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Apr 16, 2007

Marty's Minions: One Out, One Up

Michael Padilla Update

KOAT TV is reporting this morning that Michael Padilla, former head of 911 and $4000 golden boy has resigned effective today. A 10 am news conference is scheduled for the city to address the resignation that came following allegations of sexual harassment.

We told you about Padilla, the accusations against him, and his suspiciously timed $4,000 contribution to Mayor Marty (read it here). Our Eyes on the Inside also told us that one of the accusers, 911 director Pauline Sanchez had been transferred out of the unit (read it here). It should be interesting to hear what city officials have to say about the case. We suspect that there's more to the allegations than $4,000 can pay for.

Meanwhile Over at the Department of Municipal Development... Mark Shepherd Update

Our Eyes on the Inside tell us that former Marty Body Guard and DMD Security Manager Mark Shepherd has been quietly promoted. We told you about Mr. Shepherd and the EEO investigation into allegations regarding his hiring. Among other things, the investigation found that Mr. Shepherd had been untruthful on his application and that there were irregularities in the hiring process (one of Shepherd's references Nick Bakus, served on the hiring committee - read it here).

Despite the findings of the investigation, despite the settlement paid by the city, Mr. Shepherd continued to serve as Security Manager and in fact continued to tell the same stories that had been found by the EEO investigation to be untruthful (read it here). Now the city has actually promoted Mr. Shepherd to Deputy Director of the Department of Municipal Development.

We had been hearing from our Eyes that Shepherd had been acting in an interim capacity and now our Eyes are telling us that the city has been trying to keep this promotion quiet in order to keep it off the web. Seems to have worked... for a while.


Anonymous said...

Inspite of the $4,000 suspiciously timed campaign contribution, and the accusations leveled against him, Michael has done a good job as the GM of the 311 call center. But once again, lets not forget, that this kind of behavior is condonned at the top. Just don't get caught. Meanwhile "The Bachelor", Marty, is out prowling and sculking around hitting on anything that has a pulse. Women, who work for the City under this administration, are fair game and are viewed as 'concubine', married or not, for the pleasure of our high ranking city officials and PD. Where is the outcry from the public,and Women's rights organizations, for the 'swept under the carpet', quietly settled, sexual harrassment law suits that we the taxpayers must fund for the "Playboys" who run this City? As a women, I am horrified at what I've seen and heard, in the corridors and offices at City Hall and the
'play pen' on the 'Fifth floor'.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster above, and it should be told that the hearing that Mark Shepherd was involved in, and that he lied in, was because of an eeoc complaint due to a sexual assault complaint brought by one of his officers against one of his sgts. (A sgt who is now taking one of the swing shift women off post for cozy little dinners, she's his next victim, she just doesn't know it yet.) Instead of agreeing to keep the offender away from the officer (which was all that was asked for and refused), the officer was forced to go to the eeoc to keep him away from her. What happened then? Hmmm. She was suspended for 7 days without pay because the eeoc investigator "felt" she lied. I know for a fact that she repeatedly demanded a polygraph, and offered to pay for it too, if neccessary, but they did not want to hear the truth. Mark Shepherd lied in her hearing, legal knew he was lying, her union knew he was lying, the hearing officer knew he was lying, but at no time did they PROVE that SHE lied about ANYTHING. And yet they let her suspension and resulting loss of pay stand.
And promoted Mark Shepherd. He must know where ALL of Marty's bodies are buried, it's the only thing that makes sense, he's not that good at his job to get promoted.

Anonymous said...

And the sad part about Shephard being unqualified for his current position, he was even a worse cop.