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Aug 14, 2011

White to Bring Down the Downs

The Eye has been told repeatedly that they do not understand the ties between White, McCleskey, Gov. Martinez, Dan Mourning and the State of New Mexico. The Eye is going to break it down for you. Understand that these connections are all a series of political “pay backs” for “favors” granted. This is how White (who has no experience in private consulting) can obtain a consulting license in one single day and sign a huge contract with the Downs of Albuquerque on the following day.

Remember, if they watched the news or “googled” their new consultant; it would show he resigned in disgrace from the City, has ties to a possible multi-million dollar fraud case (Tru-touch), possible perjury in a federal case (Arensfield), large payouts by Bernalillo County (on White’s behalf), the possible role White played in the firing of US Attorney, David Iglesias, etc…

Let’s start at the beginning. McCleskey and White are friends and partners in who knows what. McCleskey advised on Mayor Berry’s and Gov. Martinez’s campaigns. In what appears to be “owing favors,” McCleskey orders Berry to place White as Public Safety Director; a position that Berry promised to eliminate. White is a long time friend with Dan Mourning and pushes McCleskey to appoint Mourning to the post as the State Fair Manager. White also pushes McCleskey to place him on the Judicial Standards Commission (which White resigned from in disgrace). Martinez was just elected and is allowing McCleskey to do whatever he wants. None of us with jobs, little alone those without jobs, are “spoon fed” high dollar contracts just because of a friendship.

Dan Mourning signed an extension to the Downs and Racino owner, Paul Blanchard. Remember Blanchard and partners only own the business; he does not own the Fair grounds, the racetrack, any building or any of the surrounding property (a total of 93 acres). This is ALL owned by the State of New Mexico. This was an extension to an already twenty-five year lease. Anyone else see a problem here?

White’s tied up in controversy, resigns in disgrace from the City of Albuquerque as the Public Safety Director making $135,000.00 per year and resigns from the Judicial Standards Commission (also, in disgrace) and claims he “retired.” Oops, only one problem, White does not have enough time paid into PERA (the States Public Employees Retirement Association) to actually retire with full benefits. White gets the plug in with the Downs to get a high dollar contract because of his vast lack of knowledge in the areas of a horse racing and a Racino. Our Eyes claim the contract is for $75,000.00 for six months. It is rumored that McCleskey and Mourning set up the entire deal to help White out. Both McCleskey and Mourning are “acting agents” on behalf of the State of New Mexico and Gov. Martinez.

The Journal printed the truth in a recent story (read it here). According to the story, “Former City Public Safety Director Darren White has been hired by the Downs at Albuquerque to assist the racino in putting together a proposal to continue operating the racetrack and casino at Expo New Mexico for the next 25 years.” (Emphasis/Bold italics added)

Folks there you have it; the truth! White has been hired to “assist” the racino in gaining licensing and leasing for Expo New Mexico for the next twenty-five years. The article continues to reaffirm the statement. “Attorney Traci Wolf, Vice President of the Downs at Albuquerque, confirmed Thursday that White was recently hired by the racino to consult on security issues.” Wolf also stated, “He has been hired as a consultant to assist us with preparing our request for proposal.” (Emphasis/Bold italics added)

Since White knows nothing about racing or a racino, how could he possibly “assist” in this multi-million dollar proposal to cover the next twenty-five years? If it makes all the knights men or anyone else who have been racing to defend Martinez on this issue want to view this as a conspiracy theory; have at it. This is a public opinion blog.

This will be the first time in twenty-five years that a competitive lease will be offered for the property. The new lease will be for another twenty-five years. Now that White’s pockets are stuffed full with cash in exchange for his “assistance” (in preparing a new proposal), who do you think will get the new lease for the next twenty-five years? Are you thinking a new bidder possibly? You are a fool if you’re thinking that way. The Vice President who is an attorney for the Downs could easily prepare an adequate proposal. This is all politics; we all know who already has this lease in their pocket.

The picture White has painted appears to show that Blanchard and his partners have made “one hell of a deal” for pennies on the dollar. We all thought we had voted all the “pay-to-play” players out; wrong! We hope this picture is wrong and that there is honesty, integrity and dignity out there. So far, the facts are proving White’s picture to be correct.

The Eye has been told that Blanchard was former Governor Richardson’s BFF (best friends forever). This may be true, but now as it was then; it is all about the money. That means any expenditures’ that must be made is an acceptable overhead cost. For some, “the end does justify the means.”

