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Apr 13, 2007

Journal Playing Catch-Up

This morning the Albuquerque Journal is playing catch-up to the blogosphere. We've been telling you about the questions being raised about Albuquerque Studios since last week (Read it here and here). And while we've certainly talked about the issue, Diane Velasco over at The Citizen Media Group deserves all of the credit for putting together an in-depth 5 part series on Albuquerque Studios owners Dana Arnold and Hal Katersky.

The Citizen broke the story March 30th, now two weeks later, The Journal is trying to clean some of the egg off of its face after running what could only be described as a glowing promotional piece last Saturday, that completely ignored the troubles and accusations surrounding Katersky and Arnold (ABQ Journal - Subscription Required). Interestingly enough, today's Journal story (Subscription Required) bears a striking resemblance to Part 5 of The Citizen's series and not a word of credit goes to Ms. Velasco for her hard work breaking the story.

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