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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 5, 2014

Lies, Manipulation, and Deceit: Welcome to Albuquerque DOJ!

****UPDATE Part II****
This just keeps getting richer and richer. Below is a copy of a receipt forwarded to us by one of our Eyes for two 5-star badges disgraced former Albuquerque Public Safety Director Darren White had made for himself. He had a regular badge and a flat wallet-style badge. Since the APD chief of police had 4-stars, we'll leave the speculation to our readers what 5-stars means....

Darren White's Super-Chief Badge, ordered 1/8/2010
Our Eyes also forwarded us the complete unreleased IRO investigation concerning Mr. White. We found some very interesting statements. Since with this badge, Mr. White is holding himself as a law-enforcement officer, why would he be so concerned about "absolutely not" using his city issued unmarked car's siren? Why would Darren now distance himself from Ray Schultz whom he considered a "good friend?" As the super chief of the city's emergency services, why would he say, "Paramedics do not transport patients, they only transport City Employees?" Why would Mr. White call a witness to the accident "in follow up?"

In today's (4/6/14) "newspaper," Kent Walz and his board of propagandists go on to list out the causes of APD's problems. They also go on to assert that, of course, RJ Berry is the answer to these problems. In it they assign a whole lot of blame (funny, barely last fall they endorsed Berry's notion that APD is fine and one of the best department's in the country) including:

It's the APOA's fault
It's Marty Chavez's fault
It's hiring of all the officers in 2009 fault
It's APD sergeant's fault.

As Paul Heh said last summer, this is "bullshit." But even more, here is Schultz in 2014 when asked about DOJ:
This is Schultz's expression when asked about DOJ.

True accountability and responsibility for this mess rests with Ray Schultz, Allen Banks, Rob Perry, Darren White, and Richard "RJ" Berry. Make no mistake about it Kent, if not for these persons, APD would not be in the place it is today. If you had any grasp of understanding or intelligence you'd know that the APOA had been all but acting under the total direction and influence of Ray Schultz and Allen Banks. That Marty Chavez has not been mayor for over five years and the rampage of shooting you go on and on about commenced under Berry and White (and we are no Chavez fans for sure). That the vast majority of officers involved in the shootings were NOT hired during the hiring binge. And APD sergeant have no impact on discipline upon the officers when it's any significant incident of misconduct....that falls on the chief.

Berry, Perry, White, Banks, Levy and Schultz created this mess, let it fester, and now that it is clear how bad it is you giving cover to these people is nothing short of disgusting and reveals how truly corrupt you are. Anything for a buck for you and your brother huh Kent...


Ever since RJ Berry was elected mayor back in 2009, the city and it's beleaguered police department have been going from one scandal to another like a frog in festering swamp hopping from one toadstool to another.

We had Darren White from the outset letting Ray Schultz run amok while the new mayor got to test drive his new play-toy, a $1Billion dollar entity called the city of Albuquerque. And while under Schultz APD went on a rampage from unjustified shootings to historic civil rights abuses, White and new city attorney Rob Perry used the crime scene of murdered civil rights attorney Mary Han as a way to consolidate power and placate a defeated state supreme court justice and state Republican operative known as Paul Kennedy.  All while Berry's kids at APD were running and spinning things to distort the reality and conceal facts. Kids like Chris Ramirerz and TJ Wilham.

Oh Eye, that's quite a yearn you say. Surely it's not possible city officials like APD lawyer Kathy Levy and Schultz's public information officers would spin and twist truths would they. And for what reason, I mean DOJ is on our side aren't they?

Frankly, we at the Eye have a hard time "seeing" it as well. Take a look at some recent discussion that were forwarded to us involving former APD PIO Rob Gibbs and some other former APD officers including former Deputy Chief Mike Castro:

Aside from Mr. Castro's remarks aside, former Officer Gibbs (now of the Denver Police Department) confirms what we all know to the be the case. Berry and his pals don't follow rules, they do what they want and at their convenience.

And who would they be going to for guidance in this mess? How, after years of resisting the notion that APD has any problems and that DOJ is not needed because, as disgraced Ray Schulz said, "APD has its house in order" does Berry actually make the claim that DOJ needs to hurry up?

