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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Dec 8, 2013

APOA & IAFF 244: Why the Difference?

In a recent post, a blogger asked the following question:

"...why is it the IAFF is strong whereas the APOA is weak?" 

As we've reported on numerous occasions, the APOA has a history that speaks for itself. Over the last fifteen or so years our Eyes tell us its been led by:

Francisco Nogales
Billy Pounders
Marie "Sisi" Saens Miranda
Paul Pacheco
Alex Marentes
Jeff Remington
Lawrence Torres
Pete Dwyer
Ron Olivas
Joey Sigala
Greg Weber
Stephanie Lopez

Over about that same period of time the IAFF 244 has been led by:

John Garcia
Diego Arencon

And of the APOA's list, many of those presidents have resigned, retired, or were voted out in disgrace whereas it seems the IAFF either keeps things hush or they simply haven't had the endless issues their public safety cohort has had.

Let us remind you folks that a stable and unified organization is a much greater force to deal with than one that is fragmented. Given that APD has about 200 more sworn employees than AFD, why is it there simply no engagement by officers unlike AFD? A the public safety debate this past September, about 5 members of the APOA showed up we are told whereas over 80 from the IAFF were in attendance. With so many more members, one would naturally think APOA would dwarf the IAFF. But they don't. And they haven't for years.

And while the IAFF was out marching around on election day, the only APOA personnel out an about were those officers on duty assigned to watch the IAFF. Think about the irony in that!

Some of our posters have said that in order for the police union to be strong, people need to show up. We here at the Eye think that analysis is flawed. If a union is strong, members will show up. A union's strength comes from its members, but the members are led and inspired by their leader. The membership does not make the leader. So while it's noble to encourage people to attend, and don't get us wrong as they should, we would encourage to accept that lack of participation is a symptom of a greater issue affecting the APOA. The APOA as an entity seems to need true leadership and not people that simply follow the leadership model shown by the 5th Floor.  Schultz would have us believe that his failure as APD's chief is because of all those problematic employees when in fact they are a symptom of his failures.

Perhaps the APOA leadership should get together with the leadership of the IAFF and figure out what to do.

That is unless they find it acceptable to take a 2.5% boost in pay as a gesture against a nearly 8% pay cut while the city's CAO takes a 33% raise. That is unless they are ok seeing the department's size dwindle to what it was in 1992.

That is unless they are ok with their membership being, as our Eyes tell us, utterly terrified to do anything contrary to the wishes of Banks or Berry because they know nothing will stop the retaliation....

Both unions have not only a duty to their membership, but a duty to providing the best possible public safety services to the citizens they serve. While it is clear that ever since Torrez was the APOA president, their priority has been to serve the mayor and the chief, maybe now is the time to put the citizens and your officers first and leave Banks and Berry to their own demise.


Fair Share And Proud Of It! said...

IAFF has the backing of real unions whereas APOA is a bunch of toolbags trying to recreate a frathouse.

Anonymous said...

Again Eye, you couldn't be further from the truth! The union and the people in that union are one and the same. The leaders of that union are ELECTED by the rank and file. You keep insinuating that the union is a separate entity from its members and it is not. The membership only need to learn their bylaws to understand that their Union President and board members are their voice. The Pres and board members are DIRECTED by the rank and file members, not the other way around. Thus the reasoning for my comments of members must be involved so their board can have some type of direction or they fall prey to Administration. The leaders of your Union must know uneqivicically that the members have their backs. simple as that.
Will there be disention, yes, but that is why you have set procedures in place to address those issues.
Trust me IAFF has had problems in their direction, but have stuck it out and elected the right people to lead them. Did you hear what I SAID? ELECTED the right leaders, as in shown some interest in their representation and not only on hot issues but in the every day mundane nuts and bolts of their job. You's guys have a great career, but you have shown too much apathy toward your UNION.

Anonymous said...

The reasons APOA is corrupt is because APD is corrupt. Levi Chavez is a free man?? WTF??? NO ONE respects this police department and for DAMN good reason.

Anonymous said...

