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Aug 9, 2011

Mayor Berry’s Improvement Plan will take 25 Years

Yes, you read that correctly. Our local embarrassment, Mayor Berry told KRQE News (read it here) that “he plans to improve city services by rolling out his 25-year plan for the city.” The citizens of Albuquerque need improved city services now, not in twenty-five years. If this mayor cannot run the City now, what makes him think he can run it any better in twenty-five years?

Berry was commenting on a survey the City funded. The City survey slammed the police. According to the survey, “only half of people polled felt APD treated citizens with respect.” According to the story, Mayor Berry said “regaining public confidence in APD’s a top priority for his administration.” The survey also stated, “Less than half of all people felt ‘very safe’ outside at night in the city.” The survey also revealed that “13 percent felt ‘very safe’ downtown at night.” The Mayor’s answer to this; “Berry wants to address that by attracting more businesses and families to the downtown area.” For what, so those businesses can be robbed or burglarized or for families to be victimized by the high crime rate downtown? The downtown area would have to be scrubbed clean before anyone in their right mind would consider moving into the downtown area.

The survey also stated, “Less than half of all people felt "very safe" outside at night in the city.” Berry responded by saying, “Whether it's eating, entertainment, whatever it happens to be, to bring more people down there with their families, I think it will get better over time.” Once again, who would knowingly take their families where there is an extremely high propensity to have someone injured or victimized? Here is the truth of this statement; yes, over time it will get better, only because this administration will be gone.

Berry claims “regaining public confidence in APD is a top priority for his administration.” Then Berry rambles on and states, "We want to make sure we're going out there every day and getting the trust of the community." Where is the “we’re?” Does Berry carry around an imaginary friend in his pocket? Berry has done nothing to try and gain the community’s trust. Keeping White till the ship ran aground and continuing to back White knowing full well, that he made a horrendous mistake, is completely unacceptable. To add insult to injury, Berry keeps an insurance policy to ensure the ship will never sail again by retaining the “has-beens” of the Marty Era. Schultz and Breen are not respected and have lost all ability to lead the men and women of public safety.

It seems that Captain BlueBerry and his ship of fools will always be wrecked, because this ship wreck will never be repaired. Public trust will never be regained with these fools sitting in Berry’s ship’s “bow-el.”


Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that this article also stated that only 400 or so people were polled. Wow, that is a GREAT representation of the ENTIRE city! We have over 700,000 people, and 400 people were polled? That is a horrible survey and a very poor representation of what the majority of the public may or may not feel. I agree, this city is not safe, but it's not because of the cops, it's because of people like White who are still running amuck in city a consultant nontheless. Berry, you are a dumbass. In 25 years, no one is going to even remember your name.

Anonymous said...

This administration is a disaster.
Marty was to many an a-hole; he knew it but the city was on a course of improvements. This guy carries these fools as though he needs some security blanket. Clearly he does NOT know what he's doing. Marty would have cut them loose, not be dragged down with them. Yeah, he might have been that a-hole, but he was no fool like this Mayor. Adios my friend; stay thirsty, because your thirst for any future aspirations in politics is over. Yes, Marty may have been an ass hole, but you are the biggest one by letting yourself be lead by a pack of them.
Happy trails to you and all the jackals in your circle of ass-holes.

Anonymous said...

The pollsters were picked from the ACLU mailing list.

Juana Q Public said...

I've been reading this blog for a couple of months now. Watching the whole Darrell White meltdown was interesting in a "watching a train wreck" kind of way.

I think it's great that there is a forum for law enforcement and first responders to blow off steam under cover of anonymity. But...

My opinion of APD hasn't improved from reading this blog. Sure, there seems to be a crisis of leadership in the department but guess what, the same issues exist in the corporate world too.

Maybe the poll wasn't scientific but I would have to agree with it and bet most of my friends would as well.

As for the mayor's plan of getting more families into the downtown area to make it safer-what? More people so the odds of you being the one targeted go down? I've not had any personal dealings with the mayor, I did with Marty and he flat lied to my face, but so far... not really impressed.

I think some of the reactions to the piece on the union were telling as well. Corruption amongst the leadership of the city is wrong but the unions get a pass? Selective righteous indignation? Be consistent or you lose credibility with us unbiased bystanders.

I'm sure there are many good people within APD, trying to protect the public, putting their lives on the line. I for one, appreciate that.

Oh yeah, and I agree, it's time for Schultz to go.

Anonymous said...

Yea but all 400 were probably republicans, his base!

Anonymous said...

