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Apr 19, 2007

Red Light Cameras: Fatal Flaw

Right around 2:00 AM this morning 17 year-old Zach Hollis blew through a red light at Wyoming and Montgomery and wrapped his vehicle around a Taco Cabana sign. As a result young Hollis lost his life. (Watch the story aired on KOAT here.)

We normally don't talk about fatal 45's (a little police lingo there) on this website, but in this case we believe that it's important to point out that Wyoming and Montgomery is one of the intersections "protected" by Marty's photo enforcement system. During Councilor Winter's Red Light Camera Town hall meeting supporters often cited previous accidents that they or a loved one had been involved in, as a reason to keep the system. This morning's accident points out that you cannot replace police officers with cameras.

We're quite sure that Mr. Hollis or more precisely his grieving family will be receiving a "ticket" for his actions in about 10 days. However, the cameras while dutifully recording this tragedy are worthless when it comes to preventing it.

Police officers can do things that cameras cannot - they can prevent tragedies. When someone is stopped for running a red light, speeding, weaving, or even the heinous crime of putting a license plate protector on their vehicle, the officer's standard procedure includes running the plate, the license, and checking the driver's insurance. More importantly, the officer has the opportunity to observe the driver and any passengers in the vehicle for suspicious or illegal behavior. In other words, he can use his judgment.

We know that there are not enough officers out there to prevent every accident. In fact right now, APD is facing a serious manpower shortage and is asking for $1 Million dollars to recruit and to retain officers (ABQ Journal - Subscription Required). Our Eyes in the department also tell us that the 998 officers claimed by APD is shall we say... an inflated number. Otherwise, why would they need the $1 Million dollars?

It all comes down to this... you can't replace the police with cameras because cameras cannot prevent crime or tragedies like this morning's. The Red Light Camera system simply enriches companies like Red Flex and governments like the City of Albuquerque; they don't make us safer. That's the problem with the cameras... that's their fatal flaw.


The Truth said...

Lie on Albuquerque, you make a compelling argument in the fact that officers can use judgement vs. the Red Lights. Unfortunately, the tradegy involving young Hollis would have most likely garnered a live witness, the officer, in addition to the camera, had one been present at the intersection. I pray for young Hollis and my condolences to his family and friends. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Not only will the red light ticket add further pain to this families tragedy, if the vehicle is registered to other than the driver there is the additional issue of liability for payment of the fine. Hope this is one red light ticket that simply "goes away".