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Aug 29, 2011

Governor Races to Lose it all for NM Unemployed

Our Eyes have brought an interesting story to us. On August 26, 2011, the day started out like most days do; the Governor sold the State jet at a loss of $3,000,000.00 and then jumped into a State Police vehicle and raced to meet some very important clients who were considering moving their business to New Mexico. Being a former District Attorney, one would think the Governor would know that speeding is illegal here in New Mexico. Well, let’s just say the Governor’s State Police vehicle was “lit up” by one of Albuquerque’s local “Po Po’s.” Apparently the Governor’s vehicle was speeding along the 4900 block of Pan American here in Albuquerque at about 12:30 P.M. Apparently this officer doesn’t have a big dollar state job (yet) and he did not know the Governor could do whatever the she wanted. Does any of this remind you of Giant Bill?

Our Eyes tell us that no citations were issued. From that point, the day seemed to continue to go downhill for the Governor and for the unemployed residents of New Mexico. Here’s a hint; we’re not talking about the $3,000,000.00 loss on the jet either.

The Governor was so busy selling the State jet (at a loss) and being stopped by the coppers; she was 30 minutes late to meet this client. When the Governor did show up; she basically told the client “they could have lunch sometime...” The Governor did not try to sell the company on coming to New Mexico. There were several options that the Governor could have provided such as, incentives that were possible (and already part of legislation). The opportunity to compete for their business against other states like Colorado, Arizona and Texas was apparent but the Governor did not bite. Maybe the Governor was suffering PTSD from being stopped earlier? Remember, the Governor has a top notch guy on her staff (maybe the only guy); Jon Barela, who oversees the State’s Economic Development.

Our Eyes tell us that Barela was clearly out of his league and boasted to this potential client; “We have a $300 million dollar surplus.” This did not sit well with this client and may have been taken offensively. Barela failed to mention the State of New Mexico has plenty of Economic Development Opportunities. Barela also failed to offer any valid reasons why they should consider bringing their company to New Mexico. Perhaps the Governor can stop cutting programs and benefits to the citizens of New Mexico since Barela claims New Mexico now has so much money in surplus that we don’t need any more jobs here in the State?

For those of us who work and watch friends and neighbors struggle because of the lack of jobs; this is a slap on the face.

New Mexico looses opportunities to create new jobs nearly every week due to the inability of Governor Martinez and her minion Barela’s ineffectiveness. This particular client was not a small deal; this was a Fortune 100 back office operation; financial services (not just a call center) that would employee 600 employees. Barela might want to be more cautious; the majority of the Governor’s Cabinet is all women. Barela may find that he has only been a seat warmer for one of the ladies. We hear Diana Denish is available…


Anonymous said...

Is there a politician that does not lie ? I have been looking for a job for over a year, thanks GOV. Maybe you could turn loose of some of that 300 million,it would sure help feed my family.

Anonymous said...

Remember, the Governor has a top notch guy on her staff (maybe the only guy); Jon Barela, who oversees the State’s Economic Development.

Are you kidding me, the night (Election night) Jon Barela 'LOST" to Heinrick, Barela was so stuck on himself walking around with his little body guards thinking he had won he did not reach out a hand to talk to anyone and the Hilton location. I am a republican but was glad to see him lose. He is an egotistical politician.

He will hurt NM in his position appointed by the Governor

Anonymous said...

Who's this Barboa pineapple corn hole every ones talking about?
Sounds like a mucho, macho, muchacho dick head.