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Dec 4, 2007

Holding Kids for Ransom

Before he's even received the passed moratorium on his scam-era system, The Almighty Alcalde is telling 770 KKOB that he believes that the scam-vans are important because the stop speeders in school zones saying "if you speed through school zones you ought to get a ticket."

We couldn't agree more, except that the scam-vans are not about punishing evil-doers, it's about making money for Marty to balance the budget with (among other things). It's not like these vans are being used exclusively for school zone enforcement; just ask the 1306 freeway scam-era citation recipients from June 19th.

More importantly, be afraid... be VERY afraid when a politician who's on the ropes, running for senate, and desperate to save an unpopular yet lucrative program starts talking about children. They're usually using the poor unsuspecting innocents to hide something and distract you long enough to change the subject.

You watch; Marty will veto the council bill claiming that he just couldn't allow our children to be in danger without these scam-vans. Meanwhile, he's holding those very children for ransom and getting paid one Redflex citation at a time.


Anonymous said...

It's very unfortunate that Mayor Chavez is using public safety as an excuse to push his red light camera system. The mayor and police chief knew that this system would generate loads of money before the system was even in place.

To date, public safety has not seen one cent of the red light money. However, the mayor's pet projects are getting money indirectly from the red light system.

Bottom line, police should not be in a for profit money making scam, against the citzens of Albuquerque that they are sworn to protect! The red light system violates our due process.

Shame on you Mayor Chavez and Chief of Police, Schultz!

Albuquerque deserves better!

Anonymous said...

Seriously. The next time you see a can of Develed Ham on yor grocery store shelf, look at the label real close.
He's sitting in the Mayor's chair.

Anonymous said...

Your right! I saw him at Marcella's Chop House, horns, tail and all and he was poking Ray in the but with that big fork.
He's pissed about the Red Flex Debacle.

Anonymous said...

I never see speed vans at my kids school zone.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the time, the vans are placed in areas where there can generate the most money.

If school zones are a problem, put traffic motorcycles in the area. They don't take regular calls for sevice anyhow!

However, Smarty would not be able to profit from this type of plan!

Anonymous said...

I saw Marty , Ray , and Company on CH4 this morning. I must say a snapshot of pure evil and spin. Marty and Company think we the public are stupid. You will soon see how stupid we are. Election time is soon. GOOD BYE BOYS ! Oh and dont forget prison is just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

But, but,'s for the (hands clasped to bosom, eyes rolled heavenward)......for the Children.

Sure it is.

Anonymous said...

The reason you don't see them in your child's school zone is because there is more money being generated with them being on the Interstate. Not just any part of the Interstate, the reduced speed zone of the Interstate from Lead to Rio Bravo. More Traffic+Lower Speed Zone=More Money.

Don't be fooled by another one of this administrations smoke screen for money.

Anonymous said...

I never see traffic cops anymore either. Where are these officers at?

Anonymous said...

I never have seen a school zone on the interstate! What a scam!

Anonymous said...

They're lies and deceipt did'nt fool Michael Cadigan at the last City Council meeting. The Chief couldn't even defend or explain the graphs he was presenting.
Also, stating that they didn't have enough time or violations accumulated to create proper data is moranic based on the fact that this program has been in existence for two years and that they are issuing 25,000 citations a month.
Draw your own conclusions.
This system, this administration and reign of terror needs to end. If not now, it surely will at the voting booth.

Anonymous said...

This is great. Marty for SENATE.....!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So true, Chief Schultz did not know what the graphs meant that he was presenting. It's sad, as those were probably doctored graphs and he still could not explain them. Didn't he think before hand they would ask him for an explanation of the material he was presenting!

It's just that Schultz did not want to get caught in another lie trying to BS his way out!

He used a BS excuse like weather. Guess what, when we had the record snow fall, people did not travel on the roads, everyone stayed inside. Besides, it snows every year and the light snow brings more people out as they feel they can travel on it, as opposed to a heavy snow!

Chief, next time try a better excuse.

Chief Schultz, by the way, when was the last time you were a traffic cop or even took an accident while working on the street?

Anonymous said...

I got a speed van ticket in November on my way to church and it was the area between Gibson and Avenida Cesar Chavez. I did not know the speed went down to 55 since the sign is not posted until u get right to Cesar Chavez and the freeway. Anyway, this was not a school zone. It was Sunday at 11:28 am.

Anonymous said...

A few posts up, I have the same question but as it pertains to motorcycle officers, where are they? Do we have only a few in town or do they only do motorcades or, etc. This is not a smart-ass question, I'm just wondering.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No, they're at a school zone.
A badly marked one.
Pennsylvania on the west side of Sandia High School. Instead of being well marked, speed regulated during times of school traffic, it's just posted for 25 MPH all the time.
It's a great fishin' hole- school days, Saturdays, holidays, whenever.
It's all about the $$$,-uh, I mean the children.

Anonymous said...

I never see the motorcycle cops on the street anymore, except sitting at starbucks!

Why doesn't their boss make them patrol the streets? Seems like they now think the red light camera's can do all the ticket writing.

the mayor needs to stop using the children as an excuse, his real drive is all about money, it's so sad!

The Eye said...

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Hey this comment moderation thing is new to us and we're bound to slip up a couple of times here and there. The offending comment has been removed.

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought Mayor Marty was just playing with the numbers on the red light camera's?

The poll for Marty for senate seems to be moving up really fast, I'll bet some of his people working his phones are trying to boost his ranking.

also, I did here that Marty Chavez has sent several city employees, emails on city computers asking them to attend his fund raiser.

The media should look into that!

Anonymous said...

It does seem that Smarty has his people out in force jocking the poll!

Anonymous said...

I believe that Marty will be a great Senator! He has my support and vote.

Anonymous said...

True. With 1,000 employees the taxpayers are paying for this poll to be taken on city computers.
Throw this poll out. Until yesterday it was legit.
No matter, don't let your hearts be troubled. He'll loose big as he should. The Voters have had enough and will end the reign of terror and take out his Nazis as well.
6 months this will happen

Anonymous said...

On this recent poll, now 50/50.
It's flawed by Marty ordering city workers to sque it by voting for him. He thinks he's fooling people. So let him believe it. In his dreams he thinks that we will send him to Washington. By charter rules he can't do both. He'll get his tail blown off in the primary, then the future will be back to private practice as his political career will be over. And... the shmucks that he pays huge salaries, to do nothing, will be out of work and won't be able to leach off our taxes. I have more respect for welfare recipients. You know who you are, the Directors who run this city.

Anonymous said...

It was very apparent when Mayor Marty and company started messing with the poll. Marty was way behind, then his numbers shot up way too fast.

Marty, your bonehead group should have not made it so obvious!

You were not even smart enough to to fix the poll number without everyone noticing, sort of like your red light camera numbers, FIXED!

Marty, no senate seat for you!

Anonymous said...

" NO SOUP FOR YOU" !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Has any reporter checked into Marty Chavez using the city computer to invite city employees to his fund raiser.

I am sure that is a major violaton of policy!

Several city employees received emails on their city computers from Marty chavez inviting them to his fund raiser. What a waste of tax-payer money!

Anonymous said...

Check with Jeremy Jojola @ KOBTV. I emailed him re: the 4 protesting councilors that were @ Capo's and if they did it on the taxpayers dime. He said he would request their expense reports @ the end of year and see if it was expensed to the city.

Anonymous said...

It may not be on theirs, but Marty's . He needs his as well.