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Sep 8, 2014

Follow the Money: APD A$$ault Rifles

Back in early July 2014 many local and national news media outlets broke the story about the Albuquerque Police Department’s purchase of 350 5.56 x45mm AR style rifles. You can read some of them right here:

To the uneducated reader these stories may only read as something that may inflame feelings towards a department already in turmoil over use of unjustified deadly force, but folks it goes deeper than that, much deeper like it always does

There is no question that over the years, when it comes to the City or APD, some really shady deals have gone down regarding sole proprietor bids on merchandise that is substandard, but was settled on in order to throw some business to those who would later provide services favorable to certain individuals in return. 

We had the Kaufman’s West ballistic vest fiasco, the Spiwak jacket joke, and the list of toys and trinkets of "must have" that Kaufman's pushes on new cops goes on. Now we have Redflex, Taser and this gem of a weapon’s purchase. It is not the purchase so much as the devil in all of the details behind it and the usual antics and suspects. 

You see, when you dig a little deeper you start to connect the dots and see just how and why things happen around here, for in Albuquerque nobody does business without the mob having their hand in it; the mob being this administration and those who are always looking to profit any way they can from it.

The details:

The AR15 is a magazine fed, gas operated, direct impingement rotating bolt semiautomatic rifle. Direct impingement means that gas is bled off from the gas tube within the upper receiver, just forward and above the bolt carrier, to force the carrier rearward, unlocking the bolt from the barrel extension allowing the bolt to travel rearward to eject a spent casing and load another into the chamber for firing. This is a proven design, used in combat for years. Earlier versions had reliability issues due to fouling, but for all intents and purposes the weapon functions for what it was made for, especially in law enforcement environments which is a far cry from the jungles of Southeast Asia. 

Several manufacturers have made changes to this design over the years, and many have developed a new gas piston system based on the AK design. This is a good system, but much more expensive than the direct impingement, due to the parts and manufacturing. These newer designed weapons operate cooler at sustained full auto fire and stay cleaner longer in the combat zone. 

This is good for a weapon being used for combat. It is not really needed for patrol in a law enforcement environment. If you can’t keep your rifle clean, you shouldn’t have one, and NOBODY will be firing sustained fully automatic fire or dumping mags. 

The question is why would APD purchase rifles with a suggested MSRP of $1749.00 a pop when they had just previously purchased Smith and Wesson direct impingement ARs which sell for an MSRP of $1159.00? See it right here:

The 350 rifles purchased by APD are Primary Weapons MK1 Series Gas piston rifles. They were purchased from BMC Tactical in Albuquerque NM. They retail for $1749.00. These weapons are not proven, and are not being used extensively in the military or police departments nationwide. Their track record is not proven, and in fact, our EYES tell us that these weapons are malfunctioning at a high percentage, and have to be brought back to the vender who sold them for repair. 

Now APD wouldn’t do that with a product would they? They wouldn’t put an inferior untested piece of equipment out there on the streets like they did with the Taser Axom cams, and they wouldn’t circumvent a bid when there is another PWI dealer right here in NM also? SEE THEM HERE: 

Our EYES are telling us that they would, and did. After being caught time and time again, you would think the administration would adopt the philosophy of "It was a mistake, and I have learned from that mistake. I have taken responsibility for it," but no, that’s not the APD way, and nothing seems to change in the land of greased deals.

Why was there no bid? Why was Primary Weapons Systems rifle chosen as the weapons platform When LWRCI puts out a superior product that IS proven and in vast use through out the military and police departments? SEE IT HERE:  In all actuality, why was the exponentially less expensive, and just as reliable direct impingement weapon platform that has been fine for all of these years, and used even more extensively without issue, been abandoned for this very expensive, unproven trinket, that does not perform reliably? 

Our EYES tell us that the city knows all of this, and still went ahead with the deal; a deal for 350 rifles to the tune of $612,000 with an agreement for more purchases of 50 at a time costing $87,000. The same number of Colt, Sig, Smith &Wesson or Rock River direct impingement rifles would have cost the city approximately $280,000 with the next 50 costing $40,000 and these rifles are perfectly fine. That is half the price for rifles that we already know work. This is what happens when you look a little deeper.