Also, if your Officers are happy then the natural result will translate into safer conditions, less apathy,more productive people etc, etc and the public will of course benefit from those kumbuya Officers. And ultimately the public pays ur wages, que no? So they are the one's you serve not Mayor Berry or political party.

APO-F! said...

Bravo Eye. Right the fuck on. Really 645? Maybe if the APOA sued Joey to oblivion to get back all the money he stole. Or turned over all records of Olivas diming out cops to Proctor and Ray Ray. Or his fabricating testimony against Ahrensfield. Or Torres backstabbing everybody for his own money grubby promotions. You make no sense. Now we have Willoughby and Lopez doing a three some for Banks when he's done nothing but fuck over cops. Like Mac Page does when he reviews lapel cams for minor shit everyday. I would be happier if the APOA just disbanded bc it hasn't done shit for me or US since January 2010. I've brought my own rep for me to my last IA in 2010 and the APOA is totally just a stupid frat.

Anonymous said...

7:10 Did you as an APOA dues paying member elect Joey, Olivas, Torres, Willoughby and Lopez? Since you know so much why don't you run for their position? I rest my case. Your statement that the APOA hasn't done shit for you speaks volumnes about you. Grow up dude or change jobs.

Firefighter said...

Do you really want to know why IAFF L244 is strong?

Leadership, ethics, honesty, and integrity!

244 prides itself on representing through by-laws and contractual agreements.

244 maintains focus on safety, welfare, and due process rights.

244 leadership has a chain of command, delegates responsibilities, and holds members accountable.

244 establishes numerous committees to address issues and to make decisions. Such as; political action, negotiations, safety, elections, finance, etc.

244 officials consist of stand-up individuals that want to be involved and do the best job they can, while sacrificing time away from families, and rolling with the punches from the anti-union shitbags. Just to do it all over again and again for what they believe in. Those same individuals aren't afraid to speak up for the rest of us and tell it like it is.

244 bases decisions on "the right thing to do," and for the greatest number of members.

244 always attempts to work with management for the best interest of employees, the department, and the public. It may not always work out as desired, but the attempt is there.

244 members agree to disagree, hash it out, and proceed by majority vote, even if against leadership or committee suggestion.

244 members remind each other of the goals on hand, and work to achieve success to benefit future generations of Firefighters/EMT's.

The APOA needs to establish and follow some core values. The membership must hold each other accountable. While everyone wishes the meetings were packed with bodies, the reality is, officials need direction from members somehow. Members need to step up and get involved either by leadership or support. There is no excuse for lack of involvement just pure laziness. It is everyone's future on the line here.

Anonymous said...

Cue up the APOA frat boys, $100 says they play the same game as Schultz and attack those who dare criticize how pathetic the APOA is! I can hear it now, who did you vote for? Step up or shut up! The APOA is you.. blah blah blah. Why don't you have some balls and admit the APOA is a money pit and a waste. Over $300,000 is raised from dues and passed away each year. And we are without a contract. And we are at the mercy of the 5th floor more than ever. And fat boy and jabba do what? They praise Banks and the dcops.

Anonymous said...

What they don't want us to see is the fact they are attempting to use the excuse that "we do what the membership says" and "you decide by involvement" as smokescreen for their inability to actually lead or make critical decisions. They are unwilling to actually step out in front. You two posers (willowby and Lopez) actually go home at night and try to sleep telling yourselves that same bullshit. You may not like it but the rest of us do get to "hide" our positions and identities because were doing police work. You gave up that security to step out there and take the hits or the accolades. Now please step up or out. And yes I'm at your meetings, I don't say much, that's your damn job now . It's hilarious to see you two posting on here anonymously in an attempt to educate us on politics and management!! If you aren't up to the task that's fine too, just admit it and move on. Try to go salvage your careers.

Anonymous said...

I for one would like to know what happened to all the APOA shirts and jackets joey used? I know he didn't buy them with his own money. I for one can't even get a shirt showing my support for the union. But I guess they don't need our support since they have it a figured out.

Anonymous said...

