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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 15, 2014



The Department of Justice, in its forty-six page report on the abuses of the Albuquerque Police Department, devoted seven pages to Albuquerque Police abuse of the Taser.  The DoJ reviewed over 200 incidents that involved the use of Taser and found that the APD had used the Taser in an unreasonable and abusive way.

“Although we found the unreasonable uses of physical force, such as punches and kicks, the overwhelming majority of our use of force reviews involved inappropriate deployment of Tasers.  Officers engaged in a pattern of using Tasers unreasonably, including in situations that placed individuals at risk of death or serious bodily harm; against individuals experiencing mental health crises, or who, due to inebriation or inability, could not comply; against subjects requiring medical treatment; against unarmed subjects; against individuals in a punitive manner”

Why has APD used Taser, almost exclusively, in less-lethal situations?  By peeling another layer of the onion what will we find?  Will we discover who is accountable for this abuse of Taser?  Will we find a direct line from Taser to the very top of APD in the form of a multi-million dollar contract for Taser in exchange for a high paying job with Taser? 

By reading Albuquerque news and Taser press releases over the last few years we have found a very questionable connection between APD Chief of Police Ray Schultz and Taser.  Here are the dots for the reader to connect:

March 2013, Ray Schultz announces his intention to retire.  He does not give a date, saying “A major computer upgrade is scheduled for this summer (2013) that has been in the planning stages for the past two years (since 2011).  I want to ensure the success of these two very important projects.”

July 2013, Ray Schultz in his capacity as APD Chief of Police, signs a contract with Taser that costs the city of Albuquerque $1,950,000!  Taser puts forth a press release stating that this contract is the largest to date that Taser has ever signed!

September 2013, Ray Schultz, in a written document to the City of Albuquerque states his intention to retire January 1, 2014.  He further states that he will go on early retirement leave (still a city employee during this time) starting on September 7, 2013.

October 2013, Taser announces that Ray Schultz is now working for them.  Just weeks after Schultz, as APD Chief of Police, signs the largest contract in Taser history, Schultz, still a city employee, begins working for Taser.  This in violation of City Ordinance.

January 1 2014, Schultz formally retires from the City of Albuquerque. 

February 28, 2014, Schultz gives an interview to KRQE (Tina Jensen) where he admits that he has been working for Taser since October 2013. 

March 2014, Taser in a brochure announces that retired Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz will be speaking at the Taser sponsored police conference in Australia.

April 10 2014, the Department of Justice releases the report on Albuquerque Police abuses.  Specifically pointing out the abusive nature of Taser usage within APD.

Could it be that Ray Schultz, in his capacity as Chief of the Albuquerque Police Department, created a culture where APD officers were only provided Taser products, excluding other less-lethal devices?  Did Ray Schultz foster a training program where officers were to use Taser, even when in violation of the Use of Force Continuum?  Did Ray Schultz profit from his connection with Taser, while as Albuquerque Police Chief?  Did Ray Schultz purposely stay on as Albuquerque Police Chief to ensure that the $1,950,000 Taser contract was not reviewed by a new chief who may have amended or stopped it altogether?  Did Taser give Ray Schultz a position with their company as a reward (kickback) for delivering the $1,950,000 Taser contract?  Why did the City of Albuquerque (Rob Perry and Richard Berry) ignore the violation of City Ordinance that prohibits employees from working for vendors?  Why did Rob Perry, Richard Berry and the City Council ignore the violation of City Ordinance that requires Schultz to not be employed by Taser for at least 12 months from the date of his actual retirement (January 1 2014)?

If this isn't self-dealing we don't know what is!

Since the Department of Justice has asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to criminally investigate at least six APD officers for their actions in six deadly force situations; I would hope the Department of Justice asks the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate the Taser contract and what appears to be a kickback (in the form of a high paying job) to Ray Schultz for his delivery of the $1,950,000 Taser contract with APD.  I would hope the City Council opens an investigation into violation of City Ordinance and that the New Mexico Attorney General opens a criminal investigation into the Taser contract.

The timeline is very clear.  The dots are all in a straight line.  It is clear that Schultz benefited from the contract between Taser and the Albuquerque Police Department.  Holding those at the top accountable is the first step forward.  If the DoJ only holds the officers at the bottom criminally accountable then the system has failed Albuquerque citizens.  Pray that the Department of Justice orders sends Tasergate to the FBI for investigation.

After all, as Schultz likes to say:
I think we should get a real look, not just a second look at Schultz's conduct.
(for those interested, here's the disgraced chief's full presentation....


Anonymous said...

It's your move DOJ, City Council and AG.

Your actions will reveal your true intentions and if the citizens will be respected or violated.

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like Schultz is using APD stuff to endorse Taser. Is that legal?

We citizens need to demand an investigation into Ray Schultz and Taser. Next time we protest this is what we should be demanding.

Call the people who are supposed to protect us and demand that they investigate. Call Taser and demand answers!

City council 768 3100
Richard Berry 768 3000
Bernalillo County District Attorney 841 7100
New Mexico Attorney General 827 6000
Federal Bureau of Investigation 889 1300
Department of Justice 346 7274

Call them and make your voices heard! The dots between Ray Schultz and Taser are a straight line. The kickback is easy to see. Schultz and his taser kickback caused the Taser abuses. Demand an investigation. Don't just hold the lowest level officers accountable. Make a real change, hold Ray Schultz and Taser accountable! Make the calls!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to call Taser and demand an end to corporate kickbacks! 1 800 978 2737

Anonymous said...

Steve Tuttle
Vice President of Communications
TASER International, Inc.
Media ONLY Hotline:
(480) 444-4000

I wonder what Taser thinks about Schultz and his Taser deployment in light of 200 abuses of Taser as documented by the Department of Justice. Maybe everyone in Albuquerque should start calling and asking Taser. While your on the phone with Taser ask them how much Ray Schultz is getting paid by Taser since he delivered on the $2,000,000 city contract.

Anonymous said...
"...many officers are dismissive of community concerns"

Well, how about it? Are you all dismissive?

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the mayor sent Taser international a letter demanding that no APD insignias or patches are used on their advertisements?
He sure was hot and heavy to demand COPS not film in Albuquerque or film any of APD's incidence.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to address this with Taser, get them where it hurts and what this is all about, money.

Go on every financial social media site or any pro Taser article that will allow you to comment and let the world know how that $2 million contract happened. Link the Eye's article in your comment. It will shake the market price of the stock since it's been inflated with the LARGEST CONTRACT TASER HAS EVER HAD based on Shultz' BS. If the investors find out that it may be illegal, the speculators will run for the hills, Shultz will have a negative value to Taser and they will be spending their time doing damage control.

Truth wins!

Anonymous said...

Taser just went public on January 9, 2014. Interesting date to go public. Do the investors who bought the IPO have a claim for false representation of the IPO? Should be interesting to watch the stock price as the truth unfolds.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what that super secret group ANONYMOUS thinks about Taser and Schultz and TASER abuse

Anonymous said...

Who is the female APD officer in the slide show? Did Schultz get her permission to use her in his presentation? Is she violating social media or some other SOP's by appearing in a presentation that endorses a private company, Taser.

S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh (RET.) said...

I sent letters to all mentioned in the article asking for a investigation. Letter was sent March 10 2014 and hand delivered to the N.M A.G. by me March 11 2014. The ball is in their court. Massive phone calls would help to let all know we are all standing up together and this BULL is over.

Anonymous said...

Wow they airbrushed the hell out of Leah Kelly Acata's face!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it legal to use APD officers and equipment to endorse a private company? I don't think so. The city council needs to tell Taser and Schultz to cease. They need to investigate this contract.

