classes ago there was a guy in the APD Academy that had 3 DWI's and a DV and other cadets with Agg assaults etc.

Thankfully, these guys were weeded out by the academy staff, no help from the 5th floor who fought their firings and wanted them to graduate for the numbers.

There are still others as well that have made it through, but the Chief's office keeps that very hush.

Why do you think the deputy chief stopped typing, he knows what they have done to the APD and knows the reports are there in plain print.

It would not surprize me if the 5th floor tried to destroy the reports.

Anonymous said...

Chief Schultz, why did you pick the PIO you did, knowing full well the pasted history of this person?

Are you trying to destry what little image APD has.

Chief, you're an idiot when it comes to management!

Anonymous said...

Lyers,thieves, one and all.

Anonymous said...

Fire has done the same thing when trying to let go of cadets in the academy. That's because the one's that can't make it, on thier own merit, are friend/relatives kids, campaign contributors and the like.

It use to be that a cadet could only fail 3 block tests and if they retook and passed then they could stay, otherwise they got the boot. Now a cadet can fail 5 and stay whether or not they pass the retest. That's because these are people that Marty and Ortega hire and don't fire. No huevos on Ortega, "the fireman's fire chief" right! Ortega's motto "family first", and check out their prior criminal records!! These are the people that are suppose to save lives. Some don't even know how to connect a hose to a hydrant. Let's hope Marty doesn't have a fire at his house!

Not all are bad some do have the potential to actually learn. I use to be proud to be a fireman, now it's an embarassment. Talk about lowering standards.

Anonymous said...

Two posts up.. why did he pick her, thats too easy to answer. Its truly pathetic. He takes the old PIO, lets her slide into IA... since when on this department has a newly promoted sgt. NOT had to work in the field. What a waste. Please tell me Nadine wont be the voice of APD. The vanity alone will kill us. I really wish the chief would have picked someone with morals and values.

(side note.,.. do they test for STDs as part of the PIO testing process?... might want to do it!)

Anonymous said...

few posts up... STOP lying. We have lowered our standards. There are officers out here that Chief Ray Ray let get in, when all others said to fire!!!!!

Its a numbers game, its all about saving face. He is such a piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

As an APD officer I have noticed some disenheartening things recently.

First, no officer is brave enough, since Badway left, to post anything on the APOA website. The Chief monitors their website and has them scared to death.

Second, the APOA is spineless. We put an ad in the paper and then do nothing. The APOA is scared and it is never a good thing when your cops are scared.

Third, Albuquerque media are a bunch of grade schoolers. There are real stories to report on. Enough tips have been posted at this website, but yet no reporting to the public about the APD officers who have domestic violence backgrounds etc. What is wrong with the media? Are they bought by Marty too?

Fourth, why hasn't the media reported on the 30 to 50 calls holding on some days? The multi hour wait time to get an officer? The actual number of full time sworn? Question the Chief about why he has officers in jobs civilians could do?

I guess my final question is, will any of you only care when something bad happens to you family? Can't you see the train is off the tracks?

Anonymous said...

There are no reporters in this town,just errand boys.
Journalism, what a joke.
They're paid by the news channels and the Journal, but take their marching orders from Schultz and Walsh.
Wake up Albuquerque. Don't be so F_ _ king stupid.

Anonymous said...

How did Nadine get the PIO job? Her maiden name is Sedillo. Baby girl of Lucy, another one of Mighty Mouse's at-will employees.

Anonymous said...

We need Mark Horner to come back to KOB. He had the Chief and the Mayor so pissed off they wouldn't talk to him, yet he scooped all the stories and the truth came out.

Anonymous said...

For any of you media bums that can't figure this out on your own, pull a copy of who has given $$$$$$$ to Marty's political campaigns. Then look at what city jobs they or their relatives have been given. Hmmmmmmm wonder how much APD and AFD commanders, lt's, DCOP's and Chiefs have given Marty so they can buy their positions. Oh and be sure to look under maiden names of wifes and company names of other family members.

That is if your not to busy looking for the speed vans in school zones.

Anonymous said...

I am a fireman that hates what is going on within our dept, as well. Chief Ortega protects his entire family who all drink and drive.

Again, Chief Ortega's nephew that was fired, Dominic Jenkins, was arrested for DWI just the other day again.

To think the chief is planning on hiring him back on AFD. Let's see how they get by his new DWI.

Everytime Dominic turns around he's breaking the law in some fashion or another. Several firemen watched, as Jenkins was arrested again.

So, APD is not the only agency with issues.

Anonymous said...

I heard that one of the new requirements for the PIO's position is being a tub girl with a big tattoo of a motor cycle tire on the small of your back.

Especially when that person never passed the motor cycle driver test until they went one on one with the sgt on a sat. Guess what, after the day was over, this person passed.

No one to witness it. Notice how this person spent very little time on a bike.

