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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 1, 2014

2014 Recruiting Binge: History Repeats Itself

Over the last few days, the braintrusts on the 11th and 5th floors have been planning the unveiling of their "dynamic" new recruiting plan called: APD Recruting for the New Millennium.

Well as we all sit in the mist of last weekend's CS gas, an Eye in city hall forwarded us this little manual from our friends at DOJ that talks about...recruiting and retention in the new millenium. The irony does not miss us at the Eye nor does the absence of any original ideas from our friends at Albuquerque City Hall. 

There has been much talk about $40,000 sign on bonuses for new/lateral officers. The idea of these bonuses while existing APD union members languish under a pay rate that's slipped backward since Berry took, well, we mean Perry took the reigns of the city's government, is unsettling to say the least.

As the Eye is always looking to help folks, to save you from reading the 100+page manual, your loveable Eye will summarize the basic elements of the New Millennium plan. You see much of it is built on solid principals and concepts that for whatever reason our friends known as Berry/Perry seem to think don't apply in the Albuquerque for many of these concepts were eliminated by Berry/Perry...

According to our friends at the RAND Institute and COPS office of the DOJ:

A solid retention and recruiting plan has three core elements: Planning & Analysis, Financial Impact Reduction, and Enhancing Compensation & Other Benefits.

Planning & Analysis: Employers need to ensure what are the demographic trends, workload demands, job satisfaction, morale, exit & stay interviews, eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, terminate unnecessary staff, improve communication, conduct job surveys, employ the right type of supervisors, and identify at-risk employees.

In other words: Know what you have.

Financial Impact Reduction: Offer realistic job previews and ride-alongs, employ laterals, provide apprentice programs, and employ part-time staff.

In other words: Make due with less training and reduce upfront overhead (aka academy).

Enhancing Compensation & Other Benefits: Increased & flexible compensation programs, longevity pay, quality training and state of the art equipment, tuition & housing reimbursement, job sharing, alternate or compressed work schedules, multiple career ladders, child care, fitness facilities, and take home cars.

In other words: Be competitive.

All of this sounds great but there's one problem here in the land of Berry/Perry:

You see, it's this person, RJ Berry who, and his buddy Toto Perry, who have led APD to where it is. Regardless of where you stand on the events of this past weekend, a city such as Albuquerque needs a healthy police force. And thanks to this person, APD is an the threshold of becoming a sub-unit of the US Department of Justice. So however great these ideas are, and lets be honest APD used to have all of them, it's all fiction. And Berry's ideas have about as much originality, as well, nothing.

Here's a link to the manual if you'd like to read it for yourself:

P.S. Keep your Eyes open for a very interesting story coming soon regarding APD's Academy that is sure to make waves. A story that builds upon the news we broke a few weeks ago......


Anonymous said...

Way to nail it Eye....

Berry: “We expect to have about a ten to twelve percent drop in airplane traffic at the Albuquerque Sunport,”

And all city fees are going up. And $1 Million spread across 100 officers is $10,000 per officer dumbass.

And Tesla? Forget about it....

Anonymous said...

Albuquerque needs Batman!

Surely Batman can stop Albuquerque's National Downward Spiral.

Police Commissioner Gorden failed and was taken to the wood shed by his puppet master!

But Batman knows who the local leaderless villians are and it's not the Men and Women in Blue.

Recognize these characters?

Two Face aka Mayor Berry,
Joker aka Robert Perry,
Riddler aka Attorney David Tourek,
Penguin aka TJ Wilham,
Scarecrow aka Jay McKlesky,
Mr. Freeze aka Lou Hoffman,
Poison Ivy aka Trudy Jones.

Keep your EYE on the sky Albuquerque, you just might see a Bat Signal.

Anonymous said...