Easy, his highly paid election coordinator has been busy spinning things around. You see, Berry paid his pal Jay McCleskey almost $500,000 in just 2013 alone. You all remember Jason right?
Well between him, and his MMA cheerleader, disgraced Albuquerque Public Safety Director, Darren White they've been very busy pushing Berry this way and that way....
And let's not forget, when it comes to lying and spinning, the silly public figure that just can't do enough to carry the water for these people, is none other than deputy city attorney Kathy Levy. It seems she's been caught in yet another lie (shocking we know). While the Redwine shooting video and the APD Keith Sandy lapel camera video are hot ticket items, Levy has been busy saying she can't release the video because the FBI said no. Of course it's now come out that the FBI said no such thing. Why is it Berry is so quick to say he want's DOJ to hurry up out of one side of his mouth, yet on the other they are continuing to hide and conceal public information?  Liar Levy in a recent press conference...
Lies, spin, ommission, and deception by the leaders of the city of Albuquerque. Business as usual.....This should be an interesting week....


Anonymous said...

History repeats itself. Research what happened in Arizona. You will see similarities. Follow the money in both states. They are the silent puppet masters who are controlling the chaos in NM. It failed in AZ after extensive damage to the economy and reputation and it will ultimately fail in NM. Here are a few links to give you a very brief history of AZ's drama.

Anonymous said...

Do NOT forget the role Kent Waltz plays in all this. Instead of using his position of power as managing editor of the ABQ Journal to expose the corruption of Berry, White, Perry, Schutz and McCleskey, Waltz has instead CONSPIRED with them in order to enrich his brother Jerry Walz and himself with OUR city tax dollars. The corruption at the ABQ Journal is just as bad and just as corrosive to our city as the corruption at APD.

Anonymous said...

Kathryn Levy is nothing but a dishonorable lying snake who promotes and facilitates perjury. She has been lying to people and throwing the Feds names around for the last few years. This consultant to the corrupt should have her BAR card stripped from her and she should be banned from ever entering into a courtroom in the United States. The way I see it, they will probably keep this slimy filth on board until the DOJ shreds them, and her filthy case load is all lost, then they will toss her fat ass down the dirt trail with the rest of the criminals and malfeasants who are responsible for the current state of affairs within APD and this city, but who coincidentally retired and fled like fleeing cowards.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All this crap falls directly at the feet of the mayor. Next time he seeks an elective position we must not allow him to win. Stop his politcal future the next time he runs for elective office.

Anonymous said...

Elections do count and the voters screwed things up last time.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks channel 7 is anti cop.

Anonymous said...

John Walck is APD's savior, he can take on a deadly weapon with only his wooden batons, I saw this on TV it must be true. We need more like him. Walck for Chief.

Anonymous said...

It occurs to me that there's a lot of bickering on this blog. The Eye points out problems and some of the readers will use these posts as platforms to attack. I have been guilty of this too.

It also occurs to me that this fighting amongst ourselves is incredibly counter-productive.

Berry and his criminal cohorts probably read this blog too, and I'll bet they laugh every time they see us sniping at each other. While we sit here bitching and calling each other names, they continue to loot the city coffers, fuck over good (and some not so good) cops, and act with complete impunity.

If these posts get you angry, that anger should be directed against those that are the root of the problem, not against each other. It's going to take joint effort to root out this corruption.

The DOJ MIGHT make some decent changes, but they're not going to even come close to solving some of the major problems this city has. That's up to us. We have to work together.

I'm not talking about holding hands, singing songs around the campfire together. But I'll tell you what, divided we're all just spinning our wheels.

Think about it before you tell me I'm full of shit. Berry, Schultz, Perry, all of them, they're continuing to get richer and richer at our expense. They'd love for the protests to break out into anarchy. While the cops and citizens fight in the streets, the heat is taken off them.

If you're a cop with APD: Eden doesn't give a fuck about you. Berry doesn't give a fuck about you. Perry doesn't give a fuck about you. This "us vs. them" mentality many cops have is self-defeating. We're all in the same boat, whether you think so or not.

APD deserves better. APD deserves better pay, more officers, better training, the best equipment they can get, and most importantly, the respect of the community they serve. The citizens of ABQ deserve a police force that that's here to serve and protect, and not to operate in such fear and paranoia. ABQ has a problem with crime, gangs, and drugs, for sure. The people that perpetrate that behavior don't even make up a significant fraction of the citizens living. Stop treating us like we're all enemy combatants.