To: December 8, 2013 at 11:56:00 PM MST

The simple reason IAFF is strong is because every single fireperson, EMTs, and others are trained and taught to work as a "TEAM" and perform life-saving activities. A police officer is trained to be "INDEPENDENT," think on their own in ANY high stress UNKNOWN situation. I don't see a single fireperson "patrolling" neighborhoods to find a fire or a person to assist medically. Police officers don't "TEAM UP," or 82 in numbers unless they are required to. If this team up occurs on a call, it means "shit has hit the fan."
Thusly, cops are dysfunctional when you try to TEAM them up. Everybody wants to resolve a situation their own way. It is why very strong leadership is required in any situation. But, do you think there's any leadership seen in the last two decades??? NO! there's has been no such leadership in any level. Pussy officers have been promoted because they are pussies. If a "good" leader has been promoted they are instantly beat down thru an IA LT.
So, Mr. holierthanthou learn what kind of environment and what it takes to be a police officer and continue to be one.
As for the leadership question, the current promotion process needs to be scrapped and redone to give it better leaders and not pussy closet office workers like Shultz to continue to go on and be perfect examples of the "Peter Principle."

Anonymous said...

Amen!!! I was just going to comment about their anonymous posts, while dealing with their"busy" what a joke.... Heard they will be doing Jenny Craig commercials with Perry soon!

Anonymous said...

Except police unions are a force back east. So your theory, which is pretty convincing, doesn't hold. Let's be honest, APD is just a pathetic cesspool of pussies.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you should be "independent" on the job, and be a team player in APOA.

You are full of shit. Cops may sit a patrol car alone, but not supposed to do jack shit without back-up for unknown or hostile calls. You also have a chain of command to follow and SOP's. If you are doing that shit solo, you're breaking the rules.

That's the problem with APD these days. Everyone acts like Billy Badass the Lone Enforcer instead of working together. Let go of the ego trip already.

11:56 said it right and truthful.

Anonymous said...

The APOA was a great unified Union at one time. Paul, Alex, and Jeff all unified the troops. I remember in 1998 marching around city hall with "anybody but Baca" shirts with 350 officers and their families. Even though we didn't get anything from the Baca administration at least we were unified and respected by the brass and the community. I was proud to Wear a blue APOA jacket and shirt in the community.

The troops now are so divided the will never accomplish anything unless we unite.

Anonymous said...

Did we elect Perry mayor? He is the only one on TV or in the news.

Where is Waldo,,,,er Berry?

Rob Perry the not so Shadow Mayor of Albuquerque. God Help Us. Berry is a buffoon and Perry gives himself a 23% pay raise. Where is the outrage? Where is the real mayor?

Anonymous said...

"The troops now are so divided they will never accomplish anything unless we unite" is exactly correct! Allowing your leadership to go it alone will only lead to more desention among brother Officers.

Anonymous said...

A couple points:

1. Abq lost almost 10,000 jobs since last April...Berry lied and won.

2. They're not supposed to talk about the proposed contract which they did in today's paper. Do NOT vote for something that is promoted by these liars. We should be at $28/hour and an effective retention program should already be in place and we shd not have to pool our hours to pay for the Lopez and Willoughby. We are winning in court but we throw it all away if we vote for this contract. It's time for us to be strong like 244 and tell Berry/Perry/Banks to shove it. They've spent almost $750,000 on John Martinez to fuck us. Vote NO!

APO-F! said...

You are such a fucken idiot. Ever hear of "lead from the front?" obviously not by that dumb ass statement.

Anonymous said...

@ 12/9 6:40

Spatulas, crucifix's, cell phones, remote controls, and brake pads warrant the death penalty with APD. Pussies is too much credit.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ KOAT's headlines this AM

Police HAVE YET to identify weapon of man killed in officer-involved shooting

That says it all........

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Berry has offered the APOA.

I am sure it is nothing near what Rob Perry received.

Vote No! Tell Berry what he can do with his crumbs. Only take a contract that includes the same pay raise given to Rob Perry. APOA members show some balls and stand up for what is right. Vote NO.