There ui a lot of blame to be passed around as to the decline of quality in APD. First, so called "Mayor" Berry, so many police shootings have occurred under his tenure and nothing done. Ray Schultz, a Berry minion who cares nothing except the lining of his own pockets through graft; Rob Perry, the fool in waiting; the mass media in Albuquerque who abdicated their positions as political watch dogs to become political lap dogs to Berry, Schultz, Martinez, & McCleskey; the DOJ itself, police shootings kept occurring and became more and more problematic while they have been in town. The DOJ's silence has been deafening! Oh yes, there's one more group that has been a large part in APD going into the cesspool, the APOA. The APOA leadership and board of directors is a big reason why 34s won't step up and state the truth due to fear of retaliation and reprisals, the union won't stand behind the brave souls. The APOA crie about no members showing up to meetings, why should the members show up, we all know the APOA is just another arm of the administration. Sigala, Lopez, Willoughby, Mowrer(sp), the board, all are corrupt and in the back pocket of Berry and his ilk. APOA=Another P**sy Organization in Albuquerque.

Anonymous said...

¡Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!

Anonymous said...

Is this what we can expect from the federal government at yesterday's shooting? If that is the case, things are REALLY going to get out of control here.

Viewer discretion advised.

Anonymous said...


Post what you need help with. Volunteers are waiting……

Anonymous said...

And where is Banks? Enjoying his new life meeting Colt McCoy, and banking it........ha-ha, fucking loser......

Anonymous said...

When will Berry see that Perry has no clue about running a city!

Anonymous said...

And if any of you still think this BS stops at Berry, here is the result of the scam Martinez pulled on us and the mental health agencies in NM. Remember she called them fraudulent, shut them down without due process and turned over all business to this AZ company. Way to go for outsourcing business when our economy is hurting so bad! And way to go for disrupting the lives of the mentally ill with your decision. Who do you really represent, Governor? It’s not the citizens. This well-written article is the history and the result of your decision. All the worker bees who are trying to help the mentally ill are taking a pay cut.

Here’s another well-written article by someone who understands unity and integrity and apparently is owned by no one.

And here’s his new home. I don’t know him, never heard of him prior to today but I like him already!

Anonymous said...

The way I see it. Susana Boo Boo took Berry Boo Boo out to the wood shed and gave him a talk about this an election year Mayor Boo Boo so cool down the action in ABQ.
Then Berry Boo Boo took Eden Boo Boo out to the wood shed and gave him a talking too.
Now, Berry Boo Boo and Eden Boo Boo are trying to make it look like they know what they're doing.
See, APD got messed up when Mayor's started to using it for politico benefits. If only Berry Boo Boo would of pick a qualified chief, he would of had a police department on it way to being changed for the better.

Anonymous said...

Read this entire article. Don't just watch the video. The article is excellent for what is coming our way. This is good reporting. Now if we could get the same type of reporting on where Berry disappeared to for 8 days after the Boyd shooting, that would be GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Well stated.

Anonymous said...

Received a post that DOJ team is in town to meet with citizens and community groups. I haven't been able to verify. Suggest a request be made for special closed door opportunities for officers on the inside to have a chance to speak privately and confidentially. I have no idea how this can be facilitated.

Anonymous said...

Shooting bonus's by the police union.

Anonymous said...

Mentally Illness- unable to deal with reality. behavioral pattern impaired ability to function in ordinary life, patterns of belief, language use and perception of reality can become disordered.
Mayor- unable to deal with reality. behavioral pattern impaired ability to function in ordinary life, patterns of belief, language use and perception of reality can become disordered.

S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh (RET.) said...

Many have been asking what is the next step to recall the mayor.
Here is the way I understand the process, and I will be sending a letter to the Eye when I meet with the city clerk to turn in the original signatures, so all of us have all the facts. We need 11,203 signatures of Albuquerque Voters to move forward. It does not matter what political party you belong to. Once we obtain the signatures, and there is a time limit to get them, I have to appear in front of a District Court Judge to present my case and to move forward with a recall vote. If the vote is to recall the mayor the President Of The City Council, Ken Sanchez will become Mayor until a new election is held. They don't make the process easy. As President Kennedy said " we choose to do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard. " My question to you is what are you prepared to do ? Put your name on the list to gather signatures, e-mail The Eye with contact information or call me at 505- 459- 5545.

Anonymous said...