There will always be troubles; nothing will ever be perfect, and no realistic person expects perfection from APD. Be warned though: if we don't solve these issues we're facing, it's going to get ugly. It will be APD and the citizens who end up suffering, and not the people who caused all this in the first place.

Just consider what I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

"What a wicked web we weave, when at first we try to deceive..."
Sweet to watch them wallow in their own s***.

Anonymous said...

The most disgusting relationship is that between Paul Kennedy and Rob Perry and the millions it has cost the City in settlements. Perry use to office with Kennedy and Marry Han and got close to them. Kennedy and Han had numerous cases against the City. Rob Perry was having a difficult time making a living and jumped at the chance at getting a City job when Berry was elected.

Paul Kennedy, Mary Han, and for that matter Joe Kennedy, were held at bay, forced to prove their cases in court because of the no settlement policy in police misconduct cases. Berry gets elected the first time. Darren White gets Rob Perry appointed City Attorney. Joe Kennedy and Rob Perry push Berry into getting rid the no settlement policy. Rob Perry then as member of the City Risk Management committee starts settling cases with Paul Kennedy and Joe Kennedy.

During the first two years of Berry's first term $2.5 million is paid to the Kennedy brothers in settlements, with millions more paid in subsequent years. The City has now paid out $25 million in police misconduct cases alone in the last 4 years, with a large amount going to the Kennedy brothers.

The press has never gotten a full explanation why Rob Perry, as City Attorney, was at the Han death scene.

Anonymous said...

Rob Gibbs....give me a break. I wonder how Denver PD feels about him talking shit about a city attorney, even a scum bag like Levy, while in a Denver PD uniform?

Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to change. Party affiliation and blind loyalty are far more important than smart or ethical government. The ABQ Journal and 770KKOB are still carrying the torch for the Berry administration which accurately represents the 19% that turned out to vote. Albuquerque gets exactly what it wants and what is deserves based on the voting population. Just watch as Susana overwhelmingly wins reelection.

Anonymous said...

You all do an awful lot of directing blame everywhere else but don't seem to stop to assess yourselves. Your leaders are shitbags; so what? Does that mean integrity can be thrown out the window? Bad leadership absolves you of personal responsibility? No. That attitude is the easy way out. It's not you against the mayor, the general citizenry, the world. Who knows why you decided to join the PD. Maybe, for some, this was the easiest way for you to earn $50k a year, health benefits and a pension that quite literally exists nowhere else but in the civil service. Hopefully, for most, you joined the PD because you had a true calling. Maybe you knew that there was evil in the world and that it takes good men and women to keep the wolves at bay. To those folks, Albuquerque is truly indebted. Wearing jeans, a plate carrier and a dump pouch (as seen world wide on the internet by now) doesn't make you an "operator". It doesn't make you a bad ass. It doesn't make you a man. Integrity,high minded ideals, the will to do right and the true desire to defend those whom cannot defend themselves is what makes you a hero. Those out there that are committed to the true meaning of policing need to push for your own culture change. Make it the norm to do the right thing. Make it the norm to respect, defend and protect the Constitution of the US. Make it abnormal to lie cheat and steal. Don't tolerate illegal and disrespectful behavior from colleagues. Be the PD you want to be part of and accept no less from those around you.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the literary quotes that make you feel intelligent. They are worthless here. You are not impressing anyone but yourself. Offer suggestions of solutions or keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, wallow in your own shit. At least have the courage to spell out the word. You people kill me.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame someone didn't jam something right in Schultz's pie hole the minute he made that face. I don't know how that turd's parents could have even stranded him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Walz. RJ says thanks! for the cover in today's editorial. He'll keep that million dollar a year ad contract in place with the Journal. Might pay your brother Jerry even more now. $500,000 a year seems low for everything you're doing.

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION ALL OUTSTANDING CITIZENS OF ALBUQUERQUE FROM MARCH 30TH 2014 PROTEST: Word is the cities officers will be leaving in droves. We can expect to see all the hundreds of you lining up to apply for our soon to be empty police department right? Myself no thanks. I wouldn't risk my life for the scum of this city that showed its actions with graffiti on our businesses, blocking the flow of traffic on the city and freeways and jumping on and hitting the cars of innocent passerby... But then again I'm not criticizing Albuquerque's police officers either! Wow so excited for all of you to take over albuquerques police department and stop thecrime in the city with no use of force! FINALLY you will give us the PERFECT city...

