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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 12, 2015

APD Decides to Brainstorm

After graduating less than twenty people from the APD academy; APD has decided to “brainstorm” ways to recruit more police officers and how to manage the current shortage.  APD is currently hundreds of officers short in the amount of officers needed to run the City.
According to a story on KOB TV (READIT HERE) “The department says it’s a great start, but acknowledges that they need hundreds more officers for them to perform the way they want to. APD leaders spent much of Tuesday brainstorming ways to recruit more officers and figuring out how to handle the current shortage.”  After hearing about this we started to dig and ask around.
One of our senior Eyes from APD who wished to remain anonymous due to the retaliatory nature of the City stated, “Seriously? Now they (APD leaders) have decided to start brainstorming? They have known about this crisis for years; and now they want to start brainstorming? This is just more feel good piece of (expletive) from the idiots at the top!”
With an extremely small class of less than twenty and twenty-five percent coming from out of state this is not even considered a band-aide on this problem.  In other states such as California a person must pay for police training and then apply to a law enforcement agency. Does anyone think these new recruits are going to stay in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or will they start applying in their home state?  This knocks APDs class size down to 14 from 19. There will be a few who simply cannot make and/or have other issues and will not continue past a year.  This brings the new recruit class down to around 10 new officers.
According to the Union Vice President, Shaun Willoughby, “officers are trying to keep up, but the situation is not ideal.” Willoughby continued and stated, “When I was a police officer in the street we actually took time to play with kids, a game of basketball- we had time to do that. These guys are going call to call to call, two Sundays ago there were 70 calls holding for service in the city of Albuquerque,” We are sure Mr. Willoughby’s thoughts interesting but Willoughby never offered or stated, “hey my brothers and sisters out there in the field need help and I am returning to the streets to help out!” Cheap meaningless talk is just that; cheap and meaningless.
Willoughby’s statement about the state of APD’s manning level being “less than ideal” hints at some type of empathy towards the gross mismanagement of APD by the chief and mayor.  We know this much; if Marty Chavez was Mayor heads would have rolled by now.  Chavez would have fired all of them and placed a competent staff at the top of APD.  Marty was a top level manager (just giving credit where credit is due).
One of the great ideas from APD is to civilianize some jobs that are currently held by sworn officers.  The example given by APD’s POI, Celina Espinosa was the CSI technicians.  Espinosa stated, “So for instance we're looking at our crime scene technicians.  They don't have arresting responsibilities, they don't need to have a badge to do that position and there's lots of people in the community who would love that job,” here we have caught APD spokesperson Celina Espinoza in a bold face lie.  Espinosa failed to state they have already hired approximately 20 people for these positions which primarily came from within APD’s staff of both sworn and civilians.  Offering an innuendo that these are jobs someone in the community can have is not completely true.  This also lends itself to criminals going free. These inexperienced folks are not police officers and do not possess the experience to know when something is wrong at a crime scene.  Yes we know these people will be trained but the text books will never replace actual life experiences.  Our thoughts; no one likes a liar but then again this is the top APD managers M.O. (Modus Operandi).
According to the financial analyst experts (We are being facetious) at the APOA “…one challenge is that many departments offer more money.”  Being a copper is tied to respect, pride, dignity, duty and service, and a calling to serve the community.  It is clearly understood by all the officers need to make a living and pay bills but there is a greater token here in recruitment in doing a job to serve your fellow man.  APOA missed this one completely.
According to Willoughby, “Albuquerque's not competing in the job market right now.  I honestly believe that a serious hard look at our compensation and our some good forethought into the actual problem and really putting boots on the ground and addressing recruiting is going to be the answer to our problems.” Ironically, the inference we hear is Willoughby has been dishonest in the past and now wishes to gain respect and wants the community to believe him when he states, “I honestly believe.”
The end of the story is where the rubber hits the road.  According to the story, “At this point APD is not worried about handling Priority one calls – the most dangerous kind – they say they have enough officers that those are under control.  But they ask for patience during calls that aren’t urgent.” This is another bold face lie from APD.  Our Eyes tell us it has become common for priority one calls to hold for a prolonged period of time (3 to 8 minutes on average). One of our Eyes stated over a recent past weekend there was over 70 calls for service holding in one day. This is completely unacceptable by any standards; it’s not like our City’s crime rate is 200% higher than any other city comparable in size. We stand corrected, the crime in Albuquerque is out of control literally and our City leaders continue to accept huge salaries but fail to deliver.
The lying by APD leadership and their representatives must stop and APD must face up to the facts.  It is an inept leadership that has led to APD’s demise; this is a commonly known fact. Here is what steps should be taken immediately to rectify the shortage of officers and answer calls for service for the citizens:
Reorganization of the department from top to bottom will be required (listed below is only the first and initial phase of regaining control)