QUESTION...Sort of off-topic. How can a city department flat out deny employees OT if that employee works over 40 hrs in a week, at the City's request? Isn't OT a Federal law? A group of workers from an UN-NAMED CITY DEPT had to stay late for training. They were told they could use the hours as a "floating" holiday at time&1/2....but no overtime. How can they get away with this.

Anonymous said...


FYI the comment at 9:15am when there were 16 comments, which was around noon today, was included in the post. Then it disappeared but it still showed 16 as the number of comments. Then it reappeared. It always showed 16 comments even though there were only 15 when it disappeared. If that was not you screwing with the comments, then you may want to investigate who is tampering with your website. I printed both pages if you want to see it for yourself.

Isn’t it ironic since it was about Martinez’s decision and “leadership” re: the mentally ill.

Maybe we shouldn’t be offended when our comment didn’t get posted since you may have had nothing to do with it being removed.

Don't underestimate Martinez and "her people."

Stealth said...

Poster at 1:12....we at the Eye don't know what you're talking about, nothing has been tampered with and nothing has been censored and/or deleted.

Anonymous said...

To: Paul Heh

Making Gentleman City Council President Ken "I'm Gonna Run for Mayor This Time" Sanchez interim Mayor until a special election is held will be a disaster. Sanchez is another nice guy who has no business being Mayor. Sanchez rubber stamped a lot of what Berry has done for the last 4 years and he is as much a part of the problem as Berry. Ken Sanchez voted for Darren White to be Chief Public Safety Officer and voted to make Rob Perry CAO. Sanchez also wanted the Chief of Police to be an elected official. Ken Sanchez for 4 years has done absolutely nothing while APD was being destroyed by these clowns. Sanchez has also gone on record with the Journal as saying he would be willing to change and reduce the minimum wage enacted by voters. Sanchez has also said Allen Banks was a great Chief and did a great job. Sanchez has now said he was running for Mayor 3 times and did not run against Berry the last go round because he did not have the courage to give up his council seat. If the recall is successful, which is a big if, you are setting Sanchez up to run for Mayor as the incumbent in a special election. Do you really want to do that?Keep this in mind: in the entire history of the Mayor/Council form of government, there has never been a successful recall of a Mayor or City Councilor. There were recall elections for City Councilors Richard Chapman and Don Harris that both failed.

Anonymous said...

Jim Baca in his blog "Only in New Mexico" asked the question "Who Let the Macho Out" with cops dressed in riot gear for the protests. Following was a post:

Anonymous said:

Rob Perry let the "macho" out and Berry went along with it. Rob Perry is the person who is running the City and especially APD into the ground. Rob Perry is a political thug and confident of Darren White. Rob Perry was having difficult time making a living as an attorney while having an office with Paul Kennedy. Perry and White became close personal friends when they were cabinet secretaries for Gary Johnson. When Berry got elected the first time, Darren White got Rob Perry the City Attorney job and Perry and White squeezed David Campbell out as CAO so Perry could become CAO.

Perry thinks he is some sort of law enforcement expert because he was Secretary of the Department of Corrections. Perry has a reputation of being very heavy handed with City rank and file and has a short fuse when things do not go his way. Rob Perry is known to be a very aggressive, vindictive hot head. He likes to get in the face of private citizens who are protesting APD during City Council meetings and this was documented moths ago when he intentionally stepped in front of citizens video camera to obstruct a view. Perry also likes to bully reporters the way he did during a press conference before White resigned in disgrace. The news reporters accept Perry's bullying fearing Perry will cut them off from access to City Hall and the Mayor.

During the last few press conferences about the APD protests and the shooting of Boyed, Rob Perry was in the room glaring at reporters and prompting RJ Berry. This from a Mayor who claims to be running a transparent government.

Berry for some reason feels he needs to have a hatchet man like Perry, and Perry served him well for 4 years to the point he gave Perry a $35,000 raise. Perry was the reason Eden was appointed APD Chief even after Perry spent $25,000 for a national search. With Eden's appointment, politics above and before public safety is the norm.

Things are only going to get worse for APD thanks in large part to Rob Perry.

April 01, 2014

Anonymous said...

Now Berry and Eden will be discussing the Department of Justice investigation into APD.
Funny, considering the DOJ is getting ready to bulldoze the place. This is an obvious attempt for them to cushion the impending slap in the chops and kick in the balls the DOJ is going to administer to them.

