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Apr 19, 2007

Union to Chief Schultz - No Confidence

Our Eyes have been busy this week... this time it's Chief of Police Ray Schultz. In this evening's meeting of the general membership of the Albuquerque police union (APOA), Chief Schultz received a vote of no confidence. This really comes as no surprise to those of us who have been watching developments over at APD. There's a general feeling among the rank and file that the department is being run by Mayor Chavez rather than Chief Schultz and tonight's vote may reflect on the Mayor as much as the Chief.

You'll recall that just this morning the Journal ran a story about APD asking for $1 Million to be used for officer recruitment and retention (ABQ Journal - Subscription Required). We noticed something curious in that story... "Last year, APD set a record when 67 officers retired." Whether it's as the Chief claims that this situation is something that has "come to a head in the last couple of years," or whether it's another indication of dissatisfaction with the leadership of the department (or lack thereof) is yet to be seen. Or perhaps it's the confusion over whether the mayor is the chief or the chief is the mayor. However, it's been our experience that when people don't have to stay they vote with their feet. Tonight those that can't or won't leave voted no confidence.


Ched MacQuigg said...

I can't imagine a piece of information that is more powerful than the results of a vote of confidence-it really says it all.

Leaders who do not have the confidence of those that they lead; have lost the status as leaders; at most they are only still "in charge".

Side note; Schultz is still stonewalling the question of whether or not the APS used APD computers illegally. Next month he will be "reviewing" the APS Police Department looking for corruption like the illegal use of law enforcement computers.

Can you say Conflict of interest.?

Anonymous said...

and fyi, (not that it matters because he is so far up Marty's ass that no one can actually touch him, although please someone give us an enema big enough)there was a no confidence vote taken against Mark shepherd (as soon as the unit found out that he had lied on his application to get his job) by the security officers at their semi annual bid.
So good luck APOA getting anything done with Ray, it didn't help them with Shepherd at all.

Anonymous said...

There is no confusion amongst the ranks, the mayor is the chief. And he knows as much about police work as he needs to to get out of any charges of say dwi, domestic violence, misuse of public monies, etc etc etc.
I really had high hopes for Ray, it's too bad he didn't have the backbone to stand up to Marty, but again, you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.