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Apr 21, 2009

Brasher In the Running?

One of the more intriguing questions of the 2009 municipal election cycle thus far has been whether or not County Commissioner Michael Brasher would make a run at his old city seat. Up until 2001 the 2nd term county commissioner held the district 9 city council seat - a seat he may still have held if not for a paperwork snafu back in 2001.

Now our Eyes tell us that Commissioner Brasher is one step closer to becoming Councilor Brasher once again. According to our Eyes lurking the halls of power downtown, Commissioner Brasher has signed up for candidate school. It's really not a school but a meeting with the city clerk to go over the regulations and calendar associated with the upcoming council elections.

Obviously, until Commissioner Brasher officially declares there's still a possibility that he would sit out the city election. But even the prospect of a Brasher run has got incumbent Don Harris jumpier than a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Our Eyes tell us that the twice-elected-for-one-term councilor has been working Republicans behind the scenes making the case that should Brasher and fellow Commissioner Alan Armijo prevail in their council races, Governor Richardson would appoint their replacements - which would effectively give the Governor 3 appointments to the commission with Deanna Archuleta's jump to Obama.

Councilor Harris maintains that he would beat Commissioner Brasher on that issue alone. But despite the fact that District 9 leans R, Harris has been embattled almost since day one and it was primarily Rs that were trying to show the councilor the door in the recall election. The real question is how well will the Guv's involvement play with the general public in a "non-partisan" election.

Right now, it looks as if Commissioner Brasher's interest is more than just passing but only time will tell. Until he makes an official announcement, Councilor Harris will likely remain that jumpy cat with nightmares of rocking chairs.


Anonymous said...

Harris has pandered to Smarty from day one. He should have a "D" behind his name! If Brasher enters I will work full time for him, just like I did to recall Harris.

Anonymous said...

Can't we find candidates and elected officials WHO AREN'T ON THE APS PAYROLL??!!

Brasher: APS
Armijo: APS
Winter: APS
Stewart: APS
Romero: APS

The list goes on and on.

PLEASE vote for Brasher. 20 years in elected office and more than that on the APS payroll just isn't enough!

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster complaining that so many elected officials work for APS, has it occurred to you that the the school system is one of the largest, if not THE largest, employer in the city?
As far as Harris, if the best campaign "platform" he has is the fear that Richardson would appoint the District 5 Commission replacement, that is pretty lame. How about we vote for the best candidate for the job? Oh wait, Harris can't hold a candle to Brasher in that respect!

Anonymous said...

Look at the times of the pro-Brasher postings. Middle of the work day.

Now we know what Brasher's taxpayer funded staff does on our dime.

Anonymous said...

I left the 3rd post and I take exception to the 4th. I do not work for Brasher, nor for any government or tax funded entity. What I do on my lunch break is my own business.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so many elected officials are on the APS payroll. Didn't Harris work for the city in the legal dept at one time? Does he perhaps still have contracts with the city? Or is your objection only to those who receive their income via school taxation?

Anonymous said...

Harris wants Brasher to run.

If he does, Brasher will wish he didn't.

Brasher's image will be damaged, and Harris's will be enhanced.

The "jumpy" editorial is wishful thinking. This blog predicted Harris's demise once before.

I do not believe Harris has any City contracts.

Anonymous said...

What this blog does not "get" is that Harris is popular is his district--despite the unrepresentative sample this blog must speak with.

Brasher needs a reason to come back other than he's Brasher.

The Richardson thing does not win it for Harris, he wins anyway, but in a closer election (think Larranaga v. Burpo, the challenger has to make the case at the end of the day).

The Richardson thing keeps Brasher from ever getting off the ground. Brasher goes from a good guy to a selfish guy--walking out on his job, asking the people to fire a good guy who fought to keep his, turning the County Commision over to Big Bill.

Here's to the "Eye" picking more crow feathers out of its teeth on October 7.

Anonymous said...

Brasher is a straight shooter. He is a strong advocate of fiscal discipline and prudent spending, with priority on core services first.