The devil:

Our EYES tell us that current APD Major Tim Gonterman is very friendly with the owners of BMC Tactical. In fact we are hearing that this deal may have been greased also, but we will leave it up to our readers to make up their minds, considering the current trends and patterns of this type of behavior in regards to those running things in this out of control city. 

Were these rifles chosen because BMC is one of two NM vendors who can get them? 
Were these rifles chosen to inflate the price for profit? 
Was BMC chosen because they were friends with the Major?
Why the rush to buy these specific rifles when the US Government is providing rifles to departments all the time across the country?

Something is not right here but we here at the EYE have burned your ear long enough on the issue. You decide.


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to get public information on the purchase of these rifles since 7/10/14 without much success. They were put out to bid with only a two-week notice and received only one competitive bid out of Texas. Normally a solicitation of this size would have required a minimum of four weeks on the street. Receiving only two offers would normally have been considered inadequate competition and would have triggered a rebid. The City has refused to release the original requisition and supporting documents, leading to the suspicion that the vendor (bold face type website quote: "We love this shit.") may have been involved in setting the specifications. Additionally the ammunition for them is being purchased from a State Price Agreement where the three items (#80, 81 and 82) were added as new for this latest solicitation and were bid on by only one supplier from Texas. This information was obtained through private research; the City and the APD have refused to answer requests for public information about it, claiming that the request was "overly broad and burdensome". The City has refused to give information requested on July 10, 2014. So much for transparency, eh?

Anonymous said...

Why does APD never buy straight from a manufacturer when it comes to guns? By law, law enforcement and military are not required to go thru a wholesaler. More importantly manufacturers often agree to incremental payments based on good life span or upon product defect fix the product FOR FREE.
How many of us were using electric tape, paper clips and everything else we could think of to get our cameras to stay on? When you swapped out your camera we simply bought you the new one and never demanded a refund for the defective one?

I for one support the cameras, when they actually work and when they arent used to blackmail the media into telling stories how we want or you stream of video will stop. Why do you think only certain channels ever have lapel footage?

Anonymous said...

Took me 30 seconds to learn this. Go to the Secretary of State business services directory. These are companies registered in the State (meaning those that pay gross receipts tax). Guesd who does not come up?

Someone want to explain how a storefront on Coors is not licensed by the Secretary of State but is getting six figure weapons orders from the PD

Anonymous said...

Is BMC a "DBA" of something else?

Why is it NOTHING is ever as it seems with these cretins? LOCAL MEDIA get the fuck off your ass and get on this, the fucken Ferguson chief gets slammed for saying he was innudated with FOIA requests to release video when in fact he only had a few and THAT makes national news. Here we have department under DOJ investigation doing YET ANOTHER pay to play gig and there's hardly a peep.....step the fuck up....

Anonymous said...

disregard, owner is Walter Bracken...found their website. Hmmmmmmm.............

Anonymous said...

Why does Google have BMC Tactical as actually registered as Bracken Motors Company, an auto recycling company. From auto recycling to a half million dollars in weapons sales?
At least the auto recycler is registered with tte State, TO RECYCLE CARS. However they also registered with the state to issue 250k in stocks. You break the law when you issue stock saying you do one kind of business then you do another.
Someone find out who owns each share that was issued!!!!

Anonymous said...

To whomever wrote this amazing piece of blog literature I feel that you should first of all get your facts straight. We're the rifles purchased by APD actually MK1 piston operated rifles by PWS? I know for fact that they are not. That being the case, did the city actually spend over 600k on this purchase? Also false. Before you go smashing a small business owner into the ground saying that he "greased" the deal get your initial facts straight. I guarantee if you dig into this folks you will find a number of "facts" listed in this article to be false.

Anonymous said...

According to BMC's own website they opened warrior steel, a store within a store, so they could sell firearms RECENTLY.
So first off we have a shell company that is registered with the State, but the parent company, who the City paid, is not registered for this. It is a scrap metal company, a line of business always in the news for corruption.

Then we have an NRA website where daddy and son shoot a burglar in the 90s and cops clear them. Which cops on APD cleared them?

