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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 15, 2009

Metro Tyrant

The chasm between the council and the mayor's office is widening once again. It seems that the Almighty Alcalde has decided that the lawful actions of the council are not to his liking and has decided to simply ignore them.
Mayor Martin Chávez might get a lagoon at Tingley Beach after all.

He notified city councilors on Tuesday that the bond projects they approved this month aren't the ones scheduled to go on the Oct. 6 ballot. Instead, it's his proposals that would go before voters.
The mayor claims that the council failed to act on his proposal in the time required by the Albuquerque Code of Ordinances. According to § 2-12-3, council has 60 days to take action on the mayor's proposed capital plan.
(D) The Council shall approve the Capital Improvements Program as proposed or shall amend and approve it. Council action shall be within 60 days after it has been submitted by the Mayor. This period begins on the date of introduction of the CIP bill at a City Council meeting. The Council shall hold at least one public hearing on the proposed program.
-City of Albuquerque Code of Ordinances
The controversy comes from the word "action." The council argues that it took action on the measure by referring it to committee and subsequently deferring the issue until April 6th. Of course the City Attorney, Bob White disagreed interpreting the ordinance in a way that benefits his boss.
Kind of reminds us of the sham that was the defense of Albuquerque's mayoral term limits. Marty's lawyers sued the city. Marty's lawyers at the city chose "independent" council to defend the city charter provision that Marty was challenging. Yeah, we know... it's shocking that Marty prevailed.
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What's most humorous about this whole affair is that the Almighty Alcalde - after blatantly ignoring council authority - talks about negotiations. City Ordinances clearly define the process by which the Capital Improvements Program is approved and the role each branch of municipal government plays. Having your city attorney provide an "opinion" that invalidates the work of the legislative branch simply because you don't get your wading pool is a sign of just how overbearing and tyrannical this mayor has become. It's behavior that's expected from third world dictators, not from elected officials in the United States.

Mayor Chavez has provided yet another argument for term limits - particularly for the executive branch. Executives have far too much power over taxpayer money. They negotiate contracts with vendors and determine compensation for city employees.

After almost TWELVE years in office, it's far too easy for those who are either employed by or who do business with the city to believe that their only avenue for advancement is through Martin Chavez. That kind of power leads directly to corruption in big ways and in small.

We hope the council has the fortitude to follow through with their threat to sue the administration. It's time that the council provide a check on what is increasingly becoming a city government ruled by the Almighty Alcalde. The best check of all would to pass the position on to someone else and do so regularly. Otherwise, we'll all be under the thumb of our own little Metro Tyrant.


Anonymous said...

Here you go Ken Sanchez and Don Harris. You get another chance to support your pal Marty's wading pool.

Anonymous said...

Please DON'T put Winter and Cadigan on the sleaze wall as that moron keeps repeating.

And NO transportation tax.

If you send the transportation tax to the voters you are supporting a tax increase.

Anonymous said...

How can Marty declare that “his” new “Tingley Beach” project will benefit all people that live in the Q, since the original was in the outskirts? It was a great location when Q population was about 20,000. Now, with over 600,000 the beach sits in the south valley.

I like the idea, but would have to shuffle 3 kids to the area because I can afford too. What about low income families that live in the far heights? All of the museums, biopark, zoo, Explora, IMAX, Tingley, etc are in Marty’s area? The scoop: he’s rallying those specific voters again? The Heights doesn’t just mean the whites!

Now Marty is having a 303rd Birthday party. The last one was for the 300th and lasted 3 years right before his re-election. How convenient, another party during an election year, yuk, yuk. And where are the parties? Where his bud’s benefit of course!

Marty keeps spending the Q’s citizen’s money on new stickers, signs, wrapping city vehicles & buses, and maybe we need new manhole cover’s again celebrating the 303rd B-day. Everyone knows Marty has interest in the sign company! Is that where the sewer covers come from? Or does Marty and crew outsource them?

We should demand that council put Marty in check, for once. Everyone that tries eventually quits. He is a TYRANT! No more Dictatorship, people of Q and council take charge! Maybe an R this time instead of a D, we need change! And yes I know it’s a non-partisan election, yea right.

Anonymous said...

Boring posts. Boring comments. Just plain boring.

Counting the furrows on Winter's forehead (does he have Sharpei DNA?) may be more exciting than this site has been lately.

Anonymous said...

Above post, what's wrong cry baby? Did you have to think too hard about some things this site had to offer? Don't understand them?

Not enough opportunities to bash your captain or talk to your other friends in code?

Poor baby.

Red Chile Party said...

So yesterday many people in Albuquerque lined Montgomery Bldv. to voice there displeasure with the Federal Govt. "wreckless spending, and anti-big brother".

Albuquerque has a Mayor that has absolutely abused his authority, and made a mockery of the political process between The Adiminstration, and The City Council. Yet not one person says anything about it.????????

To quote the Eye "Organizers should be proud of the event that they put together here in Albuquerque".

So when are the same organizers gonna march on Civic Plaza for the exact same thing that is happening in their own back yard?

Mayor Chavez, and his Administration is facing no less than a 20 million dollar deficit in the City budget, yet he hires a Transporttation Czar at more than $100,000 a year..... BIG Government! Where is the Red Chile Party?

Mayor Chavez suports Red Light Scameras. Can you say "NO DUE PROCESS". Big Brother! Where is the Red Chile Party?

Mayor Chavez is proposing another tax to fund a "beach" at 6 million dollars.... More Taxes! Where is the Red Chile Party?