Remember Red Flex is being investigated nationwide for kickbacks, who brought Red Flex to Albuquerque? Ray Schultz. This guy is corrupt.

Demand an investigation!

Anonymous said...


Looks like Amanda Wild


Indict Raymond D. Schultz for obstruction of Justice, false statements to federal investigators, and racketeering. He needs to be pimping that turkey neck in an orange jumpsuit.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is telling the truth now. How does it feel Berry? You and Perry are lying corrupt scum. You conspire to violate people's civil rights along with the police chief. You did it with Schultz by rigging investigations, intimidating witnesses, and lying. When that didn't work , you tried to intimidate hearing officers into changing their rulings. You actually conspired with the city attorney to tell hearing officers to change their rulings in personnel board hearings. When they told you to fuck off you violated THEIR rights and fired them unlawfully. All of this to obstruct the Department of Justice. You are caught now. Now commissioners are telling the truth and your water carriers like Robin Hammer are proven to be liars. The proof is coming out that you influence the outcome of everything to be favorable to your objectives. You even have people lying for you to cover that aspect up. And if you don't you find a way to dispose of them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is telling the truth now. How does it feel Berry? You and Perry are lying corrupt scum. You conspire to violate people's civil rights along with the police chief. You did it with Schultz by rigging investigations, intimidating witnesses, and lying. When that didn't work , you tried to intimidate hearing officers into changing their rulings. You actually conspired with the city attorney to tell hearing officers to change their rulings in personnel board hearings. When they told you to fuck off you violated THEIR rights and fired them unlawfully. All of this to obstruct the Department of Justice. You are caught now. Now commissioners are telling the truth and your water carriers like Robin Hammer are proven to be liars. The proof is coming out that you influence the outcome of everything to be favorable to your objectives. You even have people lying for you to cover that aspect up. And if you don't you find a way to dispose of them.

Looks like it is all coming out now.

Anonymous said...

@4-15, 4:15pm - That picture is of a FEMALE APD officer? Are you sure? I had already made a bet that picture had been lifted off a BDSM porn site.

Anonymous said...

Schultz may have borne responsibility for the provision of Tazers-but let us not forget that it is the officers who bear responsibility for choosing to use them. As the DOJ found-it was often the on the scene officers who escalated things and who used the devices inappropriately rather than de-escalating the situation.

Blaming Schultz for all of this is about as bright as blaming officer shootings on their possession of guns. Should they therefore not have guns?

Anonymous said...

Tazergate is going nowhere. Too much of an insider game. Paul Heh did not even get so much as and acknowledgement. Channel 13 did one story and dropped it.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who say it is the officers fault and that Tasergate is going nowhere, you deserve the city you live in.

Schultz made a deal with Taser to have a high paying job with them once he delivered the $2,000,000 contract. Schultz excluded all other non lethal weapons and training from APD officers during this time.

Go ahead and say it is an "insiders game" and let corruption stand. Just like on Wall Street it is only the little guy who gets prison time. The big crooks walk.

Is this the city we now live in?

Anonymous said...


What is the status on the no-balls Berry recall? There is a lot of discussion about recalling him on social media. Read the comments at the end of this article by Ben Dover and “guest” and others.

May I suggest that you reply to them on that link to join forces.

It’s inevitable that Berry needs to go to fix this problem. And the community is rising like a phoenix as more information continues to come out about this lawless administration.

Berry, you can run but you can’t hide!

We are waiting for your next move. No move is in essence a frozen move.

Perhaps you finally realize you are Albuquerque’s emperor with no clothes.

Bite Me said...

This is for the Sisi Saens and Susana Martinez fans all out there: "theyre trying to keep the brown girl down!"

Anonymous said...

@4:13pm who is wondering what anonymous is doing:

Anonymous has their own channel. You can watch for updates here.

And they are organizing. This is another good site to keep an eye on the progress:

Anonymous said...

Here's Taser's message board on Yahoo Finance. It looks like there is a lot of bubble talk about this stock. Is it time to taser Taser with the Eye's article?

Anonymous said...

It would appear that Ray was planning this stuff for awhile and kept copies of lapel cameras that he thought he could use later. I bet he has quite the collection. I can't believe no one thought to ask him why he wanted copies of everything. Or I guess he could just walk into evidence and ask for a copy of a DVD without a problem.

Anonymous said...

7:53 am. You mean SELL-OUT SiSi.

Anonymous said...

Taser needs to exposed for the corrupt corporation it is. They buy off chiefs like Schultz with the promise of a high paying Taser job and then screw the city with millions in lawsuits because Taser / Schultz didn't allow any other non lethal equipment or training.

Will our elected leaders investigate? Or are they bought off too?

Anonymous said...

Since when does Albuquerque allow for their cops and equipment to be used in a power point commercial for Taser? Isn't this against city ordinance? Of course it is, but the City Council doesn't care. They are too worried about the homeless sleeping in their cars. To busy to be bothered with violations of city ordinance.

Anonymous said...

Need some info here. Wouldn't the whole Tasergate mess be the City's problem as it obviously violates City Rules and Regs. But does it rise to the lever of a federal investigation? I can see conflict of interest and perhaps a "sweetheart" deal. But isn't this violation a city issues? Do you know anyone at any level of city government who would pursue this matter against Ray? Just asking. And no I'm not a ass kissing insider who is saying "haha you can't win"...
I am a lowly city worker bee who wants to see the big guys/gals hang out to dry, but everyone should look at jurisdictional issues before running to the feds with a matter they cannot pursue.

Anonymous said...

This is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Why do you say thesis anyone's fault but your own? The mayor didn't tase someone until the taser battery died andthechief didn't tase a person doused in gasoline. Seriously IAm confused and I suggest that if you want the image of APD being thugs to die out you answer me seriously

Anonymous said...


Geeeeez OK seriously, the mayor directs the chief. The chief bought Tasers and did not allow any other non lethal equipment or training. The chief appears to have made sure Taser got a $2,000,000 city contract in exchange for the chief getting a high paying job with Taser.

Kickbacks are illegal. The officers bear responsibility but so does Schultz and Taser for the kickback.


Anything that fits the Racketeering definition is fair game for the Feds.

racketeer : one who obtains money by an illegal enterprise usually involving intimidation

Racketeering is when organized groups run illegal businesses, known as “rackets,” or when an organized crime ring uses legitimate organizations to embezzle funds. Such activities can have devastating consequences for both public and private institutions. Consequently, the federal government and numerous state governments have created systems of laws designed to prosecute these criminals.

In 1978, Congress enacted the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO, providing prosecutors with the tool they needed to fight organized crime. Many states have enacted similar laws. In order to convict someone under RICO or a state equivalent, it’s no longer necessary to prove the suspect personally committed an illegal activity. Instead, prosecutors must prove:

· The defendant owns and/or manages an organization;

· The organization regularly performs one or more specific illegal activity.

Hypothetically speaking, if a police chief was in the process of setting himself up in employment with a company like Tazer, while on the books with the city, and is in violation of state law or ordnance, there is a crime, ESPECIALLY after being influential in the assigning of a contract with this company. Now imagine this same individual using tax funds to help another employee in the same city and organization build a profitable personal business like ARAPA. Do you see where I am going?

Now imaging this same chief using connections within the state to backfill his plans with future support and cover. Someone like an equipment supplier whom this chief finds ways to filter contracts to, circumventing the bidding process. Now imagine this business owner in a position on the New Mexico LEA board making decisions that back the chief's play on things reciprocating cover.

