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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

May 20, 2008


As you know by now we spend most of our time watching our local government and elected officials. Just like everyone else we've been watching the Democratic primary with interest. If nothing else it's great entertainment for political junkies.

Barack Obama in particular has used his natural charisma to attract an almost fanatical following with his message of change and ability to inspire. Despite a few screw-ups and poor choices of association, Obama has been able to preach his message of change without really letting anyone know what he had in mind. In fact, our criticism was that he hadn't given any details on the "change" he was speaking of - kind of an empty suit.

Saturday Obama gave everyone a glimpse behind the charm and charisma curtain and what we saw is an abomination. Now we're wishing he was just an empty suit because the reality is truly terrifying.
"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," Obama said.
These are the words of one Barack Hussein Obama at a campaign rally in Oregon designed to celebrate his status as the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee. If you've spent any time at all on this blog you know that we are always concerned about the effects of legislation on liberty. You can imagine our reaction to Obama's willingness to make the future of our country and its freedoms subject to world opinion.

This country was founded on the concept of freedom. We threw off the shackles of an oppressive English king whose taxes became too onerous. We created a constitution not to enumerate our freedoms but to prevent government from taking those freedoms away. It's a document crafted to empower we the people by restraining government. So, it's more than a little concerning that a candidate for President of the United States would so blithely give our liberty away.

Obama does not seem to understand the concept of freedom. His rhetoric implies that government not only has the right but the responsibility to steal our liberty simply because other countries demand it. We're quite sure that King George wasn't all that happy about the colonies decision to leave his little empire. Hitler probably didn't think that we should stick our noses into his affairs either. Both tyrants demanded our liberty - both were defeated.

Our point is that despite recent court rulings that inexplicably cite court decisions from other countries, the United States is a sovereign nation built on liberty and only answerable to its citizens and not to foreign powers - at least it has been for the last 200 plus years. Should we really place our liberty in the hands of a man who would give it away even before he takes office?

We don't know about you, but we're not going to allow government officials from any nation including our own to tell us what we can drive, how warm or cold our home should be, and especially how much we can eat. These are basic freedoms that are the result of our personal achievement and the rewards that come from our hard work. No one has a right to have them and no one has the right to them. To believe otherwise is an abomination or more precisely an Obamination.


Anonymous said...

This is the most laughable post I've ever read. Yes, we all know you're a right wing neocon nutjob, but suggesting that the US should care what the rest of the world thinks does not equal surrendering our sovereignty to the UN or any other such tinfoilery.

How dare Obama suggest that the rest of the world might have some interest in what the country most responsible for the global warming that is effecting them so immensely is doing about curbing emissions? Seriously, do you even think about things at all before you write them or do you just reflexively parrot whatever idiots like Bill O'Rielly say?

I notice that for all your bluster about liberty you haven't cried foul at all about the Bush administration's constant undermining of the bill of rights. Why is that?

Also, at what point did you get the impression that Hitler "demanded our liberty?" Have you ever actually taken a history class? No doubt you think that Al Qaeda hates us for our freedom too, right?

Your "Lets Roll!" bumper sticker is getting sun-faded, better replace it with a new one (made in China.)

I love the "Obama doesn't really have any plans, he's an empty suit" meme you're perpetuating. It really exposes you as someone too lazy to bother reading the detailed platform laid out on his website. Meanwhile, John McCain's platform is "just like George W Bush, but better! Tax cuts for everyone! Deficits don't matter!"

Anonymous said...

Well put !

Anonymous said...

I hope that this blog is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Hang onto your butt, the left is going to post about 100 times calling you a "neo-con" and other such foolishness. No doubt most of them won't stand up against the one-worlders /socialists until they outlaw patcholi and Vespas. Herbivores will always go along with the crowd, like the rockstar "Change" crowd around Obama. In about 5 years they will all be complaining when we are referring to Obama as their generation's Jimmy Carter.

