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Mar 7, 2008

Judgement Rally

Center for Family Justice to Rally for Judge J. Wayne Griego Indictment

Metropolitan Court Judge J. Wayne Griego was recently brought before the Judicial Standards Commission for fixing tickets for court staff and family (read our take here). This is the second time that the Judge has played fast and loose with the law and we don't believe he's qualified to continue in his capacity as a Metro Court Judge.

The Center for Family Justice (find their website here) agrees with our position and has decided to do something about it. They're holding a three day rally (Tuesday, March 11th, Wednesday March 12th, and Thursday, March 13th) calling for a grand jury investigation into Griego's ticket fixing activities and collecting signatures for a petition to force a grand jury to be empanelled. CFJ President Leslie Cumiford explained their reason for pursing a grand jury investigation in an email we received yesterday.
Griego[], as a judge, has a charge and a duty to the People of NM and he has utterly failed in this duty. Additionally, he has violated the law and acted in a conspiratorial manner from his official judicial offices.

The Constitution of the State of New Mexico allows the People, by petition, to convene a grand jury to consider indictment of an offiical for criminal behavior. In the absence of any real oversight in this state over misdeeds of the judiciary, it is time for the People to lawfully take this matter into their own hands and convene a grand jury regarding Griegos' actions. We do so under the New Mexico Constitution, Article II, Section 14 which states in part: "A grand jury shall be convened upon order of a judge of a court empowered to try and determine cases of capital, felonious or infamous crimes at such times as to him shall be deemed necessary, or a grand jury shall be ordered to convene by such judge upon the filing of a petition there[of] signed by not less than the greater of two hundred registered voters or two percent of the registered voters of the county, or a grand jury may be convened in any additional manner as may be prescribed by law."
-Leslie Cumiford, President Center for Family Justice
If you have a problem with Judge Griego's continued disregard for the law and his position, the center asks that you drop by the Metro Courthouse Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. There'll be a petition available for you to sign and a sign for you to carry if you have a few moments to take part in a little protest activity.


joe schmedlap said...

This might be fun -- I think I'll drop by

Anonymous said...

Good for the CFJ....this should put all of the other corrupt judges on notice...the citizenry is awake and aware!

Anonymous said...

I know the following occurred in another State:

What ever happened to that judge that was using a penis pump when he was behind the bench?

I believe he was let go!

Lets hope the same for Griego. What he has done isn't far off from the penis pump!

Anonymous said...

"What he has done isn't far off from the penis pump!"

Not far at all, as a citizen I feel as though I have been "pumped".

Anonymous said...

Hey - how bout' that (former) Judge Brennan? He's done us proud again

Anonymous said...

This state is rift with creeps, freaks, slime ball pukes and they're all judges. Greigo should go. Brennan's a complete f**k up and it doesn't surprise me that he's charged with DV, what a punk ass POS!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the judge who was living for free in state housing. The courts are a joke in this state. I don't see any other judges coming out against one of their own to protect the laws of our state. I guess their oaths to uphold the law doesn't include fellow judges. Judge Nakamura where are you?

Anonymous said...

We will need about 7000 signatures from Bernalillo County registered voters to accomplish the convening of a grand jury on Griego. (We are also accepting other-county signatures and non-registered-voter signatures but they will not count toward the total required by the constitution.) We hope Eye viewers will stop by this week and help us out. In numbers, we can defeat judicial corruption in New Mexico. We would like to publicly thank John Brennan for being the best advertisement possible for this week's rally! CFJ

Anonymous said...

From CFJ - Rally Results Day 1:

-250 signatures were collected, with a promise of 250 more from citizens who will collect in their neighborhoods/workplaces

-KRQE and KOBTV both filmed segments for their news programs. Thanks to these stations for covering what the people want to hear

-in general, the public is furious about Griego's actions and happy to do something about it, except for one segment - attorneys!! Many objected strongly to our approach. (We shed a tear on their behalf.)

-fertile ground for petition signatures turned out to be those in the walk-up line to pay their traffic ticket fines. Now, if Griego had fixed THEIR tickets it might be a different story. . .

-we need help - there were way more persons willing to sign than we could handle. The TV coverage could increase the response over the next 2 days.

Anonymous said...

Judge Nakamura is probably with Victoria "people hater" Grant, or Janet Blair working on another judicial witch project. GET RID OF ALL THE JUDGES AND START VOTING NEW ONES IN.....Thats the only solution to this problem.

Anonymous said...

Does this judge work for APD's administration. He sure would fit in perfect.

Anonymous said...

This may be just the tip of the ice berg. He needs to be investigated for much more than ticket fixing if the rumors I've heard are true.

Anonymous said...

From CFJ: rally results day 2

-we collected 380 signatures today and got commitments for another 100

-attorneys have begun showing up and arguing with us - one calling the NM Constitutional clause for a citizen's grand jury petition "antequated". I guess we're impacting their gravy train. We are shedding even more tears now.

-signatories included law enforcement (not on duty), Metro court personnel and attorneys - thanks!

-over the two days, including signatures in hand and commitments for more, we are now at 940. Yeah!

-we agree with the Eye - it's no time to quit now. It's unacceptable for Griegos to fade into a lucrative law career or become a high-priced State consultant like sleazeball John Brennan. You do the crime, you pay the time. . .

-we'll be there on Thursday from 9-3. Stop by and sign the petition!

Anonymous said...

OK, so now his slot is open and some mope appointee will run for his seat and so here we go again, folks!