Anonymous said...

12:24, you're an idiot. If you're a cop go turn in your badge because you are a disgrace. If people like you ran this country we'd all be speaking the King's English.

Code 4 plz.

A 34.

Anonymous said...

I hope the DOJ or the FBI connect the dots as 4/5 8:22 has done here. Perhaps Mary Han had the goods on Kennedy's & Perry's little scheme?

Anonymous said...

Cancelled my subscription to the Journal today. I just couldn't take the lies from the editors any longer. If we really want to do better in Albuquerque the Journal editor staff is the first place to start.

My news now comes from Jim Baca, Joe Monahan, the Santa Fe New Mexican and the Santa Fe Reporter

Anonymous said...

12:24: go work in whatever hellscape Levi Chavez is policing, murdering and whoring in these days. You two have the PERFECT attitude for each other. Maybe you can start a sideline in car theft and insurance fraud because it's SOOOO tough being a cop in Albuquerque. Those scummy people actually want officers who obey the law themselves. Outrageous!

Anonymous said...

Good that the cops who now know that they can’t lie, deceive and kill are leaving. The 34’s and citizens who have been fighting the corruption are looking forward to a more functional police force.

Isn't that the purpose of the DOJ investigation?

Anonymous said...

Where's the Journal's "flash" poll on MIA Berry and his job performance? Why was one not included with APD's or maybe it was but not published? The Journal no doubt is doing a lot of damage control for MIA Berry with its editorials and articles before it takes a poll on Berry. Not mentioning Schultz at all in the editorial was negligent at best but typical and predictable. When is the Journal and Berry going to stop blaming Chavez? APD has been destroyed by Berry, Perry, Schultz, Banks and Eden. Its going to be one long 3 and a half years.

Anonymous said...

You OBVIOUSLY failed to comprehend where I said no thanks to applying to become a police officer. By your code its apparent you are, wow you are the exact people I was defending...

A Good Citizen

Anonymous said...

WOW another who can't comprehend when I stated no thanks to applying to become a police officer!!


Anonymous said...

How many APD officers to arrest a homeless person?...ans: zero, zip, nada.
How many APD officers to shoot and kill homeless person...ans: six armed officers plus k-9, or was it seven?

Anonymous said...

The only people to blame for the down fall of the APD is the people at the top controlling the department. The mayor, CAO and chief.

Attitude and behavior are a direct result of top management!

Berry and Perry are to blame for all the problems with APD. The problems started the shortly after they took over running the dept and controlling the chief!

Anonymous said...

Sent to my councilor,

On the eve of what will prove to be a very important and passionate City Council meeting, what are the members of council willing to do to take back our Albuquerque Police Department?  What are we willing to do to restore community trust in those sworn to protect us?  What are we willing to do to support the proud and dedicated officers on the streets of Albuquerque?  What are we willing to do to hold those responsible for the decline of a once great department?

Mayor Berry's decision to appoint a political insider to the rank of Police Chief has already proven to be misguided, not to mention how fiscally irresponsible it was to spend $25K to arrive at such a choice.  Chief Eden's addition of a new Deputy Chief as his first step towards reform is predictable and discouraging.  This shows that he is not the progressive leader needed to actually change the culture and dynamics of the APD.

Mayor Berry's inaction has led us to a probable takeover by the DOJ.  Mayor Berry's inability to appoint capable and productive leaders has been a catalyst for the problems within APD.  Mayor Berry's denial of these problems delayed the reforms and changes that should have been implemented years ago!  The Mayor kept Schulz as Chief, appointed Darren White to oversee public safety, broke APD's contract, cut pay, vetoed a DOJ investigation in 2011, and then hoped for the best.  Every single one of these choices highlights the poor, regrettable and costly decisions this administration has made regarding APD and public safety.

We should have never arrived at this point. It shouldn't take the national spotlight, protests and tear gas, the threat of a federal takeover and cyber attack, the death of 23 people and $25 million in payouts to initiate real reform.  Mayor Berry's "head in the sand" approach to governing has proven to be ineffective and his loyalties have proven to be misplaced.

I hope that City Council will stand up to the Mayor and his administration.  It might be too late to save APD from a federal takeover but it isn't to late to save Albuquerque from Mayor Berry's lack of leadership. It is time for City Council stand together and lead.  