You all need to take a moment and think, once we give away everything to the rest of the planet and enter into all these diplomatic discussions with terror harboring countries so they "Like us" do you honestly believe that they will?? Did that work in elementary school when the bully took your lunch money, or did he still whip you after school?

Anonymous said...

Democrat and Presidential candidate Barack Obama tipped his hand with the remarks attributed to him - everyone else should sacrifice to assure his life of luxury and splendor.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

Its funny that you're assuming that talking to other countries somehow equals capitulating to them. Where's your post decrying the Bush admin's diplomatic efforts with "Axis of Evil" member North Korea?

I'm impressed by your ability to leap from the concept of diplomacy (which has been practiced by every American President in history) to the concept of capitulation to foreign interests. I suppose you're equally upset about Reagan's "capitulation" to the Soviets?

Anonymous said...

What you quote Obama as saying and what current and former political leaders have done in raising the required MPG rating for vehicle manufacturers differ in what way exactly?

in the sticks said...

What can I say? I'm stunned at the lack of depth and understanding of the issues we face by this site. So, it's ok to throw billions of dollars at a war that is just wrong in so many ways. But tell the public where America is going and suddenly you are against freedom? Are you really that naïve that you do not see the assault on the constitution and freedoms of the last 7+ years by Bush! In a very short time only the very rich will be able to drive anything, have any type of heat ( hell I keep my thermostat at 63 now), or be able to buy food. -In case the post did not go through.

Anonymous said...

Saying "We can't. . .just expect that other countries are going to say OK," was played out in the real world when the Saudis rebuffed W's request for increased oil production. The message for the U.S. is that the cost of energy is going up and will stay up. Renewable and alternative energy will not be cheaper, but rather competitive at the new higher price levels. Don't want to pay $4+ a gallon? Take the bus or carpool.

Anonymous said...

All of the politicians say they have a plan!

What are their plan(s), and for what? Same old rhetoric for the past 100 years.

In my opinion: pull our troops from everywhere, get them home to protect OUR borders. Put covert spies in those countries that are killing our young soldiers. We need to quit being so obvious about our presence.

Lets get back to caring about America and Americans!

Anonymous said...

IF you look at the thought of Obama's statement, I think he is simply saying we should be concerned on a personal level that our excesses will lead to higher prices on everything we consume, use and need.

Case in point, with gas prices higher than ever, how many cars speed, gun it, and otherwise use
Paseo or the freeway as a joyride
avenue? It is their right, but perhaps slowing down and getting
maybe a mile or more per gallon would help out. That's just one example.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed how many Americans still think it's 1950, when we were a creditor nation, energy independent and exported real products rather than toxic financial instruments.

How much longer do you think other nations will continue to subsidize our lifestyle by taking our dollars? I'm glad at least one politician is willing to talk about this.

It's not about our freedom; it's about the freedom of other peoples to finally say NO to us. We badly need to be planning for the day, not far off, when the SHTF.

It's not that we weren't warned. Admiral Rickover gave a speech in the mid-1950's about the end of cheap oil in the early twenty-first century. We choose to ignore his warning and we Americans are going to pay a big price for being grasshoppers rather than ants.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the black eye on Albuquerque proves it is impossible for the author to understand reality. Obama does not advocate taking freedoms; he is stating the obvious. The rest of the world will not allow us to consume at current levels because they want to consume. The global economy republicans pushed for so many years had something us economists call negative externalities, in national defense circles it is called blow back.

Republicans wanted to trade so other countries could increase the wealth of their citizens and those countries could by our goods. The former has been accomplished in China and India. Many jobs have been shipped to those countries because they have an abundant source of cheap educated workers. Those workers have moved into the middle class and now they are demanding the same goods we once took for granted, such as gas and foods other than rice. This increase in demand causes the price of those goods to increase and this is why we cannot continue to consume at current levels.