Then we have a grandson running a cattle business not registered with the state (Brackens Black Angus). Cattle, an industry known for corruption and money laundering in this part of the country.

What caused them to suddenly open a firearms business just in time to bid and get a huge contract? What other corrupt companies has the city done business with because they wouldn't take one hour to research the company?

Sworn said...

Thank you for exposing this. Half of these rifles do not work, and we are constantly taking them to get fixed. When this went down, everyone knew it was Gonterman's baby. This was his sweet deal. The guy is a sociopath. He is controlling, sneaky and he is a coward. He greased this deal because he is best buddies with the BMC guys. The guns suck period. There was nothing wrong with my Colt. Every department in the country is using them but Gonterman is always trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to equipment and better ways to kill people. Just ask him about his windshield bullet tests. The disgusting smirk on his face and the giggle as he explained how the bonded bullets hold together better after piercing windshields so they can hit you in the face and how watching your head explode would be awesome shows this nut-job's mentality. Switching to these guns was a reason to hook people / friends up with money and get free shit in return. Gonterman is a gun freak who is obsessed with guns, killing and tactical bullshit. If you are not some swat or former swat or tactical Tackleberry, he has no time for you. In fact, he will try to fuck with you to no end unless you intimidate him. Then he will go behind your back like a pussy until he gets caught. Then he will deny involvement like an even bigger pussy and liar. This guy has fucked over so many 34s that I have lost count. There is no doubt the freeloader will be getting free guns and shit forever.
Just ask him about how he controlled the ammo room in every substation he worked. He acts like it is his own ammo. If you wanted to take the carbine class and were his buddy, he gave you the whole 1000 rounds for it. If you were just another cop, you were told "let me see what i can do" and handed 200 rounds and told that you had to buy the rest. This entire article is his MO. He is BFFs with Schultz and Huntsman. He has gotten away with shit that would have gotten other officers indicted 10 times over his whole career. He hasn't learned shit, and he sure hasn't changed. He's just adapted and gotten better at hiding it. His promotion was a reward for all the dirty shit and water carrying he has done here. There was only supposed to be one Major. That is true. These criminals will move mountains for those that fall in line with them. The Tazer / Ear burning incident was just the tip of the ice burg. This guy has tortured people. He has physically tortured people to get them to confess where hidden drugs were, and I know officers who will stand this up. Beatings, crushing wrists with handcuffs, splitting people's heads open.... and laughing about all of it all the way to the bank with his high three retirement. Nothing will change until all of these problems are removed along with everyone who encourages, mentors, covers for, and promotes them.

Anonymous said...

It is no surprise that Gonterman is the biggest advocate for the NRA shooting competition to the level that he is obsessed with it. I say if you like it that much, take off, and do it as a hobby. Why does this guy have to get paid to shoot for free and network so he can self promote. If I were the protesters, I would show up with huge signs in the shapes of ears with "no one listens to us, why do our words fall on DEAD ears?" written on them.

Fuck this guy and fuck his games. These guy is not a cop.

SDP said...

We are the other dealer here in NM, we sell more PWS rifles than anyone else here in NM, according to PWS. We received no bid or communication from anyone at APD or the City of ABQ. I do find this interesting when PWS has sent us business from other LE Agencies. You can see who we are and what we do on you tube, FB, twitter, instagram and the web. We are Patriot Outdoors. We also hold contracts with Mil and LE agencies for our training. It's ashame we only heard of this entire situation just today....

Anonymous said...

1... Piston driven rifles are a huge improvement over the old direct impingement rifles because they take the carbon build up out of the equation. I'm a gun enthusiast and former Marine and after watching a demo of thousands of rounds at a competition getting shot through a rifle and the spokesman just wiping it down with a rag to look good as new... it's impressive.

2.... talking manufacturers to someone how doesn't know one over the other is like telling someone all fords cost less then dodge but the toyota's are the best for the money. Till you start breaking down what all is involved with those cars... it's not exactly apples to apples comparison. You talk to a hundred gun enthusiasts and you'll get a hundred different opinions on what's best.