Anonymous said...

So every time Chief Gorden Eden can not perform a function of his chief's job, they hire someone else to do the job for him!

Marie Sanes for child abuse, who by the way is worthless! A new deputy chief to over see things that the chief should be doing.

So, whey is Eden getting paid 165K, if he can't perform the job???

Why is he even still there? It's very obvious he has no clue what he's doing!

As a city taxpayer, that's a shameful waste of my tax money!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Time to rescind Rob Perry $35,000 per year pay raise. He management of Albuquerque deserved a pay decrease not a pay raise.

Anonymous said...

Is that last photo at the bottom Nick Nolte's DWI mugshot?!?
When did he start wearing cat woman, librarian old hag glasses and what is the point of wearing those glasses if every time you have them on you are looking over them like an idiot at people?

Anonymous said...

Wise observers know that the journal is nothing more than a propaganda machine for Mitler and Bitler “crafted” (interesting choice of word that Bitler used when referring to his belated plan at the DOJ please help me press conference), crafted, by Jitler.

S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh (RET.) said...

Sergeants and lieutenants have no input in the discipline of officers. Schultz stopped that years ago. Think about it the very people who work with the officers daily have no input on discipline. Today is April 07 2014 there is a City Council Meeting tonight. I hope all voices will be heard and it will be peaceful. I hope this does not turn out to be the citizens against the police argument because it is not. The argument is that Mayor Berry is responsible for this and he should do the right thing and step down now. I know the media will not report the fact that there is a recall effort of the mayor started, so be it. The building blocks of that recall are being put in place because once it is started there are only sixty days to complete it. Protests are spreading to other cities in other states further hurting our city, and wow The Journal says it is everyone fault except the Mayor. Do you really think people are that stupid ? My question to everyone remains the same. What are you prepared to do ?


Gordon Eden is being paid handsomely to do as he is told. For this administration, someone like this is priceless, and if they had to, they would pay even more for this service, especially now. The guy is as spineless and pathetic as they come. They wouldn't even let a guy like this wipe piss overspray off of soldiers boots after relieving themselves in the latrine in the service. It always amazes me why and how piss boys like this make it to the level they do. That's when the irony of it all shines through. People like this may be somewhat intelligent, but their life experience, common sense, physical and mental strengths are inferior. They are pathetic. They are truly the ones who had no presence going through life. They did nothing. They were disrespected, slapped, humiliated, teased and taunted, and now they want to be important, so they will sell their weak asses for that position of authority.
most respected individuals could take or leave authority. They don't obsess over it like these pathetic weaklings. Mostly, they don't really want it. When authority is attained by the proper types of responsible men and women, they utilize it for positive purposes, then put it away. Not these pathetic weak malfeasants. These people show their unworthiness to possess authority by their unwillingness to stand by their decisions, convictions and actions, whether right or wrong, the lack of compassion for those they are supposed to serve with that authority, the cowardice in their actions of using everyone and everything around them as barricades, shields and filters for the light being shined on them and to avert any corrective measures against their disgusting self serving acts of treason against the human race. And last but not least, these vermin and parasitic ticks, have no honor or the decency to act as many who were raised properly in this world know human beings should act. They lack the moral decency to do the right thing and when caught, they try to alter people's perception beyond one's wildest comprehension, to justify their perverted actions. All of this, when they could just put the brakes on things, admit when they made a mistake, apologize, and fix the situation. Something so simple and genuine, overlooked by even simpler artificial organisms operating in an environment that they truly are not genetically and evolutionarily adapted and qualified to exist in.

Anonymous said...


If we as a society DEMAND this, not just from our police department, but from our leaders, our media, who we associate with and in our financial dealings, we will succeed in having these values restored in our society.



The Fourth Reich is right here in Albuquerque.

Shitler = Schultz
Fitler = Feist
Litler = Levy
Titler = Tourek
Gitler = Eden
Pitler = Perry
Bitler = Berry
Mitler = DC Paige
McClitler = Jay McCleskey
Whitler = Darren the PUSSY White

Are any of these ones not like the others?
Nope, they're not, they're all just wrong.
All of these things just don't belong.
Yes they will be answering to the DOJ, before the end of this song.

I want to thank the poster above me for the Name Game idea. Priceless.

