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Dec 19, 2013

Reasons for NO on the Proposed Police Contract

We received the following article from a member and former executive board member of the Albuquerque Police Officer's Association. In it, Mr. Maurer offers his reasons why members should vote against the proposed contract.

While we know this blog is widely read by APD officers and citizens alike we also know it is read by APD brass and top city administrators. For those department and city leaders that even for a minute think of harming Mr. Maurer in any way for his statements herein, you are on notice that not only is he expressing his opinion as a private citizen, but also as a member of a recognized labor organization. Despite that, we know this administration has history of unlawful retaliation against its employees who are outspoken and critical of the city and the department. For that we have this warning and notice:

If Mr. Maurer incurs any harm, disadvantage, encumbrance, or is otherwise hindered by actions of APD brass or city personnel we will assist Mr. Maurer in every way possible to ensure he realizes relief from those actions and that those parties who harmed him are personally held liable. Freedom of expression and freedom of association are liberties we hold dear as Americans and if certain city personnel choose inflict any such anti-American actions on Mr. Maurer we will do everything we can to hold those persons accountable in a court of law.

Vote NO on the APOA Contract
There are many reasons not to vote for the new contract however one of the most obvious ones is the 4.5 hours of your vacation time. This demand by the city is indicative of the way the city administration views its employees (not just 34’s but all employees). The administration has no desire to foster good employee management relations. The city’s top priority is not to work with us to protect and serve or provide city services but to use us to accomplish their goals.

I have no problem with authority or a structure of authority. That is the only way to accomplish a task or multitude of tasks when dealing with such a large number of employees.  In order to be successful, efficient, and effective authority needs to work with its employees not against them. Three years of ignoring the APOA’s contract and the city’s obligation to honor that contract is not indicative of a willingness to work with employees. The city has a responsibility to deal with our initial contract before any other contractual changes should be considered.

Some items of note:
1.      Over 56 changes, deletions, or modifications to existing contract provisions
2.      There is no pay scale in the contract except for PTU Officers
3.      The family insurance benefit is not included in the wording of the new agreement
4.   The Take Home Car plan excludes anyone hired after 07/01/2011 and anyone living  outside of Bernalillo County
5.      4.5 hours of donated leave time (no provision for monitoring this fund or what happens if this amount of funding is to little or not enough, what happens if you only work 6 months for APD when payment is due, what if you retire in midyear do you get half of this time back, etc. It will cost more to monitor this fund that to pay the APOA president 40 hours and the vice president 20 hours a week )
6.      Why the rush to have a contact now, why can’t the membership have more than a few days to review and digest this proposal
7.      While voting to ratify this proposal does not negate our current breach of contract law suit it most certainly will effect it
8.      The city failed to honor the last contract what makes this one binding

The list goes on and on. The point is that much more than a very small increase of pay is at stake here, APD’s future is on the line. How we react will determine how future contracts will be negotiated and adhered to. I am not against the administration or the city. I am for what is right, fair and best for the Albuquerque Police Department and the citizens of Albuquerque.

Brian Maurer

We thank Mr. Maurer for stepping up and presenting reasonable arguments against this proposed contract. If there are persons interested in countering Mr. Maurer's assessment, by all means email us your article and we will give you equal access.


Anonymous said...

Well documented Mr. Mauer! Bravo to your breakdown of this crap proposal. I especially like how you pointed out that why would they honor THIS contract if they refuse to honor the one still voted on last time? Funny how this administration thinks they can get one by on us.

Anonymous said...

Brian, you were a great TO and you're a fair sergeant. Your take on this jacked up contract is also totally accurate.

S.Sgt. Paul J. HEH ( ret.) said...

Did I read the article right ? No family health insurance ? Hate to say it but I told you so during the election. Remember the frog and the boiling water. How can the A.P.O.A. support this ? Are you now going to have to get federal health care for your family ? Health care you cant afford with your .39 cent raise.
It appears that A.P.D. has found a leader, Brian Maurer. You are all fools if you don't step up and have his back. Thank you Eye for your support of Brian. Brian worked for me, he is a good man and excellent officer.B

Anonymous said...

How in this point in time could anyone ''forget'' to put in family health insurance language in a contract. If you end up with an obamacrap policy with a several thousand dollar deductible any tiny raise is gone the first time a family member steps foot in a hospital.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. M. You hit on the exact point that Sean and Stephanie are so desperately attempting to conceal. I am lucky to be in my 19th year. I have my contracts in order. Five of them. It appears that the city has fooled the APOA and opened a door we may never be able to shut if this passes. I now believe they really smelled blood or they made a dirty deal. 56 changes is unheard of. Did anyone find out who helped these two fools? Did they have Rob Perry negotiate for them? I joke but this is a serious question, something is just not right. We start by killing this very bad and dangerous idea steph tried to trick us into taking.

Chad Wilder said...

Brian is a good man and he is very accurate in his assessment of this piece of toilet paper the City is calling a contract proposal. The offer is a slap in the face and utterly insulting for everyone except PTU. How much money has the City saved by breaching the original contract of $28 hr along with the savings of retention bonuses as well as everything else the union negotiated away? The money for that raise was already in the budget. Add to that the fact there are now nearly 300 hundred fewer officers and those left are being paid less and worked to the limit. Some of the best Officers on APD and BCSO were involved in the last couple of fatal shootings in which armed men attacked Officers. These officers did everything right and the outcome was chosen by the assailants. The department is going to reach a breaking point in manning very soon. The City Councel will realize how bad the damage done to APD and AFD actually is and they will have to fix the mess they, themselves have created. This is not a surprise and those of us with foresight have seen it coming for years. The scariest sound in the world is the quiet when sirens and the calvary are not heard coming. Vote no and stand strong, this is a time for everyone in blue to unite. All it takes is one person to stand up and that has occurred, the rest is up to you. Good luck, above all, stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Well said and way to go Brian.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian for stepping up. If I was to put my name out there. I'm sure I would incur some type of retaliation. I have a family I need to support and can't afford to lose my job much less have crappy health insurance. VOTE NO!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brian was always a straight shooter back when he was on the APOA board in 2003. He knows the contracts in and out and didnt put up with the garbage.

I am retired and only have a vested interest in seeing the brothers and sisters in blue get whats deserved to them. You all should be working on the next contract that reads $30 and hour for officers/ detectives not begging for .39 cents an hour. VOTE NO. Next time you see Rob Perry tell him thanks for nothing. He is running the city not the mayor.

Anonymous said...

OMG Paul, go away already. Jeezzzz you lost, quit talking about the election..

Anonymous said...

Rehires just won a law suit because they werent being treated fairly. Why would apoa/cabq open themselves up to another lawsuit for not treating officers hired after 2011 fairly? Their contract stated they would have a take home vehicle. How dare anyone try to take a a benefit of the job away from them.

Anonymous said...

Why shdnt he?

Anonymous said...

WTF? How comforting. A warning to the City and the brass? Wow, someone who won't reveal their identity and hides behind a name like Eye, is going to protect you? Good luck dude.....

UNKNOWN said...

You obviously have no idea.
And what does your worthless ass do to make a difference. This administration is scared shitless and hates the Eye. That right there is enough. While you blow these bitches, a few are fighting tooth and nail to bring them down. You try fighting an unknown. I would prefer to know who my enemy is. It is a whole different ball game when you have no clue who is launching shit over your bow. The unknown has the upper hand. Scary isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Eye...check out the APOA's change on voting date!!