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Dec 23, 2007

Holiday Spirit for the Homeless

Fellow blogger Mario Burgos' company Mudhouse Advertising has started a campaign to raise money for Art Street a program of Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless. Mudhouse has produced a short video to help raise awareness about homeless issues here in Albuquerque. For each viewing of the video, Mudhouse will donate $1 (up to $10,000). You can also help with your own donation by going here.

Take a couple of minutes this holiday season, view the video below and just by watching help the homeless. It won't cost you a dime (unless you want it to) and you'll be spreading a little Christmas cheer to those who have very little to be cheerful about.


Anonymous said...

Thanks eye for sharing this. I will pass this around my dept. if you don't mind. Merry Christmas, Eye and thanks for just being here. Not all of us have a whole lot of free time to do "Holiday Stuff" or be with our families much this time of year, but however overworked and under appreciated I sometimes (Ok, often)feel, seeing this little video makes me very, very thankful that I have a job, make a liveable wage,(with OT of course) and have friends that(I think)care about me.
Enough of that!! Now onto the fun stuff like bashing the Mayor and his co-horts!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

Anonymous said...

Comparing yourself to Mario Burgos and calling yourself a "fellow blogger" is highly inaccurate and unfair to Mario and other bloggers who use their real name.

Mr. Burgos not only authors his own blog, using his name, but he posts and reveals disclaimers.

You, my friend, are nothing more than an anonymous poster.

Anonymous said...

What the F*&k???? I think all Eye is trying to do is to enlighten readers as to the homeless problem here in town and perhaps try & help them. So what if the Eye is an "anonymous poster"? I, for one, thank Eye for bringing this informaton and this site to us. You sound angry & maybe jealous.

Anonymous said...

The above poster hit the nail on the head. The Lie is entertainment only for half truths and inuendo cloaked by anonymity should raise a redflag as to the validity of the content harangued on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

The above poster is correct. Mark B won't put his name on this junk because he knows it's a bunch of BS sprinkled with bits of half baked truths in order to make it sound good.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous of Dec. 26:

Yes, I am angry - if you're not angry I don't believe you're paying attention.

Jealous? Hardly. I blog and post using my name. I have nothing to fear if I speak the truth.

Honest? Always, very often to a fault.

I did not mention homelessness and I would never negatively partake in such a discussion. It's not my nature.

By posting anonymously aren't you helping to prove my point? Still, this is America and I respect your right to comment anonymously, even if you become vulgar.