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Apr 20, 2007

No Confidence Clarification

Last night's meeting of the Albuquerque Police Officers Association has a little different twist than we first reported (Ok, Ok... we were only half right). According to our Eyes, the full vote of the general membership has not taken place. Apparently there has been a change in the APOA bylaws that mandates a 30 day "cooling off" period between the motion for a vote of no confidence and the actual vote. The Eyes have it that the change was made after a single meeting vote of no confidence was passed by the general membership involving former Deputy Chief Ed Sauer.

As a result, our earlier report regarding a no confidence vote for Chief Ray Schultz was only partially right (which means partially wrong for all of you half empty types). Last night's meeting put the wheels in motion for a no confidence vote as there is a motion to hold a vote and that motion was seconded, which should result in a vote sometime next month.

Our Eyes are also telling us that the driving force behind the vote is a group of young officers who are unhappy with their pay, the favoritism shown re-hire officers (retired officers who are receiving retirement and pay), as well as what they consider to be Chief Schultz's excessive disciplinary actions. Specifically, the termination of officer Ben Kirby whose termination came after walking developer Jason Daskalos out of the DWI detention van.

We'll have to see whether these young officers have the muscle and determination to accomplish what they have set in motion. A 30 day period will provide time for the chief to "campaign" against the no confidence vote, and for outsiders like city councilors and the chamber of commerce to weigh in on the issue. It is said that both the council and the chamber are big supporters of Chief Schultz, not to mention Mayor Marty's sure to be out there drumming up support.

Frankly, for a no confidence vote to succeed, those opposed to Chief Schultz will have to get organized and be ready to confront a whole host of Schultz supporters and perhaps even some dirty politics. Remember, the 5th floor is more about politics than law enforcement, and the 30 day "cooling off" period moves the game onto their home court.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! You are admitting you are (half) wrong?
You truly don't work for the city do you?