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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 5, 2014

Going Out of State

It seems despite the best efforts of Martinez and Berry and those controlling them from the shadows, things that are of major significance to New Mexico are either staying away or leaving.  And let's be real, what counts for "best" in our little backwater state is really just not that.

No shocker here (yes that was an Eye pun). Not only does the car not consume fossil fuels but the manufacturer is clearly NOT a Koch family friend. Well, duh, NM is only open for business for associates who donate to Martinez...leading to more martinezizing of the state. I mean really who wants a $5 Billion investment in the state? Have fun Nevada, may we'll be seeing you soon too!

There was a lot of widespread reports that a federal magistrate judge's granting Berry/Perry's desire to see this case go away accomplished just that. Well folks, this case is now headed to Denver to the US Court of Appeals where it may be heard finally by a panel of judges from outside of New Mexico. We'll see what this means but for Berry and company, it means this matter is not going away. In articles published across the country by the AP, we found the closing paragraph on the case rather....eerie:

City officials have called the case frivolous but have not explained the highly irregular and suspicious circumstances involving APD’s botched investigation and contamination of the crime scene. 

Can't make this up. While the actions of Ray Schultz, Darren White, Allen Banks, and all the other cronies brought upon the city one of its most disgraceful acts forever in APD's history, Albuquerque city attorney David Tourek is actually having his brother in law Steve French go after the Han family for their legal fees. Here's a breakdown of bills sent to the city by French and Associates:

8/30/13    $10,998.49
9/30/13    $9,542.98
10/30/13  $7,157.23
11/30/13   $3,755.70
12/31/13   $10,916.57
1/30/14     $6,147.15
2/26/14     $7,655.85
3/31/14     $13,899.30
4/25/14     $5,778.00
TOTAL:    $75,851.27 is the city going to go after Brett Lampiris-Tremba for costing us over $8,000,000?


Anonymous said...

Concerned Families for Albuquerque’s Future and Support Whistleblower Carlos Villanueva

invites all citizens for this family-friendly event to support a City of Albuquerque employee/whistleblower and former US Navy medical corman who has been put on unpaid leave after receiving “kudos” from Mayor Berry for exposing financial mismanagement in Albuquerque.

Anyone having facts of government malfeasance at any level of government is encouraged and welcome to share it at this rally.

SEE GOOGLE MAP of Trumbull Park,-106.5596961,17z

It’s our duty to show our children by example their constitutional rights in action and how to engage with others to protect the rights of all citizens who do what’s right in spite of pressure to suppress them and to demand a just and ethical government and society.
The children are our future. Our time is now to stand up to protect their future.

See you there!

Anonymous said...

Joe Monahan for Mayor of Albuquerque!
Here's his response to City Halls spin on why we didn't win Tesla over:

"A runaway freight train of a police department, a no-growth, jobless economy, a violent streak that would freak out Wyatt Earp and an education system that scares away anyone with the initials "CEO" in front of their name. And don't forget our lovely downtown and ever expanding SE Heights War Zone. That's "world-class?"  Sounds like City Hall is enjoying some "world-class" psychedelics. . ."

And that dear readers is calling a spade a spade, and verifying that in fact City Hall's shit does stink, that there is nothing more left to add.

And if you would challenge the remark about our freight train, first recognize he means the leadership, not the guy on patrol who has zero say in anything.

Anonymous said...

To 1:27

It is "corpsman" not "corman", just saying...

Anonymous said...

Three former officers from APD are about to pull the rug out from under the entire stack of cards this fraud of a Mayor has built. Monahan, you might want to get in contact with these guys. The shit is about to hit the fan.

Anonymous said...

What are their names??

Anonymous said...

Nice try...9/5 @11:51...

Anonymous said...

9:36, Thanks for the education. We need to speak and write properly so we don't look stupid. Truly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The disparity of how this whole situation here with APD is being handled is amusing. This guy tells a little lie and it is world news:

But the asshole who made this mess, lied every time he opened his mouth, often criminally under oath and during depositions, retaliated against employees who told him where to go, greased illegal contracts from the inside with the city, obstructed a federal investigation, helped his greedy little criminal friends out with no bid contracts, then retires and takes a kickback deal with a company that he greased the deal for through illegal influence. By all means, Schultz should be awaiting a 20 year sentence fir RICO violations.

Anonymous said...

@0755 really good point. From Schultz to Gordo they've lied about every major even to rock this city and nothing but crickets. Even when Boyd got shot and Gordo said it was justified crickets. Fuck it I'll say it, it's because these incidents didn't involve blacks. If Boyd had been black could you even imagine?? But maybe not even then. All that's here is that older BFA. People just don't give a shit here.

Anonymous said...

To those who are interested in an issue other than APD ineptness and soap opera theatrics, AFD has 5 stations today (1,3,6,19,21) that are running with 3 man pumpers! Normal SOG's require 4 men minimum staffing. Management is not folloing their own procedures in working overtime in time or pay and staffing levels. Basically they are endangering both the public and firemen lives with this stupid stunt. No procedures are in place for response's with 3 personnel on a pumper. Eye, please take the time to address this IMPORTANT issue.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are interested in AFD No-----

Anonymous said...