Anonymous said...

If you have ever studied up on any DOJ investigations in other towns, they have already met with the officers who wanted to come forward with info, maybe months ago. This will be a "last chance" of sorts for those who know they should have stepped up. And for a small group, it's way too late. DOJ had you a long time ago. You only thought you got away with it.

Anonymous said...

"Mayor asks DoJ to expedite investigation, enter into negotiations to monitor APD" Bull Shit! You arent fooling anyone. They already said they were wrapping up. There is no negotiating. They tell you to jump. You say how high Sir.
Stop trying your spin before you make your little head all dizzy.
Just like the protests YOU are in control of NOTHING

Anonymous said...

Dear Woodhead Mayor of Albuquerque, Who the hell do you think you are? You sent us a letter saying "along with the sweeping reforms listed". Please go occupy yourself with figuring out how many years you had to do the right thing? Please busy yourself estimating how many times you were told we would come if you did not address this. Please stop wasting our time. Your opportunity to improve is long gone. We will be informing you how you will proceed or you will face tough legal consequences. There will be no further negotiations. Sincerely, The Department of Justice

Anonymous said...


So what's your solution to this crisis?

Matt Trajan said...

What's yours, besides stirring shit? Sign your name to it if you are going to screw with the guy, unless you are a coward.

Anonymous said...

If APD want to recruit laterals like me, they need to do 4 things:

1. Clean house in management so honest cops can be assured they won't get screwed if it happens to be politically expedient.

2.Give take home cars to qualified laterals as soon as the FTO period is over. Making them wait for a year to get a take home vehicle is stupid and completely opposite of most major departments/agencies in NM.

3. Make the requirement to live within the city limits a requirement to live within 10 miles of the city limits. If you want to live in Tijeras or some parts of Rio Rancho, you are penalized for doing so. Not all laterals can afford city prices for a nice home when they move to Abq.

4. Offer a recruitment bonus in line with what other agencies are offering in NM. Farmington is offering $15K, Hobbs is offering $15K plus housing incentives. I'd love to be working in Abq but I'm not gonna take it in the shorts financially to do so. Moving is expensive and most companies, when trying to recruit skilled and experienced workers in a select job market offer relocation expenses and bonuses.

One final thing needs to be done but that's out of the hands of the city: get rid of the fat sack of shit called Lopez at the APOA. She is a fucking embarrassment when I see her on TV. She can't speak, looks like 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag and seems to be doing NOTHING to represent officers in a good light. She needs to get her ass to the gym.....

Anonymous said...

Matt, AKA fake-name pussy,

1) If you are going to use a fake name, at least use a name that has an internet presence, dumbshit!
2) You obviously are one of this corrupt government’s boys because…..
3) Your comment is the pot calling the kettle black since you are the one stirring up shit by your stupid, no-solution comment. Who’s the coward now that you are exposed to be a fake?
4) Open your eyes and see how desperate for help the police and the citizens are. Read 6:53’s comment right below yours. He has a thoughtful solution for a small part of this crisis this government has created. LEARN FROM HIM!
5) Either offer a better solution or SHUT THE FUCK UP!
6) Go waste your time creating propaganda on the pro killer-cop website that isn’t made public and requires a login. So much for being confident and transparent in their message. Again more revelation about the propaganda tactics.
7) Your presence here and feeble attempt at creating propaganda makes it clear that this government knows that the EYE is the place to get results and will actually take the lead in solving this crisis.
8) And not only is Heh LEADING the way to a solution, but so are the commenteers on this website, Anonymous, the DOJ, the citizens of ABQ, LC and NM among others.
Adios, amigo!

Anonymous said...

You make some valid points. But you have to agree that never in the city's history have we been in a deeper mess.

Matt Trajan said...