Anonymous said...

Just what the hell is desention? Your incompetence is here for all to see as you "lead" anonymously. This speaks "valumes" all by "isself". Make sure you call Banks and have him tell you what to say to push this contract through.

Fireman said...

Read today's paper.
Berry is taunting APD.
Speaking about negotiations when he isn't supposed to?
Only giving up to 2.5% when he took 2.5% away?
Forcing APD to give up union time?
No concessions for the violated past contract?
Forcing APD to give up winning litigation by approving a new contract?


APD would be fools to vote in favor of this shit!

Berry better do a lot more than that if he wants firefighters to even entertain a new contract and for us to give up a court ordered judgement with back pay.

Anonymous said...

The administration never wanted to deal with the union, but now that Officers are leaving and they can't replace them, they want to be best friends with the union. They can kiss my bi-racial ASS. Don't get me wrong, I could use 2.5 % but at what cost. I'm voting no for the sake of the younger Officers. The people they are trying to retain have already made up thier mind, THEY ARE GONE, GONE I SAID. Stay strong my brothers in BLUE

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Way thumbs up. This is bollshit!

Anonymous said...

TO; December 9, 2013 at 7:15:00 PM MST

I take it your not a cop. If you actually were you'll get the idea. But, reading between the lines, you're a civilian with no clue, trying to dictate your skewed ideas on how "how cops 'should' actually do their job." If you're a cop then you are just one of the 'pussies' that was passed along from one of the 'pussy' academies. You are of course one of the persons my original comment is directed at. You have tactical knowledge, but you have no strategic knowledge of how a cop needs to perform his job, especially if he comes across an unknown situation. You're a pussy that has to wait for your band of thugs with badges to show up and hold your hand just to talk to an unknown person.
It is why the dept is screwed up. It does not need a civilian academy director who espouses theory instead of decades long tried and true practices.
From post: 0333 PM

Anonymous said...

To: December 9, 2013 at 6:40:00 PM MST

Oh please! The police unions are strong because they have the backing of every union in a city. Out here it's still every person for themselves and with the type of mayor and chiefs here, it's a wonder unions still exist. You are comparing apples with lemons.

Anonymous said...

To: December 10, 2013 at 11:36:00 AM MST

Amen brother! Why accept 2 cents when you've already given up nearly 20 cents.

Hey dingleberry, there's a pitbull called payback coming your way. I hope I'm around to see your ass chewed up.

Anonymous said...

Rob Perry, not a first responder 22% pay raise (almost $30,000 more per year)

APD officers, first responders who risk their lives, 1% pay raise ($520 per year)

Then another $780 more a year in 12 months.

Tell Berry to take his crumbs and shove it up his ass. This raise amounts to an extra $20 per pay period for APD officers! This is an insult and any APOA member who votes for this is a fool.

Berry is over a barrel. On January 1 2014 APD will go well below 900 officers. The news is reporting they are having to move detectives out to the field and that response time to 911 calls is way up.

APOA vote NO and hold out. Berry will have to dig into the $2,400,000 the council set aside to give you a real raise.

Vote NO!

tropicama said...

Yeah. And APOA is full of sour pussy lemons.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting if the majority of APD officers vote no, forcing Willoughby and Lopez to negotiate a contract with Mayor PERRY.
I know Clerical will turn down a 1% raise which in reality is no raise at all, because they want Clerical to give up longevity and other benefits.

Let's all show up on 12/16 and tell Mayor PERRY we will not accept a pittance to give up our Union Contracts.
Would Perry have accepted 1%, 2%, 3%????? Or none of the above!!!

Anonymous said...

There's always someone listening willoughby. " they're lucky they're even getting this much" and " as long as we keep these positions for us" won't do much to help you and Lopez . If Banks farts you're ears will blow out, you're so far up his ass. Fraud. Phony.

Anonymous said...

They're not negotiating anything. Our dirty lawyer and Perry are.

Anonymous said...

How much would you like to bet we all vote no and Lopez still takes the Mayor's offer???

Anonymous said...