Push all sworn desk jobs out to the field ASAP
This would exclude violent crimes detectives such as homicide, sexual assault unit, etc…

Area command detective (Impact) must return to uniform
SRO’s (School Resource Officer) must return to full duty in the streets
All field support officer such as field investigators, SWAT officers and K-9 officers will be required to handle calls for service

Officers will have to conduct complete investigations where there are investigative leads

Officers must become generalists and shift away from being specialists
Officers will be required to complete cases from start to finish unless it is a homicide or other extremely violent type of case

This is just the start of what should be a mandatory reorganization of APD.  These are critical steps that must be taken.  Recruitment is not all about the money but the moral fabric of what it means to wear a badge which demands the officers to defend, serve and protect the community with fairness, equality, respect and dignity.


Anonymous said...

uch an utter shame the chief was no longer passing people who could not do the run, by riding the bike for 40 mins after the end of a 10 hour day at the academy! That tactic made for some damn good coppers! Just ask the LEA Board. Talk about a waste of tax money...and a waste of food for for all the starving children in Africa....ALL OF THEM. World hunger could have been solved by the over indulgence of this fat ass. Completely disgusting. I hear BCSO has some part time civilian job openings come the end of April. Good Riddance, COW.

Anonymous said...

Reorganization? No! APD needs scraped and abolished and their union leaders need prosecuted under the RICO act.

Police are not justice nor do they provide any community safety they are strictly revenuers with no legal obligation to serve or protect anyone but the state.

Real justice and public safety requires a elected Sheriff.....Sheriffs have real power and legal authority

Sheriffs provide a check and balance to city leaderships power and authority ........police do not they are nothing more than city employees with zero constitutional authority.

In my life time I have seen APD in all its infamy it was bad in the 80's and 90's but in this century it has gone around the bend.............Time to flush the turd ounce and for all.

Anonymous said...

Oh please shut the fuck up were never a cop in field. you worked early graveyard for that scumbag Mark Garcia then went inside as fast you could stuff your fat face with with burgers.

Anonymous said...

Why are we hearing so many stories now about rogue cops killing and/or beating members of the public? Are the cops not smart enough to realize that nearly every person has the ability to video tape them? Police officers should now always act as if every action they take is on camera, because it could be. Why is APD so understaffed? Simple answer is this; crap administrators who who will throw good cops under the bus, but keep killers on staff. Until Albuquerque wakes up and cleans the APD house from the top, their problems will continue to grow. People, it's not rocket science, the citizens of Albuquerque have they type of police force their apathetic a**es deserve. Where are the so called "good cops"? If they are so afraid to speak up because of retaliation, then go find jobs elsewhere; because, from what I have been reading there are shortages all over the nation in police departments. If you're a good cop, you can get a good job elsewhere, if you're a POS (which I assume most of you are), you squat right here in Albuquerque and draw your ill-gotten salaries! And don't pull this, "I want to serve my hometown crap"...the truth is you just want to hide in your cruisers, dodge calls, pump up as much overtime as possible, and strut around wearing your uniforms! Also, don't cry about me not having the courage to serve...from what I see around town, it doesn't take courage to be a cop here...quite the opposite, you are all afraid to go hands on! And for all you pot-gutted, fat slobs in uniform, get in shape, you're an embarrassment as are those juiced up fools I have seen...the muscle you all need to exercise is you "brain". Police officers...if you really want to help yourselves and your families, escape while you can!