Now just imaging the Department of Justice announcing that they may convene an investigation into the same organization that this chief manages.
Now this chief begins to show the tell tale signs of motive and agenda when he does what?
When he deviates from his always constant and predictable conduct as a known liar into someone who is now making it appear as though he is fixing something that he has broken. I call this the wood burning phase. It is when cowards like this use everyone and everything around them to desperately and obviously provide cover for themselves, to appear righteous, and if the hammer drops, and an investigation is started, to then provide distraction. Conspiracy to violate civil rights, witness intimidation, perjury, and obstruction of justice, committed for the purpose of personal gain, while using his title and position under the color of law, and cloak of lies within a legal organization, and abusing the power of that position, by having your co-conspirators / accomplices back your play fits these charges like a glove. If it doesn't, nothing does. When you combine the above items it is as clear as daylight. The same daylight they hate having shined on them.

RICO defines “racketeering activity” as a long list of state and federal crimes. The federal crimes include bribery, various fraud offenses, gambling offenses, money laundering, a number of financial and economic crimes, obstructing justice or a criminal investigation, murder for hire, and sexual exploitation of children. The state crimes include murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, dealing in obscene matter, and drug crimes.

As you can see, it does not have to be a federal crime or pattern of federal crimes to be picked up by the Feds.

Things here are a matter of Justice and Justice has a long arm.

Anonymous said...


Taser was partially funded by a federal grant. That makes it a federal issue. There are many state and federal statutes that prohibit kickbacks at any level of government. Just ask Manny Aragon and the Metro Court scandal. That was a state issue and it landed Manny in federal prison for several years. No difference here. A kickback is a kickback.


I am not the above poster you are referring to but, you can say it is the chief and mayor's fault for creating an environment and culture where new officers have hammered into their heads a method of thinking in one dimension, or one way from the onset of their training by an agency level with the self perception mentality of superiority within the law enforcement community. Add to this, the inability or refusal to teach alternative methods of conflict resolution because of this stubbornness and you have the recipe for what has happened here.

If I took you off the street, and told you that you had only one way to accomplish something and trained you in that one way for months, then dumped you out in the workplace with a bunch of other workers who were similarly trained, you would fall back on that training in a crisis. I am not dismissing the fact that some people make poor choices, but this is systemic.
They knew about it and they covered it up until everyone had enough. Instead of expecting more, they train to the lowest officers ability.

When you condone this and ingrained it into your employees, you own it. Especially when you retaliate against anyone who points out the flaws of the system.

Anonymous said...

4:15 pm
5:47 pm
6:19 pm
7:26 pm

That is one super nasty looking skank! If you guys have to work with that, they should pay you extra just to have to look at her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this information. I'm 12:22 and to know that Taser is federally funded, in part or whole, is a piece of the puzzle I didn't have. Is Schultz in his right mind ? Or like Manny did his power and ego or sheer huberous ddiminish his brain's basic functionality ? One would think that a police chief, no less, would possess a rudimentary grasp of the law and the consequences of f'ing with federal charges. Schultz is beyond moron, he'spure evil.

Anonymous said...

And Schultz will get away with all this? This is unacceptable! Why why why is this man still out in society when in reality he is nothing more than a sociopath comparable to Madoff or even Dahmer ..that comparison being valid because like Dahmer, Schultz has the erroneous delusion that he is invincible! Thanks for good info.---- 12:22

Anonymous said...

Isn't the female officer promoting tasers in that ad the one costing us millions because she shot that transient armed with the butter knife downtown? She shoulda used the taser that day and saved us millions in lawsuit money!

Anonymous said...

Hey perv, how is the photography going?

Anonymous said...

Nice going Stephanie Lopez, The Washington post said you're the perfect example of what's wrong with our city. After the last meeting I now agree. Maybe you should leave while there's time. You have officially drawn a target on all of us, and in some instances literally. I hate this, but I'm sick of the minority group like you making this harder on us who are doing real police work. What can we do to clear the APOA leadership?

Anonymous said...

12:22 here. That mindset training you describe sounds similar to how the Niazi party,, rose to power. And absolute power needs those brain - washed, unquestioning minions to play follow the leader no matter how flawed and sociopathic that leader may be. And yes, your final paragraph is a correct example of how the sociopathic bosses punish and disrespect those who
would question or dare to suggest a broader vision of
training. This mentality is
prevelant in most city departments, You would cringe to know the poor decision making of actual
Department Directors under
whom I work.
The city is run by little Hitlers who hire sycophants.An example is Cultural Services, i.e., Library. A lots of husband and wives work together in same library, same department. Good friends and business associates work for a certain Director or two who have
a "man crush " or "woman crush " on people who end up getting hired associates temps and are permitted to direct and supervise workers that have 15 plus years in the Library! It's a dysfunctional mess but more importantly it's illegal under FSLA because the minion temps work off the clock, they work OT without submitting forms forms OT pay, they make us look badly because we demand OT when we work a holiday! These fresh - faced college students do notice question anything ..they are sychophantic yes -men and women who will do everything the Directors tells them to do! Grrrrr......


Anonymous said...

Vote them out ? Make a run for that position?

Anonymous said...

I'd like SLopez and SWillowboy to at least write a statement that isn't fucked up with misspellings and grammatical errors. Let's get that right first then we can work on the message. Bunch of high school dropout GED losers.

Anonymous said...

You ferenghi looking hack.
Again you give cover to these political scum bags.
Martinez and her bitch McCleskey are classless scum who do not deserve to be mopping floors. There is no excuse for behavior like that. With vindictiveness like that god knows what they would do to people or have done to people. Those audio recordings sounded like those two belonged in a schoolyard but they are running things in this 3rd world state. These same two idiots are behind Berry. Now we know why This place is falling apart at the seams. Let's hope karma gets these two along with you for enabling and contributing to this mess you are all a bunch of self serving pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

He does look like a ferenghi LOL. But are these recordings all you have against Martinez? Please, feel free to let everyone here know what you know.

Anonymous said...

You mean behind the admissions by Susan that she's a mean spiteful ignorant little cuss, that she has run this state into a hole, has failed to hold anybody in her administration accountable for disgusting if not criminal conduct, all while letting wealthy donors run amok? No Susan is fine other wise.

Anonymous said...

Of course you did. Did you write in crayon?

No reaponse needed, but your obsession with this city isnt noble. It's self serving and sad. Get a hobby and enjoy your retirement.

Peeled Onion said...

Why is it a governor and her aide get a free pass for acting like scum bags when people get fired for way less? This governor, and her slimy bitch of a coward sissy Jay, should be swabbing circle J toilets with their shirts. Gollum and Coo Coo man; two birth defects fit for each other. The first sign of a cover up, or corruption is when an agent of the government cries victim. These two fools show their asses, then cry about being exposed, acting like THEY are the ones that were victimized. Can you believe this shit? It wasn't meant for public ears??? So, the public is to be fooled into thinking their governor is a good person, while she talks shit behind everyone's backs?!?!
And now after being caught, she cares about teachers, because after all... It's for the children. More lies from liars. I have never met a bigger bunch of lying hypocritical dishonorable bags of self serving dog shit in my life. This governor acts like a teenager. What types of life experiences do these people have? After she gets embarrassed, she makes counter accusations, then tries to rub it in peoples faces like a spoiled brat that despite being exposed she still collected $15,000 in campaign contributions. She should spend that money on disinfectant for her mouth. These crybabies spend their whole lives living in a school yard. Vote this hag out of office!
She is Berry's enabler and remember what she did during the election in a Rio Rancho.

Anonymous said...

