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Apr 14, 2009

Spending Without Hesitation

The first Tea Party was in response to "taxation without representation." The modern tea parties are in response to spending without hesitation. It's hard for anyone to really get their head around how much we are actually spending. It's helpful to compare the current spending spree to past big ticket items like the New Deal, World Wars I and II, The Marshall Plan, etc.

More than World War II, more than World War I and the Iraq War combined, and four times the New Deal - and that's just the money spent since last September. No one can seriously claim that government isn't spending enough. In fact, the over $12 TRILLION bailout price tag is 14 times the total amount of money in circulation today (

With this kind of spending and this kind of debt - some $42,105 per person - the question isn't why are there over 600 tax day tea parties, but why aren't there more?


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I noticed it takes some time to put up my comment, if it gets up.

Put Winter on the Scamera Artist Mug Shot Wall. His assistant lobbied for the cameras in Santa Fe. Winter’s assistant held the Majority leader’s hand throughout the process. It passed and the cameras will stay. If you do not put him on the wall, you are not being honest with your readers

Put Cadigan on the wall. His firm cashed checks from RedFlex. This company sold the idea to the administration and RedFlex now has the lucrative contract. Redflex paid for lobbying services directly to the Cadigan Firm If the black eye does not report all info, people will stop reading it.

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Please ignore the above comments.

Winter and Cadigan are the only councillors who don't belong on the sleaze wall.

Councillors we are watching, a vote to send the transportation tax to the people is a vote FOR the tax.

Anonymous said...

Wait until this new money starts circulating through the economy. By increasing the money supply without an associated growth in GDP, dollar (value/buying power) deflation will occur. And with the huge influx of new dollars we are talking about here, I fear the middle class will be wiped out. Welcome to the NWO folks.

Anonymous said...

speaking of spending without hesitation.JOEY SIGALA.liar and spender. he is embezzling money. OUR money. He said he is divorced, yet nothing in nm courts shows he is (under joey sigala or filberto sigala)he uses our money for his girlfriend!

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The middle class is already wiped out and Obama-nomics is to blame!

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