3... companies like Kaufmans and others that sell tactical gear are constantly bidding against each other all the time... and bidding against companies from out of state. Till you know how a bid system works you would think buying direct would be cheaper... but our NM government gives bonuses to local companies so that we are keeping NM money inside NM. Is it as cheap as if they went through a wholesaler or direct... no.... but it keeps money invested in our community instead of somewhere else.

Kaufmans has had a stranglehold on NM law enforcement contracts for decades... I'm not saying folk didn't get greased by them or just got used to them being always the go to guys... but they have been here for the law enforcement community for ages supporting them and their families while running their business. To be honest I'm surprised when this article suddenly swung to be about the no name middle of nowhere BMC Tactical company for winning a large contract like this. It shows that perhaps Kaufmans isn't greasing the wheels like they used to or maybe the state is playing fair now. Till you know straight facts though... I'd keep this trash journalism where it belongs... in the dumpster.

Anonymous said...


You need to send this to the Albuquerque Inspector General, State Auditor, NM Attorney General, the USA and the FBI.

You have the details, send them everything. We need this investigated! Or Gonterman will burn your ear off.

Anonymous said...

The bigger the gun, the smaller the penis... Gonterman nuf' said.

Anonymous said...

Watch out or you will get your ear burned off.

Anonymous said...

Last time Gonterman has his mits on guns he ordered all of swat those worthless bit super pricey Noveske rifles. The guy is a joke. And Jodi, what gives, you do know why he has all those EEOC complaints right?

Anonymous said...

In your Blog you state “Why was there no bid?” And yet, in both of the links to the articles you posted regarding APD they clearly state “According to the request for bid, which ended two weeks ago…”

Now I ask you, if there was no opportunity for bidding, as you were so eager to state in your blog, then why do you cite to articles that clearly state there was a bidding process? Could it be that your EYEs are giving you misinformation? I think so.

You really ought to do your homework before you begin your slandering ways.

Anonymous said...

9/8 @509 The issue is that manufacturers will meet any upfront cost. This is true. However we have seen time and again that when you buy from the manufacturer they attempt to financially remedy any defective product. Third party suppliers do not.
Furthermore your point about keeping new mexico jobs in new mexico is mute because BMC is not properly licensed, meaning they are not paying the proper taxes.
A open RFP is always the best deal for a taxpayer. Yes we will give preference to NM legit businesses but we wouldnt have given half a million for weapons to a car recycler.
What are the ATF rules on a deal this big?

Anonymous said...

Surprised that Gonterman and his hillbilly friend former tac range master's BS smoozing for bringing Glocks back hasn't reared its head yet.

Anonymous said...

There was no bid and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Why does APD require 300 semiautomatic rifles? Isn't that (excuse the expression) overkill?

Anonymous said...

I think not. It was a sweetheart deal. I heard Tim talking about it all Spring. Media: IPRA the emails about this. And don't forget the "sample" weapons certain people including Gonterman got.

Anonymous said...

Is Nate an FFL? No. Does Kaufman's sell guns? No. But you can be damn sure Nate will be selling all sorts of accessories.

Anonymous said...

In this article DCOP Roseman lies his ass off. He says that being in SWAT puts the SWAT officer in more dangerous situations than the regular officer.

That statement is a crock of shit. It is a statistical fact that patrol officers face more unpredictable circumstances on the street, and are in a more dangerous situation than SWAT officers who are usually called to the scene when A. The situation and suspect is contained. B. They have more facts and knowledge about what they are getting into forwarded to them by THE PATROL OFFICERS WHO ALREADY DEALT WITH THE VIOLENT AND UNPREDICTABLE SITUATION. C. They arrive with a team of officers unlike the solo patrol cop who can be ambushed. (When have you ever seen a SWAT cop get into a shooting by themself?) D. SWAT officers are equipped with level IV body armor capable of stopping multiple rifle hits. E. SWAT has more advanced weapons and more leeway is given to them for customization of those special weapons. And the list goes on.

SWAT is coddled by this administration. Tactical can do no wrong and anyone who is current or ex SWAT or tactical has been covered for snd has gotten away with more shit than any patrol cop ever would. If a patrol cop pulled 1/10th of the crap some of these guys have, they would have been fired and indicted.
The culture at APD is and always has been one of high speed tactical bullshit. These guys can talk tactics all day long but can't fught their way out of a wet paper bag with their bare hands.
From their copyrighted coveted patches to the way they look down on patrol, they are clowns.