Slow down on the meth and maybe you will make some sense you asshole.
Get your anger issues taken care of before someone puts a foot in your ass also.
What exactly are you doing to make a difference besides pointing fingers here?
Nothing. You bitch.
You don't even know who you are arguing with or what you are arguing about.
Your anger has you sounding stupid.
It's nice that you can number your points. We all know now that you can count to 9. Thanks for that. Go apply for a job in the Mayor's office now.
I have been reading the Eye before you knew it existed.
Conquer evil? You are funny. You have no idea of what is really going on, the level of it or just how evil these people really are.
So blow me.
Adios Donkey!

Anonymous said...

@ 6:18

Thanks for making my day! I’ve been laughing for 20 minutes, actually I’m still laughing. You are so wrong. You obviously are clueless about who I am.

Sad but true, I do know what is really going on and just how evil these people really are. But I’ve been around long enough to have seen this type of evil before and know what the outcome will eventually be.

So I say kudos to you if you are also working on a solution. Maybe we should join forces. What do you think about that? : )

And I’ll bet you work for the City and are incredibly frustrated with what you have to do, put up with and see and you can’t get out. If I’m right, I have deepest empathy for you.

Really, you don’t need to use a fake name though. Just be anonymous. Or if you really want to, create a name like TR, the Tremendously Tremendous Regulator. He's entertaining too.

Anyway, have a good night and I hope that you enjoyed my comment as much as I enjoyed yours.

Anonymous said...

Keep laughing, maybe APD will mistake you for a mental patient.

Anonymous said...


I think APD is maxed out on mistakes at this point, in case you haven't figured it out. Any other person who dies at their hands will only be another legend with their story carved in Albuquerque's history. So I'd think twice before you threaten me again.

Anonymous said...

Nice move, Jackass. Sling some veiled threats from behind a keyboard, providing fodder for the inevitable lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

If that guy is a cop, he will be working at McDonalds soon. If he's not, he's just a troll who WATCHED too many UCW or MMA episodes. Pay no attention.

Anonymous said...

I think you are an idiot. To say someone getting killed is legendary speaks of your mindset. You probably worship the guys who flew the planes into the World Trade Center. And if you consider that a threat, you need to get out more often. You just showed your pussilanimous upbringing. Grow a set.

Anonymous said...

All of the bad shootings have been at the hands of specialized units, not uniformed personnel. Doesn't this tell everyone about the structure of the police department? DOJ, are you listening.

Anonymous said...

Boyd will be forgotten about once the case is settled, just like every other one that has been handled. Someone related to him will step up and finally claim him as a relative only to take advantage of him being worth more to them dead than alive. So called family members of Torres, Redwine, Just to name a few should have helped out a lot more than after the incidents. All just looking for a quick payday.

Anonymous said...

It’s clear now that you are in pain that they have abandoned you, in fear of the consequences and VERY frustrated. You were a good “soldier.” You did your job well and they gushed all over you for being so great, inflating your ego, giving you value and worth. You didn’t realize that they were manipulating you and only using you. Now that you are contaminated, only because you were following their orders, they abandoned you and have left you to hang by yourself. I feel your pain, fear and frustration. And I’m not being sarcastic.

You have a choice and are at a pivotal point in your life. You can break free from your internal imprisonment of this evil you got trapped into because of their deception and your actions. Regardless if you go to prison or slip through the cracks, you will only be free spiritually if you TELL THE TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON. That is when you will be released from your internal imprisonment, regardless of the consequences of your actions. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE AND NOW IS THE TIME WHEN THE RIGHT PEOPLE ARE LISTENING.

Ali Ahu Al Babba said...

Please tell me where you do your poetry readings!
You brought a tear to my eye.... Oops... Nope, that was a speck of dust. I bet you are a real ladykiller. It is nice to know you are so sensitive. Hmmmmm. I think I will have that tofu burger now.

Anonymous said...


Seems someone hit a nerve...I understand what a let down this situation must be for the honest police officers, but in this case it might do some good to reflect on how the APD has become what their community rejects.

Think about how the actions of the police department effects the community, and why the community might what the police department to change.

And to any 34 (I guess that is a reference to officers who handle radio calls). There are two ways to regulate your beats. One is through fear and the other is through respect.

I suspect that regulating by fear has gotten to where you are now.

Zero respect!

Anonymous said...

Looks like AC struck a nerve with the Wagmans of the world.....
How true!