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Apr 29, 2015

Problem Brewing for Certain People and their Involvment with Taser?


Anonymous said...

Keller is supposed to announce that he is passing this investigation onto the US Attorney or NM AG for criminal prosecution.

If this is correct, every single APD command staff officer who gets named needs to have their law enforcement certification suspended. That's what Ray did low level APD officers, so he should be treated the same. If Levy is implicated she should lose her license to practice law. If Perry is implicated he should be fired. Berry, that idiot should resign. He has lead the city into the abyss.

And don't forget the pensions. PERA statute allows for pensions to be revoked if the retiree is convicted of a crime while in office.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! Go get em' Tim!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Hector aspires to be more than AG he better run with this, or will he let us all down and punt?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

KOB says "The state auditor also says APD officials in charge of making the deal were treated to free tickets to a nightclub party in San Diego, and that APD staff was treated by Taser to an all-expense paid trip to Scottsdale, Arizona."

Why Scottsdale? Thats where Ray was a deputy chief. Thats the headquarters of Taser. Someone look into his relationship with Taser before he came to APD.

KOB also says a history of third party no bid contracts before this. Do you mean to Nate Korn who sits on the LEA board deciding who does and doesnt get to keep their license? No conflict of interest there. Nothing to see there, move along people.

San Diego, you dont say. Would that be the same san diego trip that is alleged to have ended Rays marriage because his affair with a subordinate? Is that the same trip where Karen Fischer the subordinate openly said it would take at least 10 years for APD Staffing levels to recover?(Which the Mayor likes to pretend is a new development.) Is that the same trip where they advocated ARAPA and other private partnerships? Would that be when they decided to make those partnerships Karen and others private property versus City property?

So many backroom deals and more went down on this trip. This finding is just one of the Dominos. Now who is going to pay attention to the rest of them?

Anonymous said...

Your State won't do shit to me......

Anonymous said...

Levy directly conspired with Schultz to keep the lid on this. Everyone remotely connected to this needs to be prosecuted and imprisoned for the crimes they have committed and the cowardly acts they are guilty of that adversly affected the lives of innocent people.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nate, It is going to be nice to see you dragged into the spotlight on this one too you arrogant fucking coward. And wifey's influence with the governor is duly noted, so please try to tamper with this one.

NM is dirty all the way through and it is about to get an enema.

The Tremendous Regulator said...

KOB found Schultz.
Now we will get to see him play the ultimate victim.
Now you will get to see an academy award winning act. Ray is going to steal the show with his bullshit on this one. Poor fucking Ray.

Well lets see the humbled beaten poor victim cry about how he is so misunderstood.

But first lets remember his temper tantrums and fits of rage in his office when he didn't get his way. Lets revisit his statement of "let them sue me, I will be long gone by the time it hits court"
Lets revisit all of the times he has lied on the stand. Lets remember his secret files of incident reports and other files on people that was kept in a box in the evidence commander's office under lock and key. Lets remember how he said APD's house was in order when we all knew it was a shithouse and the DOJ confirmed it. This is just a little tast of this sociopath.

Ray's side of the story is worthless because he is a proven liar.

Ask Chief Sanders why he resigned from the Hobbs PD. Ask him if Schultz and Korn weighed in on the case he was facing losing his cert on, and how he kept his cert, when any other officer would have been revoked for life. Ask him if Schultz's employment there is a kickback reward for saving his cert.

You will see who the victims are when you look at Schultz and his relationships to the below listed people, where they have influence and what they have been involved in and done.

Tazer Personnel

Connect the dots folks. It really isn't that hard. Look at who these people are, what they have resposibility for, what they have, and have had access to, what they have done and continue to do for Schultz. Then ask why? Look for the connection. Find a few reference points or cases, and look at the involvement of the usual suspects. Look at when some of them left APD. Correlate some dates. draw up a timeline and look at what they are doing right now.
Observe the patterns that have been constant, but more inportantly observe the deviations in their patterns and the causes of thise deviations or the incident that occurred that caused it. This group was so stupid, clumbsy and sloppy,,that this could make the Knapp Commission look like it never occurred.
Happy hunting!
This is better than Finns Treasure.