White was given a free-bee by his friend Deaton. Although, all the facts show White was involved in wrong doing; Deaton let him off the hook completely. This spawned the City Council to request an investigation by the Inspector General. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice may initiate an investigation into other issues where White may be involved. White was a great choice for this contract, right?

Here is a closing thought. Confucius say, “Cross the river, then insult the crocodiles.” It appears that the Martinez Administration just entered the river to save White. All the crocodiles have their salt shakers in hand ready to feast. This is not going to end well in all probability for Martinez or her cronies.


Anonymous said...

I tell you - Uncle Bill is starting to look like a boy scout. Meet the new gov same as the old gov (maybe worse) Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

white isnt going to bring down the downs its the people of nm and other states that come to nm to race and train their horses that suffer. in all honesty no one really cares what the people think becuase the fair is to comercialized it is the old timers that race horses for the love of racing horses. there isnt another athelete that is as powerful as a race horse and as beautiful. not even peaches. i thought akal security was in charge? in reality apd or bcso doesnt have jurisdiction at the fair grounds unless state police allow it. didnt dps do a vote of no confidence on white years ago with governor johnson?

Anonymous said...

These people, Darren & company, think they are smart. They are amateurs and this will wind them up in a shit storm from which there is no return. Fools they are.

Anonymous said...

If what you've posted is provable as fact, the Downs and the Fairgrounds have committed a "procurement code violation" against the new lease RFP, who's enforcement is the purview of the the NM State Purchasing Div. of NM General Services Dept. That is the same Department, headed by then Secy., Art Jaramillo, that helped to write last year's attempt at a 40 year lease of Fairground's property to the Downs.
The Downs' bid to the lease the fairgrounds should be removed from the RFP.

Anonymous said...


You are such a loser!

Tell the truth:

1. The Downs is entirely private.
2. As reported by the Journal, White's contract is short-term and to develop a security plan. Surely a two-term sheriff and DPS director is qualified to do that.
3. The lease is UP FOR BID. For the first time EVER, this is being bid on, rather than simply negotiated by the Fair. And you have the guts to accuse the governor of corruption after she takes this unprecedented step?.
4. There is not one shred of evidence to suggest the governor or any of her "agents" did anything to help White get this little gig.

You look like a complete fool to anyone with any sense or understanding about the situation.

Go back to playing Dungeons and Dragons you conspiracy theory loser.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic combination of paranoia and stupidity.

I hope the Downs, McClusky, and everyone else who is not a public official that you just slandered sues your ass.

No wonder you publish this blog anonymously.

Anonymous said...

How does Jay McLeskey get paid? He is not on the state who pays him?

Anonymous said...

Jay McCleskey gets paid out of SusanaPAC. Anyone wanting to influence the Governor (Blanchard and other sketchy types) will give $$ to her PAC. The PAC is run by McCleskey and those pay to play contributions fund him.

curious george said...

I just checked out the biannual report for susanapac - - it doesn't show any expenditures through April 11, the next one is due October 11.

How exactly does this work?

Anonymous said...

No RFP, no contract;that simple. Whose job is to see that the PROPER procedures are followed. A law was broken here. You just can't operate this way.
What agency's responsibility is it to halt this contract issued to Darren White or is just going to fall through the cracks like every other illegal corruption scam that has plagued us for years.
Top it off with the fact that the contract was given without thought or prejudice to an individual whose reputation is marred with controversy, lies , deceit and low ethical standards, much more yet to be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Jay McCleskey IS getting paid, but by whom? He was handsomely paid by the Martinez campaign, operated under 'Lincoln Group' or some such name that had office space in the Darth Vader building in uptown, which by the way was an address Darren used as his return address when helping Susana. Hmm. wasn't he Sheriff then? Didn't know BCSO operated out of Uptown.

Anonymous said...

August 15, 2011 9:10:00 AM MDT

You hit the nail right on the head. A law was broken here. Does everyone see the connection? Hmmmm, everywhere Darren White goes, there is illegal activity happening. I'm not saying he is the only crook out there, however, he needs to be the first out of a very long list of individuals who need to go to prison.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Martinez for governor. At the time I was accused of losing my mind, but I liked her and, after Richardson, she sounded like Mary Poppins. I was told by people who are in the know that she has the reputation of making wrong decisions and would prove herself to be as corrupt as Richardson and her middle name is "mordida". Darn if they were not right. Sorry about the vote. It won't happen again.

Anonymous said...

