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Apr 25, 2007

Lemons and Lemonade - The Art of a City "Promotion"

We've all heard the old story about making lemonade from lemons; Mayor Marty has built his entire administration around the artful manipulation of the media. Today we saw yet another example of the city spin-meisters mixing up a fresh batch of that refreshing summer drink and the Albuquerque media gulping it down.

We've got to admit it's a great storyline... immigrant son rises to head the agency that his father worked for as a janitor. We were even treated to the obligatory "only in America" quote. Yesterday, the city announced that the city's chief public safety officer Nick Bakas, would be taking over the reins at the Albuquerque Sunport.

The Journal jumped on the storyline (ABQ Journal - Subscription Required) and a glowing article about the immigrant son led readers to believe exactly what the city wanted you to believe... that the move was a promotion for Mr. Bakas. Our Eyes were buzzing almost before the presses stopped running.

The Eyes have it that the move of Mr. Bakas from Deputy Chief Administrator in charge of public safety to director of aviation is a result of some dissatisfaction with his tenure as chief of chiefs. We've told you of his role in the Mark Shepherd hiring and The Eyes are saying that he played a role in the firing of officer Ben Kirby who according to our Eyes is to be re-hired because he was improperly let go. A re-hire more than likely means that the city will be paying officer Kirby some money as well.

No matter how you characterize it, the move can't be seen as anything better than a lateral move. In fact, Mr. Bakas goes from a high profile position running two public safety related agencies to an almost no profile job running an agency in a field in which he has absolutely no experience.

According to the Journal's lemonade piece "Chávez said Bakas will continue to have a role in emergency management and anti-terrorism issues. It's unclear if he will be replaced as chief public safety officer." (Subscription Required) Our Eyes beg to differ telling us that retired APD Captain Rob Debuck has been tapped to replace the outgoing Bakas. We'll see what develops as we have heard Debuck's name floated for the Deputy Director position currently held by former Sheriff Joe Bowditch.

We don't know how this will end up going down. But we've got a suggestion... perhaps it would be a good idea to eliminate both positions and save Albuquerque taxpayers some money. Or maybe the approximately $200,000 could be used for officer recruitment and retention... Maybe we'd end up with some lemonade after all.


ched macquigg said...

...job running an agency in a field in which he has absolutely no experience.

I'll bet that pissed of the guys who do have experience; but lack political connections.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mayor ! Great choice, Mr. Bakas is more than qualified and has wonderful Mgt skills. He will be a great addition to the Aviation Department, we can't wait for him to get here.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I'd be cheering for Nick just like you if he gave me the Chief of Aviation Police job ! ! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Marty strikes again. Bakas was the best choice of the "quite a few" candidates Marty interviewed? Give me a break. His buddy needed a job and this one happened to be open. Why are the citizens of ABQ not outraged? This is like me, a computer guy, being named the chief heart surgeon at UNM! Aviation is a serious business that needs a director who knows what they are doing. I can't wait until Marty is gone. His ego has way outgrown his short little frame.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you should have been a Doctor? Oh, wait a minute, you're just the "computer guy". Guess you weren't bright or ambitious enough to get an MD. Could jealously have gotten in your way??? To the victor go the spoils. Next time you run for office, then you can pick who runs the City!

Anonymous said...

Is that you Marty? Or one of your henchmen? Must be. You are obviously uneducated and unqualified for whatever position you are in, that's why you missed the entire point. Its called and analogy moron. Now go rush off and look up that big word. This is not about being the victor and misusing your power, this is about appointing someone who is qualified to run a department that deals with the safety of millions of lives each year. Big difference between public safety and aviation safety. I am not knocking Mr. Bakas, he obviously knows law enforcement, but he has no idea how to run an airport. Its a complicated business and requires knowledge of the field, but once again, creating a job for one of his buddies is more important to Marty than appointing a director who is qualified.

Anonymous said...

We don't work for the aviation dept, but we can't wait for him to get there either. Better there than here.
We don't think it'll be Rob Debuck though, OUR eyes are saying Mark Shepherd. Yeah, THAT Shepherd.
Someone else who won't be missed from where he is now......and who is even less qualified than Nick.

Anonymous said...

Everyone that knows anything about Nick Bakas knows that the only thing he is good at is riding the coat tails of others. Most of the time he can't decide what he is, a D or an R but what ever direction the power takes, Nick will be the first in line~lips puckered. He is the biggest politcal "HO" this state has ever seen and we have seen alot-he has no respect!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The SAME NICK Bakas who under the Johnson administration that wanted to LEGALIZE marijuana ? Aaahh Mr. Bakas sir you are in law enforcement and now the head of the airport PLEASE TELL the VOTING PUBLIC how that WORKS PLEEEEEAAAASE ?