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Apr 11, 2007

Lights, Camera, Lawsuit

Looks like the star players over at Albuquerque Studios Dana Arnold and Hal Katersky, are finding themselves in the lawsuit limelight as the owners of The Culver Studios are suing the pair for fraud, misrepresentation, racketeering and more. We told you about the investigative series by The Citizen Media Group's Diane Velasco ( that raised questions about the propriety of one of Mesa del Sol's main attractions, the Albuquerque Studios. (Read about it here.) They continue their series in part 5: Culver Sues! ABQ Studios Owners Face Fraud, Racketeering Charges.

We've long held that a development like Mesa del Sol is a fine idea as long as taxpayers are not left holding the $500 MILLION bag, or the TIDD. The market should dictate whether the live, work, play model proposed by Forest City Covington at Mesa del Sol, is among the many choices available to New Mexicans. The development should not live off of the taxpayer while providing politicians with campaign cash. And we as taxpayers need to be very concerned when the box office draw for Mesa del Sol may be run by hucksters.

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Martinez said...

I read all of Diane Velasco's stuff and think it's a load of bull. It's weird that she tries to be a hardcore reporter but comes off one-sided. Arnold said that her reports had 30 errors in them. I'd bet money that Velasco gets the pants suited off her.

Seems to be a trend with her tho. There were some damaging things said about her on Wikipedia. From a rape victim: "Diane Velasco not only misquoted me, she also made things up, she claims too many times that I said this or that, which is absolutely incorrect. When I tried to contact her regarding her claims, she would yell at me and hang up the phone. I have been dealing with more than one journalist, who does not know the word "ethics."