And you do what?
Stuff your fat smelly halitosis hole with burreatoohs?
Sit there like a fat jabba the hutt swilling soft drinks at every press release? You never stand because those two toothpicks can't support that fat over bloated sack of toxic shit you call a body.
Walk around the RTCC announcing that the commander is on board.?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Commander dickhead that is. You are a pathetic disgrace. Your obsession with sucking asshole is what is pathetic. And talk about self serving...
Self serving everything from your job to the all you can eat buffet. You fat motherfucking ball of wax.


Private investigator Michael Corwin made TREMENDOUS point on Joe Monahan's blog today.

If someone accessed DMV records for the Governor, a crime was committed. There needs to be an investigation into the DA investigator that did this. If this was done for vindictive purposes or at all for that matter, there was a crime committed and a conspiracy between individuals to commit that crime. Citizens, officers and high ranking officials need to be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Why did APD Taser use skyrocket over the last four years? Where is it in the force continuum? Did it get moved under Schultz?

Fat chick said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice city wide briefing by Eden, Page and Roseman.

Eden let it be known if we get in trouble we will get the max. Roseman said he didn't know who Omaree Varela was (does he know the DoJ are in town?) and good old Page only cared about an officer who wasn't wearing SOP shoes.

All that is going on and this is what we get from the Command. I think we are best served if they all quit and we just start over. They don't seem to get it. The problems with APD didn't start with officers not wearing approved footwear, they started with a Command Staff that didn't think the rules applied to them. Just like Tasergate. Furthermore the problem is with cowardly commander staff that will not hold each other accountable. Oh by God they hold the officer accountable for wearing the wrong shoes, but say nothing when fellow Deputy Chiefs have affairs with subordinates. Or when Captains are so screwed up that their area commands are going to shit. Or when Lt's attack officers when they refuse to clean their firearms (Yes Lopez we never forget). The Command staff did nothing and then they come out and bitch about an officers shoes. God help us. We are run by immature idiots.

Tell you what Mac. When you have the balls to formally complain on Garcia for having affairs with subordinates then you can complain about officers shoes. But that will never happen. You don't have the courage to call out another DCOP or any command staff member. Cowards!

Angry laughing cop said...

Paige is such a pussy. He got punked out by an officer and his response was, your boots aren't sop! Paige got called out for unjustly screwing over officers and laughed at, then he stomps out like a sissy all but hurt. Way to go sissy. You are an embarrassment. That's what you get cunt. All you do is fuck with cops over picayune bullshit anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where to go to ask this question. Or, if it has been raised in light of the DOJ report. How do arrestees, with dismissed cases based on illegal arrests, false police reports, etc, get cases expunged from the record when it's been proven through the the pre-trial process that APD officers lied on police reports, falsified evidence, etc. This question has been posed to me and it's a good one. Individuals wrongly arrested should have the right to have the arrests removed from their record. Regardless of the law that says innocent until proven guilty, we all know arrests are held against an individual. We've seen many examples of that in ALB>


You stuttering coward. Now there is no chart of sanctions now that you failures have all eyes on you. Resign already you worthless task boy. You mac and rosebud take turns holding the mayor's piss bucket. Where do you get the piss splashes cleaned off of your class A uniforms? I hear the mayor and Perry like their DCOPS spit polished for potty duty. I heard you guys pledge allegiance to the almighty asshairs of the dishonorable two.

Change begins with you, huh? Well, I'll tell you what, start with a new hair dresser. You look like a bluehair.
Are shaws and cains sop? Looks like dresses, panty hose and bonnets should be sop on the 5th floor. Do you fellas have tampon dispensers and lotion for your butt hurt and chapped asses. Did the big bad field guys hurt your feelings? I bet you boys are feveriously working in your "itler" laboratory on how to retaliate on the outspoken. How dare they! bitches!

Anonymous said...

The officers at APD have no faith or confidence in Eden, Paige, Garcia, Roseman, Perry and Berry.

Albuquerque Journal, go out and poll the APD officers and you will get the real truth. They all know the command staff, starting with Schultz created our decline. Schultz denied other non lethal equipment and training (CIT) so officers would be forced to use his Taser. Then Schultz put Taser usage right next to Mace on the Use of Force training. Under Schultz it was All Taser/ All the Time. Now Taser has a $2,000,000 contract with Albuquerque and Schultz has a high paying job with Taser. Not much to connecting those dots. Yet none of the Command Staff, past or present, have the balls to come out and say it. APD Command staff past and present are cowards. None of them are willing to come forward and call out Schultz, Taser and the kickback truth. This is why the officers don't have faith in any of you. Maybe Huntsman will show some damn courage and show some leadership. This has been the problem at APD. It is not officers, it is a cowardly command staff that is never held accountable. So Paige do you have the courage to bring an Internal Affairs investigation against Garcia for his affairs? Or are you going to just complain about shoes?

Anonymous said...

This is for those dirty cops who end up working as a security guards. Losers, that's the only job you will ever get! They wouldn't even hire you as court security, enjoy the rest of your pathetic guard career.

An Angry Cop said...

This is for you, you worthless piece of shit. Your protest wouldn't have half the momentum without those that stepped forward from within APD and the REAL victims of APD, the families who lost loved ones to unjustified shootings. There were also forces behind this change that you will never know about, because it is beyond the pay grade of a spineless worm like yourself.

When you psychologically analyze groups of individuals who have nothing better to do than find a cause to stir shit for, because their life is so pathetic, and they need a group to cling to in order to feel like they belong to something, you have what you see when you look in the mirror, a pathetic soul with no purpose who has no meaning in life, even to themselves.

Grow the fuck up. Everyone has had someone treat them like shit. Handle it the right way like a man. This pussy shit of blanket attacking all officers is getting old. The problem is not all officers. A few of you cowardly crybabies with an ax to grind over being chastised or written a ticket would have everyone believe they all are because YOU want payback, and didn't have the balls to speak your mind the day the officer did whatever he did to you that scarred your frail little ego.

This is all true because it shows your resolve and dedication, when weeks later the groups of protesters dwindled from the 1000 assholes who were there for only the wrong reasons, to the 100 true victims who to this day continue their fight with class and without you worthless smelly boat anchors.

So, if you are not happy flipping burgers in Lumpys burgers, please don't take it out on the world. Get some counseling for your issues and maybe some tissues. Get an education, some work ethic, and take a bath. Then, maybe someone will respect what you have to say. Otherwise, keep your fucking mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

The professional anti-police squad is getting old. Correia plz shut the fuck up because every time you talk you show us how much of an idiot and maggot you are. Where were you the last 5 years? Face it, you smell an opportunity to advance your career but with whom? A bunch if losers who just like to bitch. Well said Angry Cop.

Anonymous said...

TR, Let me tell you what the "itlers" in the M&M mafia (Martinez and McClesky) did to me. They broke into my home, knowing I was gone for a short time. They knew this because they are tapping my line. They got into my computer. Anybody who is fighting the good fight may want to check their computers for who is authorized for security access and also make sure you have proof that your home has been entered. BTW, they aren't all that bright about leaving their tracks.

Anonymous said...

Security guard? I know some good security guards that are good guys, having nothing to do with APD. If an APD officer has to get a job as a security guard, what does that tell you but don't think that security guards as a whole is a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm blown away. Not once on this site does ANYONE take responsibility for abusing deadly force. Citizens made a pact with you. We give police the right to take our freedom, our property and our lives. In return, police promise to know HOW to use deadly force and not abuse the right given to you. You don't realize that you've lost our trust. All the whining, blaming someone else, complaints about training, trying to shift the focus to someone else does not make the citizen trust you. Stop and apologize.

Anonymous said...

@ 0758,

Wow, an 'angry cop' telling people (anonymously) that their 1st Amendment rights are invalid because he/she disagrees with their opinions. You sound like a healthy, happy, well-adjusted individual.