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about the dirty little secret Eden and Berry are scared to death about. Make the SRO's go back to uniform patrol and they will all quit. They are ALL double dippers and have said they will NEVER go back to patrol. They have their retirements so they will quit instead. Rumor has it one of the best FI's we have ever had is quitting, he is a double dipper.

Maybe Roseman can figure out something that will give him more money to fix the problem. APD Command Staff are a bunch on incompetent greedy F&$ks!

Anonymous said...

So willoughby said he used to play basketball with kids when he was on the streets. 1. Hes out of breath getting out of his car. 2. He was the laziest cop out there. 3. He has been completely removed from police work for 99% of his career. He talks about needing cops on the street but is currently holding one of the most worthless un-Productive jobs in the city. Get over yourself, no one is listening.

Anonymous said...

1. Let's see, people who never did anything and have the IQ of moth's getting promoted.

2. That same command staff giving themselves raises that were due to the workers.

3. One of their own shooting a fellow Officer 8 times and still sitting at home getting a paycheck.

4. No leadership to be seen anywhere.

5. A politically appointed Chief who's in over his head.

6. A mayor who is so out of touch and scared it pathetic.

7. Shultz who started the downward spiral, blatantly get's a tazer contract and leaves. A major who got a contract with Smith and Wesson (not confirmed yet)making all the troops change to a gun they already carry, wasting thousands of dollars in ammo.

8. A chief who's allowed to bring in civilian pio's who do nothing for 80,000 a year.

9. SID which is grossly mismanaged and raciest as hell.

Yea, I wonder why APD is loosing Officers and morale is low.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's true APD is undermanned. But with only 9 years on the department I am looking elsewhere because I'm tired of the horrible supervision. I remember when I first came on 50 calls holding in the SE alone, but my supervisor would orchestrate movement pulling people off calls and sending them where they were most needed. I never even hear my sgt on the radio now and only see my LT once every 2-3 days. Officers openly brag about claiming 50 cites on their stats but haven't really written a ticket in over a year. Officers disappear out of the area command for hours while logged on calls so they travel across town to a gym, and the sgt could care less. I wish I could say it would change but I've seen the new LT list and know those testing for sgt and our in coming leadership is worse than the one we have. Bringing in 200 more officers will only mean more cops sleeping in the parking lot if we don't have leadership that cares. Our own commander frequently says he hates APD but only stays for the new bonus. I'll admit I don't have the answers, but I don't get paid too.

Anonymous said...

When you have a less than professional environment, you will find less than professional candidates to choose from.

While I understand the eye likes to blame everything on management and protect the rank and file at any cost, the rank and file is to blame for the lack of professionalism on the streets. APD doesn't have a lousy reputation because Eden killed someone, that honor belongs to the cops pulling the triggers and kneeing the nuts. Eden isn't out in the field with the opportunity to hold fellow cops accountable, that's the job of the rank an file. Since the rank and file isn't policing their own, APD is where it is. That's not managements fault, tat's the fault of the gang in blue roaming the street.

This rag never stops passing the buck. You made this bed, figured out how to sleep in it.

Anonymous said...

Good job Eye! Marty was no saint by far but he would have taken care of this mess already. Those officers sitting inside that are doing work a civilian can do need to be thrown back out to a beat. The CSI techs is all crap, wait till one of those badge bunnies screws up a crime scene because they are not trained investigators or they get their ass kicked by an offender who is hiding in the closet at a residential burglary....then what??? APD is a mess and everyone from a Sgt up should be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Great job willoughby spewing a pile of prepared crap and not placing blame on the source of the problem. always protecting yourself first as usual. "boots on the ground"? what a joke. If you care so much then grab a marked unit and come to the NE. Thats right I said it...The NE..quit talking and start taking calls, you and your sidekick stephanie. Why won't you say what must be said to help us? clear out the inside positions and trim the fat.And every time you say WE in your idiotic interviews WE know you mean you and chief and the mayor...get to work while you still have any soul left.