I regret voting for martinez. Fool me once..shame on you. Will not be voting republican this next election in NM.

Anonymous said...

So Darren's at the Downs?? That place is rife with corruption, back-door deals, you name it - doping, theft, OSHA violations, on and on....DW is the perfect fit to that motley group of dishonest, corrupt, law breakers. Donnie Cook, Paul Blanchard, Fatso Craig what's his last name? White??

Anonymous said...

The perfect place to score crack - pot,not so much - in the casino at the Downs. Where are the surveillance cameras? At Santa Ana, I did not know that my wallet had been lifted out of my purse until security paged me. They caught the guy at the exit door.

Anonymous said...

What law was broken?

Someone point out where a PRIVATE company is required to put out an RFP before they hire someone to do a job?? Talk about the gestapo. We're now going to require PRIVATE companies to put out RFPs??

I understand it's confusing since the first posts on this site about this issue were so far off base, but White was hired by The Downs, NOT the state government or Expo, on what has been reported as a "small" contract to put together a security plan for the company.

Did The Eye put out an RFP before selecting an internet server company?

Private citizens and companies are free to hire whomever they choose. There is no law requiring an RFP by private companies.

How the governor is being blamed for the actions of a private company on this blog is completely illogical. Talk about a conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

August 14, 2011 9:36:00 PM

You post anonymously as that makes you a loser too?

It is always so obvious whenever the accused post on this "pathetic" blog.

If it's so unfactual, then why don't you post under your name and set the story straight?
If this blog is so horrible, then why are you even reading it?

Sounds to me like you are the loser. Go steal some more of the taxpayers money and wait for your turn in the spotlight.

Just another anon said...

If the Downs is the one who hired DW and it is a private entity, what law exactly has been broken? While it may not pass the "stink test", I think the viral hatred of DW is driving this conversation, not the facts.

If you really want DW gone, get the facts out in front of the people who can do something about it.

From talking to the average Burkian, they tend to think DW was just taking care of his wife the night of the accident and now he is being persecuted for it. Not that I agree with that. You just try to take your loved one away from the scene of an accident where impairment is a possibility - ain't happenin'.

So, if you need to report the rumor, fine, just don't put so much venom into the post. Let the facts surface in their own time.

Anonymous said...

If the average Burkian felt DW was just trying to take care of his wife that day, then he would not have felt the need nor the pressure to resign, retire, or whatever it is that he did. Interesting though about the downs being a private company...doesn't pass the stink test but they are free to hire who they want when they want. I say who gives a rats ass where he is working now. As long as it's not being funded by the taxpayers, who cares?!

Anonymous said...

@just another anon said...

i could not agree more. i don't agree with The Downs hiring White, but I don't see what laws were broken or where the governor played any role.

Anonymous said...

I care because McCleskey's ( who is very connected to the gov) is behind this whole deal and it may not require an RFP there are still buy offs happening if the person running it gets the bid to continue with the racino. Why would you want to help out a scumbag who has been involved in every major scandal in this state. Because, he probably has something on you! That leads me to believe the Gov is not on the up and up and her not tolerating corruption is bs!

Anonymous said...

Saying that the problem everyone has with with him is his taking his wife home is too simplistic. He has been in the spotlight for a very long time, hated by the majority of the public AND his colleagues. He has been a klingon far too long and he has the goods on quite a few, but they kept him on. Scuzzy creature - maybe the mayor felt sorry for him. All this will be forgotten and we will all go on our merry way until the next fiasco.

ched macquigg said...

If White gets investigated for "other" things, I would like to add to that list,that he was and is part of a cover of APS senior administrators using then Sheriff White's NCIC data base to harass APS whistle blowers and investigate APS Asst Supt Tom Savage's fiancee criminal record. All of which are felonies, the evidence of which still has not been surrendered to the DA, more than four years later and while statutes of limitation expire.

The evidence is being hidden by APS Police Department and Supt Winston Brooks. The APS Police are still the only police that have (been asked to) investigate the corruption in the APS Police Dept (can anyone say conflict of interest?)

This only makes any difference in this context because, APS Police Officers are certified by the save people, White's BCSO, whose corruption they are covering up.

Current Sheriff Dan Houston should be afraid, really afraid of what is being done by people he is certificating and then forgetting about.

There really seems to be no end to the corruption.

Somebody should do something.

Anonymous said...

