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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

May 15, 2013


Berry's Top Headlines for his Personal Park in Four Hills

1)     Mayor Berry’s home cost more than most 'Burquenos make in a life time. 
And Berry will spend three to four times this amount on this election for a job that only pays about 100k a year. That’s okay for Berry; he got his money the old fashion way, from his wife.  The rest of us have to work ten hour shifts or more to make ends meet.
2)     Mayor Berry lives in an oasis while residing in the desert. 
Does this make Berry an oxymoron or just a moron?
3)     When you’re a filthy rich elitist, cost doesn’t matter. 
Berry’s philosophy is the same for this election; he is just going to BUY IT!
4)     Berry’s home water bill is more than most people’s mortgage. 
This proves Berry doesn’t care about the regular person and wasting other people’s money is his business.
5)     Berry’s home is a sponge for Albuquerque’s precious water.
 This may explain why all of our precious fish keep dying at the Bio Park. But then again, the Bio Park is in the Valley and the Valley is beneath Four Hills and Berry could care less about Valley folks.
6)   The City of Albuquerque encourages everyone to xerisscape except the almighty Berry.
When you live in “Berry World” everyone is simply your door mat to wipe his feet on.
7)     Mayor Berry lives in a resort like setting that wastes plenty of water.
This may explain his disillusion about being re-elected. It’s not gonna happen.
8)     Mayor Berry is a water hog.
Berry’s face kinda favors one too.
9)     Being a thug pays when it comes to wasting water--he just takes it.
Berry would fit in well in New York City.
10) Berry’s irresponsibility with water at home mirrors his irresponsibility in managing the city. Speaking of mirrors, that face could cause several years of bad luck. 
Apparently Berry broke a mirror or two in the past and now Albuquerque is paying for it.
11) Future site of the Berry Farm: An Albuquerque Small Fruit Orchard.
“Where a fruit can be just that.”
12)Stopping Berry’s wasteful practices of water usage will allow the Aquifer beneath Albuquerque to replenish itself.
Just think how much better the City of Albuquerque will operate when we vote Berry out!

No, this is not a Scottsdale resort or a movie set; this is Albuquerque Mayor Berry Private Park.  Berry is an elitist and only cares about himself.
All joking aside; how pathetic can Berry the politician get?


fed up resident said...

What's up with the word that Sonntag turned down the interim chief position. Is it that nobody wants to sit in the chief's office chair after the chief shit his pants in it when he found out the DOJ was coming?
Fact is, nobody wants to go down with this ship . Well, maybe one liar, but he's going down with it anyway, and if that happens, he will be the desperate last choice.
I wonder how it feels to be the last choice to be given the helm of a sinking ship? Better yet, I wonder what kind of pathetic desperate person clings on after three or four people turn down a position over him. Pretty pathetic.

Anyway, this pretty much tells the story about Berry. Nobody wants to be a part of his little gang. At least nobody who has half a brain. This is why he needs to lose the election. Because with this clown in office, the pool of people to pick from will be flooded with order takers, yes men, retreads who would otherwise never have a shot at even herding sheep.

The writing is on the wall. Berry should follow Schultz and just resign. Why waste his time when the entire city is fed up with his bullshit? The smart and ethical thing to do would be to admit he is corrupt, and has backed a corrupt chief, then publicly apologize for abusing his position and disgracing the city of Albuquerque. He should admit that he has plotted with Schultz to do very bad things. We will start with tampering with investigations. He should beg for forgiveness, then move to New York since he loves it so much.

It will be a nice fresh change when a new mayor is elected, and house is cleaned.

Anonymous said...

The damage that these bottom feeders have done to Albuquerque will reverberate for decades to come at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to the economy of New Mexico.

The only bright spot, the ambulance chasers will be able to buy some nice mansions in up-state New York.

Money Walks and BS Talks, will be the new state motto.

Anonymous said...

I heard Berry on 770 KKOB this morning. I barfed after about 5 minutes. 770 is nothing more than Fox (bullshit mountain) News for Albuquerque. No wonder they got rid of Villanuci, they can't handle the truth and their ratings are heading down. Bob Clark let Berry just spin and spin and french kiss him, is this the media we have come to expect? My radio is now off. I would rather get my news from the Eye.

Anonymous said...

Whats the truth about the Academy Director Wolff being the next Chief??

Anonymous said...

Has any body heard that 48 Hours is in town putting together a story on the Mary Hahn case?

Anonymous said...

I just schultzed myself again. Now that was funny. Not unbelievable. Just funny.
Maybe Captain Noah, or Kangaroo would be better.
Maybe they should appoint a cartel head. That would surely be an inprovement. Hell, grab a panhandler off of one of the offramps. Make him chief. What a laughing stock this place is. Why dont they paint a face on a tree stump and declare it chief of APD.

Anti Joe Wolf said...

That would be awesome to have a guy that's never gone through a police academy, whose never been a police officer, and whose never supervised police officers, be apd's police chief!!!

Anonymous said...

A man grabbed a little girl last night. According to the news he grabbed another girl last week and raped her.
Where the hell was the PIO saying look out for this guy during the past week? Where was the media coverage?

And wtf has happened to APD that we can't even patrol an area one week after a baby girl is grabbed and raped by a total stranger!? The news says it was the same fucking apartment complex!!!!

A rich guy gets his house broken into and he gets a 10 10 but baby girl gets raped and we can't spare a 10 10 or a PIO to find the bastard!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ray Ray will have TJ and the "IRS Watchers" with their cameras protecting all of us.

Anonymous said...

Another Public Disgrace is right! The victims mother was able to engage the suspect and pursue the suspect. That mom should be the next police chief...gained custody of her little girl all without the use of deadly force. Good thing APD didn't pursue this guy...he would be dead with a cell phone in his hand and that little girl would be traumatized for life. Good job Mom! Goes to show, the public doesn't need APD for squat.

Stealth said...

If someone steals a child; DEATH IS APPROPRIATE. At who's hands is irrelavent.

There is not a defense for kidnapping or sexually abusing a child.

These types of crimes should carry Capital Punishment.

And Yes, we all need the coppers! One or two bad cops do not make them all bad. This is what makes us a civilized society. We need the police.

Anonymous said...

The DoJ needs to look at which services are offered to which victims. Media coverage to help catch the offender, extra patrols in your neighborhood, hell even the amount of officers your part of town gets is not determined by the amount of calls or how many people live in your neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

No wonder Berry won't release his tax returns.

Stealth said...

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