I want to give a shout out to:

What an outstanding article about how two nutless cowards try to passively aggressively intimidate two citizens into fearing to exercise their right to free speech. Way to go shitstains. Great job instilling trust in our police department. One afraid of his own shadow and the other pining so hard for a deputy chief position it's pathetic.

Be careful at these meetings and wear ear protection at all times. You might want to wear hip waders and carry a shovel to navigate the bullshit too.

Anonymous said...

Tremendously Tremendous Regulator,

FYI, it was my intention that

Mitler stands for Martinez
Jitler stands for Jay McCluckskee.

McCluckskee is the "crafter" behind the media image vs. the reality of Berry and Martinez's destruction of Albuquerque and NM.


Okay. I stand corrected.
Do you mind if we call Jay Jitler McClitler?
We will keep Mitler as Martinez and change the DCOPs name to Macitler.
Thats a pretty good compromise, right?
After all, you do have the rights to this. I'm just extrapolating on your invention.

Good day!

Anonymous said...

Where are all of the artists in NM that can do cartooning? There is so much fodder here for a political cartoonist, I wish I could draw. We need some good political cartoon satire!

How about the police department doing a heil Hitler to Berry?

Anonymous said...

Well stated. 4/7 @6:43! The City Council is becoming more & more ineffective. Redundant as the Brits say!

Anonymous said...

Tremendous Regulator,

I have no idea who you are but you always have me laughing my ass off.

I like your take on Jay. The question is, do you think he would know what to do with the middle part of his new last name? (My apologies to those who find that comment repugnant. I just couldn't resist.)

Where's the APD T-shirt guy? I think he needs to create a new t-shirt combining our ideas on "itlers." It would be great for the Anonymous protests that are going on this Saturday and Sunday. I'd buy it!

Anonymous said...

Good job Eye on Albuquerque. Keep up the great work. Just getting busy here myself. Check out to see raw footage of March 30 protest against APD. In the video you'll see police pointing an assault rifle at the person shooting the video and another police officer shoving a protestor to the ground for no reason other than him not being on a sidewalk. Three still shots are shown of a Luna County police officer trying to run over a protestor on I-25. MADNESS!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Berry got his bishop, the ABQJournal, to make his latest desperate move. It’s almost checkmate, Berry. Each move weakens you more and gives the citizens an opportunity to see you for who you really are.

Of course, you can resign and save yourself from further embarrassment. You do realize that every move you make from now until your term ends will be like this.

Do what’s best for you, your family and the citizens of Albuquerque, whom you were supposed to be working for, and resign. You can then go home, gets some sleep, do some serious soul searching and repair the damage with your family. I’m sure your family sees you differently now and they are really the ones who are most important in your life. Then you won’t have to be accountable to the taxpayer’s for where you were those 8 days. You’re not going to dodge that question. We have a right to know since we paid for that time.


The DOJ will release their findings to the city leaders AFTER they release it to the PUBLIC.

THATS A US GOVERNMENT SIZED FUCK YOU RJ AND COMPANY! That's right Smallfruit, you are in the back seat now. Haaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Where those badges turned into property w when Darren left?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It seems that the police have not been around on the streets lately. Are they hiding and afraid or are they embarrassed? Such a shame!


Right on home skillet!
Ain't these fools a trip?
And to answer your question..... That's a big NO.
He doesn't even know what it is, let alone what to do with it, and if he did, he would probably attain a .08 BAC first and try to drive over it or beat it up.

Anonymous said...

You are right, Berry looks like he has not gotten any sleep since the Boyd shooting, and finding out that the DOJ investigation was coming to an end. It was pretty obvious that someone told him that the investigation was over so that he could write his letter. Someone probably wrote the letter for him. Someone like Perry or McCleskey. I wonder if people like this mayor rely on those that are not paying attention to fool because this clown pulls stunts and says things that directly contradict his past stance on issues and statements.

The mayor's arrogance is unbelievable also. He is still giving statements to the media acting like he is dictating to the DOJ what the concessions will be.

I have news for you mayor. You are no longer in control. You nor Perry.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to bet that City isn't taking any precautions to prevent any type of a Rodney King backlash. Iam assigned to FSB and haven't heard of a plan for anything. Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Not a cop... I'm just a lowly citizen...

I agree 100%

There are some of us that are very grateful to you brave men and women. Even outside of all this chaos, I think you don't hear that enough. I think the whole of the Department is under appreciated and the last few months have escalated that.