Downtown at night is a nightmare. Just ask for the poice reports for the past year. Better bring several people to help you carry them. Fights,theft,robberies,violent crime,describe the downtown area of Albuquerque. I won't go down there. I would never allow my family to go there.

Anonymous said...

Is Marshall Law what's needed in Downtown. It's an ass-hole Free- for all. It's become a festering boil on our city and there needs to be some strict law enforcement. Every bar owner needs to be required to hire 'Chief's Overtime' just like Graham Central station was forced to. Putting up with this none sense is ridicules. No wonder nobody wants to bring their conventions here.
The 'Muffin Brothers'
(BlueBERRY-StrawPERRY) need to do something about this and quick.
Darren damn sure didn't.

Colonel Nathan R. Jessup said...

"Every bar owner needs to be required to hire 'Chief's Overtime'..."

What? So your answer is, to charge businesses more for what they obviously are not getting in the first place (public safety/police presence/enforcement)?

And APD wonders why they have a PR problem with the citizens of Albuquerque?

I as a business owner, do not work for you Mr. APD Officer, nor do I or we business owners work for the Mayor, the CAO, or Chief Schultz to the contrary ALL of APD/AFD work for us business owners. I'm not going to be strong armed for "Chief's Overtime". Do your freaking job at the wage to which your paid. Make the downtown/Cetral corridor a safe destination for locals and visitors alike. Stop with the fear mongoring tactics.

I suggest you reread the oath in which you swore to uphoald Mr. APD Officer, and mix in a business class or two as well. It would do you some wonders.

Anonymous said...

TJ, DOJ's gonna want to know about the locker combinations, where they are and what's in them.

Might want to give Peaches a heads up.


Stealth said...

Re: Colonel Nathan R. Jessup


Your words are profound. The problems that plague the Downtown District are a public safety issue and should be address by the APD. The business owners are just that; business owners, not coppers. The APD area commander through their staff should be handling this problem utilizing a “POP” track or the SARA model. What ever happened to community policing?

One of our former Mayors, Jim Baca, had a saying when he was upset because someone like Chief Schultz was not doing their job. Jimmy would say, “If I have to go down there and handle this myself; that means I don’t need you!”

Thank you for placing your name to your post,
The Eye

Anonymous said...

Post 12:51
Graham Central station has no problem hiring Chief's overtime. If you're going to operate a business that attracts the lowest of the low, the lowest common denominator, it is not the responsibility of the city or APD to baby sit your immature, degenerate customers while they could be addressing regular calls for service which the taxpayers are entitled to as well.
Nobody is strong arming you Mr. 'Snake rancher' but take some responsibility to protect your patrons as well. take the chip off your shoulder, APD is not the problem, it's the atmosphere in which you bar owners have created with the under 21 venues and the like. Under 21 bars are just an invitation for trouble. They should be home, not out raising hell.

Anonymous said...

The way the department is structured, the area command lacks the resources needed to clean up downtown. They lack the man power needed to answer calls for service and deal with the bars. Maybe it is time for the business owners/ citizens to demand more of the mayor. To demand more from the police chief. The rank and file officers have no control over how the department is organized.
If you want change to have to start at the top.

Anonymous said...

I live close to downtown in the VA area command. When the weekend comes and you need to call police in my neighborhood, you have to wait forever, because all the officers are doing tac plans downtown. It sucks. I do believe that businesses should provide some type of security for the people who patronize there. There are only so many officers to go around and they shouldnt all be downtown from midnight to 3 am.

Anonymous said...

Recently, I've heard that the downtown area is "vibrant" in our community. If vibrant is a synonym for "dangerous" then I agree!

Anonymous said...

part of the problem down town is that some of the APD officers act the same way the punks do. Some are great, but def not all. I love the sleeve tattoos and fo hawks by the way.

Anonymous said...

Downtown revitalization = Booze for everyone.

This is the only way the city has been able to get people downtown, have lots of booze available. I don't know who I am more disgusted in, the city for promoting it, or the citizens who go their to get trashed. No wonder our city, state and country are in the toilet. We are a bunch of drug addict alcoholics living off the government dime.

Good for you Albuquerque!

Snake Rancher said...

"If you're going to operate a business that attracts the lowest of the low, the lowest common denominator, it is not the responsibility of the city or APD to baby sit your immature, degenerate customers...."

Very interesting! Graham Central Station and APD have a history of this very behavior.

This statement includes your very own or did you forget about that litte incident? We lowely bar owners haven't.