Anonymous said...

"Officers must become generalists and shift away from being specialists." Good point! Especially when their specialties are such things as the Vice units and others that are focused on victimless crimes.

The Tremendous Regulator said...

Here is the reason why nobody wants to work for this place:

Why does the media continually miss the point?
The city does tell these hearing officers what to do.
Just look at what they did to Zane Reeves for going against them. They fired him. Through the knowledge of what the city will do to them, or the fact that they will not have their contract renewed, the city latently threatens hearing officers to come up with rulings in favor of the city. So, if they let the media in to video record the proof that employees are proving they are unlawfully terminated and cases are tampered with, city and IA investigators are lying, and the hearing officers are coming up with outlandish rulings contrary to the evidence presented, they will be exposed. If a review of all cases done by hearing officers was done since the firing of Reeves, you would see that most of the rulings are arbitrary and capricious.

Jeff Proctor is the only competent Journalist in this city who has the balls to do what needs to be done, and because of this, the city has an "any reporter but Proctor" rule in effect because of the damage and exposure they have been dealt at his hand by reporting the truth.

Now the city took a deal today to make this case go away. Today's case was the one where a good cop was screwed by the city for exposing the fact that the city falsified documents to the state and he was retaliated against. If the media really wants a story, they should look into who this case involved, why the employee called out, and why the city paid this officer to make this case go away. The city got caught today and they didn't want anyone to see it. They did not want you to see a lieutenant that teaches atbthe police academy get caught lying. They did not want you to see an employee terrified of retaliation. These hearing officers are carrying water for the mayor's office. The last paragraph in the above article is a complete lie. Just ask Rob Perry whomtold Zane Reeves what to do on the Perea case.

If everyone did a little more footwork before writing news articles the real truth will get out.

Kudos to Mister Arasim for his courage in tirelessly showing up for these hearings, exposing the hypocrisy and corruption, and essentially doing what police officers took an oath and get paid to do, while doing it for free, on his own time without a gang standing behind him for support.

The Tremendous Regulator said...

Oh, I almost forgot. You can watch a clown muppet run a deflection campaign again, as per the city's usual deflection tactic, for something obviously ominous that is coming down the pike against a croney and someone high ranking that they want to draw everyone's attention away from right here:

When the former chief wants to avoid getting caught up in a pay to play scandal.... Throw some cops under the bus. When the DA is going to charge officers for murder, creating a game changer... Preemptively fabricate up a case against the DA to make it look like the DA is retaliating. When the city wants to hide the fact that they bought defective equipment in a no bid pay to play, rigged deal, involving the former police chief.... Terminate a cop. People continue to carry the water for Raymond D. Schultz because they know when he goes, they all go. Now the officers could be right, or they could be wrong, but the theatrics of stringing along the citizens with this bullshit teaser youtube clown drama display was a tactic. Let me explain this tactic, because it is a disgusting one. They are playing you all, saving the announcment of what this is, to coincide with the announcement of something else that is looming hoping their little trick eclipses the isssue they are concerned with.

Also, the media is calling Eden on his bullshit effectively humiliating him at every press conference he has given. If they do not humiliate him, he usually humiliates himself with all of the nonverbal cues that show he is a liar, scared, hiding something, has an agenda, and is incompetent and the farthest thing from a leader, eg. drymouth, stuttering, lack of eyecontact, bad posture, overcompensating with his posture at times to appear to be confident, and the list goes on...
So what does the city do? They again control all the variables by just taping his press release effectively eliminating him being called out or questioned. What city in this day and age tolerates the hypocrisy of an agency claiming to be the pillar of transparency, yet can't even have their police chief and mayor address the media like men without hiding behind PIOs, assistants, and youtube videos? Albuquerque does?

Anonymous said...