Please go home to the people that love you every single day. It will truly be tragic if a good cop and good human is killed because some tough guy with no respect for authority puts you or us in danger. Do what you have to do and THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

No doubt.

Anonymous said...

Go away, you illiterate sack. You had your shot and failed miserably. You are ineffectual at rallying the troops and always have been.

Stop preparing your bid for next elections and disappear into obscurity. Where you belong.

Anonymous said...

Please take this time to shut the fuck up.
Idiotic comments do not further the cause of dealing with this corrupt administration. As a matter of fact, Berry loves it because it takes the heat off of him.

Anonymous said...

@4/7 2:58pm

This article is very well written but …..

The video is awesome! Really made you feel like you were there. You have now etched an historic moment in time in Albuquerque’s history. You and all the other creative people and social media experts should contact Paul Heh at 459-5545. He’s leading the recall effort and I’m sure he could use your help.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the DOJ has no intent of releasing the finding to Berry ahead of time, as Berry asked for in the letter. An obvious slap in the face to management on this issue-First to the public, then to City and APD> Good going DOJ! Stick to the plan. Berry won't be able to do spin control on the findings now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has just come out with their latest instructional video on the protests. It’s rock, paper, scissors. Cameras, guns, words.

You figure out who ultimately wins.

And to Berry and Martinez, no matter how much money is funding your propaganda machine, cameras and truthful words win. The times are a changing!

Anonymous said...

I don’t know who created the video at this link, but this art says so much about the changing times.

1) Leaders can no longer think that they can manipulate the media and the citizens with their propaganda.

2) Millenials are very savvy and they can create their own media and communicate it to the world in much shorter times than any news media outlet for virtually free. Traditional media isn’t even viewed by them and has less credibility than their social network’s media.

3) They are instantaneously networked because of social networking.

4) They hold the future in their hands. They have the power and energy to change the world like never before. If they are strong in their values and unite, they will make the world a better place than it was before they were born.

If they demand Justice, Truth, Respect, Integrity and Leadership they will succeed. Fight the good fight!

Oh men!! este es un buen articulo, muy bueno.

Yo no se quien creo el video del link, pero dejenme decirles que ese arte dice mucho acerca de los tiempos de cambio.

1) Los lideres de esta comunidad no deben seguir pensando en que pueden manipular los medios y a la sociedad con su basura de propaganda.

2) Los millennials son muy inteligente. Pueden crear sus medios de información y comunicarla al mundo en muy poco tiempo que cualquier otro medio y es prácticamente gratis. Los medios tradicionales ya nadie los ve, y cada vez tienen menos credibilidad que las redes sociales.

3)Es increible que instantaneamente estes conectado por las redes sociales.

4) Los millennials tienen el futuro en sus manos. Tienen y tenemos el poder y energia de cambiar el mundo como nunca antes, SI LOS JOVENES TIENEN VALORES FUERTES, PODRAN HACER DE ESTE MUNDO UN MEJOR LUGAR PARA VIVIR, MEJOR QUE EN EL QUE ELLOS NACIERON.

Si ellos demandan Justicia, Verdad, Respeto, Integridad y Liderazgo que tendrán éxito. Pelea la buena batalla!

Asi que adelante, vayan y luchen por su futuro, es de ustedes, ustedes los crearan y formarán.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Albuquerque, wake up! Those of you sitting in your big North East homes will be the next victims of the rogue cops in APD that Berry, (you northeasters' man)Perry, Schultz, and now Eden allow to ride rough-shod over the defenseless citizens! Berry hid from the public at the counsel meeting and now has quickly hired a buddy of Eden's to be a deputy chief to implement changes! Berry is a political hack, Perry is a fool, and the people of Albuquerque are fools to put up with this crap! Albuquerque, you are getting what you deserve, a piss poor economy, bad public relations nationally because of a rogue PD, you people put Berry in, now suffer! Oh, the DOJ is not going to do a thing! RECALL BERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the Mayor has not lived up to his pact with the citizens and should be recalled.
But there are also inside APD changes to make and not just at the top. The cops on the street who killed all those people (and still do) are not being held accountable. I don't care if they say the shootings were justified. The DOJ report clearly says they WERE NOT JUSTIFIED. You're going to have those people in the big North East homes hiring private security.
If we raise our OWN security - what will you do? Shoot them?