Here's what needs to happen with APD in no particular order:

No more take home cars, fire all officers for wrong doing immdiately , cut their pay again, until the majority of officers get it through their arrogant, thick heads who they ultimately answer to, switch the PERA contributions back to the days of old, raise the minimum retirement age to 25 years, start hiring more military veterans/older applicants who knows what being a professional is all about.

Anonymous said...

Snake Rancher, what incident?

Anonymous said...

Amen to the 11:29AM post!

Joe Citizen said...

Here's a better idea...when the shit hits the fan at a bar, let them handle their own problems. Whenever people come out of their establishment and have been overserved, then shut the shithole down and move on to the next. God knows cops have better things to do then to babysit the byproduct that is produced by these places. Problem solved.

I said it said...

Bars pay taxes, the patrons of bars pay taxes all of which pay for police officers/firefighters PERA contributions, salaries, equipment, health insurance, fuel for their take home cars, uniform allowences, tuition reimbursement.

Bars will gladly go along with a policy of mandatory chiefs overtime as soon as all the aforementioned perks are drastically reduced, or eliminated alltogether.

P.S. Solid work on the Hahn, and Murdoch cases APD! I'm sure DOJ will find nothing. You all deserve raises.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. Close to 40% of APD are vetrans. This nothing to do with it. It is great to hire vetrans but its about hiring the best qualified and that is not always a vetran. I say the city should do as most real cities do. Have on going problems because you cater to dirt bags then shut you down immediately. That takes care of all the problems. No more income for pay no more taxes so you can no longer bitch about who pays the police officers paycheck. In all seriousness when are you going to get it through your thick arrogant head that business owners such as you are the problem simply because you believe you are entitled and dont have to do anything to better your community. Lets go back to the old days...close to 80 homicides a crime triple to what it is now...half the number of officers to respond to calls so you get your call answered or maybe not. Look at what is happening around the US....start thanking these officers you ungreatful F***...because it can be much worse and is in many places.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Aug 11 10:53PM

No sir, it's the other way around! Thank us (citizens) for your take home car, training, toys and salary! Once again, you work for US, we don't work for you! You sir are the ungrateful phuk! Remember public, when there is another "public safety" bond to approve...VOTE NO!

Anonymous said...

August 12, 2011 11:29:00 AM MDT

Sticks and stones brother. You can bitch all you want, but guess what? At the end of the day, I'll still have my take home car, I'll still have my training, I'll still have my toys, and I will still be taking home my HOURLY wage.

See how that works? No one really cares about your ungrateful attitude. Now, before you give yourself a heart attack by being so pissed off over these things, step away from your computer. God forbid you will have to call for help and get ones of these assholes that get paid by your tax dollars to save your sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

aint no way castro will be apd chief. castro was the single one person who lowered the hiring standards for apd. chavez was pushing so hard and he caved in and did it. if everyone remembers we had those stpid stickers that said something like 1000 officer by a certain year pasted all over the substations. who was in charge of recruiting? castro

Texas Ranger said...

At the end of that same day, when you look in the mirror you will still be a self-absorded, an amoral sociopath, devoid of interpersonal communication skills who just happens to be employed by possibly one of the dirtiest and corrupt departments in the Southwest. The South had New Orleans, the West has LAPD, The East coast has Boston, and NYPD.

BRAVO APD, stand up and be counted!

You can keep the retirement, take home car, training and toys. You damn sure don't have intangibles like honor, pride, respect, or dignity for yourself why would the taxpayer expect you to show any of these traits to them....?

Anonymous said... disgrace. I feel bad for the rank and file because they are being led down the sewer by the most worthless management staff known to the department.

With the Murdoch case we get to see that it's ok to move forward with a fucked up complaint and fucked up case.

With Mary Han's case we get to see that the brass(holes) of this department can do whatever they want. Or at least they think they can. Yeah that's you fiest, banks, mason, adams, wilhelm, white, perry, and sadly...beth. You don't think you're leadng behavior that we all see. i guess we can do whatever we want....

Anonymous said...

Murdoch case better have some child porn or something otherwise apd and brandenberg you all stepped into a big ol pile of sh@t.

Anonymous said...

Arrogance. That's the problem there at APD. Everyone more concerned with their rank(and how much political power comes with it) and the Almighty Dollar. Friends pulling up childhood friends through the ranks. And in turn, they think they EARNED something. Its quite disgusting. You don't need to knowledge or ethics to move up in that place. Just the will to screw the right people and after that, screw more in a different manner. It takes a criminal to catch a criminal they say. Well we always hear that APD has the best trained criminals. ...........I mean criminal catchers. And it takes the best to lead the rest.