I know that PD command staff reads this. Take this piece of advice from someone from BCSO. You need to get in front of your issues and deal with them head on. Your department has serious public trust issues. Your chief making recorded statements on an excessive force issue is one of the reasons nobody trusts you. It makes you look guilty. I live here and PD is the agency that covers my neighborhood. I wish it was SO but I like living in the city. SOMEBODY over there needs to take charge because there is no one steering the ship.

Anonymous said...

9:42... How can you say it's not managements fault. Eden did not pull the trigger but constantly covers up for those who did. People like gonterman, montano, and huntsman were at the scene on numerous shootings and did nothing to stop them but yet Eden continues to promote them. To me that is more disgusting than the actual shootings themselves. People like Wallace shoots numerous people but instead of discipline you promote him and put him in a made up position doing nothing. Lambiris-tremba admits to killing someone and now your scrambling trying to avoid someone finding out about his pending promotion. The list goes on and on. It's a chiefs job to ensure the job is done correctly and to promote those who can help. Eden has failed but he and his staff are too arrogant to realize it.

Anonymous said...

Post at 9:39. 4/13. Must work in the SW. But wait our commander is leaving any day now, or has he been saying that for the last 5 years. And I think we have/had the same LT. I haven't seen her in months either. I would like to voice a lot of my concerns too, but that would mean the chief would have to make a bunch of you tube videos to respond. What kind of crap is that. When a chief won't even stand before the people and answer questions then it just proves all the incompetent and corrupt comments about he and his staff. Hire a new PIO and that is her advice, You tube? Think it might be time to start looking for her replacement already.

Anonymous said...

All the wrong people in all the wrong positions, all the "leaders" appointing people for important positions that don't even have a CLUE as to what is important and what needs to be done to even START to TRY and improve the department. The "top" brass continue to make stupid moves, create all these new units with people who so don't belong in those units, all they want to do is spend money and party, and they get too! Great representation you have chosen there. Get out while you can, if you can!

Anonymous said...

April 13, 2015 at 9:42:00 AM MDT

Bravo...Well said, accountability is the only true measure of the outcome when determining truth vs noise. Truth is distorted to allow simple minds easy justification, the eye has become just another tool.

Anonymous said...

The Albuquerque Police Department is a national joke and embarrassment. Everyone knows taking a job with APD is suicidal for your career and reputation. The Albuquerque Police Recruiting Unit fails to tell applicants about the risks of working for a criminal command staff. The numbers will continue to dwindle because no one wants to be a cop and absolutely no one wants to be a cop in the Albuquerque Police Department.

All seriousness aside, how is TJ? I hear Karma has caught up to him too.

Anonymous said...

April 13, 2015 at 9:42:00 AM MDT

Bingo! Well stated!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...
The mayor and transvestite post op police chief are now coming out from under their rocks. And tgey say they don't read the Eye. Sorry boys, too late. We all know you are assholes and cowards. The TR laid it all out.

Anonymous said...

Hey woodhead and bleach blonde hermaphrodite,
Keep sticking to your videos and only coming out from hiding for a few minutes when you get punked here on the Eye. What a bunch of clowns in hiding you all are. You hide. schultz is hiding. That pussy darren white hides. feist ran away. Paiz is nowhere to be found after fleeing with wet panties like the pussy ass he is. You fools have totally fucked up the PD and you run away like a bunch of bitches. You have all lied so much that nobody is falling for your bullshit anymore.

Any cop who sits on their hands with the better them than me attitude needs to be the next bit of cannon fodder for these cowards to use for their distraction. Remember this you punks, you can easily be the next head on the chopping block.

TJ, the karma is coming to you for fucking with people, releasing personnel file photos, and fueling the propaganda. I hope it hurts you asshole. Good people may have shit to deal with because of the likes of you, but at least they will be around for decades worm bait.

Anonymous said...

So who is the real PIO? Tanner Tixier or Celine Espinosa? Im so confused about this? Can we just put them both in uniform and help take calls on the streets? Or do we really need two PIO's? Or is it three PIO's if you count Simon Droblik? Me thinks the fifth floor is all about do as I say not as I do. HIDE

S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh (RET.) said...