With 23 plus years on, you think this person would leave to spend time with her children.

Nope, needs to much attention to leave, as the pool would dry up!

Anonymous said...

What vile and venom you spew with no regard to humanity. I am not a Nadine apologist, but this I know for sure in regards to riding a bike, she can outride you my friend!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's why they call tatt's like that a "tramp stamp"!!

Anonymous said...

What's a tub girl?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mike. Big mouth.
The resturant you feed your pie whole has big ears.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, even the waitress sits down with Larry Barker( sleez) after you leave.

Anonymous said...

Well back to Ruben and Mark,,, I couldnt pull up the one on Rueben but the one about Mark was wrote by none other than Louie Armijo,,,He's famous for writing slanderous false reports on officers to get to their wives. Poor Herman Sanchez at least he sued Louie and made lots of money off of APD. If Mark was indeed fired then theres no way in hell he would have been re-hired here no matter what kind of dirt he has on anyone. Personally I think it all smells like BS.

Anonymous said...

"why is it that at least several times a month, some APD Guardian of Public Safety (cop) is running RADAR on Wyoming a block north of San Antonio at 5:00am?? "

Because having a repeat fatal accident at Wyoming & San Antonio would make for a really bad day you frgg'n idiot.

Anonymous said...

OK, there's not nearly 1,100 cops out there & Smarty & Ray know that already, so why does Marty put out a directive to Ray that from now on officers have to go to public libraries every day to do "welfare checks"?? Because the media did a story on child molesters in the libraries? so now Marty thinks that sending out what few officers we have to the libraries is gonna make the pedophiles go away?? Can't they just call if they need officers? Officers need to be out there on the streets is all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

Two posts up.. why did he pick her, thats too easy to answer. Its truly pathetic. He takes the old PIO, lets her slide into IA... since when on this department has a newly promoted sgt. NOT had to work in the field. What a waste. Please tell me Nadine wont be the voice of APD. The vanity alone will kill us. I really wish the chief would have picked someone with morals and values.

(side note.,.. do they test for STDs as part of the PIO testing process?... might want to do it!)

Are you people that damn shallow to be that concened with Nadine being the new PIO ? I've worked around APD for over 22 years and let me remind you,

First APD aint all that. You brag and rag on laterals, rehires and a host of any other 34's that don't agree with you. Your quick to discredit and slander them with extream prejudice as soon as you can. From my vantage point I never saw any of you knocking the Chief's door down to be the PIO !!!

This is another thing that happened, you and a bunch of other 34's started a combination of rumers and asking her out to try to see who could do her first, who could get the notch on the belt first.

I'm not saying that Nadine is a saint. She had relationships with people that she chose to, and it was and still is no ones business.

But here's what happened: after rumers and talk were flying around you ( and you 34's know who you are) tried to get some tang or a hummer or both and she turned you down. Totaly pissing you off, the same female 34 that you and all your buddies were doggin and talkin shit about, killed you when she said no.

So now that APD wants to use her for the PIO, Oh now it's time to dog her out again and try to pull some more BS out of her closet, well let's see whats in you closet!

I'll say it again; IT DONT MATTER WHO THE F'N PIO IS, your department has imploded from the inside out, to be able to stand there and bash front line officers in this manner just confirms that you are focusing your energy in the wrong area. You should be focusing on the APOA and vote in some good strong leadership. From my understanding Ron's doing ok but he needs good strong help. STOP the attempts to distroy officers for WHAT EVER REASON...
You 34's need a good strong APOA and most important change your focus from each other to this joke of a adminstration..

Get back what is yours, take back what they took from you. APOA, FILE ON THEIR ASS. THEY JUST MADE ALL THE CAPTIANS AT WILL EMPLOYEES. These are one of the many things you should be focusing on and not each other... PLEASE TRY AND BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The personal attacks are getting out of hand again. It is not the same thing to quote from a police report (in the case of Ruben) and to besmirch an officer because of alleged personal relationships. Sweet Jesus you guys, who care who slept with whom? Its the frrgin 21st century , I dont care if people sleep with farm animals if they do their job. ANd it always seemed that the lady you all are dogging out here does her JOB! If it aint a felony that shut up about it!

Anonymous said...

Look at the above posters and you will see APD has lost its ethics. Either you have people spreading slander or you have people condoning unethical behavior.

It is sickening that no one has the guts to call people out for rumor mongoring. It is equally sickening that no one has the guts to say enough is enough and we expect more for our police and public officials.

Anonymous said...

I just love how these kittens talk so much shit here but lord knows they are the biggest flock of sheep out in public.

