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Aug 2, 2011

Per Our Eyes Request; Regarding the Brad Arensfield Text Messages

Please read below through the links provided. The two links will take you to two of the stories that we ran here on the Eye.

Read it here and here.


Anonymous said...

There was a prevoius posts bout buckner being tdy somewhere,, where is he. Let's hope doj has open door policy and all unetheical things are brought to their attention,,,dream team bour ready. For a nightmare

Anonymous said...

The phone of Erika Bryant is in private possession. when the text messages are decoded and translated, Ahrensfield will be exonerated and several people will take his place. It will be a game changer that Ray and Darren never counted on.

Peach jelly; you may not be able to testify against your husband, but when these text messages are translated, you'll will be in hot water.
Best be takin a vaca soon, or you will be smack in the middle of this.
You were warned to take a powder and split the hell out of here.
I'm not thinking orange is your color, but then again, it's only for a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

There is a new page on facebook that I encourage everyone to "like" and give. It is to support Brad Ahrensfield and to donate funds to help raise money to get the text messages decoded on Erika Bryan's phone. SHARE THE WORD because time is of essence! Brad's sentencing is at the end of this month. THESE TEXT MESSAGES NEED TO GET OUT!

Anonymous said...

I was just at the FaceBook page. Only $240 raised. WTF. Listen, I'm no fan of APD nor of Brad's but I do support the truth. I gave $20. I want to know the truth and I want the citizens of ABQ to know. Looks like $5000 is needed. Come on good citizens lets get to the bottom of this.

Anonymous said...

Erika and Shawn Bryan are stll shady. She should of never hooked up with this man who thinks he puts his pants on different from anyone else. She is afraid of him that is the only reason she is staying quite he controls her like a remote control car. He is a jerk!! But still seems to have a lot of friends in APD and FBI go figure...