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Apr 3, 2007

City Launches Money Maker Defense Site

We told you about the city's new website venture last Thursday. (We know... we told you it would be launched last Friday, but we forgot to factor in City Standard Time calculations). Today Marty, surrounded by APD's most vocal (and highly paid) supporters announced its grand opening.

KRQE News 13 (read about it here) reports that the site is designed to show how the system works and to answer questions about the program. The website reads like a VCR user’s manual and provides readers with technical details about how the cameras operate, but fails to address any of the most pressing concerns about the program (like where is the money going and how can you expect a fair and impartial hearing). The city's interest here is to make us all believe that the cameras are infallible and above reproach. Don't bother to ask about calibration and maintenance; you don't really need an impartial hearing, you're guilty... see. Now PAY UP!

One of the big features of the city's red light district website is the peep show. Voyeurs can take a gander at a few (3 anyway) examples of dastardly red light runners... one accident, one near accident, and someone following an emergency vehicle through an intersection (we're sure there's a lawyer joke in there somewhere).

We sure hope that Marty's holding back some REALLY scary stuff for his own personal viewing, because if these are the best examples of why we've poured over $6 MILLION into the city's coffers, then this thing is more of a scam than we thought.


Anonymous said...

Do they really thing the Albuquerque public is that stupid? How insulting. Supporters of this, APD high ranking officers, were included in the photo op because they were ordered to. Most of the rank and file see this for what it is; a sham, infact, one officer put in his papers over it.

Anonymous said...

This is a lame response to THIS web site.( that exposes this for what it is, a money grab) This is just a defensive damage contolled spin propaganda, that they expect the citizens to swallow 'hook, line and sinker'. Responders in support of the red light cameras are employees of the city and do not want to loose their 'Sacret Cow'

Anonymous said...

More money to save the program and line Smarty Marty's pockets. They have "re-hired" a retired officer to maintain this web-site. Wish I had money to waste at the same burn rate as Smarty Marty. A good audit would reveal how many officers are used for his own gain, body guards, an officer to get the kids to school, on and on.

Ched MacQuigg said...

please excuse the backdoor email.

I am going to start a stakeholder forum for the albuquerque public schools. I would like to call it eye on aps.

any objection?


The Eye said...


Shoot me an email at


Ashlynn said...

Nice. Thanks.