And seriously? An APD cop telling ANYONE else they need an education or some work ethic is hilarious.

Lecturing others on wanting to belong, or wanting to feel powerful, when you put on your clown costume in the mornings before going out to abuse the very people who make your life and your job possible? Only an APD cop could have such a stunning sense of entitlement.

You can call the protestors all the names you want, but at the end of the day, they only assembled because of people like YOU.

Show me even one good cop on APD that actually lives by the code you all supposedly uphold and works hard every shift, and I'll show you a unicorn with an MS in electrical engineering.

An angry cop said...

Wow, another crying, shit stirring, punk posting anonymously and hypocritically calling others out for the same thing. This is the problem with people like you. You can't see the forrest through the trees.

Who said I was an APD cop? Your thick head is too busy generalizing, and doing to others what you cry all day about. So keep your uneducated eyes on the small prize you river shrimp, because all the while you are doing that, the administration will keep fucking you up your lazy stupid ass without you even knowing it. The joke will be on you because as everyone moves on, and things never change, you will still be standing in the same place holding your bag of shit. You stupid asses couldn't even drag your lazy asses out to the polls to vote this asshole out of office. I guess you'll blame that on the police too. You can run out in the street to chant because you are butt hurt over authority, but you can't get up on time to go vote. How lazy is that? Polls open all day and you can't make it.
Spare us the tough talk about how "you" are making a difference. A few dedicated individuals as usual made the difference, and it surely didn't involve a pussy like you who's only hobbie is sitting on a computer all day going tit for tat instigating shit on a blog between jerking off to porn.

I like how you feel that you make someone's job possible. The myth behind that is that you probably make less than median income, and don't contribute to the economy in any productive way. If you did not exist, there would still be a need for order. Sorry little guy, the world does not revolve around you.

Get it right spin doctor. I called the assholes acting out names, and clearly defined how I felt about those with a genuine gripe. It's cowardly little bitches like you with your own little agendas who want to pile on like typical one sided big mouths now that they think they have muscle behind them. Where were you months and years ago mijo? Sitting on your ass stewing over having your feelings hurt, not having the balls to stand up alone and voice your opinion like the few who are the actual ones who started this action against this corrupt administration?

Show me one of you bigmouths who could survive outside your little padded microcosm called albuquerque, and I will show you your first set of balls and then I will purchase them for you so you can attach them to that flat bald patch between your skinny legs. You've got a lot to learn.

Go back to your opportunists who are scratching and clawing for the limelight now that the hard work was done by everyone else. Go back to your shallow group of self serving friends who are looking to take credit for the hard work of others. You want to talk about having blood on your hands. The political hacks who were nowhere to be found while two and three people at a time got things rolling all of the sudden want to come out into the sun now that it's a sure thing and the hammer is sure to drop. Where were you before the findings were made?
You are a fraud. You know it, and you have to live with it, and your significant other, if you have one has to settle for it every day. You can fight it, and try to make yourself feel better by running your mouth here and everywhere else, but at the end of the day you lay your head to rest knowing that you are weak, you will never be the legend you wish to be, and you are at the very bottom of the food chain. You are a piece of digested plankton stuck in butt folds of something that just ate you.

But the best thing is that first and foremost, nobody but you will think for a minute you had anything to do with the positive change.

Anonymous said...

Angry Cop:

As a citizen of Abq, I thank you for your work and for caring enough about the problems permeating our city to follow and join in the discussion. Your perspective is appreciated.

I also think that the pioneers of the efforts to draw attention to the APD problem should be recognized. The Ellis, Gomez, Torres and Han families have been battling APD alone for years.

I disagree with some of the DOJ findings because the DOJ focused on what was missing not on what is obvious and that is the absolute corrupt administration that runs this City and APD. It isn't incompetence like the DOJ wrote, it is deliberately indifferent to the needs of the citizens of this city as well as the needs of the officers that make up APD.

That attitude of refusing to know about the problems plaguing this city is the result of people like those in the city attorneys office including Rob Perry to refuse to acknowledge there is a problem. I guess they figure that the less they know, the less that can be pinned on them.

The tide has turned because of officers who care about people and those families who have demanded answers.

However, the citizens of the city coming together to demand change is the only thing that forced the DOJ to come out with its report when it did. It appears to me that the city was refusing to negotiate with the DOJ and wasting time. But isn't that what this Berry administration has done from the beginning? It has worked for them because Berry was reelected.

The only solution is to recall Berry and his gang of goons and rebuild this city from the top down.

Anonymous said...

Angry Cop,
If you think that there are a few angry people protesting because of the injustices then you are naive. The protests are just a small part of what is going on.

Like it or not, citizens have had enough, changes are coming, servants are going to start serving the people again instead of abusing them.

Anonymous said...

@ "Angry Cop", 1:56pm: I just read your last comment for the third time and there are parts of it I was hoping you could clarify for me. First, I assure you that I am NOT the commentor @12:03 who you directed your post to. But there are some things I need help with.

First, you blast 12:03 for posting under "anonymous". Is not "An Angry Cop" the same thing spelled differently?

Then you make a point that you are not an APD cop. What difference would that make to anyone? Just reading the way you express yourself (bitches, asses, balls, shit, pussy) and it's obvious that if you applied at APD they would run you right up to the head of the line.

"A few dedicated individuals as usual made the difference" - who are they and what did they do?

"The myth behind that is that you probably make less than median income, and don't contribute to the economy in any productive way. If you did not exist, there would still be a need for order. Sorry little guy, the world does not revolve around you."

If you are a cop (no matter what breed), that entire stupid statement would be a gold-plated description of you.

Again, not to be defending nor applauding the comments made by 12:03, you are obviously way outclassed.

Anonymous said...

Angry Cop,

It's apparent to me that you have been at the frontline in fighting this administration for truth and justice. Thanks for that. You have every right to get your frustration out and be as vulgar and bold with your attacks on this blog as you want. It's a public forum. Go for it.

I suspect you know that the corruption is beyond APD. I would like your advice and what we as a community can do to address this. I can tell you that this movement will not disappear and even if it does, I will be doing my part in making sure this corruption does not happen again. And if they try to kill or harm me in any way, it will only make it worse for them. There is a gaping hole which these people have exploited that has allowed this to happen. Once it’s filled, they will fail at their larger plan which is way beyond APD.

So if you’ve expelled enough of your frustration and are willing to give some advice, I’d sure like to hear it. What can we do?

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha silly little sniveling citizens..oh Angry Cop your this, your that, and didn't you do this, or do that? Tip of. A larger movement going around? Yeah right. Here's a glimpse of the future dimwits. In 9 months:

1. Berry and his cronies will still be in place.
2. Susana Martinez will have been reelected.
3. APD will be under a federal consent decree and the oversight of a federal monitor and their staff costing the city $7-9M a year.
4. 3 cops will have been indicted

Voila that's it. Get ready for the future cause it's now.

Anonymous said...

The frustration is clear. There are problems and I respect the endurance. However, 7:17 has it right, what now? There has to be solutions now. Assertive change. Obviously it's business as usual at city hall. Peddling through the back door. I frequent this site, in hope there will be change and fast. It would be helpful to have next steps, solutions that we as a community can take forward. I also think the POC, IRO, etc need to have a full article dedicated to the failure and corruption of the police oversight, so the public knows it's a sham. How do we facilitate change now? How does the City Council move forward with changing procedures NOW? How do we facilitate release of all lapel videos NOW? There are several recall petitions for Berry, how are they combined NOW? How are citizens protected NOW? The waiting game is over. It's time for real change now, not when the city decides..the citizens are losing momentum now that the DOJ has released it's findings. Do they realize this doesn't mean real change is coming? That it may be more shuffling? Solutions that we can all take forward please, and continuned expo on all the segments of corruption!