Mean while he gets his "do nothing at all" $75k contract while an innocent man awaits his sentencing hearing. Who cares if Darren gets this contract? We all do, and so do the ones that know he is responsible for this tragedy and will do nothing about it. That sir, is one incredibly lousy excuse for a human being.
So what, he has dirt on everybody. What kind of a low life scum bag goes around making his living this way? It's called blackmail and extortion, there's just no other term for it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This IG guy is taking some pretty copious notes. This will NOT bode well for Darren White. Ray neither.
Mayor Berry, come clean while you can, even though Darren has the goods on you too.

Richard said...

In addition to the driver’s license bill and redistricting, Gov. Martinez has placed a number of other items on “the call,” including

"an extension on the lease at The Downs at Albuquerque with Expo New Mexico"

The governor has not conscience or McCleskey and White are wearing her pants.

Anonymous said...

Peaches deserves to go down just as much as her man. She is no innocent little darling. To think that she teaches children. I wonder if she is under the influence while she does that? Nice.

Anonymous said...

good 'ol boy TFB dingdong Blanchard hired DW. He can hire who he wants, but favors have always been his agenda. It's a private organization, this better not count towards DW's "retirement". Without being vested how can he retire from the city? What the heck did he do if all is "innocent"?

DW swooped in & took Peaches from a JAM that would have shown that she was DUI. He delayed her testing by at least 5 hrs & she wasn't tested for the drugs in question.

Berry/Perry/White & the gang caused the media fiasco by continuing it. They should have all just kept their mouth's shut. I know an impossibility, especially for Darren. Then they blame the media. Finger pointing all the time. They're the media's best freind until it works against them.

Anonymous said...

LOTS of misinformation...

The Downs is a private entity that pays the state lease money.....not the other way around. So who cares who The Downs hires? They don't get any tax money....they pay Expo.

The lease extension described by Richard is only for 1 year and was announced 2 months ago. If there is no extension, there is no revenue-generating tenant for Expo, and that means there is no state fair. That short-term lease became necessary, because Richardson tried to jam through a 40-year extension -- with no RFP.

The long-term lease has been put out for bid by RFP by Martinez. That bid is currently open and is open for those beyond just racinos -- if someone wants to lease the land to open a hotel, amusement park,etc., they can. Or if someone else wants to out-bid the Downs on a racetrack, they are free to do so.


I don't see how the governor can be accused of corruption for the way she has handled this situation -- Richardson tried to give Blanchard a 40-year, no-bid lease -- Martinez put the lease out to bid, not just for racinos, but for anyone who wants to build anything.

Who the Downs hires makes no difference in a competitive bid process. They will either have the best bid, or they wont. Maybe we will have the Central Park in ABQ Berry was promoting.

Anonymous said...

That is what I have been saying! He took her home first to flush her out! Does anyone know she is teaching this year? Teachers cannot get away with that behavior. Parents will holler loudly.

Anonymous said...

Political favors in New Mexico? Really? The best we can hope for is that someone in Louisiana or Illinois government does something worse so we don't end up back at the top of the "Most Corrupt State" list.

Or, what about legalized gambling, now there's an honest enterprise, do the names Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel or Meyer Lansky sound familiar? So don't expect the Racino to attract the Mother Theresa types.

This stuff has been going on forever, nothing new. Where do you think the say old saying, "Politics makes strange bedfellows" comes from?

Its hard to handle when you are in the middle of it and see all the lying, injustice, deceit going on but... Don't worry, the next administration could be worse and you'll be crying for the good ole days.

We all just have to wait the outcome of the DOJ investigation. Meanwhile, keep it factual, not personal.

Anonymous said...

Chris Ramirez reported to the media that in the name of "transparency" the Darren White report was going to be posted on the city website this past weekend...I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

I have known and worked with Ms. White for several years. She is an outstanding educator and has never had a complaint brought against her. She is accountable, on time, present, and works hard every day. Before you go stirring things up, know your facts.....prove otherwise! I challenge you to find evidence of anything other than a dedicated teacher.

Anonymous said...

8:34 pm
was she sober?

Anonymous said...

Anonymously extolling the virtues of Peaches - smooth move, Ex-lax Darren. Those working with her won't be quite as admiring.

Anonymous said...

I challenge you to prove you did not write that yourself, peaches.

Anonymous said...

Where does she teach? I understand it's special ED. I guess APS is desperate. They do have a tough time finding teachers to teach SE, especially with the crappy pay. So how does she afford a Porche? Maybe the money from pole dancing? Glad she's not my kid's teacher.