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May 13, 2013

“Get a Rope”; Mayor Berry Creates Jobs in NEW YORK CITY

Yes, you read the title correctly, Albuquerque’s Mayor Berry has been busy creating jobs in New York City.  Congradulations Berry, the problem is; we need jobs here at home, in Albuquerque. 

Berry must spend all of his time dreaming of how to help other economies, in other cities and states.  Berry’s administration has farmed out the liabrary to a Texas firm and then spends time wondering why the City’s liabraries are such a disaster.  Now Berry wants to spend our tax dollars in New York City.  What kind of a buffoon back-stabs his own community like that?
According to a story on Channel 4 (READ IT HERE) Berry wants to blow $50,000.00 of tax payer money on a “public relations firm” from New York City.  Is this another one of Big Bill’s games?  Remember Big Bill spent millions buying a jet plane for his run for President of the United States?  Is Albuquerque’s friendly big dork vying for help on his re-election bid by hiring this firm from New York City?
Channel 4 tried to water down the story with its opening line which stated,  Albuquerque’s latest attempt to attract businesses and create jobs…” This was not Albuquerque’s idea this was Berry’s idea.  Albuquerque’s idea is investing in local businesses to create jobs in Albuquerque.
One of Albuquerque’s mayoral candidates, Paul Heh stated, “Why would we [Albuquerque] spend money in New York City when we have plenty of local talent here in the metro area.” Heh also stated, “This is as bad of an idea as spending money on a nationwide search for a chief of police, we have plenty of local talent here.”  We here at the Eye agree with Heh, we need to invest in our community.
 Heh went on to say he would spend the bulk of the $5 million dollars (Berry wants to spend on New York City) in educating and training our workforce here in Albuquerque. Heh also explained the rest of the money would be spent on bringing good paying careers and industry into the Duke City.  Heh stated, “A well-educated and a well-trained workforce will greatly assist the City in bringing good paying careers into Albuquerque.” 
Berry tried to down play the big dollar New York firm he has hired by stating, “In fact the firm that we have retained to help us write the RFP and set the structural aspects of the program from an advertising standpoint will ultimately be a small subcontractor to the local vendor that gets the work.” In other words New York City will stay in control of the funding and run Albuquerque from New York City.  If Berry is so fond of New York City, perhaps he should consider packing up the little misses and moving there. 
Here is the best line out of the entire story, “Berry said he has worked hard to bring more jobs to the city.” With our City in such direr need this is laughable!  Remember, under Berry Albuquerque lost 3,900 jobs last year alone.  This loss is more than any other city in the United States of America. The statement would be unthinkable to an honest man but not to Berry who praises himself as working hard to bring jobs to Albuquerque.  Here is another way of looking at this; “With a mayor like Berry who needs any enemies?”
Mayor Berry, stop buying your salsa from New York City!!!
Please Note:
Paul Heh buys all his Salsa Locally!



Anonymous said...

Mayor Woodhead's Salsa. Big city attitude with a village mentality.
Hopefully every SOB is jobless come election time.
Adios Donkeys!

frontdoor man said...

Green small fruit salsa. Sayanara motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...

Could it be that none of the local smart PR talent wants to be associated with the city?
Any profit they might make today putting lipstick on a pig, will surely cost them as much or more in bad PR for years to come.
And for the rest, lets just say the pay to play option doesn't look so lucrative any longer.

Anonymous said...

Anybody have the questions and answers to the Horse Mounted Unit Sergeant opening? It's a good thing Schultz lowered the standards and now allows liars to keep their jobs. Can't wait for these folks to testify in court. First question from Defense attorney, officer have you ever been disciplined for lying? Case ends right there. Nice job Schultz

Anonymous said...

1 year and no IG because Mayor Berry does not want oversight. He wants to cover for his criminal chief. Mayor Berry does not want eyes on his business. This is no coincidence or lack of ability to find a qualified IG. This is intentional because there is an election coming. The last IG quit because Berry tampered in his investigations in order to influence the outcome just like Schultz does to IA investigations.
They lie to screw people they want to screw and lie some more, then break the law and tamper with investigations to help their friends.

Anonymous said...

Yea, Sayonara bitches!

Anonymous said...

TO 8:26 that is never going to happen. We alredy have 34s who can't testify in federal court who testify in district and metro all the time. What about the 34 that District Judge Baca said he was not credible, can't recall his name, he is a Detective. It should happn the way you describe but it won't.

Stealth said...

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