Anonymous said...

first of all.its disheartening because at a time when the department needs it most, the chief chooses someone with no morals or ethics.fits right in with the 5th floor. here it is someone who shows up on call outs talking about the sex that was interupted. here it is someone while on duty, gets on all fours and crawls across the table to wish a guy happy birthday (to include a nasty kiss). when we told her it was gross, she goes into the capts office, closes the door and reminds everyone she is untouchable. in terms of putting in for the spot, it was never open to anyone, it was never offered. she had the spot from the get go. u know she will make this all about her, just like every thing she is involved in. what are her qualifications, does she have extra schooling? the behaviors and acts of the 5th floor bring us down more. we are truly at rock bottom. our chief is not a leader, he's a backstabber. he's a coward. we need a vote of no confidence. we need to bring the media in and not stop.

Anonymous said...

As a citizen I am ashamed of everything going on at APD.

That said I can fix your 1100 officer crisis. Since so many officers want to come back after retirement just do away with the 20 year pension. It should be just like everyone else, age 60 before you can retire. That would get APD to 1100 quickly. Don't give me this crap about how stressful the job is. It might be stressful, but no more so than anybody else. And actions speak louder than words, if it is so stressful why are officers coming back after retirement.

Yep are there any legislators reading this? Please do away with the 20 year pension and make the cops stay until age 60 before they can retire.

Anonymous said...

Bring the media in, huh? That's funny. Mark Horner was in Oregon last I heard, by the way. He was shunned by many here after exposing the truth. Likewise Chris Williamson from KRQE, replaced by that sleazy Larry Barker. Anybody who believes Larry uncovers anything that matters is an idiot. The ABQ Journal is owned by the Lang family. Need I say more???

Anonymous said...

The report on Ruben Griego is there, you just need to dig. You need to be an officer to get it, because his underage child is listed on the report, ref a child endagerment charge and the report is restricted. Several westside officers responded to the range open space house he was living at, up right before the APD range is where it is located. Plug in that address and it should also come up. Also, you can ask any of the old open space officers you trust. They will tell you what happended.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Mr. Get Rid of <60 Retirement" that sounds great until you realize nobody is going to come IN to the department. What are you going to do then, require 60 year old officers to remain on duty???

Anonymous said...

Retirement in this state is handled by the legislature. If they remove the 20 year and 25 year retirements and replace them with 20 years plus age 60 it will be the rule for all the departments in NM that participate in PERA. A lot of other states have this type of retirement. We are headed there so long as fat cats leave at 20 or 25, wait 90 days and come right back to double dip at their high ranking jobs. Greed is the driving force and it will cause all to lose this good retirment system. It is too bad but unless we put an end to the double dipping I am convinced the legislature will change the retirement system.

Anonymous said...

The person who posts all the slanderous BS about cops he works with must be some kind of closet pedophile or something! because he sure spends alot of time diggin up dirt on APD officers.

Usually those who dig up all that dirt on others are hiding from the problems they have of their own. For example CH13's Larry Barker who likes digging up dirt on everyone, but he seems to be hiding a secret of his own.

I don't know this Rueben fella but I worked with Aragon many years ago and he WAS NOT fired from APD, he left to go to Sandia labs. While there he won the lottery with some other sandia people and left there too.

Guess he got bored and came back to APD for the abuse from the hypocrites on this blog.

Anonymous said...

ho emberaseen!
vieweeng the mis speld werdz is spoookkee. com onn aPd spel it corekt, k? loook up yur werds feerst, k? captian? rumers?

at leest NADINE wuz spelt rite.

aPd teechr at akamdemy

Anonymous said...

We just heard who the new PIO of APD will be. Are you people stupid. We here at fire are just laughing our ass's off. We always knew your administration was ignorant. This just confirmed it. They are much stupider than they look. Hahahahahahahahahah We can't wait to see the results and impact.

Anonymous said...

fire guys,,,hey dont be jealous cause your pio is a chubby little mouse. That pio job is supposed to be about eye candy!

Anonymous said...

Who ever posted bout herman sanchez getting lots of money in a law suit, if I remember, it was $900, guess someone could consider that a lot, ask his attorney John D'amato, $900 might be 2 much, also you probably weren't around when Armijo was there for those dv, pulling the 34s hands out of their pockets, forcing them to hit their wives. I looked, didn't see mark aragon's name as one of the lottery winners frm the base, I did internet search??

Anonymous said...

check some more there were three Sandia guards who insisted on anonymity.

As for Herman i remember that too, they disbanded the DART unit after the Louie, Herman, and now Commander Garcia scandal. Even if Herman was paid one dollar it means the city and Louie were wrong. Therefore D'Amato must have lied to you about what Herman may have actually been awarded.

Anonymous said...

I think you better check, Galvin disbanded DART, way after the allegations by Herman. It went up the chain of command the lt and capt made the decisions, not Armijo, Iam pretty sure I saw lt gonzales walk into our briefing room and contact Herman

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, now that the Police Academy's captain, I mean Commander, has been reassigned, and the Lieutenant and two Sergeants are requesting to leave maybe we can get some police officer's hired (insert sarcasm).

MAYOR, did you miss Econ 101 while at school or did they teach that in pesos???