Anonymous said...

Biggest bunch of circus clowns in the USA. The only people that think APD swat is cool is their mistresses. Oh, and boyfriends(not judging,just enlightening). Your days are numbered you punk murderers.

Anonymous said...

Major case of butt hurt going on here.
Why is it that every time the corrupt get caught, they lash out? It must be the deny and make counter accusations training they all get.

Anonymous said...

The WANABE's at BMC are down right laughable. The OLD man walks around the property at night praying he can shoot somebody. All the shit they sell can be bought ALOT CHEAPER at Sportsman's Warehouse.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of SWAT, it looks like as long as they keep using their toys, the more $$$ CABQ will have to repay the Feds. At the end of the day, less money for raises, retention, and training. Cops, the epitome of backstabbing, opportunistic snakes at the expense of their coworkers. What a dishonorable profession. Probably explains the high suicide rate with the profession.

Anonymous said...

What a great article in USA Today.
I think it is ironic hiw they take a statemrnt from this pantywaste Eden on what is wrong here. He IS the problem. The entire 5th floor needs to be kicked the fuck out of the main on their dirty asses and Perry and Berry need to be fired. Until all of these scum bags and frauds are gone, nothing will change. The good officers are jumping ship like no tomorrow. Schultz, Banks, Gonterman, Feist, Paiz, and lets not forget that fat little dickhead White are all responsible for this. They have been getting away with criminal behavior for years while having an entire city attorney's office cover for them.

Anonymous said...

"Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fail. Always."

-Mahatma Gandi

Anonymous said...

If officers had half of a brain, they would not buy a single piece of equipment from these dirt merchant vendors. Instead, they would purchase their equipment from online sources and save hundreds of dollars while nor providing support to self serving assholes.

Anonymous said...

So I went into Albuquerque today to get PERA info. On my way back to East Mountains I stopped into Kaufman's which I hadn't been to in forever. unbelievably, that pot hole, err make that sink hole ridden parking lot still hasn't been re -paved! And this guy is how rich?? Disrespectful of customers. Then the clueless sales staff...had no idea what a"thin blue license plate " is. Really?? In a cop shop??Duh why did Ieven go there? just to piss myself off once again ...

Anonymous said...

why do we need to buy any rifles when the DOD is giving them away by the truckload?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chief Eden's comments that there are a few problem cops. We all talk about cops that lie under oath and I believe that is probably what bothers everyone the most. These cops that lie continue to make arrest, get promoted and get cushy spots, day shift weekends off. You have Sandy who can't even testify in Federal Court in a position that assist in federal crimes, i.e., bank robbers. I don't know how he is going to testify in his own shooting. Sandy was giglioed (SP) when he first came to APD and it was no secret but APD let him move about SID and just empowered him. Now that empowerment is gonna cost tax payers. He may even beat the last 10 million dollar winner.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Chief Eden has lees training than any APD Officer on the dept! They always try and keep him off the news because he's such a dumb shit that knows nothing about being a cop, much less a command officer. Huntsman is also in hiding, he's running everything because Eden does not know anything.

Eden was hired a political hack puppet who backfired, because he can't run the APD! That's why they have hired so many other people to do his job!

Glad the media noticed Eden and Huntsman are hiding. What a poor excuse, he wanted to give the Chief's more exposer to get promoted. They all have tons more command experience the he does, what a joke and poor excuse!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the feds are getting the purchase records for these rifles as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. The old man you refer to as 'walking around at night looking for someone to shoot' is a Vietnam veteran. He received a Purple Heart because of severe wounds he got in combat. The man spent over a year in the hospital recovering. He walks the dogs he loves at night. The man hardly sleeps, he's constantly working at keeping his business grounds clean. The south valley has areas that look trashy. BMC is a classy and clean business because of this great 'old man' and his son.
If the guns APD ordered aren't good or they are jamming, how the hell is that the fault of BMC? BMC didn't make them, they sold them what they asked for.
Thank God for 'old men' and the sacrifices they made so that all of us can voice our opinions without fear of death. I just wish opinions voiced, we based on facts not lies.