A.P.D. Recruitment and retention is a sad joke. All I hear from officers is how they don't want to be at A.P.D. and are looking for ways to get out as soon as they can. People that ask me about becoming a Law Enforcement Officer all say the same thing, not at A.P.D.. I can tell you about a Hispanic Women who wants to be an A.P.D. Officer. This women passed her background investigation, polygraph, physical fitness ,and all other related tests at her own expense. In short a women with vast experience in law enforcement related work, who speaks and writes Spanish that would be a great asset to A.P.D. IS being denied a life long dream. The only reason both she and I can come up with, is she is a friend of mine. We all know how the administration feels about me. If you would like to know more contact me. It is way past time these people are exposed for what they are. I really don't want to hear about recruitment its a joke. I don't respond to anonymous comments.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't know what to do if they had to take calls. That would be like stapling a pair of balls on Gordon Eden, or putting a brain in Mayor Berry's hollow wooden head. They just wouldn't know what to do anyway. I have never seen a place so full of incompetent, lying pussies in my life.

The Tremendous Regulator... Now with higher bullshit boots said...

Berry and Eden are two of the most self serving hypocritical pieces of shit walking the earth.

Hey Gordon, I guess you don't remember giving a whistle blower at the academy 80 hours suspension for catching the academy director falsifying state documents, then approving and covering up the supervisors lying on him? No, of course not, because that was to protect your sissy ass.

Gordon, maybe you forget that memorandum you sent out in email to dispatch and other units warning them about cooperating with the DOJ.

Maybe Berry forgets lying about where he was when the Boyd shooting happened when we all know he was hiding until it calmed down.

Maybe you all can tell everyone how you two liars just settled a labor hearing so that your lies, and retaliation would not go public.

Maybe you can quit playing your bullshit games, and acting like it is the hearing officers who do not want transparency, when it is you lying dishonorable pieces of dog shit that are the ones putting pressure on them.

This administration is a sham run by a bunch of pathetic liars who think everyone believes their bullshit.

People have been coming forward for years about the corruption involving high level brass and all you did Berry was cover it up and retaliate against them. There is tons of proof of this.

Two recruits out on a ride a long blow the whistle on two officers they were assigned to for roughing up a homeless person, and all of the sudden you are impressed that people are stepping up? Give us all a break asshole! When you open up official corruption investigations on all of the DCOPS and commanders that officers who have been with the department for years have made complaints about, then come tell us things are turning around.

So please do us all a favor and go "craft" (that is your favorite word isn't it?) yourself a tinfoil hat and shove it up your lying ass.

Anonymous said...

We have to justify the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on the RTCC. We are doing it by using TJs TV studio to make youtube videos.

Anonymous said...

Joe Monahan is reporting that retired Commander Ed Perea wants to run for DA.
Ed, there's still enough of us who know your dirt.
This city is never going to improve as long as the old boys club is running things. Was this your idea or Rob Perrys? Remember how you two were buddies back when he ran the prisons. I remember who else you two buddied up with.

Sponge said...

Nothing speaks louder than actions. Pay will not solve this manning problem. Why because the rank and file patrol officers are telling others not to join APD. Just go look at BCSO's Class XXXV graduation video and you will see 4 new BCSO Deputies who get their badges pinned on by their APD Fathers. This speaks very loud. If pay were Rio Rancho PD would never be able to recruit anyone but yet they do,.

Why would someone join another department for lower pay, better morale, better support by the community, and probably better organizational leadership. I know every department has some people who should have never been promoted but at APD at least according to a lot of posts here it is almost SOP.

Eden needs to take calls for service. Growing up in Charleston SC one of the ways Chief Greenberg kept a pulse on the patrol division was to show up as another 82 on a call (He would routinely dedicated one if not two days a week to being in the field). Being a primary on a call and not knowing if the Chief was going to show up keeps you on your toes and ensure you watch your ps and qs.