Re: Mondays Journal article "Abq city, business leaders to visit Vegas PD" on a three day trip to study police use of force and best practices. Does anyone find this downright weird or odd? Sure does sound like a junket. The article also reports Albuquerque Chamber President Terrie Cole as going with Berry and Eden. Cole does not even know how to use a fork properly because she fists it when she eats.

Vegas had 2 shootings and reached out to DOJ for help before there was ever a DOJ investigation. Berry has had 27 shooting and is only now looking for best practices?? Where these people need to go is to Seattle and New Orleans to take a look at what has happened in those 2 cities after DOJ consent decrees and reforms.

The Albuquerque Chamber sets up an APD Reform Task force but does nothing on helping business and improving the economy. Wonder if dim wit Sherman McCorkle is going to hold Gordon Eden's and Berry's hands????

Anonymous said...

A rough estimate of his combined sentences if convicted of all of his crimes would be hundreds of years.

Anonymous said...

Why would they go to Seattle or New Orleans?
There are no whores casinos or blow. What would they do with the other 23 hours of their down time every day?
New Orleans or Seattle would mean that they would actually be there for work purposes and really have to do valid things. Trips like these are part of the reason these filth want and yearn for these positions so bad. Free shit on the city dime.

Anonymous said...

As much as I despise people like Schultz, Eden, Berry, and that human tick TJ, I've come to realize that nothing will ever happen to them.

I know people keep saying, "Oh man, they're going to get it. The hammer of justice will drop one day, I'm sure of it."

Too bad there's absolutely zero indication such a thing will ever happen. Case in point: in 2 weeks, the trial of Adam Casaus begins. Anybody willing to bet that even if he is convicted of a crime (a super long shot), he won't see one day inside?

Sworn said...

Thank you for exposing this. Half of these rifles do not work, and we are constantly taking them to get fixed. When this went down, everyone knew it was Gonterman's baby. This was his sweet deal. The guy is a sociopath. He is controlling, sneaky and he is a coward. He greased this deal because he is best buddies with the BMC guys. The guns suck period. There was nothing wrong with my Colt. Every department in the country is using them but Gonterman is always trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to equipment and better ways to kill people. Just ask him about his windshield bullet tests. The disgusting smirk on his face and the giggle as he explained how the bonded bullets hold together better after piercing windshields so they can hit you in the face and how watching your head explode would be awesome shows this nut-job's mentality. Switching to these guns was a reason to hook people / friends up with money and get free shit in return. Gonterman is a gun freak who is obsessed with guns, killing and tactical bullshit. If you are not some swat or former swat or tactical Tackleberry, he has no time for you. In fact, he will try to fuck with you to no end unless you intimidate him. Then he will go behind your back like a pussy until he gets caught. Then he will deny involvement like an even bigger pussy and liar. This guy has fucked over so many 34s that I have lost count. There is no doubt the freeloader will be getting free guns and shit forever.
Just ask him about how he controlled the ammo room in every substation he worked. He acts like it is his own ammo. If you wanted to take the carbine class and were his buddy, he gave you the whole 1000 rounds for it. If you were just another cop, you were told "let me see what i can do" and handed 200 rounds and told that you had to buy the rest. This entire article is his MO. He is BFFs with Schultz and Huntsman. He has gotten away with shit that would have gotten other officers indicted 10 times over his whole career. He hasn't learned shit, and he sure hasn't changed. He's just adapted and gotten better at hiding it. His promotion was a reward for all the dirty shit and water carrying he has done here. There was only supposed to be one Major. That is true. These criminals will move mountains for those that fall in line with them. The Tazer / Ear burning incident was just the tip of the ice burg. This guy has tortured people. He has physically tortured people to get them to confess where hidden drugs were, and I know officers who will stand this up. Beatings, crushing wrists with handcuffs, splitting people's heads open.... and laughing about all of it all the way to the bank with his high three retirement. Nothing will change until all of these problems are removed along with everyone who encourages, mentors, covers for, and promotes them.

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas of all places. Geeeeez and Terri Cole going what a waste of taxpayers money. Mayor security detail going too? Hmmmmmmmmm they need to be followed and a report needs to be filed. Eden can go on trips, but can't seem to bring himself to be able to talk at a crime scene. How about allowing the officers that have been doing all of the on scene/camera talking go to Vegas as a reward.

Anonymous said...

90% of ALL FIRES, in ABQ are dumpster fires. There should be only two LOSERS on the truck. I have noticed you all respond from Garcias kitchen, the bank, Costco, Sams Club. Go CRY SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Anonymous said...

If Adam Casuas is found guilty he will go to prison. The victim's family wanted him jailed after the pre lim but judge wouldn't do it because he wasn't a flight risk. The offered him a plea with no jail time and he refused. STUPID

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that you are nothing but a swollen asshole trying to start shit between APD and AFD. You are not a cop because one would not say something like that just like a fireman wouldn't. So why don't you go hang yourself in a parking lot over a dumpster so all they have to do when they find you is cut you down and toss in some gasoline. You are a worthless piece of shit.,