Anonymous said...

This is my op on what happens next. The DOJ will be here for a while meeting with the various citizen groups. These groups got what they wanted. i.e. consent decree against APD. for excessive force. They have the ears of the DOJ and it's up to them to keep the dialogue going focusing on the TaserGate matter. the Mary Han murder, the cozy kickbacks between Paul Kennedy and Rob Perry. In other words this is far from being over. KOB has a link to the DOJ for citizens to report ongoing issues. I plan to use it to have them look into Mary Han's death.

Anonymous said...


I would agree with you that your prediction is the norm and the obvious as to the future with where things are at now. The bookies would have the odds in your favor for sure.

I'm not a betting man but I'm willing to bet you that the outcome will be better than you predict. Are you willing to take the bet on? Tell me what you'd like to win/lose.


Continue to monitor the situation via social media, get involved with uniting the various groups that are doing the recall and other groups that are making change. The movement is growing, not subsiding. It needs your time and talent. And what's most important is that we UNITE because we all really want the same thing, including Angry Cop. Happy Easter!

An angry cop said...

It is clowns like the above posters who incite animosity and division with their pathetic comments of outclassing people. People like that are professional gripers with nothing but chips on their shoulders over thinks they refuse to get over. Let's get it strait. I am not referring to the families who have lost their sons and daughters to police recklessness and negligence. I am also not dismissing the protests either. What I am saying is that the all out assault on street level officers by the few with an ax to grind against any and all law enforcement is not the answer. Citizens and officers want change. I took this job to protect and serve.
Look at those two words. Who are we protecting and what are we protecting them from? I will come back to the word servant later. The DOJ is right. Training needs to be revised, so that the force is in line with the actions and circumstances surrounding police contact with a suspect. A few people need to realize that officers are not going to be relegated to running away from criminals to avoid using force because they will be persecuted for using justifiable force to protect citizens, their fellow officers, and themselves. They need to understand that sometimes police use of force is unavoidable. They should also strive for the truth on both sides of things. Making up unintelligent allegations like I have read recently in online comments about someone photoshopping a puff of smoke into the Redwine shooting lapel video is stupid and ruins the credibility of the protesters. If you alter a digital video, it will leave a footprint that will be proven through forensics. I think people should quit with the blanket attacks and stay focused on the real problems.

Another counterproductive approach is where (and I will say) some people use the term servant in a degrading way towards law enforcement. Officers do work for the public, and are there to help and serve them, but just as you refuse to be stepped on, do not treat someone who is out there trying to do the right thing like shit it in a way that they are beneath you. You will only cause more animosity and division. Take people one at a time as you meet them. These same people cry about being treated like shit and in the same hand they go out and condone blanketing all officers with conduct that they wouldn't stand for.

There needs to be total change in the administration, and a meeting in the middle between citizens and the officers who are there for them.

An angry cop said...

I ran out of room on my reply but also wanted to address the words like (balls pussy bitch asses and a few others I've seen like cunt asshole motherfucker and dickhead).
Get over yourself. I think most people here are adults and a few want to cry about profanity and their sensitive ears, along with how it makes me look?!? At least I am being real about it and not a hypocrite. I am directing this at the individuals who attack the police and have no intention of being positive. You will stand out there all day shouting FUCK THE POLICE. You will throw up your middle finger, and cast insults, but you have the balls to cast stones from your ivory tower like you never heard the word bitch. Give us all a break. You can hear that shit on standard television these days. Your argument is pathetic, just like the ones trying to further their agendas on these current events when they were nowhere to be found in the beginning. If you can't take the heat of push back, then shut the fuck up, and stay out of the kitchen.

In case you haven't been paying attention there was a command meeting where the clowns in charge of APD wanted to talk with the field officers. The DC's and chief got humiliated! called out and mutinied against to the point that DC Paige stomped his SOP shoe wearing feet right out of the room. Everyone is fed up. Giving it to one group from both ends is not going to help. But then again, this is what some idiots want, total anarchy.

Cooperation and working together is going to fix this. Officers are going to have to realize that this may mean stepping out past the department to reach out on their own because it seems this chief, along with his bunch of clowns, do not know how to have the human decency to bridge this gap. The mayor is full of shit too. He is only looking out for his political, future while doing what he is told to do by the same punk who advises the governor and hangs out with that piece of shit White.

I hope this helped.

To the Torres, Gomez, Ellis, Han, and other families, Imam sorry for your loss and what those within this city and administration have put you through.

Anonymous said...

I think the DOJ is going to send a clear message that you can not do what certain ranking officials have done, then retire, and think you are safe on base with all the money you stole and a nice lucrative job that you got illegally, while laughing at the mess you made, and saying sue me now, I'm long gone, because that payout and retirement will be used to pay bail and defend themselves from a federal indictment.

Anonymous said...

1. Berry and his group of criminals will be castrated and extremely limited in power by the Feds or face a massive lawsuit.
2. Martinez will not be re-elected after indictments stemming from the Racino come down.
3. APD will have a consent decree and the shit WILL stop.
4. A lot more than 3 officers will face indictments for these out if control shootings.
5. A couple past and present commanders and high level individuals will face civil and criminal charges for their role in some pretty disgusting acts over the last few years.

We will see in a couple months, but that is how I see it.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I'll never understand about cops, angry or otherwise.

The local government, you know, the people that ACTUALLY run things, don't care about cops. Maybe a few cops that are at the top of the department, but definitely not the cops on the street. You can take my word for it or not, but it's absolutely true in this state.

As such, I can't wrap my head around this "us vs. them" mentality the cops have. To me, it's as if the cops think they're THEM (the people that run things), when they're really just a degree separated from the regular citizens.

However, when a citizen expresses dismay with the direction of APD, cops from ABQ or anywhere else are quick to marginalize and insult them. The evidence is plentiful in this blog.

I responded to An Angry Cop's post, and he proceeded to tell me how I'm not a man, am uneducated, a pussy, etc.

Come spend a day with me. I'm graduating from UNM with an MS in mechanical engineering. Sit in on the course I teach. Spend a day with me, see the hours I have to put in, and then see why and how I'll make things better with the education I worked my ass off for.

I'll buy you lunch AND I'll pay your drop in fee for Liberty Gym.

Then after all that, you're free to tell me how I'm an uneducated, weak, pussy who's not a man.

I suspect you won't take me up on this offer, but I want to impress upon you that being fed up with the abuse and lies perpetrated by one's government and its employees doesn't make a person a useless coward, or whatever you think.

Anonymous said...

7:17. I'm not Angry Cop but I can tell you what.needs to happen. SOMEONE needs to accept some measure of responsibility. No one buys into "It's all the fault of the Mayor or Chief". SOME measure of responsibility is the cops.

Anonymous said...

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

Calvin Coolidge

Anonymous said...

I’ve marked my calendar for November 5, the day after the election and 9 months from now. We’ll see who is closer to predicting the future of Albuquerque and NM.

1) Angry Cop’s point is well taken. We should not assume all cops are bad. But I do want you to understand it started for me with Mark Fuhrman in the OJ Simpson trial. That was my first realization that cops are trained to lie and even lie on the stand without blinking an eye. At that point I decided never to trust a cop. You can see this in ken doll, Eden. Did you ever see any expression at all in his face? He is well aware that you should not show any emotion so that no one can read what you are really thinking. Of course, that’s Investigator 101. No expression reveals a lot about you, Chief Eden.