China and India are not going to curtail their consumption because we want cheap gas. If we ask, “please do not buy a car to keep gas prices low so us Americans can Drive an SUV,” they will not say ok. A middle class person will not be able to afford gas for an SUV and maintain their current spending habits. Obama tells us we need to prepare for our future, forged by republicans, in a world where more people will be competing for limited goods and service. If we are not proactive, the market will kick us in our teeth just as it did to Russia after the USSR collapsed.

Anonymous said...

Are all of you left wing kooks drinking to much Kool-Aid??? Barak Husein Obama is a 2 faced bum in the first degree . . . Typical examples 1) come on, 19 years before he leaves that racist rev. Wright's church! I'd say that's about 18 1/2 years to long??? He is an empty ignorant suit.
2) He has just about come and stated, but stopped short, that we should talk and negoiate with terrorists regimes!!! He doesn't understand that people/fanatics in a certain religions (Islam) want to hurt and or kill all infidels, YES, that's you and I! Most Muslims are peace loving folks but that 6-10% depending on what you read, shoot everything to heck!
3) He is the most liberal person in congress! His voting record speaks for itself! He's so far left that his friends call him LEFTY, he's so far left he's Southpaw 4) he wants to forsake our freedoms for the world, call me selfish, but to many AMERICANS worked hard and died for this country including me, and he wants to CAPITULATE to the world . . .
Hillary . . . well that says it all! There's enough dirt on her and her lousy, cheating, lying, laughable, crooked, self-centered woman chasing, impeached SOB hubby to seal the deal on her! (White Water, Travel Gate, Rose Law Firm, Her vision of Health Care etc . . .
Don't get me wrong, I'm not crazy about the 3 chioces we have, but Clinton and Obama are wrong for this country. McCain is a tough person, I may not agree with McCain on certian things, but he won't hang the US out to dry!

Anonymous said...

"he won't hang the US out to dry!" Really, have you seen his voting record for vets???? The guy is a professional hack "my friends".

Anonymous said...

you think this is bad, wait till Darren Whilte wins the congressional seat...It's "ALL ABOUT ME"...IF he wins...

Anonymous said...

Wow Eye...I agree with you on many things, but your right wing nut is showing on this one and you're way off base.

How many of our liberties have been thrown under the bus during the reign of Prince George II?

Since McCain's middle name is Sidney, that must explain his terrible temper, huh? He was born in Panama and you know what that means, right? Yesterday, while filming his interviews for the national media he WAS NOT wearing a flag pin on his

That's all kernal of truth bs sarcastic innuendo, may recognize it as, minus the sarcasm, it resembles this post. Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

I appologize to you all. I should of been more clearer in my statement. I meant to say McCain will not Hang the U.S. out to dry and Obama will. If Obama is in the White House, wait until the first international incident occurs and inncent Americans are hurt and or killed, he will probably want to talk this over with the people did this and want to negoiate with them and in the end will take a nuetral stance and nothing will be done, but we have Americans hurt and killed.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...wasn't George Bush over in Saudi Arabia on bended knee asking King Faud for a break in oil??? WTF?

Anonymous said...

Any U.S. persident would of been doing the same . . . this all started about 25-30 years ago just after the problems in the 70's, we have more oil off the coasts of Florida, California, the Gulf of Mexico and up in ANWAR then the Saudis do!!! We should of built more refineries back then. We can thank the environmental whakos and congress for caving back then and all these years for the problems we have today! This is basically our fault! You mean to tell me that with all this technology we have that we can't take for instance 10,000 acres of land that we know that has oil and only use a fraction of that land for drilling sites and roads etc and not damage the rest . . . We need to use our own oil and resources and be more self dependent and not on these jerkoffs like Hugo Chavez and the oil Cartels of the middle east and asia to go and get bent! We have so much untapped resources in country it's not funny!

Anonymous said...

Then why do I feel like I've been robbed every time I tank up at the gas pumps? Hmmmmmm major oil companies raking in huge profits....major oil companies making huge donations to certain politicians.....a clue!