Mayor Chavez said if "we don't approve the continuation of the Public Transportation tax the Rapid Ride will be shut down". More Taxes! Where is the Red Chile Party?

Mayor Chavez, and his administration bargained in Good Faith with some of the City Labor Organizations on pay raises yet said they won't get them until January 2010. Albuquerque does need a Traffic Czar! Right? Where is the Red Chile Party?

I can go on and on but it's no use.

If you organizers do not speak out about what is happening in your own back yard, then yesterday was all about Obama and the outcome of the Election.

My opinion of most of the people that went to that event is they fit into 1 of 2 (Local Politics) catagories.

1. Schizophrenic
2. Two faced

See Ya' in October when you all vote "YES" on every bond issue, tax, and the SpendoCrat Marty back in office.

Anonymous said...

What is scary is that Marty has been in power so long that how could all 9 City Councilors not know of that ordinance? Was that a shuffle? Marty is a lawyer from Georgetown University. I believe that his "eyes" in court and the legal system might have changed the ordinace "fly by night," without anyone of the Councilors knowing! Perhaps, the Councilors (some attorneys) can muster the strength to find some legal research that would change back (counter) what Marty is capable of.

Personally, I have gone swimming in
a location where fishing was prevalent. After stepping on a fish hook, I had to go get a Tetnus shot. Combining a swimming pool (lagoon) where there that location is already a popular location for fishing with fish hooks is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. Like the City could foresee this happening! If the fishing is divided from the lagoon
somehow, it is the moving water that flows from side to side moving along with the current all the fish hooks etc....

Gee! Wasn't there some other reason that back in the 1950's that the City found it best to not include public swimming at that location? Not to mention that lagoons (standing water) can attract mosquitos which
can lead to West Nile!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't all the sound coming from the public swimming in the lagoon
ruin the ability for those in the public to catch fish in solitude?

Anonymous said...

I would suggest to the City Council finding the detail informaton behind how that ordinance got passed and when. For example, does anybody remember
from when Marty claims that ordinace was passed to remember passing that ordinace? Was it 30 years ago? Does anybody from any past City Council Members remember?

Anonymous said...

Red Chile Party,

How well said. There were over 2,000 people there, most of whom were of the age to vote. So, why do we live in a ghetto?

Do these people not vote? There were scads of those 60 and older, are they transplants who don't feel obliged to get involved in local issues? Shame, shame.

If all those present yesterday of voting age voted the philosophy they espoused, the gov, mayor marty and their crooked cronies would be long gone.

Come on people. Get rid of Marty in October. Put a stop to his crooked career. Get rid of the rest of those miscreants who do nothing but change slots every election.

Let's clean up New Mexico!

Anonymous said...

Very well said Red Chile Party-I couldn't agree with you more. Besides being in the categories you list above, local residents are notoriously apathetic.
The Mayor is apathetic. He doesn't care what goes on right under his nose in his own corporation (COA). He talks about cutting back in city government! Yeah right, then why do certain departments have 30 or more administrators/directors/deputy directors/assistant directors!!Cultural Services is a good example. Good Lord-And these are all high paid positions. Marty, cut the fat already and quit hiring high paid executives who don't do anything all day but attend meetings and talk about getting rid of clerical staff!

Anonymous said...

A good example is the PD pio. Walsh makes what? 8,000.00 as a rehire? What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that Pete Dinelli's strike squad are in trouble and that the untouchable one, Gary Barboa, is taking over the rein. Goooooood luck

Anonymous said...

you knuckle head he makes more than that and he not a rehire he's on contract get your facts right go blow your nose.

Anonymous said...

Go blow your nose like he blew his gun during a domestic violence incident??? hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Party Hardy Chavez and his lame idea at the Tigley! Valuing more partying in a peter pan syndrome
kinda way! Ignoring the values behind the sport of fishing. A perserve kept quiet where a person can go and wait patiently. When the rod wiggles at the end, the joy
of discovering a fish at the other end! Fishing is about creating a relaxing area that is tranquil, harmonious, peaceful, not a loud area at a proposed lagoon with swimmers creating loud noises with bouncing balls filled with chlorine possibly cross containmenting the fish pond through wind gusts, littering etc...

Anonymous said...

Ok so I made a typo. I meant 80,000.00 moron. So its ok to pay someone that much to do nothing? Contract or not thats rediculous.Blow this...

Anonymous said...

I remember Gary Barboa from high school. He was a very nice person and I wish him all the best. Go Ravens!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is time we got off of Barboa -- after all / all his exfriends wives and girlfriends already have - that's why hes so lonely and finally seems to have time for work now

Anonymous said...

Nobody is above the law, including the so called untouchable (Moe). It's pathetic for anybody to say to get off it. When justice is brought to the table, then people should get off it. Until then we still have a loose cannon out there.

Anonymous said...

ummmm -- dude --

you missed the point of double entendre' of "get off him"--- like the wives and girlfriends of his ex buddies and bosses that he slept with --

it is the one thing he is famous for --- no one really wants anybody to get off of Barboa-- he is soundly hated for his escapades

Again, I know this should be redundant, but it was a joke.
Thanks for you inadvertant support however

Anonymous said...

Karma is catching up with Barboa. Not only did his wife screw him over once, but she brought home the lover's child. Now, he gets to play da'da. This dude has no integrity or self-respect.

Anonymous said...

barboa?-what domestic dispute. Nice guy in school.