2) Angry Cop said and it’s worth repeating:

“Another counterproductive approach is where (and I will say) some people use the term servant in a degrading way towards law enforcement. Officers do work for the public, and are there to help and serve them, but just as you refuse to be stepped on, do not treat someone who is out there trying to do the right thing like shit it in a way that they are beneath you. You will only cause more animosity and division. Take people one at a time as you meet them. These same people cry about being treated like shit and in the same hand they go out and condone blanketing all officers with conduct that they wouldn't stand for.

There needs to be total change in the administration, and a meeting in the middle between citizens and the officers who are there for them.”

I’m with you 100% on everything you say here. I look forward to doing my part in making this happen. Well said!

We should RESPECT someone until they reveal something that merits disrespect, including lying, deceiving, manipulating, etc.

We need to replace Berry and get someone to run for governor that will work for the citizens. I’d love to see a dark horse from whatever party or Independent come in with a strong sense of leadership and values who is willing to stand up for the citizens and not be bought by anybody. I’d work my ass off and contribute financially to make sure they would succeed. I’d also work for any Democrat or Republican that could do it.

Thanks to the cops who kicked the DC’s and ken dolls ass. I would have liked to see if he had any emotion at that meeting! Those of you that are fighting the good fight are truly remarkable. Everyone is beating you up, you get shit for pay given the circumstances and you have to deal with a bunch of lying, conniving dickheads for leaders. Truly remarkable and I wish you peace and happiness with your family and most importantly within yourself this Easter. That which doesn’t kill you, physically, emotionally and spiritually, will make you stronger. You are more deeply appreciated than you probably know. I hope someday I can meet any one of you and tell you that in person. Write a book on your experiences. It would be a fantastic read!

Anonymous said...

Angry Cop - I am the "clown" (your label) who asked you for clarification on some points in your postings. I'm also the clown who told you that you were outclassed. I stand by what I've said. Your response is just regurgitated same old crap from your previous posts. You justified your use of vulgarities to communicate. That's a non-issue as I was just pointing out a reason that would make you look like APD material and all that is pretty much normal speech for me too. But with all your ranting and raving you still failed to address even one (1) point I asked you about. 1. What is the difference between posting as "anonymous" and posting as "an angry cop"? 2. Someone disagrees with you or is critical of posts you make and immediately you decide that they must make less than a median income and are a non-contributor to society and the world doesn't revolve around them. Be angry, claim responsibilty for abstract undefined shit not even remotely connected to you, refuse to back up your bullshit with facts - the world doesn't revolve around you, either. 3. Read the comment @2:58pm. An individual responded to one of your posts and you pronounced him to be not a man, uneducated, a pussy, etc. For what? Because he disagreed with something you said in one of your fragmented blithering tirades? Are you going to take him up on his offer to spend some time getting to know him and his perspective? I'll bet not - to take a quote from your comments "you haven't got the balls" and not having the balls pretty much makes you the "pussy", doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I am literally gob-smacked. All I've read here is finger-pointing, insults, putdowns and NO ONE is talking about where to go from here. WILL ONE OF YOU APD PEOPLE APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR PART? I'm not saying it's all your fault but I am just your average citizen and if you don't apologize for your part, you are losing the support of most of the citizenry. People who don't post on this blog have made up their minds. APD HAS TO TAKE SOME PERCENTAGE OF RESPONSIBILITY or as far as the citizenry goes, any support you might have expected is GONE. I feel afraid when I see a police car and for God's sake I'm nearly 60. I'm afraid of police now. You lot haven't shown any inkling of even being willing to learn how to do your jobs without killing some poor sod. Why should we trust you?? Even if you can't manage to do the decent thing and focus on getting our support back you can at least make an argument for why ANYONE should trust ANY police.

Anonymous said...

To 8:42:00,

If you are nearly 60 and afraid of police you have issues that perhaps some mental health professionals may be able to assist you with. Also, your claim of being "just your average citizen" is clearly debatable.

Have a great day, mate!

An angry cop said...

The local government does not run anything. The state government along with the federal government does and you may be right that they don't give a shit about officers.
I really don't think officers care about this. There are plenty of vocations where the employees are walked on by the administration. None of the commanders at the top of this department are running anything. They are puppets and they are told what to do.

Where did you get the us versus them mentality in anything I said? If you can't discern defending something from blanket discrimination and outright covering for something as a result of being bias, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you need to stay in school.

This isn't about a citizen expressing dismay about the direction of APD. It is about individuals like you and a few others blanket targeting all officers. It is about how all officers are lumped in and demoralized. It is about the actions of individuals putting fliers into newspapers calling for the killing of officers. Do you approve of that? Is that your expressing of dismay? The undertones of these comments reek of pure hatred for cops. There is no evidence of this in this blog. As a matter of fact this was a blog read by only police until the last few years and THIS BLOG has done a lot more to expose the corruption than you or some of the hacks trying to jump into the limelight after the fact. There are officers posting here and they are sick of the same crap.

I will stand by what I said.

I am glad you are getting an education. That is good. Congratulations. I hope you can do good things. But school is school, and when you finish, and get out into the world and see what it is all about, you are in for a rude awakening. Another rude awakening you will get is when you step out of this state. I know people with PhDs who can't change a car tire. Hopefully you can.
And please don't give me the Gym shit. I have spent my life in the gym and am particularly sick of the I can lift more than you bullshit. You would be vomiting half way through a day with me.

If what I said bothered you so much on a blog, you really need to get some thicker bark on your tree, because you are in for a long hard life if not. You have the balls to think your student life is more important that everyone else. I don't have the time not spend a whole day but I do know what being a student is like because Imam am one and have done it while holding down a full time job and making it to the gym every day along with working a second job. You have a lot to still learn. But this isn't about me. I know where I am at on the food chain. I don't feel the need to talk about what I am but I am not going to stand by any longer while a gutless administration attacks officers and uses them for a means to an end and individuals like you and the clown @ 7:40 indiscriminately attack all officers as the problem.

Being a man has nothing to do with education, the gym, or teaching class. I hate to tell you. It has to do with rising to the occasion, how you treat others, and the way you live your life every day.

If you want to meet up, bring the condescending punk who responded below as the idiot I called a clown along since he wants to be the typical pussy who has nothing to lose by pushing for conflict from the sidelines. Bring that guy too, and we will meet up in a place that has a ring. All three of us can then legally get into that ring and do this legally. That's right. You me and the clown below at one time. Then you and the clown below can cry about it here and on his blog, call the news and be famous. Since mister clown below was the one who caused my response and the one I was really responding to, I really would like an afternoon in a ring with him. What say you mister clown. Who is the pussy now?

Anonymous said...

By the posts here it seems clear that there is going to be no easy solution to APD's problems. There seems to be a definite "us versus them" mentality in the halls of the police administration. It seems that this attitude permeates some of the lower echelons of the department. Just because a badge and gun are worn does not make you a superior human being. It does place the burden of great responsibility upon you. It appears that by a few postings here there are those wearing the badge that are far too immature to be doing so. That is a problem created not by your immaturity, but rather by those who hired you. The problem with APD begins in the mayor's office, the "public safety director's" office, to the APD chief, to the deputy chiefs, to the so called civilian leading the training academy, an academy that according to the DOJ, falls woefully short of its responsibilities. Start at the top of the department, clean house, move to the academy, clean house there, and I believe you will see a change in attitude on the street. May God help us all!

Anonymous said...

Love your response. If a person reads the DOJ report, we find out that:

Officers too frequently use deadly force against people who pose a minimal threat in situations where the conduct of the officers heightens the danger and contributes to the need to use force;

 Officers use less lethal force, including Tasers, on people who are passively resisting, non-threatening, observably unable to comply with orders, or pose only a minimal threat to the officers; and

 Encounters between Albuquerque Police officers and persons with mental illness and in crisis too frequently result in a use of force or a higher level of force than necessary.