That would be the line in the sand for me. I'd pull my dues and all of APD should file a class action lawsuit against APOA for fraud, bad faith, I don't know maybe the ACLU will take it on...anybody but don't go to a city attorney..they're all in the pockets of MAYOR PERRY. Maybe there's some racketeering going on with your Union. Unions can be extorting pension funds,violence against union members, working in cahoots with the City Administration the APOA has in the past, engaged in this activity and it could have risen to the level of RICO Act Violations, which carry a hefty prison term. Sigala was getting public assistance fraudulently, used Union monies fraudulently, and to what extent were his actions and Olivas' actions either condoned by admin. Or they looked the other way, still knowing what was happening. It's worth looking got to kick the hornets nest in order to get this stuff to come out.

Anonymous said...

dont forget on top of the crappy "raise" we have to give up 4.5 hrs of vacation a yr to keep their spots on apoa AND that comes up to over 102,000 the city gets (vacation = money) AND we have to give 1% to PERA which the city should already do.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Then we wonder why 34s are jumping ship! Thanks airhead Berry/Perry...what a pair of ass wipes!

Anonymous said...

Only 19% of registered voters showed up to vote in the Mayors race. Yet the fire fighters union got out and not only voted but put up thousands of dollars in TV ads and signs and went door to door for their candidate and were seen on street corners holding up signs the last two weeks of the campaign. Where were the cops during the entire election? No where to be seen nor heard. APOA did not even endorse one of their own for Mayor. So much was at stake in the Mayors race, but rank and file cops just complained on this web site and did absolutely nothing to defeat Berry. Lets see how many cops show up to vote for or against this new contract.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know why the current cadet class has lost almost half of the caditiots????

The Tremendous Regulator said...

I heard that they are banning lotion bottles, beer bottles, ash trays, cell phones, combs, hair brushes, brake pads, shiny religious items such as crosses, windshields of automobiles that can possibly reflect the glint of sunshine into an officer's face causing them panic that there is a gun being pointed at them, cars that can accelerate rapidly, plastic spoons, wood spoons, and especially shiny metal spoons, and any and all silverware of any style of cutting and eating implementation, jacket pockets, shirt pockets, pant pockets, glove boxes, center consoles, trunks and gear shifters, ipads, ipods, shiny metal belt buckles, any and all shiny metal coins of any denomination larger than a U.S. quarter from any country minting legal tender, including tokens poker chips, and collectable pokemon coins that may emit shiny reflections of ambient and artificial light sources into the eyes of a nervous police officer.

Also strictly prohibited is the reaching into, grabbing, swinging of arms raising or pointing of hands, while holding or not holding any of the above items, or anything that could be remotely construed as one of the above items while moving in a motion or manner that would cause an officer to be very afraid.

This is your friendly public service announcement.
Thank You!

And do not vote to accept the Woodheaded waterhampster Small Fruit's offer. It is a slap in everyone's face.

Stick together.

Stay tuned. Shit is going to hit the fan.

Anonymous said...

YES. Please tell us why half of the "NEW BREED" class dropped out.

Anonymous said...

back to the warm and fuzzy academy. thanks berry, perry, and banks. no more yelling and no profanity allowed at all. let us know how that works out for you, i mean all of us

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that there is some Nature at Play going on at the Police Academy...........

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lmao...TR....shiny pokemon objects.....lmao

Anonymous said...

Christine Frank and the big bad wolf, already old news.

Anonymous said... officers have been sleeping with female cadets for years......"nature at play" lmao

Anonymous said...

....and fto's have been sleeping with their female rookies....what else is new!

Anonymous said...

12/10, 12:49 pm - A question: were you ever in any branch of the military?

Anonymous said...

And female officers have been sleeping with anyone who can help them get what they want since forever too...cases in point Nadine, Beth, Tasia, Valerie, Deirdre, etc etc...

Anonymous said...

Hamby again!?!? hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahah

not tasia said...

I tell you what, I'll take Nadine over stupid Tasia any day. Nadine may not have been the best cop but at least she was one. Tasia is a frkn child idiot.