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Apr 9, 2007

Red Light Cameras: Give Us a Break!

For the past year we've been hearing from Marty and company that the Red Light Camera profit centers are all about public safety. We've been treated to "statistics" that claim level one trauma cases are down at intersections where photo enforcement is in place. We've even been given a website run by the city, complete with a peep show, to convince us that the system is infallible.

Let's wander into the realm of Marty's reality for just a moment and assume that father Marty's only goal in life is to keep us safe, and that all of the statistics that have been thrown our way are 100% accurate. After pumping over $6 MILLION into the city coffers in the way of "fines," shouldn't we be getting a break on our car insurance?

After all according to the Mayor, the city is safer, driving habits have changed, and accidents are down, therefore we should be paying less to insure our vehicles. That's the question that Bernalillo County Commissioner Michael Brasher is asking state Superintendent of Insurance Morris J. Chavez, in his letter dated April 3, 2007. (The text of the letter is reprinted below.)

Dear Superintendent Chavez:

As you may know, the Governor recently vetoed Senate Bill 365 which addressed the issue of penalties and fess related to the City of Albuquerque's Phototicket Program, which is designed to issue civil citation for speeding and running red lights. Based on statements issued by the Mayor of the City of Albuquerque on of the intended consequences of the Phototicket Program is a reduction in the frequency and severity of traffic accidents in Bernalillo County and the City of Albuquerque.

Assuming that the statements from the City are accurate, in addition to improving the safety of our community, we expect that the Phototicket Program will also lead to reductions in automobile insurance premiums. I am writing to respectfully request whether your office intends to track reductions in vehicle collisions at traffic light intersections in Bernalillo County and the City of Albuquerque and/or whether insurance carriers submit such data to your office in determining the establishment of premiums for automobile insurance. Finally, I would like to suggest that your office make an inquiry of the City of Albuquerque for information related to vehicle collisions at traffic light intersections in order to maximize all available reductions in automobile insurance premiums for the taxpayers of Bernalillo County.

Thank you for your consideration.

Michael Brasher, Bernalillo County Commissioner
The Commissioner is right on here. If we are now safer drivers because of the Red Light Districts, then it follows that our insurance rates should reflect that improvement. If however, Marty's Money Makers are more about money and really don't make us any safer, then the program is really the Cash Cow that we've said it is.


Anonymous said...

No that the Gov has signed the flashing lights into law, Ray Chavez, I mean Schultz. Anyway, he said on Channel 7 that it will cost the city $250,000.00 per intersection to comply with the law. I called 3 underground utility contractors and psoed this question: If each intersection requires 8 poles and all the equipment including labor (concrete, wiring, so on) to install these lights. What is a ballpark figure for cost. All three put the cost at $40,000.00 or under. That leaves $210,000.00 on the table. Does it suprise anyone!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, in the above analysis, forgot to factor in money for graft, bribes, hookers, and other cost over-runs typically associated with public works around here. Figuring those in, the 250 grand is about right.

Anonymous said...

So what was the reply?

The Eye said...

Haven't heard (or seen) anything yet... But we'll keep our Eyes open and let you know what we find out.

Anonymous said...

Micheal Brasher is a great guy. He is correct about insurance being lower.