YOU APD YES YOU are targeting people, especially those with mental issues (and that little fact makes your allegation that I have mental issue out and out ridiculous.

The only insanity in all of this is that YOU REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR ROLE IN THIS MESS.

Message received. APD cops can do no wrong. A person requesting of all things that APD tell the truth, well that person has mental issues.

So essentially because our police force can't handle their jobs we have no police protection, much less confidence in you lot.

Anonymous said...

Here we go with the badge and a gun thing. The sad thing is you can't even see when an officer is on your side and is agreeing with you. And sadly those calling for change are the ones causing a greater us agains them gap.

When you have a socialist on line magazine writer who glorifies violence over grazing rights and New Mexican land wars, and stirs the pot here, while using an educational institution to further his agenda, you can see there are some that are just addicted to the chaos and thrive in the misfortune of others in order to benefit from it.

I find it sad that instead of agreeing on what is obviously agreed upon, the supposed seekers of peace justice an pad change continue with the attacks. This only says one thing. There is another agenda here and it is not for the good of all, it is for the good of a few here who are promoting themselves.

Anonymous said...

Huntsman is running the department, why is the city paying Eden all that money to be a figure head! Same old shit and friends game giving them their high 3 before retirement. Eden could never handle the job and Huntsman trained all our officers in the use of force!

Anonymous said...

Dear angry cop,

If you don't want to take me up on my rather reasonable offer because you're pressed for time, I understand. But really, you think I'd meet up with to have a fist fight or something? Don't be silly. I have many problem solving skill sets, and violence is not the one I'd bring out for a difference of opinion. That's an insecure, immature, and dangerous disposition to have, especially when one is granted power and armed by the state.

"Being a man has nothing to do with education, the gym, or teaching class. I hate to tell you. It has to do with rising to the occasion, how you treat others, and the way you live your life every day. " -Yeah dude, why do you think I invited you to see how I do these things on any given day?

Anonymous said...

I'm a law enforcement advocate and have always been for ultimate respect of police officers and their work. However, living in Albuquerque and witnessing rudeness, violation of rights, use of force, lying etc, I became concerned about each officer I came into contact with..and I'm a law abiding citizen. My point is, it's not us vs. them, but all of us together who want to rid APD and the city of those individuals who have tainted and abused power. APD officers shouldn't personalize citizen's concerns, but also make us knowledgeable and treat citizens with respect. I give a very simple example of one interaction-my 16 year old son was pulled over on the freeway. New driver. The APD put on their lights and siren, so my son moved across lanes until he was at a stop on the shoulder. The officer approached the car and asked why he did that. He explained (siren and light). The officer, turned to the passengers and asked them if my son was a retard. (I was listening in on a passenger's phone) He continued defaming him for several minutes, then the officer asked what my school son does. He told him he plays football at local high school. The entire attitude changed. Unbeknownst to any of us, it was a signal to slow down, not stop. I bring this up, because these simple interactions with our young and citizens alike can set the stage for perception of the officers. Secondly, as citizens, we should be shown respect as well, especially our young people who we try to instill respect towards the law. It's very difficult for me to teach my young children to respect and obey when they have witnessed this behavior. Now, on this page, I am reading similar name calling and disrespect from the writers. Is there a culture within APD that needs to change? I absolutely concur that we as citizens cannot generalize the behavior of rogue officers to all police. However, the anger is so apparent. I'm baffled by these posts and saddened to see that there is such dissension, when generally most posters are in agreement for change. The anger spills over to the streets. From both sides. Sad day for the city. Respect. Police officers should respect the citizens, and I promise I will give ultimate respect back.

Anonymous said...

@11:54 You are totally correct. The change must start at the top!!!! Until then, it will be the same old thing!

Anonymous said...

@2:58 - I don't know how you see it, but what I see from the "angry" guy is the same old shit maybe described with few different words, same old bullshit tough guy (let's get in the ring and see who beats the shit out of who - another feeble legend at work there), evasive avoidance of specific questions. He makes statements and is asked for factual verification, and he just launches into another "I'm right - you're wrong" layer of bullshit, calls everybody more names and reverts to his caveman answer to everything - "Let's go beat the shit out of each other and whoever wins is right".

Anonymous said...

Biologists at UNM claim to have found compelling evidence that the "AC" is really the elusive Chupacabra.

Anonymous said...

Good morning asshole. State your points that you want me to clarify. Was it the point that you started shit by running your mouth then stepped back to let lime one else get into it, or is it the point that after myself and that other poster got into it because of your mouth, that you then stepped back in to instigate it like a coward. I will just call you the chihuahua. So little chihuahua, why are you not the one who wants to step up and come see me? You pussy.

Let's look at your hypocritical points. You say that my explanation of my use of profanity is not an issue. It sure was an issue when you tried to call me out. As a matter if fact you used it as a point to demonstrate how it was an example of the out of control culture of APD.
Which is it? Next you accuse me of calling protesters names. Where. I called the trouble makers names. The real protesters are the ones who have a valid gripe, the ones who went about it the right way. Not the ones looking to stir shit just for the sake of it. The hypocrisy in your post is amazing. You say you were pointing out things that would make me look like APD material, yet you admit to acting the same way regularly.
The difference between posting with a screen name as opposed to anonymous was for just this purpose. So I can claim it when called out on it.
It is not the disagreement that is the issue. It is the way it is done.

Stand up what you started.

Anonymous said...


You can't be a cop. Even they wouldn't write this way. "Trouble makers" REALLY? Cops wouldn't use that terminology. You are a juvenile who hopes someday to grow up and be an APD cop. You'd better stay in school rather than be posting all day long.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:44

Do you think REAL hardcore criminals have the time and intellect to post on The Eye? In fact, REAL hardcore criminals would pawn a computer/tablet/laptop if one was in their hands for some quick cash for their easy fix. My point being...when you have your ass getting handed to you one day on the street by a REAL criminal, well, the citizen that you come in here bashing (the citizen who pays for their internet access and doesn't pawn their electronic device) will pretend they didn't notice seeing you getting your head caved in by a REAL criminal. With that said, STFU are you making you or your peers jobs any easier by spewing your Pro-APD rhetoric and basing the citizens who are not the REAL hardcore maggots? The citizens posting in this blog are the least of your worries, so once again, STFU.

Anonymous said...

Hi, again you Angwy Widdle Fart in the Wind (aka "Angry Cop")-
It's me, the clown. You know, the guy who called you out on all your bullshit? I'm not 2:58, the guy who offered to meet with you, buy your lunch and try to have a civilized conversation with you about your differences. I'm the clown who asked you to clarify some points in your verbal diarrhea and to provide verification of some shit that fell out of your mouth, such as "a few dedicated individuals made the difference", etc. Again - Who? What did they do?

Now, in your latest posting: "2:58
Good morning asshole. State your points that you want me to clarify."

I (the clown) asked you to clarify some things. Not 2:58.

"You say that my explanation of my use of profanity is not an issue."

Again, me. Not 2:58.

You are one confused little puppy and as the above two commentors observed, you are not a police officer, you communicate like a juvenile, a juvenile juvenile at that. Pick up your crayons, your coloring books, your Barbie Dolls, your secret copy of "Men in Tights" and go to bed. said...

"Tainted by Taser"
Taser has an unfair advantage over other vendors. Usually a Committee or Board that decides on the winning bidder has members that are Tainted by Taser. These members are Police officers who have been wined and dined by Taser over the years. It gives Taser an unfair advantage everytime. Guess who always wins the bid?